Thursday, 2018-01-11

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MeowDudeyou know... a guy could make a killing buying 30$ kindle fire hd tablets and selling them for 60$ as cheap android 6.0 tablets07:57
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MeowDudefug I might just try and get my cm13 base build to boot08:10
MeowDudebecause no one here including myself can figure out what is wonked with the cm11 base08:10
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MeowDudejesus the dmesg for my cm13 base is so bad... "cannot find fstab.manta" "unable to find droid-hybris/..."08:23
MeowDudemight have something to do with it failing to mount /userdata at flash08:23
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MeowDudehm... fixup mountpoints for tilapia and grouper are different despite them basically being the same device...08:35
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MeowDudemuppis: what is wrong?08:46
muppisMeowDude, just a comment to yours struggle.08:47
r0kk3rzits mostly a struggle of his own making :)08:48
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MeowDudewell I don't understand why it refuses to mount /userdata when I am flashing it08:49
MeowDudeit says "device or resource busy"08:50
MeowDudeoh well what are you gonna do?08:50
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r0kk3rzthats possibly benign08:51
r0kk3rzdoes the same on my tablet08:51
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r0kk3rzso long as the script doesnt abort it might be ok08:51
sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS community collaboration @ #mer-meeting starting just under 10mins08:52
sledgesdelaya73_: added as per your request
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sledgesMeowDude: please ping krnlyng_ on exynos/graphics questions if you already exhausted all what mal and/or vakkov_ asked you to08:56
MeowDudekrnlyng_: ping08:56
piggzgm sledges08:57
piggzand r0kk3rz, *08:57
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MeowDudejesus CONFIG_AUDIT wasn't set in my defconfig for cm13 base... it wasn't even in the defconfig...08:57
krnlyng_MeowDude, pong08:58
MeowDudeso you can help with exynos+Mali troubles?08:58
delaya73_sledges: Thanks!08:58
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MeowDudebecause the Nexus 10 is double trouble. I got my CM11 based build to boot but most all apps fail with segmentation fault (including jolla-startupwizard, hence why I am stuck at lockscreen)08:59
krnlyng_MeowDude, logs?09:00
MeowDudewhich ones do you need?09:01
MeowDudeI straced jolla-startupwizard09:01
krnlyng_logcat and strace09:01
MeowDudegive me a sec09:01
MeowDudestrace for nnow:
MeowDudeGive me a moinute to grab init.log09:02
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krnlyng_MeowDude, use strace -f09:05
MeowDudegot it,  give me a bit, reflashing my cm11 base + rootf09:06
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MeowDudekrnlyng_: is there a pastbin alteernative that lets me paste something over 512kb?09:17
MeowDudethis fugging max size stuff makes me really angery09:17
r0kk3rz512kb is quite large...09:18
MeowDudeits a massive log09:20
MeowDudeI ran strace -f /usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard09:20
MeowDudejesus christ I might never buy another RPi09:21
MeowDudeI know it's cheap but fug its so slow09:21
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vakkov_seems to have a limit up to 1MB but will expire unfortunately :(09:25
MeowDudewew it was hard to find a service that let me paste that hefty log09:25
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krnlyng_MeowDude, is it possible that the last part is missing?09:29
MeowDudekrnlyng_: you have to click "view the full file" it is above the paste09:32
MeowDudethe part that says "this has been truncated, yadda yadda yadda", you'll see it..09:33
krnlyng_MeowDude, this seems suspicious: [pid  1704] writev(42, [{"\3", 1}, {"mali_winsys\0", 12}, {"new_window_surface returns 0x300"..., 34}], 3) = 4709:33
krnlyng_MeowDude, do you have logcat?09:34
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MeowDudekrnlyng_ how do I grab one?09:53
MeowDudesorry I was eating dinner09:53
krnlyng_MeowDude, /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat09:53
MeowDudegot it09:54
rltysevenI accidentally uninstalled the running kernel.........Fuck.......09:54
MeowDudegive me a minute09:54
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MeowDuderltyseven: how does one do that?09:54
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stephgrltyseven: reinstall it then :)09:55
rltysevenI upgraded the kernel, and then there was an old kernel, I removed the current kernel.09:55
rltysevenstephg: MeowDude: Next time I should restart and then uninstall.09:58
vakkov_#longest #logcat #ever :D i am quite interested into that issue, cmon MeowDude09:59
rltysevenFortunately, not much problem......09:59
MeowDudeas you can see, gralloc is goofed10:00
MeowDudeit is overly clear10:00
MeowDudeI removed a bunch of duplicate lines so I could paste it too10:00
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MeowDudeline 2660 is when I tried running "/usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard" again10:01
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r0kk3rzkrnlyng_: btw this is without mali_quirks enabled, right MeowDude?10:05
MeowDudenah its the same whether its on or on10:05
r0kk3rzyes, but which do you have now10:05
MeowDudeand looking at the log I am 100% sure it is on in this build10:05
MeowDudeline 282 is proof10:06
MeowDudeI am on my latest build10:06
MeowDudeso I assume it is one, and I doubt it is making much difference, whether off or on, nothing seems to change. either way everything segfaults10:06
r0kk3rzsure, but it helps to be specific10:07
r0kk3rzeven if you think it doesnt matter, you're probably wrong anyway10:07
MeowDudeis there a way I can check real quick?10:07
MeowDudefrom the device via ssh10:07
r0kk3rznot sure, you can check your build tree though10:08
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MeowDudeIma take a real quick shower10:11
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vakkov_mal: do you have the patches somewhere (github?)10:19
malvakkov_: I think I'll implement also some of the extensions before making the PR10:20
vakkov_mal: i noticed that they have some kind of support on freedreno but haven't read about it yet; do you know something about that10:22
malprobably, this is just for libhybris since no device supports freedreno out of the box10:22
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MeowDudeI am back10:35
MeowDudekrnlyng_ any ideas as to what to fix?10:35
r0kk3rzvakkov_: iirc freedreno requires mainline kernel...10:36
krnlyng_MeowDude, try figuring out where those gralloc handles and the error i mentioned come from10:37
MeowDudehow would I do that10:38
krnlyng_MeowDude, checking code, binaries and stuff10:38
MeowDudeI see10:38
MeowDudeI will uh...  do this10:38
krnlyng_MeowDude, also try hybris tracing/debugging10:38
MeowDude*thumbs up*10:38
krnlyng_MeowDude, i would try that first even10:38
krnlyng_MeowDude, maybe there is just some query missing10:39
MeowDudeI will run um.. trace.. mali... sys... Ill figure it out10:39
krnlyng_HYBRIS_TRACE=1 HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=debug command10:39
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MeowDudeso: "HYBRIS_TRACE=1" then "HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=/usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard"10:40
MeowDudeI am an extremely inexperienced dev10:40
krnlyng_MeowDude, in one line10:41
krnlyng_with spaces in between10:41
MeowDudenothing changed10:43
MeowDudesame output with strace10:43
sledgesHYBRIS_TRACE=1 HYBRIS_LOGGING_LEVEL=debug /usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard10:44
MeowDudeoh I see... thank you10:44
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MeowDudeI am peeping the log now, but figured I would share it10:48
malMeowDude: do not run as root10:48
sledgesnot root10:48
MeowDudeyeah I noticed everything missing...10:48
MeowDudemy bad10:49
MeowDuderemember to hit "view full file"10:53
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MeowDudeso what I have grasped is that it needs buffers, but none are free10:55
MeowDudeIll run grep wayland-platform and see if I can stop it so buffer is free11:01
M4rtinKa simple/newbie question - how different is the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact hardware ?11:01
MeowDudea simple gsm arena search for both devices would answer that11:01
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r0kk3rzM4rtinK: screen aside, not very11:03
MeowDuder0kk3rs: how do I stop wayland-platform11:03
r0kk3rzM4rtinK: stephg built the xperia x adaptation for the XC and it JustWorkedTM11:03
M4rtinKyeah, from just looking at the spec sheets it seems the main (only ?) difference is screen resolution and USB-C instead of micro-USB11:04
MeowDudehow much is an XC?11:05
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flynnI have read in few places that sailfish os is true linux os, does that mean we can install softwares meant for linux on sailfish os?11:07
r0kk3rzflynn: more or less, yeah11:07
MeowDudeno not really11:08
MeowDudemostly less11:08
MeowDudeWhen you actually try to it just failes11:08
flynnoh ok. Then why is it called true linux os?11:08
r0kk3rzMeowDude: maybe for you :P11:09
MeowDudeI don't know11:09
MeowDudewhy use it because of that?11:09
r0kk3rzbecause thats like, the whole point11:09
MeowDudeseems like a dumb reason. It's like only using something because its FOSS11:09
r0kk3rzsome people do that11:09
MeowDudemaybe for you, I use it because it is fast, lightweight, intuitive and fun to use, and all around god tier in aesthetic11:09
sledgesflynn: one of the "usages" of a linux mobile phone :D
r0kk3rzflynn: sailfish has a gnu based userspace unlike android11:10
MeowDudeI am a firm believer that FOSS=/=quality just right off the bat11:10
flynnand linux has large software base also11:10
r0kk3rzflynn: the problem is 'linux' isnt an os... its a loose collection of all kinds of things11:11
sledgespeople are asking if they can run `mc` in their sailfishos device; yes
r0kk3rzflynn: a main hurdle for GUI linux apps is touch support and wayland support11:11
MeowDudeI mean, you can run traditional linux commands in terminal11:11
MeowDudeand do basic linux things11:12
MeowDudebut trying to install a spotify .deb or .rpm file meant for a linux machine won't work, even if it is arm based11:12
r0kk3rzMeowDude: you arent helping11:12
MeowDudeat least in my experience11:12
flynnok. I get it now11:12
MeowDudewhat are we trying to help with?11:12
r0kk3rzim trying to explain something, and you're confusing things :)11:12
flynnnvm MeowDude, I got the answer.11:13
sledgesMeowDude: can you  install a debian's .deb inside ubuntu and expect c library and other things to just work?11:13
MeowDudeNah not really... not with most packages at least...11:13
sledgessfos is rpm based, and installing opensuse's arm rpm's won't work either11:13
MeowDudeI'm just relaying my limitted experiences11:13
sledgesneeds rebuilding against sfos, just like OBS does ^^11:14
MeowDudeyeah I figured that out fast... my dreams of running a free spotify natively are dead...11:14
flynnWhat are mer derivatives actually?11:14
flynnI saw ubuntu touch is not a mer derivative11:14
r0kk3rzMeowDude: blame spotify for that11:14
r0kk3rzMeowDude: a spotify employee wrote a lovely looking sailfish os client, and they didnt let him release it11:14
M4rtinKinstalling random deb/rpm is not a good example - specific package versions are often tied to distro versions even on desktop11:15
MeowDudeI do, trust me. I don't see why they refuse to allow a third party to create a native app that allows usage of free accounts (or even let me use webplayer with any browser)11:15
flynnwow why did spotify do that?11:15
M4rtinKso a Fedora F27 package might not work on Fedora 25 as the libs are too old, etc.11:15
MeowDuder0kk3rs: I don't understand why, more ad revenue and shit, why the fuck would spotify, a failing company, not want more users? this guy made this app for free11:16
M4rtinKflynn: that's hardly an exception - many services are actively hostile against third party clients (Whatsapp & co)11:16
r0kk3rzMeowDude: indeed, so imo stop giving them money11:16
MeowDudeits so frustrating11:16
MeowDudeI use a free account11:16
r0kk3rzstop listening to their ads then11:16
MeowDudeand use a modded apk on my tablet thatblocks ads and adds many premium features11:16
MeowDudeI block the ads11:17
r0kk3rzanyway, thats not the point11:17
MeowDudethey can suck it11:17
MeowDudejust like myriad can suck it11:17
MeowDudejust let me buy alien dalvik!!!11:17
M4rtinKas for cross distro compatible package - things should generally improve with Flatpack11:17
r0kk3rzi dont think thats the fault of myriad11:17
flynnthen you will lose a good service if everyone does it like this11:17
r0kk3rzuntil recently Jolla hasn't been able to handle that11:17
r0kk3rznow, they actually might do it11:17
MeowDudeI already emailed myriad, a paid rpm file on the jolla store would be PERFECT for many reasons11:18
M4rtinKactually, there should not be anything blocking Flatpack apps running on Sailfish OS as long as their runtime can be build11:18
MeowDudeA: port users could buy it, and B: they could update it from the store meaning Jolla 1 users won't be stuck with alien dalvik based on Android 4.111:18
r0kk3rzflynn: obviously boycotts dont work very well :)11:18
MeowDudeI would pay 10$ for an alien dalvik rpm and I am sure many others would too11:19
M4rtinKMeowDude: I'm afraid the android runtime is not self-contained enough for that11:19
r0kk3rzit would be more like €5011:19
r0kk3rzbut they might do that11:19
vakkov_MeowDude: alien dalvik is tied to the HW of the device; stop talking shit... you cant just put a paid rpm in the store cause it's only going to work on the device it was written for11:19
M4rtinKpast discussions with Jolla indicate it depends on stuff provided by kernel & drivers and requires per device porting11:19
M4rtinKwhat vakkov_ says11:20
flynnyes and once ported, it would be available for all11:20
r0kk3rzit will need to be adapted by the porter sure11:20
flynnand that is a worry11:20
vakkov_exactly .. you don't need to discuss it with jolla; just check the files (did it 2 years ago before i disappeared from those chats :D)11:20
vakkov_and krnlyng recently reminded me of this fact11:20
r0kk3rzMeowDude: unfortunately the world is a lot more complicated than you realise right now :)11:21
MeowDudevakkov_: I am sure there is a way for the Jolla store to see which device you are using and to allow you to download the appropriate package11:21
flynnor atleast it would be good if some application to convert android bytecode to linux bytecode (along with dependencies)11:21
M4rtinKMeowDude: sure, but someone from Jolla needs to port it for the device first11:22
MeowDudealien dalvik can be ran on most all ported devices with a bit of tweaking with the rpm and platform file11:22
r0kk3rz'most all' lol... not quite11:22
r0kk3rzi think you mean 'a very select few'11:22
vakkov_MeowDude: quite probable; i think they were installing "android support" from the store (on the original jolla); yet again how exactly are you seeing myriad porting dalvik for our crappy implementations?11:22
MeowDudeI've seen it ran on all nexus devices and heard of it ran on the OPO and OPX11:22
r0kk3rzyeah, a select few11:23
MeowDudeI was more thinking myriad lets us port it for them and they get all the money... I don't know... I'll try and think up a system in which myriad gets money for our work and in return we get to use alien dalvik stress free on port devices11:23
vakkov_interesting how it runs on all ported device when I have seen it only run on the intel-based tablet and the qualcomm based jollas and the first nexus that got ported by this community was mine and beidl's and it is a TI omap-based11:23
flynnwhere you saw it meowdude?11:23
r0kk3rzflynn: there was a thread on tmo about it11:24
MeowDuder0kk3rs: what is different about the Nexus devices and all the others port devices?11:24
r0kk3rzlots, obviously11:24
MeowDudevakkov_: I have seen it ran on the 2012 Nexus 7, the Nexus 4, the Nexus 5, the Nexus 7 2013, and heard of it on the OPO and OPX11:24
flynnok, I will try to check the thread11:24
T4<adampigg> And mido ;)11:25
r0kk3rzanyway, theres no point arguing with you since obviously you know best11:25
flynnmido also?11:25
vakkov_nexus 7 2012 is tegra3-based; no chance that it has run there; look this is a really dumb discussion :D11:25
MeowDuder0kk3rs: I meant big things, the N7 2012 has a tegra 3, the N4 N5 an N7 2013 all have SD SoCs, I feel like more device support is possible on the same types of proccessors11:25
r0kk3rzi wish it were that simple11:26
r0kk3rzthings would be a lot easier11:27
MeowDuder0kk3rs: what a canned response. I can show you videos of alien dalvik on these devices, my point is that the same general instructions for getting it to run on the Nexus devices could probably be applied to non nexus devices, and afaik, it just involves modifying the file11:27
r0kk3rzthen why isnt everyone doing it?11:27
r0kk3rzthat news has been around for over a year11:27
MeowDudeI don't think simply saying "nope only nexus devices and Jolla devices can run it, it'd be near impossible to run alien dalvik on other devices" because the Nexus devices were port devices too, and besides the "Nexus brand" they are pretty generic devices11:28
r0kk3rzthere is no such thing as a generic android device11:28
flynnMeowDude: why dont you try to rip it off sony jolla device?11:28
MeowDudeI don't know... but from my endless peeping for alien dalvik ports, I have yet to see any hints of people trying11:28
r0kk3rzwhy do you think we have to do device specific ports?11:28
vakkov_krnlyng :D :D :D hope you are reading this :D11:29
MeowDudebecause the hardware is different, but I doubt alien dalvik is built for a single device in mind, if so, how come a single rpm has been able to run on all these different ports?11:29
vakkov_meowdude: it was also running on n950/n9; they have probably modified the some android-realted script there as well :D11:29
vakkov_we are not saying11:30
vakkov_that it was built for a single device, omg ..11:30
r0kk3rzMeowDude: it wasnt a single rpm, it was at least two11:30
MeowDudewell then what are you saying11:30
MeowDuder0kk3rs: I only ever see the one N4 rpm from the maemo talk thread used11:30
MeowDudeand it has been shown to work for fact on the 2013 N7 and N5, I don't know about the 2012 N7 though, I have just seen android apps on it11:31
r0kk3rzand with xperia x its now three11:31
MeowDudethey used the N4 rpm on the xperia x?11:31
r0kk3rzno they didnt11:31
vakkov_we are saying that the binaries that we have for it are built for a specific hardware and that myriad's business model does not involve rebuilding it for buggy community ports :) and that you are paying them by buying a device11:31
vakkov_with it preinstalled on that device;11:31
MeowDudeI wish they would just sell me an alien dalvik 2.0 rpm for 20$ so I can fiddle with it11:31
vakkov_and this .rpm is going to be built for $which device11:32
MeowDudeI don't wanna buy a Jolla phone or an aqua fish... I am not a fan of Jolla hardware11:32
*** rltyseven <rltyseven!~rltyseven@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)11:32
flynnMeowDude : you can fiddle with anbox11:32
r0kk3rzlike i said €50 not $20 aud...11:32
MeowDudeI don't know. I see this ( rpm used, and only this one for ports11:33
MeowDudeis anbox working?11:33
flynnMeowDude: yes jolla phones are quite low spec.11:33
MeowDudeif so I want a link11:33
MeowDudeits not even the specs, its the desing11:33
vakkov_MeowDude: anyway; when are you going to sleep today cause I can't check your logs now but i would like to later today11:33
vakkov_i am talking about your port ^11:33
MeowDudeI get a 5" screen on a device that is atleast 5.5" tall, I hate using big phones and if its big I don't want that much chin and forehead11:33
flynnAnbox should work as I have seen in anbox's webpage or their github page11:34
MeowDudeI will probably sleep in 2 hours11:34
MeowDudeI hate living on australian time11:34
MeowDudespeaking of large devices I hope my OPO gets here tommorow11:34
flynnbut it needs to be ported to specific platform. Join Anbox telegram group for more info if you like.11:35
MeowDudehow easy is it to port11:35
r0kk3rzits not ready yet11:35
flynnanswer to that question always depends upon how skilled are you11:36
T4<adampigg> #sfdroid is where anbox for sfos is worked on11:36
MeowDudewell I have few skills11:36
MeowDudeif I had real skill I would not be here whining for help every night(day?)11:36
flynnAnyway, does spectre affect sfos devices?11:37
MeowDudewhat is spectre?11:37
r0kk3rzas much as it affects ARM devices sure11:37
flynnmeltdown and spectre  never heard?11:37
MeowDudewait is it that stupid arm device hack11:37
MeowDudeI am not worried.11:38
flynnno its intel device hack11:38
flynnbut spectre is for all devices11:38
flynnso does it affect sfos and will it be patched?11:38
MeowDudeplease debrief me on it, I skim read the article11:38
r0kk3rzMeowDude: dont be lazy, theres plenty of articles to read11:39
MeowDudeprobably not soon, if you haven't noticed sfos updates aren't exactly instant11:39
flynnduck duck go is your friend mewodude. ask him.11:39
MeowDudethis is espescially so on port devices11:39
MeowDudeor the king of searches: bing11:39
flynnyes, bing also follows to your washroom.11:40
MeowDudeI thought that was google11:40
MeowDude*sweating* there is no escape11:40
flynnboth are similar :p so you ride on duck11:40
MeowDudethen again bing can see my disgusting searches if they want. I hope they go to jail for seeing the things I see11:40
*** zhxt <zhxt!~Mutter@> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:41
r0kk3rzive started using quant, its EU based and not a google wrapper11:41
sledgesphones with much forehead and especial chin do prevent you from generating touches with your palm, or developing arthritis if you try to strain your thumb to avoid palm-touch11:41
r0kk3rzsorry, qwant11:41
MeowDudeI will google that11:41
flynnwell no one will know they saw your searches11:41
flynnonly advertisers will know11:42
MeowDudeI hope I don't get ads for the things I look up11:42
MeowDudethat'd be spooky11:42
MeowDudeand scary too..11:42
MeowDudeqwant is french11:42
flynnyou always get ads for things you look11:42
r0kk3rzyeah... we dont want to know11:42
MeowDudeI would not share.11:43
r0kk3rzgood, please dont11:43
MeowDudealso why french >:(11:43
MeowDudeoh well duck duck go works11:43
flynnuse duck duck go, it is also on onion11:43
MeowDudebing is just so accurate at what I want to search.. I look up an article, boom first result11:44
r0kk3rzwhats wrong with french?11:44
MeowDudemy rule of thumb for SEs is: Google for popular results, Bing for accurate results11:44
MeowDudeI don't speak french11:44
MeowDudeI speak a wee bit of spanish11:44
r0kk3rzit does english too11:44
MeowDudeoh yeah I see11:45
r0kk3rzbut it probably defaults to french, because france11:45
flynnwell I have seen in an article that alien dalvik is unique not like anbox or similar things11:46
MeowDudeI don't mean to bash, but what is special about france? everyone loves on paris but paris is a pretty trash city to be honest, besides the rusty tower in the center, its just like any other big city. lots of people, lots of garbage11:46
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:46
*** zhxt <zhxt!~Mutter@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)11:46
flynnalien dalvik runs underlying android things and not in a virtualbox like anbox11:46
flynnis it true?11:46
MeowDudeI want a youyota tablet but I don't think they are ever going to ship them11:46
r0kk3rzspecial? idk its just another european country to me11:47
MeowDudeI have no idea how alien dalvik works, iirc its just dalvik and all the bare bones android dependencies in a neat little package11:47
flynnno running in a virtual box is different that running near native11:48
MeowDudein America everyone thinks french people are culttured and shit and they think Brits are all fancy. Its the opposite. In my experiences Brits are a bunch of drunks and french are slobs.11:48
MeowDudenot saying americans are much better though...11:48
r0kk3rzalien-dalvik isnt even dalvik, its a myriad developed dalvik engine11:48
r0kk3rzMeowDude: be mindful of where you are talking11:48
r0kk3rztheres lots of europeans around here11:49
MeowDudeeurope britain, yeah yeah this is a euro irc11:49
abransonthe special bit about aliendalvik is the integration11:49
MeowDudemeh I would like to think that as an american I get a free pass, we get trashed on the most everywhere. I am surprised at the lack of american bashing here, cleanest place online.11:49
r0kk3rzbut im sure everyone can sling american stereotypes at you :)11:49
MeowDudeoh yes and they are most likely true11:50
MeowDudepeople are quite spot on with american sterotypes11:50
MeowDudeat least in the south11:50
r0kk3rzwe are nice to americans because the few that venture here are generally polite people11:50
MeowDudethey must be from... not south...11:50
MeowDudeany news on the youyota tablet? how long has it been in production11:51
r0kk3rzread the thread on tmo11:51
MeowDudeI think it is dead11:52
MeowDudeyet another reason to never back anything11:52
flynn<MeowDude> you must be from south11:52
MeowDudeyes, the best part, Texas11:53
MeowDudethe best state in the best country11:53
MeowDudethen again many disagree with me on that.. yeah the last news on it was back in march of 201711:53
flynnplease dont go around on irc talking like this and briging us bad name everywhere!!11:53
r0kk3rzeh, you must be looking at the wrong thread11:53
MeowDudeI will find him and I will get him to speak to me!!11:53
abransonnow I'm only going to be able to read your comments in a Texan accent11:53
r0kk3rzMeowDude: howdy pardner11:54
MeowDudeI do have a texas accent, which is odd since very few texans have a texan accent in my experience11:54
sledgesanother porter from the US:
MeowDudeWhy are there so few US sfos porters...11:54
flynnwell sfos is mainly from asia so you would not find much americans11:55
flynnasia and europe11:55
r0kk3rzidk, maybe americans are happy with american things like android and ios11:55
abransoni think it's mainly from finland ;)11:55
flynnyes and also happy with being tracked everywhere :p11:56
r0kk3rzyou cant really escape that, but thats another discussion11:56
flynnyes but SAARC or something adopted sfos to promote it some time ago11:56
flynnwell tor can escape that!11:57
sledgesflynn: sfos is mainly from asia :D
abransonr0kk3rz: there are different types of tracking12:00
abransonyes your phone can be followed around, but that's not the same as handing all your personal data over to an advertising company so they can mine it for way to sell you more stuff12:00
r0kk3rzlike i said, thats another discussion12:01
MeowDudeamericans just don't care about being tracked12:04
abransonaside from tracking, they also don't mind being locked into a single vendor's products12:04
MeowDudeyou have to look at it from our perspective12:04
MeowDudeno we mind12:04
MeowDudewe are just too lazy to do anything about it12:04
*** krnlyng_ <krnlyng_!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)12:05
*** krnlyng_ <krnlyng_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:05
abransonthat's hopeful. people can decide they've had enough and change their minds12:05
abransoni think we see people doing that all the time, and looking for things like sfos12:05
MeowDudeI don't use sfos for privacy12:07
MeowDudeI just hate how AOSP and iOS are going with this all-white UI bullshit12:07
MeowDudeand I hate how the mainstream is eating up this retina burning eye blinding and frankly lazy design12:07
*** flynn <flynn!42e4278f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)12:09
MeowDudeI am going to sleep so that when my dog wakes me up at 6AM it isn't as horrible as it is when I stay up to midnight12:10
MeowDudecheers to a good sleep tonight lads, good night.12:10
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*** nac <nac!> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:22
malsledges: ping12:34
vakkov_how well is this sailfish X program selling12:36
sledgesmal: pong12:37
malsledges: just asking for your opinion about the vibrator middleware issue, the introduction of the new native version broke and now we have two options, continue using the droid version on for build of only that or move to the native version which communicates directly with the kernel interface and not via android side, the first option is easier but the latter one would be nicer12:41
malbut would require changes to droid-hal-device, droid-hal-configs and droid-hal-version submodules12:41
malsledges: jusa thought the native version might be better12:41
sledgesdidn't native vibra require patched kernel or some caps enabled at least?12:41
malsledges: no, afaik it just uses the timed_output directly12:43
malsledges: the native vibra is different from memless12:43
malsledges: as you can see here it's very simple
sledgesif it won't break existing ports and jusa would say that it's also safe for all future official and unofficial ports, let's make changes in all the submodules then (as i think jusa only did this per-device internally for now)12:52
malsledges: it would break those if people update submodules and/or make local builds12:53
sledgesmal: i mean, if switching to native vibra won't stop vibra from working12:54
sledgeson certain platforms12:54
malit shouldn't, android does exactly the same thing but now we would just skip the android side library for the vibra12:55
vakkov_as we should for everything :D :D :D12:56
malunless there are some permission issues, maybe jusa can tell if those could be possible?12:56
*** flynn <flynn!42e4278f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:04
flynnhi, I think i found the like which MeowDude was talking about
flynnthis shows how to run alien dalvik on ported device13:05
r0kk3rzflynn: yeah, and thats going to be hit n miss13:08
*** flynn_ <flynn_!42e4278f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:09
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flynn_yeah but many people reporting its working.13:11
flynn_anyone here tried that?13:11
flynn_r0kk3rz: yes but anyone here tried that?13:12
flynn_or did you try it!13:13
r0kk3rzi havent13:13
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*** elros <elros!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:32
T4<adampigg> Mal, is native better than memless?13:50
r0kk3rzpiggz: maybe better in that you dont need to port the ffmemless driver13:51
T4<adampigg> Better as in fetures?13:51
elrosit's the same as droid just without wrapper13:51
T4<adampigg> So, no extra features, but thinner layer?13:53
mal@adampigg yes, feature-wise it's the same as droid version, just directly using the same kernel interface instead of going through android side13:54
T4<adampigg> Yeah, reading the code, it looks nice and simple13:54
T4<adampigg> Might switch to it13:55
T4<adampigg> Abranson, what goodies you working on?14:00
abransongetting cameras working14:00
T4<adampigg> On?14:01
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T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz: you need to mimic mal, and get better at interacting with telegram users ;)14:25
r0kk3rzthat would involve me recognising telegram users :)14:28
malr0kk3rz: that should be easy14:31
r0kk3rzconsider it willful non-recognition14:33
*** rinigus <rinigus!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:35
XenoPLcats on the keyboards are evil :)14:40
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T4<adampigg> I wonder if meowdude has trouble with keyboard cats15:14
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piggzfinally, a user who has converted form JollaC to mido, thinks my port is great,, and is helping out by investigating different governors to get best performance18:59
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