Sunday, 2018-01-28

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xreactx[m]Is hybris-15.0 out there?06:05
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rltysevenHi ,I have a problem07:06
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xreactx[m]rltyseven: (look at the very bottom of the page)07:27
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rltysevenxreactx[m]: Problem solved. thank you.07:47
xreactx[m]i had the same issue07:47
xreactx[m]random problem random timing07:47
rltysevenxreactx[m]: Thank you very much, otherwise I'll be stuck in this place.07:48
xreactx[m]no worries, i'm stuck on my wlan/sound/cellular issue with my OnePlus 507:49
xreactx[m]i've been stuck for almost 2 months now07:49
riniguskimmoli: is there anything else that has to be done to help you? or we are good and just need to wait for your timeslot to engage OBS? :)07:51
kimmolican you test the init.rc ^07:52
kimmolitrigger thing?07:52
riniguskimmoli: sure, I can. a touch later today.07:52
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mogi just installed sailfish os on my oneplus 3t how do i exit out of the settings app?08:31
mogoh the edge on my phone isnt sensetive enough08:32
riniguskimmoli: it works with sledges patch nicely! it starts when put on charger, shows 1+x logo and later charging animation. on unplugging, corresponding charging animation is shown and phone shuts down after some delay (not immediately, but within making one coffee timeslot)08:37
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bluesleedelaya73: good morning08:51
bluesleedelaya73: we need to wait for sledges for the repository stuff, right? you added different kind of packages to hw adaptation, do those solve any open issues?08:53
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delaya73_blueslee, hi, yes i have to wait sledges for add subproject in OBS (accidentally deleted :(). I fix problems with codecs, video in browser works great, in the gallery working a video.09:02
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delaya73_blueslee, new build of 28.01.2018 (lineage and sfos) link:
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bluesleedelaya73: great, many thanks. i am downloading your image and give feedback here.09:57
delaya73_blueslee, there is a problem, the vibrations in the menu does not work after a reboot.10:00
bluesleedelaya73_ okay, no big issue10:01
delaya73_Help me. The vibrations in the menu does not work after a reboot. What is the problem?10:01
bluesleedelaya73_ with no big issue i meant that i dont use vibrations at all:-)10:07
bluesleemal: any ideas ^10:07
delaya73_blueslee, :)10:12
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r0kk3rzdelaya73_: which vibra plugin you use?10:25
delaya73_in csd test vibrator passed!10:25
delaya73_r0kk3rz: yes, use native vibrator10:25
r0kk3rzso it vibrates from csd?10:26
delaya73_r0kk3rz, yes10:27
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delaya73_r0kk3rz, in apps menu does not work10:28
riniguskimmoli: just to be specific, I tested
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malrinigus: did you remove any old charger changes from init.qcom.rc10:47
rinigusmal: I don't think I had any. which changes should I look for? my local manifest is
Mister_Magisterjusa: ping10:49
rinigusmal: these were on.10:53
delaya73_r0kk3rz, Thanks!10:53
rinigusmal: haven't removed these changes. I can test without as well10:54
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lintuxidocan someone pls check my logs and guide me how to get rid of  Sailfish lipstick[15720]: [W] unknown:0 - QPA-HWC: err in present returned -2211:04
lintuxidojouralctl logs -->
lintuxidoinit.logs -->
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mallintuxido: init.log is useless, get dmesg instead11:06
lintuxidodmesg -->
mallintuxido: which device and android base?11:06
lintuxidomoto g4 plus, CM-13.011:07
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delaya73_vibrations: if shutdown and power up,  vibrations working. If reboot vibrations does not work. Oddly.11:08
mallintuxido: try adding -n10000 to journalctl command so we can see the early logs also11:08
lintuxidomal: I was on libhybris minimal hook previous, after you told to update and use master branch I am now on master branch.11:09
lintuxidomal: ok11:09
mallintuxido: did something break in that transition?11:09
lintuxidosetup wizard unable to detect sim now and also got black images and browser crashing now11:10
malmaybe you are missing adreno quirks for example11:12
malI was just about to paste similar info :)11:15
delaya73_lintuxido, use adreno quirks, will work11:15
delaya73_mal ;)11:16
lintuxidodelaya73: thanks, will check it.11:17
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lintuxidodelaya73: is it require to remove comment from define WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS 1? or need to keep it as it is?11:28
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rinigusmal, kimmoli: seems to work as well without . Note that I just commented out "on charger" in /init.qcom.rc on device.11:31
mallintuxido: just as it is11:32
mallintuxido: the reason for the # is that the lines end up in a c header file11:32
mallintuxido: so you need to rerun after that11:33
lintuxidomal:ok, like -> -> prepare ks -> mic11:33
malrinigus: only the first line or all of the 3?11:34
lintuxidomal: gr8. will do it now11:34
rinigusmal: all 3 :)11:34
malrinigus: then it's ok :)11:34
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bluesleedelaya73_  sfos 36 looks good11:54
bluesleedelaya73_ some glitches in gallery playback here but video is okay (checked with ll player)11:55
bluesleedelaya73: vibrations don't work at all here by the way11:58
bluesleedelaya73 only in csd, not in terminal app11:58
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malblueslee: check which vibrator packages have been installed on the device?12:13
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bluesleemal: 3 of them, libhybris ngfd-plugin and qt5-feedback12:20
malblueslee: which versions os the latter two, droid or native?12:21
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bluesleemal: i guess they are native now as delaya73 wanted to switch to native,  0.92-1 and 0.0.8-112:35
bluesleemal: native is part of the package name, yes12:35
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lintuxidomal: same issue again, also it is observed that sim is not detected at first boot, but if I reboot the device sim has detected successfully.12:56
lintuxidojournalctl -->
lintuxidodmesg -->
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bluesleeanyone with an idea how can one emulate an sdcard for Jollas backup/restore?13:03
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mallintuxido: the log shows it does do some data connection13:29
malbut later it shows some issues13:30
lintuxidomal: after reboot it showing sim and able to connect internet, Jolla store is working now, as well as browser and camera, but gallery still showing black images13:33
lintuxidomal- what should I do to enable wifi, as it was working in my previous build13:35
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mallintuxido: try adding this13:40
mallintuxido: you can first just add that on the device and if it works then to your repo13:42
lintuxidomal: ok13:42
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malblueslee: depends on how the detection is done, via mount detection or just folder check, you might try bind mounting something to correct place, check here how sdcard is handled
riniguskimmoli: just tested bluetooth with car using navigation. while sound goes through, its significantly quieter than before.13:50
lintuxidomal: its not working :(13:52
mallintuxido: you added that to /var/lib/environment/nemo/99-qtscenegraph.conf ?13:52
mallintuxido: is your build completely new, I mean did you have old sources in hybris/mw/ ?13:53
lintuxidono I don't have old sources I had rm -rf hybris/mw before proceed to
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mallintuxido: strange, that define should have fixed black images14:00
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lintuxidomal: first boot after flashing always not detecting sim and wifi is also not working14:03
mallintuxido: that is unrelated14:03
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mallets fix one bug at a time14:03
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malkimmoli: whenever you have time update the PR to system/core, seems to work fine on several devices14:04
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kimmoliwill do today14:05
malkimmoli: if you want you can make PRs for other bases also, at least 13.0 and 14.1, or I can add those if you are too busy14:06
kimmoliseems i have time.tpdsy14:07
malprobably 11.0 is ok also14:07
malwhich is hybris-11.0-44S just as a reminder14:09
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mallintuxido: recheck the file you added on the device to make sure it's ok14:09
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lintuxidomal: pls check if it is correct or not
mallooks ok14:12
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malstill wondering why it fails, go to hybris/mw/qtscenegraph-adaptation and check the git log that it matches this
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mallintuxido: did you have the hwcomposer errors in logs before you changed to master branch of libhybris14:14
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lintuxidonope, I was not observed such errors14:15
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mallintuxido: did you otherwise use the same repos before?14:16
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lintuxidomal: after you told to update, I had cleaned the mw/* and clone it again using master branch14:23
mallintuxido: I meant the adaptation repos, droid-hal and droid-configs and android sources14:26
lintuxidoyes I also removed rpm, hybris/droid-configs and hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device14:28
malthose should not be removed14:30
malare you sure you are not missing some changes in those that you had done before14:30
lintuxidonope, because black images issue had only fixed after I switched to minimal hooks for previous build.14:31
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mallintuxido: master branch should have all needed things currently, when you have the define mentioned14:35
lintuxidomal: so what should I do now14:37
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lintuxidomal: I have backup of rpm, hybris/droid-configs and hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device14:41
mallintuxido: do you have any differences in the first two compared to the current versions, in first one the spec and second one the sparse folder and spec14:42
lintuxidomal: /99-qtscenegraph.conf has CUSTOMCONTEXT_NO_BGRA=1, m checking other also14:46
mallintuxido: was that in old version?14:47
mallintuxido: in new version that was just renamed14:48
lintuxidomal: so should I copy it from backup?14:50
malno, the one I gave you before is the correct version in new scenegraph14:50
mallintuxido: as described here
mallintuxido: I assume you had that in sparse/var/lib/environment/nemo/99-qtscenegraph.conf in the old repo14:52
lintuxidoalso have query it is require to add CUSTOMCONTEXT_NO_BGRA=1 in hybris/droid-configs/sparse/var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf14:53
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mallintuxido: so try adding the QT_OPENGL_NO_BGRA=1 to that file and reboot14:54
mallintuxido: on device first for testing14:54
malbut afaik it should be fine in the other file also, strange issue14:54
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lintuxidomal: ok, I want to clear 1 thing also that in your provided link14:55
Mr_Dogei am having issues while installing sailfishos sdk from aur14:55
malMr_Doge: aur?14:56
mallintuxido: what?14:56
lintuxidoI had if statement before     hasAlpha = image.hasAlphaChannel();  now I remove it and pasted it under it14:56
mallintuxido: ?14:56
Mr_Dogearch user repository14:56
malwhat does that have to do with sailfish sdk?14:57
r0kk3rzwhy would you install it from aur?14:57
r0kk3rzjust install it normally14:57
mallintuxido: I don't understand what you are trying to say14:57
lintuxidomal: I had line no. 117 before line no.11514:57
Mr_Dogebecause it is simple.. just a press of a button14:57
r0kk3rzsure, simple, and doesnt work :)14:58
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lintuxidoif loop before line no.11514:58
r0kk3rzMr_Doge: i assume you're talking about the app sdk?14:59
mallintuxido: I still don't understand, have you done some modifications to that repo before building?14:59
_svenMr_Doge which one did you install? sdk or sdk-beta?14:59
Mr_Doge _sven sdk,15:00
Mr_Doger0kk3rz, yes15:00
lintuxidomal: I had one if statement between line no 113 and line no 115, I have removed it and make it as given in link15:00
r0kk3rzMr_Doge: then just install it using the normal wizard, its really not hard15:00
r0kk3rzMr_Doge: or find out who is the maintainer of the AUR and ask them to fix it15:00
kimmolimal: sledges: updated
mallintuxido: DO NOT modify hybris/mw/qtscenegraph-adaptation repo, just build the version from git15:01
Mr_Dogeinstalling sdk normally , gave me an error15:01
malkimmoli: thanks15:02
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_svenMr_Doge same here, just tried the aur sdk, something is wrong with the pkg15:05
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abhishek__am i connected ?15:06
abhishek__yes i am15:06
r0kk3rzabhishek__: can you take this issue to #sailfishos ?15:06
malI think that is notmal15:07
malr0kk3rz: but that is porting isue15:07
abhishek__oh sorry15:07
*** abhishek__ <abhishek__!~abhishek@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)15:07
malthat is some in sdk setup, I have had that also and it breaks nothing15:07
r0kk3rzhe said app sdk... so i assumed he meant app sdk :)15:08
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r0kk3rzr0k @ the kasbah!15:32
locusfgetting an interactive livestream to the bof would be cool15:36
kimmoliinteractive? with pinch?15:39
r0kk3rzlocusf: what would be an appropriate service to use?15:40
*** zhxt_ <zhxt_!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)15:43
locusfkimmoli: hahah and smell15:44
r0kk3rzhmm, microphones could get interesting...15:45
locusfhave a couple people there join with muted speakers15:52
locusfand you got extra mic coverage15:52
r0kk3rzi wonder what the jitter would be like with that, probably not too bad15:54
r0kk3rzmight be worth just getting a couple of usb conference mics15:56
Nokiusr0kk3rz: abranson will do the live podcasting may think with him :)15:58
r0kk3rzhmmm, bt speaker with built in mic, not a terrible idea16:01
locusffeedback loop will be dreadful16:03
r0kk3rzmmm yes maybe16:06
locusfalso the profile gymnastics ..16:18
locusfhfp is for twoway audio16:18
r0kk3rzyeah but its only for voice, not pumping tunes16:19
r0kk3rzanyway, i should have plenty of data if someone has some suitable equipment16:20
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lintuxidomal: that was also not worked. I have restored my previous build VM (
lintuxidoupdated sfossdk from to target, tooling to, built libhybris without removing, built and built mic16:55
lintuxidonow every thing works fine :) have some minor issues. can you pls check my journalctl logs as it is still not detect sim on first boot16:57
lintuxidomal: as you can see now QPA like errors not coming...16:59
*** makaba <makaba!57092e9c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:02
lintuxidonow the issues are boot takes long time, first boot sim not detects, internet works after second boot, also need to manually add apn details to start internet17:03
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mallintuxido: not sure what is going wrong with the new build17:39
lintuxidomal: I am getting Authentication failed error while installing jolla pacakages17:42
mallintuxido: show output of "ssu lr"17:42
malkimmoli: you got some comments about commit messages and also maybe edit the first comment so people don't add the other changes anymore17:44
mallintuxido: ok, that is using old submodules for the droid-hal and droid-configs17:45
lintuxidomal: can you guide me how can I update my submodules17:46
malgit fetch remote_name, git pull remote_name/master17:47
malor something like that17:47
mallintuxido: why not use the new repos you made17:47
mallintuxido: those have the correct submodules17:47
mallintuxido: but you can't stay with the old build forever, it's better to figure out why the new build had issues than to go back to some old version17:48
lintuxidomal: ok, will check it. if I keep sparse data somewhere and update submodules and again restore that data then will it work?17:51
malyou seem to be doing things in very complicated way17:52
kimmolimal: sledges: ?17:53
malkimmoli: the droid-hal-init is already in submodule, no need to mention that17:56
kimmoliah sure17:56
malkimmoli: thanks, hopefully now we get all of those merged once sledges approves17:57
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lintuxidomal: pls guide me to make it simple, which step will require after submodules update,18:19
malrebuild of packages18:24
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piggzwhos fancies porting to this? coersion19:30
piggzor even,
*** XenoPL <XenoPL!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)19:36
locusfpiggz: shame odroid is mali19:38
piggzlocusf: do we not work on mali?19:39
locusfpiggz: it is of course supported with the blobs19:40
locusfand the wayland driver has launched since  december19:40
locusfits really hard to find any information on cherry trail functionality with mesa19:42
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T4<NotKit> it works21:37
r0kk3rzlooks more like a panel pc than a tablet21:41
T4<NotKit> Gemini PDA is Mali as well btw21:56
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UmeaboyThe full makefile that Lineage uses confuses me. Is that really necessary to use on all devices?23:22 for instance for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.23:23 or for Sony Xperia XZ Premium Dual.23:23
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