Friday, 2018-02-16

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toasterLooked at dmesg, some errors pertaining to camera, msm_isp_get00:10
toastermsm_isp_get_buf: No Buffer sessopm_id:1 stream_id:300:11
toaster r0kk3rz: Whats the purpose of glacier when sfos uses lipstick? I noticed your package
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toasterI'm assuming lipstick is based off glacier. iono.00:17
toasterGetting my phone activated. Going  to test out soon01:10
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X65Vbor0kk3rz, the glacier components gallery is a great idea. Installing now.01:53
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Herrie|Laptoppiggz: You around?06:16
Herrie|LaptopI keep running into issues you ran into before it seems, but your bpastes all expired :P06:16
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T4<adampigg> Herrie, always arounds on telegram ;)06:24
T4<adampigg> Im heading for the bus soon, but just write it and ill catch up06:25
HerrieSeems my sensors stuff doesn't work06:26
HerrieNot sure you ever got that working06:26
HerrieSeems it cannot load some firmware06:26
T4<adampigg> Yeah works here06:26
HerrieAt least that's what I think06:26
HerrieI had issues with WiFi before too, needed to stuff all firmware in /lib/firmware for it to work06:26
HerrieSome files were at different places06:27
T4<adampigg> Iirc, i had to use a 32bit binary from htc, and patch hybris for some missing calls06:27
HerrieHmmz that doesn't look like a nice solution :P06:28
HerrieAh this one:
T4<adampigg> It isnt06:29
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Herrie|LaptopI get these in my log: Feb 12 08:53:52 mido kernel: sensors-ssc soc:qcom,msm-ssc-sensors: slpi_loader_do: pil get failed, Feb 12 08:53:52 mido kernel: sensors-ssc soc:qcom,msm-ssc-sensors: slpi_loader_do: SLPI image loading failed06:30
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Herrie|LaptopMy logcat it flooded with adsp related issues i.e.
Herrie|LaptopWhich might be related to the sensor bits from what I read06:34
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Herrie|LaptopI.e. once adsp is sorted sensors might work too06:34
T4<adampigg> Herrie, do you have test_sensors?06:56
T4<adampigg> For me, it printed that it couldnt find a lib06:57
T4<adampigg> Ah, you found it, drpplugin07:00
T4<adampigg> Xiaomi only have a 64bit version of that....I was lucky to find a 32bit one07:00
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Herrieadampigg: I had aarch64 image here ;)07:23
Herrietest_hwcomposer now works, test_vibrator too, test_leds too07:23
Herrietest_audio segfaults but that's common07:23
Herriepaplay works though07:24
T4<adampigg> Wow, lucky you!07:24
T4<adampigg> In that case, different issue07:24
T4<adampigg> What does test sensors do?07:25
T4<adampigg> Btw, a @adampigg will notify me07:26
Herrie@adampigg: ^07:30
T4<adampigg> And logcat while running that?07:31
T4<adampigg> Do you have any android services disabled?07:32
Herrieadampigg: Not anymore07:33
HerrieSeems it cannot connect to activitymanager07:35
HerrieCould also just be halium 7.107:35
HerrieHalium 5.1 seems to have received more love so far so less buggy07:35
toasterHow do I get the alien dalvik07:37
T4<adampigg> Herrie: what are those linker errors caused by?07:38
T4<adampigg> Could be related07:39
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HerrieSeems it's missing and libandroid_runtime.so07:41
HerrieWill grep around a bit07:41
toasterI flashed the 2.1.4 preview Update to my phone today, and just Got a message that the update is available07:47
toasterIf I do that, would I get the aliendalvik?07:47
T4<adampigg> Alien is only on official devices07:51
T4<adampigg> First rule of porters club, there is no alien07:52
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toasterT4: Well I have an Xperia X07:53
toasterBut built the image from sources.07:53
toasterI tried updating from 2.1.4 to but it failed saying cant determine size of update from store, heh.07:55
toasterT4: Is there a way to get it?07:56
toasterTechnially its an official device.07:56
toasterI thought it would've been in the jolla store for my phone, But its not.07:57
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toasterI installed here we go android app from the jolla store and it appeared on the app menu for a second then it disappeared, probably because I don't have android functionallity, yet.08:00
toasterI pretty much need it.08:01
toasterCan I pay for a liscense or something?08:01
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toasterThe builtIn browser sucks ass08:01
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T4<adampigg> Have you ever had a license?08:04
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T4<adampigg> If not, you can just buy the official Sailfish X ?08:05
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rinigustoaster: if you want to test presage, you would need to generate the new database and keyboard packages. all is now documented (presage repo of mine) and pr submitted to sfos plugin. or wait few days while I get English text and train it myself08:07
toasterAre the docs on github?08:12
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toasterGood work, thats gonna make it a lot better. I can wait  heh. Are you running an english dictionary through it to build up datasets? How big will the db be do you think for english words?08:13
NotKitis there a way to set touchscreen rotation matrix?08:13
toasterI got find a way to get that dalvik.08:13
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toasterI'd pay $59 for it, but they're not selling to americans for some reason08:14
rinigustoaster: docs are in github, separate for database and keyboard packaging08:14
rinigustoaster: as for size, I expect 10-20 mb. let's see how much ngrams I can fit there08:16
T4<adampigg> Rinigus, presage improvements coming? I find that the keyboard randomly switches off the current presage kB08:16
toasterYou should get a couple of bitcoins from jolla08:16
T4<adampigg> Also, it would be nice if the word hints didn't go off the first typed letters, and gave suggestions based on typos08:17
toasterrinigus: You're potentially saving them money on the xt9. Do you think they'll roll it in the offical releases?08:17
toasterHmm, Im going to have to pay though a vpn or something to get dalvik support...08:18
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rinigusadampigg: yes, improvements are coming. if you see bugs, please report at github. but we'll probably make new release with pointers to corresponding github projects08:21
rinigusadampigg: I am planning to add speller-based predictor as well. that should fix typos08:22
T4<adampigg> Awesome08:22
T4<adampigg> Can you stick on an emoji keyboard too? :)08:23
rinigusadampigg: as for random switch off, it maybe due to keyboard packaging. I haven't had it for my keyboards08:24
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toasterThats Going to make texting way better08:24
rinigusemoji - that's gonna be your homework. find the text and train it08:24
toaster5% battery drain using my phone for a couple of minutes.08:35
toasterWhats up with that.08:35
r0kk3rztoaster: glacier also uses lipstick, its just a different homescreen + theme implemetation (ie. open source one)08:39
r0kk3rzX65Vbo: i was going to upload an app or two as well, to try and get more developers to use glacier instead of silica08:43
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TheKitQT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS="rotate=90" can be used to rotate touchscreen independently from screen10:08
TheKit - trying to play video from YouTube on browser10:19
TheKitit's displayed as magenta background with random red/green/blue lines/dots10:19
TheKitsound plays fine10:26
r0kk3rzmm colour space problems :)10:28
TheKit02-16 10:10:40.813  2543  3177 E DroidMediaConvert: failed to load dlopen failed:10:29
TheKitpretty much possible10:29
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toasterWtf I was looking through the jolla store and "Android support TM" appeared, and I clicked on it and read some reviews, then tried to install then it said error general store error.10:38
toasterIt trolled me heh.10:38
r0kk3rzif you want it you need to buy it :P10:39
toasterAbout an hour ago.10:39
toasterThe $59?10:39
r0kk3rzused the same jolla account?10:39
toasterThey dont sell to americans though10:40
r0kk3rzah no10:40
toasterI read that a vpn solution works10:40
toasterWhy would it appear in the store, I shouldve cliked it faster, it mighte downlaoded10:40
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r0kk3rzpketo: ^^10:41
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r0kk3rzit probably shouldnt, but iirc its guarded by device type and jolla account10:41
toasterWell I have an Xperia X10:42
toasterIts quite annoying, wish they could make this eaiser.10:43
toasterThe whole paywall + non us paywall10:43
toasterI kinda need android functionallity or its a nogo.10:44
r0kk3rzwell its a region check + paywall10:44
r0kk3rzfor some reason, they've decided they cannot legally sell it in the USA10:45
toastervpn ip + giftcard10:45
r0kk3rzim not sure why, but im sure theres a reason10:45
toasterThe Russians must be dictating this.10:45
r0kk3rzbut its not *just* the us, its basically anywhere outside the EEA10:46
toasterEuropean economica alliance?10:46
r0kk3rzmore or less yeah10:47
malI think it's mostly just that every market needs some validation and many things, it's not like you can just start selling without any official processes10:47
toasterEU is a scam though.10:47
r0kk3rzEEA != EU :P it predates it10:47
r0kk3rzEEA is like EU + Norway + Switzerland10:47
toasterThose 2 were smart.10:48
maland iceland10:48
toasterHeh land of Eve Online10:49
r0kk3rztoaster: its not *that* smart, they have to abide by EU regulations but get no say in their creation...10:49
toasterBut they have more national independance.10:50
pketoyes, it is a known issues that the licensed content sometimes appears on xperias without license. basically a serverside caching issues. how ever, even if it appears in store, installation does not work as the repository access is controlled separately10:50
r0kk3rztoaster: honestly its the worst of both worlds, they'd be better off in the EU or completely seperate10:51
toasterpketo: I'll get it somehow!10:52
toasterr0kk3rz: They are free from merkelurkels iron grip10:52
TheKitif trying to play video from gallery, thumbnail is displayed, but playback doesn't start:
r0kk3rzexcept in all the ways they aren't, but this is off-topic10:53
toasterTheir treasury isn't based in brussels10:53
toasterthats a big thing.10:53
toasteror how ever that works.10:53
r0kk3rzthe same can be said for other EU nations like denmark, sweden, and the uk10:55
TheKit02-16 10:50:18.315  3099  3453 E DroidMediaCodec: Failed to connect window10:55
toasterThis is from an American perspective, it's pretty interesting how the future of that place is gonna play out.10:57
toasterBut ofcourse that could be easily said about here.10:57
jvd_maybe this is wrong forum for world economics talk10:58
malindeed, we should keep politics and related discussion elsewhere10:59
toasterI set RELEASE=2.1.4 and rebuild with mic, and it updated 710 packages which I reflashed my phone. now they pulled the update?10:59
toasterOr it wasnt even released. How did I get 2.1.4 on my phone then? It says 2.1.4 in the options menu,.10:59
toasterYesterday when I woke up.11:00
maltoaster: the release has not even been done yet11:00
toasterBut it says 2.1.4 with a new winter scenescape with the Finnish name for the release overlaying the picture11:01
toastersnow on trees in the pic.11:01
mallike I said, it has not been officially released yet11:02
toasterSo its accessable to people with the sdk installed?11:03
r0kk3rzits not even EA yet11:03
r0kk3rzits in staging, where you can update via command line mechanisms11:03
toasterWas I supposed to be able to do that11:03
toasterOh ok11:03
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toasterI'm going to have to make an app soon, it would be cool to be able to change LED notificaion colors depending on notifications11:13
toasterI was looking into the API's and the led patterns in /etc/mce/11:13
r0kk3rzjphone did that11:13
r0kk3rzshould be possible11:13
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toasterProb be able to drop "patterns" it seems its called in there with a higher priority number11:13
toasterAn app is already made?11:13
sharkhi, I had a doubt about enabling wifi in my sfos port.11:14
sharkas per hadk, we need to set the kernel config to "m"11:14
sharkbut how to find the wifi driver in kernel config?11:15
r0kk3rzshark: what device?11:15
sharkle max211:15
sharkI have many entries having "WLAN" in the entry11:15
sharkin defconfig11:15
toasterWonder if it would be possible to change the color of the LED depedning on sms sender.11:16
toaster Well I'm going to sleep, gnight11:16
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sharkshould I set all configs having WLAN to "m"?11:18
r0kk3rzprobably not11:18
malshark: no, why won't you just give a link to your defconfig11:18
sharkok will give11:19
sharkhere this is my defconfig11:21
sharkoops wait it shoul be 14.1 branch11:21
sharkthis one11:22
malmy guess would be CONFIG_QCA_CLD_WLAN11:23
sharkok, any way to find out for sure?11:23
malthat was changed to module on some other devices also11:24
sharkok thank you.11:25
malshark: oneplus3 uses the same module and it has this service for loading
malyou of course need to symlink for that also
sharkok, thank you. Actually one plus3 and my device are a lot similar.11:29
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shark here are the warnings I find in mer kernel check. But all these things are already enabled in defconfig, how can I correct these warnings?12:15
sharkI mean I have correcte these in defconfig, still the warnings persists in mer kernel check.12:16
r0kk3rznot everything there is relevant for all kernels12:17
r0kk3rzif they are just warnings dont worry about it12:17
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riniguskimmoli: any plans to checkout onyx? if you wish, I can upload it somewhere so you could look into it...13:00
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riniguskimmoli: excellent. thank you very much! let me know if you want an image13:35
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MeowDudeargh I want sailfish os on a big tablet so badly, why did they have to pull the carpet from under the Jolla tablet!!! Nexus 7 port is stable and all but 7" just doesn't feel like a *tablet*13:50
MeowDudeonly 10.1" tabs with a port are the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. Also the Z3 compact tablet.... but I really want an HD 10.1 tablet with sfos... are there any good ports maybe not listed on the libhybris adaptations page?13:51
r0kk3rzi dont think so, there arent that many tablet ports around13:51
MeowDude*shakes fist* I wish I had an idea *AT ALL* on how to fix the manta gralloc issues13:52
MeowDudecan you think of any way? maybe manually building hwcomposer? wayland? could it be a problem with the base? in which case is CM10.1 a useable base with sfos
r0kk3rzits probably some hybris quirk we need, so futzing around with bases probably wont help13:54
MeowDudeyeah you are probably right. At this point I would pay for a solution... I would pay 100$ AUD for a solution... maybe 150$ AUD...13:55
blopa solution including hardware?13:56
MeowDudehmm... well a nexus 10 is about 90$ USD, and that is a lot of money13:58
MeowDudeat that point I would be paying for a fully working port13:58
MeowDudewell... mostly working13:58
MeowDudeare there free lance porters?13:59
r0kk3rzMister_Magister has been taking $$ to make ports13:59
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: no no thats not true14:00
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: dont put me in bad light14:00
Mister_Magisteri was only collecting money for the phones, only for device14:01
Mister_Magisteri have no money from it14:01
MeowDudeI don't see how that puts you in a bad light14:01
r0kk3rzhuh? people give you money, and you make a port. profit is not part of the equation14:01
MeowDudenothing wrong with someone providing a service in exchange for money14:01
malsome people have tried to donate me money but I won't accept any14:01
MeowDuder0kk3rs: I think he is mad because it implies he only does it for the money14:02
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: people give me money for phone not for port14:02
Mister_Magistermal: i understand you i only get money for phones14:03
Mister_Magisteras i'm not rich enaugh14:03
MeowDude*shrugs* I would love to pay a freelance porter a chunk of change, its just when I have to pay for the device as well it adds up to over 200$ AUD14:03
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: people give me phone and i make phone. this way its right14:03
r0kk3rzMister_Magister: however you wish14:03
MeowDudeseems good14:03
Mister_Magistermake port*14:04
MeowDudeif I have you 100$ for a Nexus 10 over paypal would we see an N10 port14:04
Mister_Magisternot phone xD14:04
Mister_MagisterMeowDude: theoertically yes pratically no14:04
MeowDude._. okay...14:05
MeowDudedo you know any freelance porters?14:05
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malI think we can solve the issue, it just might take some time and debugging14:06
MeowDudeyeah, I tried installing pheonix OS on my Nexus 10 (desktop android kind of thing) and I can't stop thinking of how much better sfos was on it14:07
MeowDudetonight is full of sighs, this means I have to go back to sfos on my nexus 10, which means Ill be back to my Nexus 10 only being a development device (I can't use it at all). I guess I could always flash the CM11 boot image and switch back and forth that way14:10
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MeowDudeI never ran 4.4.2 of the hadk, all the sudo apt-get stuff.14:31
MeowDuder0kk3rs: could this have any impact at all on hwcomposer^^^14:37
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r0kk3rzi doubt it14:41
blopi still want to sell xt894s all configured to folks who don't have the time to do it themselves14:54
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mallooks like lineage-15.1 branch got out of staging, time for some rebasing16:57
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TheKitany idea why when playing video from gallery or YTPlayer it tries to connect codec to surface more than once?
sharkany idea about this error durink make hybris-hal?17:20
sharklast time while building, I did not get these errors, I have not changed anything from last time even.17:20
TheKitshark, likely there were kernel config changes17:25
TheKitcheck if you have CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_SOCKET enabled17:25
sharkok, will check17:26
TheKit*just NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_SOCKET in defconfig17:26
sharkis that supposed to be disabled or enabled?17:26
TheKityou need to enable it so it can find that symbol17:27
sharkit is enabled17:27
TheKitin out/target/x2/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config as well?17:28
sharkyes but it is set as 'm' in that17:31
TheKitneeds to be "y"17:32
TheKitcheck if it depends on something that is built as module17:32
sharkso directly editing that would be fine?17:32
sharkIam now trying to get wifi working in my build of sfos17:32
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shark   CONFIG_MODULES=y I enabled this in defconfig this time while building since it is required while enabling wifi17:43
TheKitshark, .config changes would get overwritten17:50
sharkyes it got overwritten17:51
sharkBut is it because I enabled CONFIG_MODULES in my defconfig? This and the wifi config were the only changes I made this time17:52
sharkin my defconfig17:52
TheKitI wonder why it causes NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_SOCKET to be built as module though17:53
TheKityou can go to out/target/x2/obj/KERNEL_OBJ17:53
TheKitARCH=arm64 make xconfig or make menuconfig17:53
TheKitchange kernel options as needed, then ARCH=arm64 make savedefconfig and diff it with yours defconfig17:54
sharkok will try that.17:54
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piggzHerrie: did you make progress?18:49
piggzmal: whats the state of the 15 and 15.1 branches?18:50
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malpiggz: in lineage or hybris?18:58
mal15.0 builds, 15.1 doesn't exist yet19:01
Mister_Magistermal: what about 15?19:03
Mister_Magisteri want 15 for my n719:03
mallike I said, it builds19:03
malthe repos on github are missing some patches19:04
malI think I'll go directly to 15.119:04
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Mister_Magistermal: builds but is it working?19:24
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NotKitdo Sailfish X builds include packaged Android base rootfs?21:20
r0kk3rzthats the syspart stuff21:23
NotKitso /system partition can be built from mer-hybris aosp?21:24
NotKit(I was under impression mer-hybris is designed to keep only "patched" libraries placed under /usr/libexec/droid-hybris)21:26
krnlyngNotKit, there are two branches21:29
NotKithybris-sony-aosp-6.0.1_r80-20170902 and...?21:30
r0kk3rzNotKit: syspart-sony-aosp-6.0.1_r80-2017090221:34
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MeowDudeOkay, so my dirty fix for fstabs is wonked so I have found a cleaner one. I will be forking the samsung device manta cm repo23:54
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