Saturday, 2018-03-03

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T4<xreactx> hello everyone, just checking in to see if anyone has had any luck porting SFOS for a 64-bit device (with a 4.4 kernel)...00:22
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T4<trivial_inanity> I think someone had cheeseburger builds06:20
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mal@xreactx kernel is unlikely to be the problem, it's most likely something else, when shall we continue debugging your device?09:17
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T4<adampigg> Media_profiles.xml from a C fixes camera in alien on mido10:20
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T4<abhishek_0> @adampigg weird :-I10:25
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piggzmal: do you know what QPA_HWC_BUFFER_COUNT does exactly?10:55
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malpiggz: it defines how many buffers to use in hwcomposer, by default it's 211:05
piggzright, i wonder why 3 makes it much smoother11:05
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malit might prevent dropping frames i.e. double buffering vs triple buffering11:08
r0kk3rzyeah more latency but more smooth11:09
piggzi guess i'll make 3 the default on mido11:09
piggzi dont notice any latency11:10
piggzmy tester users seem to like it better11:10
locusftriplebuffering 4k ...11:11
locusflets see that memory go bye bye11:11
piggzits only 1080p11:11
malyep, the hardware should always be taken into account when deciding which one to use11:11
piggzbowling, carlisle?11:12
piggzany other ways to increase UI smoothenss .. seems to be stuttery swiping between screens sometimes11:12
piggzsorry, bowling in carlisle is not for here ... the problems with maintating 2 discussions ;)11:12
r0kk3rzcleaning out the factory schmoo and putting in some quality grease is a great way to increase smoothness11:13
piggzdid that with my mtb last weekeend ... rear wheel bearings totally siezed!11:15
piggzneed some new ones, but will go a little longer11:15
r0kk3rzwhere do you go biking? lakes district or further north?11:21
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delaya73hi all11:45
delaya73what get package sailfish-devicelock-fpd (link) for building fingerprint?11:46
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sharkanyone know what error is this?
sharkIam trying to build gstreamer again, and it is giving this error11:53
r0kk3rzdelaya73: im not sure thats available yet11:56
r0kk3rzshark: did you check the full log?11:57
delaya73r0kk3rz: last commit for Sony F5121
r0kk3rzyes ive also seen that11:59
r0kk3rzthats probably for show @ mwc11:59
sharkr0kk3rz : full log also doesnt show much12:02
r0kk3rzlooks like it built fine at least12:06
sharkr0kk3rz : yes but it shows cant update package info!12:06
sharkis that ok?12:07
r0kk3rznot really, but that seems like localrepo problem12:07
sharkr0kk3rz : ok, I nuke everything and rebuild :p12:08
r0kk3rzthats probably not required12:08
sharkthen, what I can do?12:09
r0kk3rzjust clearing the local repo and rebuilding packages should be enough12:09
sharkr0kk3rz : ok, how to clear local repo? I mean is there a command like there is "make clean" for boot?12:10
r0kk3rzno its just the files under droid-local-repo/$DEVICE12:17
sharkok, I will delete everything.12:18
sharkin there12:18
sharkcoz it shows its not accessible12:18
sharkby ls or by cd12:18
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r0kk3rztheres your problem then12:20
sharkoh! i removed all of them.12:20
sharkWill do buildsh12:20
T4<adampigg> @r0kk3rz [where do you go biking? lakes district or furt …], Yes, lakes mainly....done a difficult stottish event too, and some parks round south scltland12:23
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r0kk3rzpiggz: ever get up to kielder water park?12:34
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piggzr0kk3rz: no, bu i might fancy the kielder 10012:55
ghosalmartinanyone know what this might mean when building13:20
ghosalmartin"build/core/ camera.msm8992 uses kernel headers, but does not depend on them!"13:20
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r0kk3rzwoo segfault!13:24
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r0kk3rzhmm, not sure what do to about it though13:36
ghosalmartinstrace? :P13:36
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r0kk3rzyeah, the strace is biiiig13:38
r0kk3rzi wonder whether i built this gstqmlgl plugin properly13:38
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ghosalmartinabranson, OMGGGG cameras working with latest droidmedia for bullhead14:00
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ghosalmartintoday is a good day :)14:00
ghosalmartinboth camera and video14:01
ghosalmartinit seemed like a completely lost situation :P but abranson pulled a bunny out the hat :P14:01
ghosalmartinmal: does mk-cam-conf still work okay?14:06
r0kk3rzits supposed to14:08
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: wanna test the latest gstreamer?14:08
malghosalmartin: yes14:08
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, syre14:08
ghosalmartinmal, awesome :D14:09
ghosalmartinalthough flash doesnt work atm :P14:09
malghosalmartin: droid-camres was fixed yesterday14:09
ghosalmartinbut camera working from literally being dead in a ditch is like a massive win14:09
ghosalmartinmal: although gallery wont play videos14:12
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: install the gst things from here -
ghosalmartinah /etc/media_codecs_performance.xml unable to open that might need more ln -s14:12
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r0kk3rztheres pa11 stuff in there too if you want :)14:15
malghosalmartin: yep, that is usually needed14:16
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, ah already had it whacked on there :) so how can I test gstreamer?14:16
ghosalmartinmal: still no luck on that front, in youtube audio will now play with some other errors14:17
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: install it, try and play stuff, see if anything obvious is not working14:17
malghosalmartin: what platform did that device have?14:18
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, well music plays perfectly :)14:18
ghosalmartinvideos still borked14:18
ghosalmartinmal: platform?14:18
malghosalmartin: I mean usual qcom?14:18
ghosalmartinmal: ahh yes14:19
malghosalmartin: do you have codec udev rule?14:19
ghosalmartinmal: i want to hazard a guess at no14:19
malKERNEL=="video[0-9]*", SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTRS{link_name}!="", SYMLINK+="video/%s{link_name}", MODE="0660", GROUP="audio", OWNER="system"14:19
malthat should work on qcom devices (only tested on fp2 so far)14:20
malol rule was this
malghosalmartin: maybe check if you see any /sys/class/video4linux/video3*/link_name files14:22
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ghosalmartinvideo32 and video33 have that14:24
malok, then the rule I gave should work14:24
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, audio plays like it always did, cant see anything obvious broken14:24
ghosalmartinmal: no luck on either youtube or media player14:24
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: yeah theres nothing major ive noticed either14:24
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: there is a qml plugin, and a webrtc plugin to play with too14:25
malghosalmartin: hmm, check that the symlinks were created in /dev/video/14:25
malghosalmartin: which android base?14:25
ghosalmartinmal: android 7.114:25
bshahhave you created gst-omx config?14:25
malhave you setup gst-omx?14:25
bshahdo it then14:26
r0kk3rzwhat about gst-omx, have you tried that?14:26
ghosalmartinmal, bshah r0kk3rz ta :) ill get it built and installed14:27
malghosalmartin: note the readme about configuration14:28
ghosalmartinmal: will read and create :)14:29
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ghosalmartinis miniafservice meant to live inside droidmedia?14:31
bshahno, it's part of audioflingerglue as name suggests IIRC14:32
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ghosalmartinbshah, ah awesome I didnt mess up the packaging then :)14:34
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ghosalmartindoes gstomx.conf just live in etC?14:43
ghosalmartinbshah, do you have the nexus 5x gstomx.conf file handy by any chance14:43
bshahgive me moment14:43
ghosalmartinta :)14:44
bshah(I am in middle of mess... :P basically I decided today is good day to install everything on new SSD from scratch, I was wrong appearantly)14:47
ghosalmartinbshah, theres never a good day for taht14:47
bshahnow the best I can access is openbox and terminal with weechat14:47
ghosalmartinbshah, would it be in some repo somewhere?14:47
bshahI doubt that, let me boot my device though14:48
ghosalmartinfair enough :)14:49
ghosalmartinmal: can I have the link to your fp2 project on obs please14:49
bshah(encoders are partly un-tested)14:53
bshahbut decoders does work14:53
ghosalmartinmal: ta :) need to check the patterns14:53
malbshah: ghosalmartin that paste has the content twice so be careful when copying14:54
bshahmal: yeah, right... sorry my bad.. I am bit not-so-focused at moment14:55
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malghosalmartin: also looks like the configuration goes to /etc/xdg/gstomx.conf14:55
ghosalmartinmal: ta :) ill whack it in and give it a spin, bshah thanks for the file probably saved me a couple of hours of fumbling :P14:56
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ghosalmartinhmmmm that didnt cut it15:08
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bshah[m]ghosalmartin: did you disable droidmedia codecs?15:13
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bshahghosalmartin: try this :
bshahand if that doesn't work give me logcat15:23
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sharksomeone remembers the command to enter the platform sdk other than sfossdk15:38
sharkit was some "./source...."15:38
sharksomething like that?15:39
sharknvm remembered it15:46
ghosalmartinbshah, disable droidmedia codec?15:57
malghosalmartin: check the last link16:00
ghosalmartinmal: i did still no luck16:00
ghosalmartinwell the logcat is diff now16:00
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NotKitso for omx to properly to work on a new port, gstomx.conf needs to be created?16:00
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bshahghosalmartin: no mention of omx in logcat?16:03
ghosalmartinbshah, not at all16:03
ghosalmartinlemme try youtube16:03
bshahghosalmartin: have you cleaned up gstreamer registry?16:03
ghosalmartinbshah, registry?16:04
bshahit's something-something ~/.local/something...something.bin16:04
ghosalmartinbshah, cant find anything16:07
bshahso ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/registry.armhf(?).bin16:07
ghosalmartinbshah, just striahgt up delete it?16:08
bshahyeah it's cache so clean it up16:08
ghosalmartincracking ill do that and give it a reboot16:08
NotKitis gst-omx stuff in any hadk-faq?16:09
bshahNotKit: I think not, it's fairly new16:09
ghosalmartinbshah, still no luck16:10
NotKitI want to check if it fixes issues with MediaTek 7.116:10
bshahghosalmartin: well, give logcat then :)16:10
Mister_MagisterMorning everybody :)16:10
NotKitgst-droid produces color spaces conversion issues in browser and doesn't work outside16:10
ghosalmartinits weird cause its stopped all the omx errors16:11
ghosalmartinjust 4 weird lines now16:11
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bshahghosalmartin: is, minimediaservice running?16:11
bshahbecause I find it confusing that nothing about either omx nor droid media is printed16:12
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ghosalmartinbshah, it is weird, i might disable the conf and see what occurs16:14
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r0kk3rzshould i have this ??17:25
elrosafaik not every device have it17:29
r0kk3rzyoutube through the browser seems to want it though17:30
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malr0kk3rz: I think browser has some limitations related to color spaces17:33
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r0kk3rzevidently, i was hoping an updated droidmedia might help :(17:34
elrosr0kk3rz: maybe try older gst-droid, before this commmit
malr0kk3rz: droidmedia has fallback for i420, not sure why it fails for you17:36
elrosthis fallback doesn't work on every device17:37
r0kk3rzmaybe i dont have the latest gst-droid :)17:39
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r0kk3rzwoo i has youtubes17:48
malr0kk3rz: what did you do?17:50
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r0kk3rzupdated gst-droid to latest17:54
malr0kk3rz: which device is that?17:57
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T4<abhishek_0> mal whats the update on anbox :P18:00
r0kk3rzmal: sonytab18:01
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng_: mal: i patched libhybris and im starting pulseaudio using "18:06
Mister_Magister"HYBRIS_LD_SHIM_LIBS=/system/lib/ strace pulseaudio -n --file=/etc/pulse/ -vvvvv"18:06
Mister_Magisterand it didnt help18:06
mal@abhishek_0 I haven't had time to fix the installation issues yet18:07
T4<abhishek_0> okay :) ... hope you fix it soon18:09
r0kk3rzis gst-libav the thing that handles ac3 audio?18:11
elrosif you mean gstreamer1.0-libav (1.4.5) then it contains only avdec_aac and avdec_mp318:14
r0kk3rzhmm... do we have something that does ac3?18:15
elrosdon't know you would have to use gst-inspect to find out18:16
r0kk3rzwell i dont on my device, thats the problem :P18:17
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r0kk3rzit looks like libav should do it, but maybe most things are disabled due to licencing reasons18:19
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elrosNotKit: you also have 3.0 kernel on droid, did you notice any problems with mtp?18:45
NotKitno idea, MTP newer worked properly for me on Plasma with any device18:46
elroson sailfish also? but did you applied functionfs patch to kernel?18:47
NotKitno for patch18:47
Mister_MagisterNotKit: always working for me18:59
NotKithm, I try to open say a photo with Gwenview and it says mtp process has crashed19:01
Mister_Magisterretry untill works19:04
elrosspiiroin: have you ever encountered such a problem with mtp: after using mtp and disconnecting usb every time I create and remove (the same) file in rootfs, used storage increase19:15
ghosalmartinmal: does anbox seems like a viable replacement for dalvik?19:32
r0kk3rzlol. maybe eventually19:33
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, the website seems very convincing :P19:38
ghosalmartini mean its cool if it works since its an open source replacement and am sure many a vendor would love that19:39
malghosalmartin: I think the biggest job would be to integrate everything so sailfish gets notifications and sharing things like contacts so android apps can use those if needed etc19:42
r0kk3rzyeah it'll be fun redoing all that...19:44
malnotifications are probably the easy part19:47
piggzstep 1, get whatsapp to work, then most people will be happy!19:49
ghosalmartinpiggz, step 2 get instagram working :P19:49
r0kk3rzpiggz: which part of WA though....19:52
r0kk3rzits quite all encompassing19:52
r0kk3rzaddress book sync, microphone, gps, cameras .etc19:53
Mister_Magistermal: krnlyng_: any idea?19:56
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: did you get that shims working?19:56
*** elros <elros!~elros@2a02:a315:e040:3a00:89cc:589d:e9e1:f550> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:57
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, nah thatll need a big clone and my internet just aint up to it20:00
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, well how does it manage it on ubuntu :P20:00
ghosalmartinor does it not?20:00
r0kk3rzim not sure it does anything on ubuntu20:01
ghosalmartinwonder if morphis is still about20:01
ghosalmartinam guessing he wrote it?20:01
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*** rubdos <rubdos!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:15
malMister_Magister: so nothing in strace about that lib?20:17
malMister_Magister: just to be sure, how did you build libhybris after patching? -b path_to_sources?20:19
Mister_Magisterthat would be stupid20:20
Mister_Magisterpatching it and not using it20:20
malMister_Magister: yes, but there is the way to build that could in theory cause issues, normal build_packages without -b tries to pull updates first20:21
Mister_Magisteri know20:21
Mister_Magisteri dont use it20:21
Mister_Magisterit fucks up everything20:21
malsorry, just making sure :)20:21
Mister_Magisternp :)20:22
Mister_Magisteri know i can be stupid sometimes :D20:22
maleveryone makes mistakes occasionally, I sometimes do stupid things also20:22
*** gexc_ <gexc_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:24
ghosalmartinmal: speaking of mistakes :P is the location for the gstomx.conf defo /etc/xdg20:25
r0kk3rzit helps to double check the stupid things sometimes20:25
malghosalmartin: not 100%, that's what I saw in the paste by bshah20:27
*** frajo__ <frajo__!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:28
ghosalmartinmal: ahh okays20:28
*** krnlyng_ <krnlyng_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)20:30
ghosalmartinmal: ahhh, well logcat is clean but journalctl
ghosalmartinso something to go on20:32
malghosalmartin: does gst-inspect show omx?20:32
spiiroinelros: removing file that is open = is kept until all fds released -> resource leak could explain something like that - lsof / sniffing around procfs might reveal something20:33
ghosalmartinmal: is that part of gst-tools?20:33
ghosalmartinoo friends20:34
malghosalmartin: I think from main gstreamer, not droid20:35
ghosalmartinahh okay20:35
malnot sure which package exactly20:35
malmaybe there is some generic tools package20:35
*** PeperJohnny <PeperJohnny!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)20:38
ghosalmartinmal: hmm nothing in the packages I already one20:39
malghosalmartin: gstreamer1.0-tools20:40
malghosalmartin: gst-inspect-1.020:40
malghosalmartin: latter is the name of the program20:40
ghosalmartinmal: ahh some conflicts :P20:41
ghosalmartinoooo "(gst-plugin-scanner:5560): GStreamer-WARNING **: Failed to load plugin '/usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/': /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ undefined symbol: android_dlsym"20:41
malghosalmartin: ah, there is your problem20:41
ghosalmartinisnt android_dlsym just standard with libhyris?20:42
malfrajo__: any ideas ^20:42
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
frajo__ldd /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstomx.so20:43
*** frajo__ is now known as krnlyng20:44
krnlyngghosalmartin, yes doesn't link against libhybris-common it seems20:44
ghosalmartinkrnlyng, any reason or update libhybris first and hten try?20:45
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)20:46
malghosalmartin: how old libhybris do you have?20:46
ghosalmartinmal: not that old, its master that supports android 720:46
ghosalmartinah 2 months old20:47
krnlyngghosalmartin, fix i would say20:47
malghosalmartin: are you sure your build enviroment was good, i.e. it had libhybris devel package installed20:47
ghosalmartinmal: its on obs so should be??20:47
ghosalmartinill update to latest master and go from there20:47
malkrnlyng: do the dependencies look ok here ?20:50
krnlyngmal, i think so yes20:52
krnlyngmal, it's not a rpm dependancy issue20:52
ghosalmartinwonder why itd be weird about linking if it builds?20:53
ghosalmartinhmm that seems to of fixed it20:53
malkrnlyng: yep, probably not, that was just one possible reason which is now ruled out20:54
malghosalmartin: what fixed?20:54
ghosalmartinmal: inspect doesnt show the error now20:54
ghosalmartini forced latest libhybris packages to install, debug symbols and all so we'll see what breaks20:55
ghosalmartinrebooting now since I think I broke gallery20:55
ghosalmartingst-inspect-1.0 | grep omx shows nothing *sigh*20:56
malanything about h264?20:56
malor similar20:57
malghosalmartin: did you update any other packages than libhybris?20:57
ghosalmartinit did install libhybris-devel and all20:57
ghosalmartini eyeballed the wildcard a bit20:58
ghosalmartinzypper in libhybris*20:58
ghosalmartintbh this has new pulseaudio and new gstreamer21:00
*** krnlyng_ <krnlyng_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:03
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: how did you build it?21:03
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, mer obs? literally stuck the git link in _service and anyway we get21:05
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)21:05
r0kk3rzyeah fair enough, i dont think it needs to be built against my gst 13 stuff21:07
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elrosspiiroin: I just create file with dd and remove it. lsof | grep deleted  or lsof +L1 doesn't show this file21:23
*** krnlyng_ <krnlyng_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:23
malghosalmartin: can you strace gst-inspect to see if it load omx?21:31
elrosyou can use gst-inspect directly on omx lib in /usr/share/gstreamer-1.0/21:33
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ghosalmartinmal: ah same problem Could not load plugin file: Opening module failed: /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/ undefined symbol: android_dlsym21:51
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: you have a
ghosalmartin /lib/
ghosalmartinso think so21:55
r0kk3rzthat symbol should be in there21:56
ghosalmartinshouldnt this error pop up too21:57
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, got dlopen but not android_dlopen21:58
ghosalmartinthat okay?21:58
r0kk3rzah i see, those are hybris calls21:59
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krnlyngghosalmartin, as i've said make sure it's linked against libhybris-common, which contains android_dlsym and you'll be happy :).22:21
ghosalmartinkrnlyng, will do :)22:21
redjSailfish OS on SGH-I337M -- is anyone working on this? where should I start?22:22
r0kk3rzread the hadk22:26
redj -- starting here for now22:26
redjthanks r0kk3rz22:26
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