Sunday, 2018-03-11

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speedracer08861can i run sailfish on a xa2 421304:06
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vakkov_mal: this opencv on the OBS... it is because we are using python2 on the OBS... the local builds on our PCs (or at least in my case) use python307:36
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MeowDudeOh yeah I bought a Droid 407:38
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MeowDudeIf its as legendary as people say it'll be replacing my One Plus One for sure07:38
MeowDudehas carepack or TheKit touched the Droid 4 port yet?07:41
MeowDudeI didn't see any sources on the maemo talk forum, I'm sure it'd be easy to updat07:42
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vakkov_mal: my bad, we need #include <opencv2/core/ocl.hpp>07:47
MeowDudevakkov_: Any good ideas on how to fix audio and video on manta>?07:50
MeowDudeI build gstreamer and gst-droid and it did make a slight difference. I went from zero audio, zero sound, no mp3s or mp4s would play, to all of those things accept now mp3 files play (with no sound)07:51
MeowDudealso I can't at all raise media volume07:51
MeowDudeand gestures are off by 90 degrees but that is a later issue07:51
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MeowDudeI tried building gst-omx but it failed due to missing dependencies (which I will look into once I get access to my build machine in ~8 hours)07:52
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shark1some help, please, how can I compile droid-media from other branch? Like clone it into "hybris/mw" and run it as usual in hadk 13.2?08:25
shark1I want to compile the new SDSVideofix branch08:27
shark1oH WAIT i GOT IT.08:29
shark1clone it into external/droid media and compile :p08:29
vakkov_python-numpy-1.9.1-10.42.3.jolla .... some hidden jolla repos, huh? where is that package located08:30
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IngvixI'm suppose to determine which node is my touchscreen from /dev/input/event* but how do I actually do the determining?08:42
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shark1Ingvix : hello08:46
shark1you can determine by doing getevent08:46
IngvixI'm not sure how to do that. I'm not even sure where is this /dev/input/event*. I'm currently on adb shell with my device and it's in there but there's no getevent command here08:49
shark1Ingvix there is getevent command -_-08:50
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shark1you need to be su08:50
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Ingvixwhops, I am root, actually. I just used the command in wrong terminal...08:51
shark1just do a get event. The event which spams most on touching the screen is the touch event08:51
Ingvixyes, it is a 0 then08:52
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dr_gogeta86good moring all09:10
dr_gogeta86Mister_Magister: hi09:10
Ingvixshould I set have_vibrator_native and have_led to 0 in droid-hal-version-mydevice?09:12
Ingvixif my device got none09:12
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Ingvixso my insticts tell me but I like to make sure09:19
Ingvixshark1, a quick confirmation to this?09:24
Ingvixcouple lines up09:25
shark1let me see09:25
IngvixI guess it just removes some build requirements09:26
Ingvixsome haptics and mce-plugin09:27
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malvakkov_: wondering why it it built fine locally using mb209:39
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malvakkov_: numpy is from one of my own repos09:43
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MeowDudeI am getting "ubu-chroot command not found" error in Platform SDK09:48
MeowDudeI have the entire SDK including Ubuntu installed onto my SD card09:48
MeowDudepermissions are correct09:48
MeowDudewhat file do I need to fix to make this frankenstein build environment WORK09:49
MeowDudeIngvix: on grouper it should be event0, if not just run (in adb shell) "cat /dev/event0" and start swiping around you finger on the display then event1, and so on and so on until you get a crazy terminal filling spasm that will most likely frighten you.09:50
Ingvixyou're a bit late09:51
MeowDudeLets focus on getting that terrible device to boot first, an incorrect touchscreen node value won't keep it from booting, you just won't have working touch on first boot09:51
MeowDudeYes I was peeping the logs and was too lazy to scroll down09:51
MeowDudewhat is the current status?09:51
IngvixI build droid-hal-grouper succesfully09:51
MeowDudeoh yeah09:51
MeowDudethis is exciting09:51
MeowDudemaybe you will get it to work on the first try and I was (am) just retarded09:52
MeowDudebest of luck09:52
Ingvixdo you know if I need some additional middleware as the next section states?09:52
MeowDudeyou will most likely need to manually build gstreamer and droid media for audio, video, and camera09:52
MeowDudeif it gives you an error when building ngfd droid vibrator tell me09:53
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MeowDudeshark1 has returned, and can possible give me help09:53
Ingvixvibrator? nexus 7 has not vibrator09:53
MeowDudedid you have errors when building gst-omx?09:53
MeowDudealso Ingvix, it doesn't matter, the garbage script will try and build it anyway09:54
shark1why are you building omx?09:54
MeowDudeand if you just skip it, other shit will fail09:54
IngvixOkay then09:54
MeowDudeshark1: I am desperate and want working audio and video on manta09:54
MeowDudeI am just looking into random patches09:54
Ingvix<Ingvix> should I set have_vibrator_native and have_led to 0 in droid-hal-version-mydevice?09:55
Ingvixshould I have not done this?09:55
r0kk3rzIngvix: no thats fine09:55
shark1Ingvix : are you sure there is no vibrator?09:55
MeowDudeyou can tell how much I DONT want to mess with logs, so boring. I think I will need to trace gstreamer and droid media when running audio files in Media Player09:55
Ingvixshark1, I am09:55
Ingvixnothing vibrates on that device09:55
MeowDudeyeah set them to 009:55
MeowDudeit has neither a vibrator or a notification LED09:55
shark1MeowDude : try SDSVideo branch on droidmedia09:55
MeowDudedo build MCE though, you can enable double tap to wake. Oh yeah r0kk3rz, is double tap to wake on by default?09:55
shark1is your port based on 14.1?09:56
MeowDudeshark1: I will try what you did earlier tonight.09:56
MeowDudeyes it is09:56
shark1MeowDude : What did I do?09:56
Ingvixmce-plugin would be a build requirement if have_led is 109:56
r0kk3rzMeowDude: lol, you *need* mce, its kinda important09:56
MeowDudeYou spoke of it in the logs09:56
MeowDudeI thought MCE only did the Notification LED and off screen gestures?09:57
r0kk3rzas per usual, no09:57
MeowDudeat least I am learning09:57
r0kk3rzmce does lots of things09:57
MeowDudemanta had double tap to wake enabled by default, super cool.09:57
MeowDudeinb4 mce mounts all partitions09:57
MeowDudewouldn't that be funny09:57
r0kk3rzyeah no, thats systemd09:58
MeowDudeso what does it do09:58
MeowDudebesides making the Notification LED light up and drain my battery with Double tap?09:58
Ingvixin droid_hal_version_device mce-plugin-libhydris is only required if have_led is 1. Should I set it to 1 even though no led?09:59
MeowDudeset to 009:59
MeowDudebuild it still09:59
Ingvixok then09:59
MeowDudebut don't set false values, it forces you to do extra work09:59
MeowDudeand this entire process is annoying enough09:59
r0kk3rzchrist you whinge a lot :P09:59
shark1MeowDude : please dont say things to first time porters! They will throw their pc and run away later :p10:00
MeowDudeWhy? I wish someone told me all these things10:01
r0kk3rzit is a bit blind leading the blind tbh10:01
MeowDudealso yes I do r0kk3rz, I am a lazy person. and it is not blind leading the blind, I have successfully made a port that boots into the GUI10:01
MeowDudeand attempted porting to 2 other devices10:01
MeowDudeOne day we will have Sailfish OS on the Kindle Fire HD 7... one day.....10:02
IngvixShould I not worry about the middleware at this point or do something about it already?10:02
MeowDudejust build it dumby10:03
r0kk3rzIngvix: where are you at?10:03
MeowDudedid you run
Ingvixthat's the last thing I did succesfully10:03
shark1MeowDude : well tell only if you are 100 % sure. At least to first time porters!10:03
MeowDudeand it said "DONE! proceed to creating rootfs!" at the bottom10:03
r0kk3rzshark1: nah man he knows everything because he did a thing once10:03
MeowDudeI am 100% of everything I say, I am just not always correct10:04
Ingvixno, it didn't10:04
Ingvixonly * Building of droid-hal-grouper finished successfully10:04
r0kk3rzIngvix: which stage of the hadk did you get to10:04
MeowDuder0kk3rz: the point is, I know *enough* to offer certain dummy help10:04
MeowDudeso you built droid hal but not any of the middle ware? what is this sorcery, did you edit the script or are we on seperate levels here?10:05
Ingvixr0kk3rz, I'm at the start of 8.110:05
IngvixAdditional Packages for Hardware Adaptation10:05
r0kk3rzIngvix: yeah you dont need to worry about that right now, do the kickstart and run mic10:06
MeowDudehow do I edit the faq? I have important knowledge to share10:06
MeowDuder0kk3rz: wait10:06
shark1MeowDude : please, you are confusing him more. You can help me if you like xD10:06
r0kk3rzMeowDude: please dont10:06
MeowDudebut he said it didn't tell him *DONE*10:06
r0kk3rzMeowDude: shut up please10:06
MeowDudeI am so confused right now10:06
Ingvixthis is funny10:07
r0kk3rzif anything is missing, mic will complain10:07
r0kk3rzand then we can figure out what10:07
MeowDudeyay this is exciting10:08
MeowDudeI wish my grouper wasn't utterly destroyed10:08
MeowDudethen we could both enjoy this moment10:08
MeowDudeI can't believe is released now. When is the Droid 4 port being updated????10:09
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MeowDudeoh yes I forgot. I love the new swipe away notification feature, it is god tier and I am surprised it took them this long to implement10:10
IngvixSo I'm not allowed to add those non-free stuff to my image but can I basicly get the jolla-xt9 and ME-support packages from my official sfos device and install to the ported succesfully?10:10
Ingvixif I get this ported10:11
r0kk3rzIngvix: if you want10:11
IngvixI see10:11
malvakkov_: I think the problem is that in local build pyopencv_generated_include.h contains the needed headers but not on OBS build10:12
Ingvixbut aliendalvik needs some device specific configuration so that can't be installed, right?10:12
shark1As per my knowledge, alien uses the underlying android stack and hence it gives near native android apps support. But since you are using different base, I doubt it would work10:14
shark1though it has worked in few devices.10:14
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Ingvixah, so it's worth a try then10:15
shark1which base? 12.1?10:15
shark1and alien which base? I mean which android level?10:15
r0kk3rzget it built and working first10:16
Ingvixuh, you mean like jolla had 4.1 or what ever and tablet 4.4 if I recall correctly?10:17
Ingvixjolla1, I mean10:18
shark1Ingvix : yes10:19
IngvixI'm not sure. I have jolla1, JollaC'fied aquafish and xperia10:19
Ingvixxperia probably having the latest version...?10:20
Ingvixbut I don't know which one10:20
shark1I always wonder why was honor view 10 not given to any one from porters here(in developers giveaway). :p such a wonderful os and honor dont want. Maybe also because hybris-15 was not ready.10:21
shark1Ingvix : umm, I have no idea or maybe it isnt like that. coz xperia has latest android.10:22
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shark1Actually alien has been working on one more unofficial device there was some link on the internet10:22
r0kk3rzi do wonder if we will ever see much of huaweis own os10:22
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shark1r0kk3rz : they make it in give aways I guess.. They got many of the custom roms of android by give away and thus attracting users.10:24
Ingvixwhat android version the sfx's aliendalvik corresponds to?10:24
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r0kk3rzshark1: im talking about something they do in house. they forked mer and hired a bunch of ex-jolla people10:25
Ingvixwell I guess I get to the kickstart stuff now10:25
shark1r0kk3rz : Oh, ok.. maybe that is the reason they didnt give away any to porters.10:27
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r0kk3rzwell sailfish is of minor concern10:29
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IngvixI now ran rpm/dhd/helpers/ as I used --droid-hal before on the rerun after errors so other stuff than the hal wasn't build I guess. Now it's asking me if I want to build libhybris. Do I want to do it at this point?10:36
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Ingvixdo I want to build everything is suggests?10:47
Ingvixpulseaudio is next10:48
r0kk3rzyeah you need them10:48
r0kk3rzyou can probably get away without the vibration stuff though10:48
Ingvixoh, I already typed all10:48
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r0kk3rzits no harm to build stuff you dont need10:53
r0kk3rzall this stage does is build things and stash them in your local repo10:54
IngvixI see10:54
IngvixSo ngfd requires some reruns10:54
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Ingvixit needs cmake. How do I get that? pkcon seems to require some authentication11:07
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shark1Ok, in sdsvideo branch video playback is fine :)11:11
shark1but still photos are not displayed11:11
shark1in gallery11:11
vakkov_mal: what provides python-numpy-1.9.1-10.42.3.jolla for you?11:12
r0kk3rzIngvix: you need to install that in the target, not the platform sdk11:12
vakkov_mal: can't find the repo... it's some jolla dark magic ;d11:13
Ingvixr0kk3rz, how do I do that?11:13
r0kk3rzsb2 -t [your target name here, just tab complete it] -R zypper in whatever11:14
malvakkov_: it's my repo home:mal:sdr11:17
IngvixI also need pkgconfig(ngf-plugn) >= 1.0 but theres not update candidate for pkgconfig-0.27.111:19
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vakkov_mal: gonna steal it :D gotta go now; oh, btw - is your fp2 upgraded with the new camera modules?11:20
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shark1r0kk3rz : yesterday you were telling to check lib dependencies using "lsof" but how to do that?11:21
shark1lsof jolla-camera?11:21
malvakkov_: I have only old modules11:22
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malIngvix: follow instructions in faq (near the end) how to downgrade needed submodule11:23
r0kk3rzshark1: lsof will print every open file, so you need to grep the output11:23
IngvixI see, thanks11:23
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r0kk3rzor tbh you can probably skip it since that device doesnt do vibra11:23
r0kk3rzbut thats not a path well travelled, so who knows if those flags still work :)11:24
vakkov_mal: yep, me as well... i was wondering if i can disassemble the module, trace the lines and upgrade (i'll design and manufacture a pcb if needed to the Sony imx260 that is used in s7 and pixel (it seems) the pixel 2) - this sensor is awesome - has dual pixels11:25
shark1r0kk3rz : libstagefright is running. So that is not causing the symbol error11:25
vakkov_mal: are the sources of the camera hal and libraries available11:25
vakkov_the hal probably is open but the libs not :D there was a qualcomm leak several years ago, gotta find it :D11:26
malvakkov_: not afaik11:26
shark1anyway to determine what is calling the lib which is causing the symbol error? Or like what libs are being called?11:26
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malvakkov_: yep, I have a copy of that also11:26
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shark1one thing is In lsof I can see only 64 bit libcamservices open. Is this any worry?11:27
malvakkov_: I'll try to fix the OBS build, for some reason the generated header is missing includes11:28
vakkov_mal: checkout if it is because of the python version; what version do you use when you are building on your PC11:29
malvakkov_: everything is the same11:29
malvakkov_: I compared the confugure output and same versions are used11:29
shark1mal : any way to check what libs are being called upon by a lib?11:30
malshark1: what do you mean?11:31
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vakkov_mal: does the fp2 support HFR11:39
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)11:41
malvakkov_: yes, I have been thinking of testing that11:42
shark1mal : mean, Iam getting this error "symbol" referenced by not found during mk-cam-conf. I wanted to see if I can find out what is calling the libavenhancements.so11:42
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:43
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*** nthn_ is now known as nthn12:07
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*** elros <elros!~elros@2a02:a315:e040:3a00:1eb:161c:7b35:a8d7> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:26
IngvixI couldn't find the answer how to downgrade ndfd vibrator12:27
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)12:29
shark1Ingvix : check faq hadk, its there in last section.12:29
Ingvixwhere is this faq?12:30
Ingvixcan't find it in the pdf12:30
shark1can you see a PSA in this page?12:30
malIngvix: channel topic12:30
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*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:31
shark1hmm,  so this is the strace of my mm-qcam-daemon and I see that lib here also libavenhancements.so12:33
shark1error: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set in the environment" and Iam getting this error when I do GST_DEBUG=2 jolladcamera12:37
elrosnever run gui programs as a root12:38
shark1elros : btw like you suggested yesterday about droid media, I tried sdsvideo branch and now video playback works12:41
shark1but photos are still not displayed in gallery12:42
elrosprobably you need QT_OPENGL_NO_BGRA=1 in var/lib/environment/nemo/99-qtscenegraph.conf12:42
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shark1elros : actually there is no 99-qtscenegraph.conf12:48
shark1should I add it?12:48
*** zhxt <zhxt!~zhxt@> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:49
malvakkov_: I hacked around the OBS build issue12:50
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)12:50
shark1elros : thank you, you were right.12:51
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shark1r0kk3rz : I did a GST_Debug of jolla camera even that just shows that the symbol is missing required by
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r0kk3rzshark1: print out this RTLD_NOLOAD variable13:12
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:12
shark1ok, like echo RTLD_NOLOAD?13:13
elrosI can find this in on my device: strings /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ | grep _ZN7android12CameraSource4readEPPNS_11MediaBufferEPKNS_11MediaSource11ReadOptionsE13:16
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)13:16
r0kk3rzshark1: grep sources for it also13:16
elrosstrace -e open,access jolla-camera also prints that is opened13:17
shark1sources for RTL_NOLOAD?13:17
shark1in device or in the sources?13:17
*** vince_ <vince_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:17
shark1elros : yes. The is opened13:18
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:18
malshark1: how about try renaming the /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ so it will load it from /system instead13:20
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)13:20
shark1mal : ok I will try that.13:20
*** vince_ <vince_!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)13:21
*** filip <filip!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:22
*** vknecht_ <vknecht_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:23
Ingvixfinally got all the stuff build13:24
malIngvix: which android base are you using?13:24
Ingvixmal, cm-12.113:24
shark1r0kk3rz : there is no specific variable named RTL_NOLOAD. echo RTL_NOLOAD just prints the same thing.13:27
Ingvixshould I not modify any patterns before building image for the first time?13:32
shark1Ingvix : you can do it in later builds13:33
IngvixI know. I just wondered if there was something that could indicate a needed pattern edit before building the image first13:34
shark1mal : no luck with that also. I changed the name and still error persists.13:35
malshark1: you made sure it now loads from /system ?13:36
shark1yes it is. I saw in strace13:37
shark1it is loading from /system13:38
shark1mal : wait, where did you see that lib was loading from libexec/  earlier?13:40
shark1its not there in strace13:40
malstrace should show it13:40
shark1well earlier strace I posted above >this one< also shows it loaded from /system13:43
shark1I mean it was not loading from /libexec13:45
malshark1: I wasn't asking for camera daemon strace but jolla-camera13:45
shark1mal : oh ok, this is jolla camera strace
malshark1: can you check if both /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ and /system/lib/ have that problematic symbol13:49
shark1ok I will check13:49
malshark1: I thought we said before: DO NOT run UI apps as root13:49
shark1earlier I thought it was only for GST debug13:50
r0kk3rznope, ui apps need to run under nemo user13:51
shark1ok, now I did strace and I see more data :) and is loading from /system13:55
*** doniks <doniks!~doniks@2001:980:8522:1:3160:f351:bbe8:3d41> has quit IRC (Quit: doniks)13:58
*** doniks <doniks!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:58
*** _sven <_sven!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:03
IngvixAm I good just installing the zip with twrp recovery?14:04
Ingvixor should I use fastboot for some reason?14:05
r0kk3rztwrp is fine14:06
saidinesh5hmm.. gstreamer fails to build14:06
saidinesh5error: Failed build dependencies:14:06
saidinesh5        pkgconfig(gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0) is needed by gstreamer1.0-droid-0.20180209.0-1.armv7hl14:06
saidinesh5        pkgconfig(gstreamer-1.0) is needed by gstreamer1.0-droid-0.20180209.0-1.armv7hl14:06
shark1mal : I couldnt find that symbol in the _ZN7android12CmeraSource4readEPPNS_11MediaBufferEPKNS_11MediaSource11ReadOptionsE" but I see this one is present _ZN7android12CameraSource4readEPPNS_11MediaBufferEPKNS_12IMediaSource11ReadOptionsE14:06
shark1both look similar just 3 letters difference in it14:07
malshark1: in which file?14:09
shark1mal but I searched online , libstagefright has same has the same symbol14:10
malshark1: /system or /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/14:10
shark1mal : I saw in both14:10
shark1both are the same libs I think14:10
shark1both in /system and /libexec14:10
Ingvixshould I/should I not wipe cache/dalvik after installation?14:12
malso there is some API mismatch14:12
shark1ok so how can I figure it out now.14:12
shark1Just importing the stagefright lib having the symbol from somewhere online would be fine?14:13
shark1and by API you mean in the sources?14:15
shark1so importing the lib from somewhere, say maybe oneplus3 would do any good?14:16
malshark1: the symbol in the error you get matches cm-13.0 base, I assume you use 14.1 base?14:16
malshark1: no14:16
shark1yes 14.1 base14:16
shark1I will check if there is the symbol in my 13.0 base14:17
shark1and revert in a minute14:17
malyou really don't want to do that14:17
malshark1: where did you get your android zip?14:18
shark1from official lineage website14:18
malwhat device is that?14:18
shark1"x2" le max214:19
malis camera working in android=14:19
*** doniks <doniks!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)14:20
IngvixIt would seem that I have a bootloop14:20
malshark1: how new android image do you have installed?14:21
shark1Ingvix : logs, take dmesg, journalctl --no-pager,  systemctl --no-pager. Take these 3 logs14:21
shark1mal : this is the recent image like one of the recent nightly14:22
malshark1: I can't find where the file comes from14:23
malshark1: can you search your source tree for that file14:24
shark1It is from
shark1here from vendor14:24
shark1there is this commit adding this lib, I reverted it and built a lineage image, then sailfish complains that it cant find this lib14:25
shark1mal : here, it was added here
malshark1: maybe your android image is really 64-bit and the 32-bit library is broken?14:26
r0kk3rzshark1: is it just make files that complain about it missing?14:27
malshark1: grep the 64-bit library for similar symbol14:27
shark1hmm, how can I find out if 32-bit libs are broken!14:27
shark1ok I will grep14:27
shark1r0kk3rz : yes only make file was changed as per that commit14:28
malwe need to know if either of those libs is using the correct API14:29
r0kk3rzyou should be able to kill it then14:29
shark1mal : 64 bit lib also have same symbol as the 32 bit lib14:30
malmaybe android doesn't load that lib for some reason?14:30
shark1mal : probably android doesnt load. It was added for some crypto enhancement14:31
shark1r0kk3rz : yes, I tried removing it in both during lineage build and sailfish build, but that is not killed14:31
malor if that really even is the real problem14:32
malshark1: show a strace of mk-cam-conf14:32
malshark1: is camera daemon process running?14:32
shark1it is running14:33
malalso get logcat output14:33
shark1strace as "user" and not root right?14:33
shark1ok, in a minute.14:33
shark1here is the strace of mk-cam-conf
shark1and this is the logcat
shark1I dont even see anything related to cam in the logcat :p :|14:42
shark1I tried logcat as both root and user14:43
IngvixI fail to find my kernel command line. It's no in the suggested $ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/BoardConfig*.mk14:45
Ingvixhow could I find it?14:45
NotKitmerbot`, did you get the latest update to work on Droid 4 with Safestrap?14:45
merbot`NotKit: Error: "did" is not a valid command.14:45
shark1mal : but journal has few things about cam but it is all.14:45
shark1Ingvix : It will be in that only. Check properly14:46
shark1mal : also during sfos build, I reverted a commit regarding buffer
shark1since I was getting log of buffer blocking things in my logcat earloer14:50
shark1but even then, the situation was no better. It was the same. Same symbol error14:51
saidinesh5have the packaging scripts changed? where is the kickstart file placed now?14:51
shark1oops I meant metadata not buffer14:51
*** nthn <nthn!~nthn_@2a02:a03f:5ebc:7300:57fb:675f:e5e6:12a3> has quit IRC (Quit: nthn)14:54
Ingvixshark1, no, there is none14:54
shark1give me your trees14:55
Mister_Magistercan someone tell me how can i extract one commit as patch?14:55
Mister_Magisterfound it thanks14:56
shark1Mister_Magister : how do you do it btw?14:56
Mister_Magistergit format-patch -1 <sha>14:56
shark1Ingvix : the link of your vendor/something on github14:56
Ingvix this?14:57
saidinesh5Mister_Magister: use git cherry-pick usually15:04
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: what do you mean15:04
saidinesh5if you are trying to apply patches from one kernel / branch ,  instead of extracting and applying patches , use git cherry-pick15:04
Mister_Magisteri want to just apply one commit from another kernel15:05
Mister_Magisterbut from another repo15:05
Mister_Magisternot from other branch15:06
saidinesh5if it is more than one commit, you can git remote add other_kernel <path to other kernel>15:06
saidinesh5and then you can cherry-pick15:06
saidinesh5also if that other kernel is on github15:06
saidinesh5you can directly download patch by adding .patch to the url showing the changeset15:07
Mister_Magisterjust one commit15:07
Mister_Magisteri want to apply one commit to my kernel15:07
Mister_Magisterpatch url? there is nothing like that15:07
saidinesh5you can directly download just the patch related to that commit from github by appending .patch to the url15:08
saidinesh5there is15:08
Mister_Magistero shit15:08
saidinesh5if this is a commit:
Mister_Magisterthis is what i wanted15:08
*** nthn <nthn!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:08
saidinesh5you can download the patch by
Mister_Magisterthanks i was searching for it since long time15:08
saidinesh5then git am <that patch file>15:08
Mister_Magisterthis is exactly what i wanted15:09
saidinesh5usually you will have to pull in a whole bunch of patches , so that's when cherry-pick is useful15:09
saidinesh5btw. where is the kickstart file placed?15:10
saidinesh5i can't seem to find the path in hybris/droid-configs/installroot15:10
saidinesh5Mister_Magister: ^ ?15:23
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: did you built droid-configs?15:23
saidinesh5for me it is just droid-configs15:25
saidinesh5$ ls $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/cancro/droid-configs15:25
saidinesh5droid-config-cancro-1-1.armv7hl.rpm         droid-config-cancro-flashing-1-1.armv7hl.rpm                 droid-config-cancro-policy-settings-1-1.armv7hl.rpm      droid-config-cancro-sailfish-1-1.noarch.rpm15:25
saidinesh5droid-config-cancro-bluez4-1-1.armv7hl.rpm  droid-config-cancro-kickstart-configuration-1-1.armv7hl.rpm  droid-config-cancro-preinit-plugin-1-1.armv7hl.rpm       droid-config-cancro-ssu-kickstarts-1-1.armv7hl.rpm15:25
saidinesh5droid-config-cancro-bluez5-1-1.armv7hl.rpm  droid-config-cancro-patterns-1-1.armv7hl.rpm                 droid-config-cancro-pulseaudio-settings-1-1.armv7hl.rpm15:25
Mister_Magistersaidinesh5: cause you dont have multidevice sfossdk command15:26
Mister_Magisteraaaand why are you spamming15:26
saidinesh5< 5 lines15:26
Mister_Magisterstill ugly15:26
saidinesh5but even then where is it placed?15:26
saidinesh5i have the package built..15:26
saidinesh5but no installroot15:26
Mister_Magisterwhat package15:27
Mister_Magisterso you build droid-configs and dont have installroot?15:27
Mister_Magisterim using old kickstart from other device15:28
Mister_Magisterso if you have one…15:28
saidinesh5interesting.. + /bin/rm -rf /home/helios/mer/android/droid/hybris/droid-configs/installroot15:28
saidinesh5that is in the droid-configs.log15:28
saidinesh5so why is it being removed?15:28
Mister_Magisterdunno maybe its copied or something15:29
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)15:29
saidinesh5mal: ^ ?15:31
Mister_Magistercheck log15:32
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:32
Mister_Magisteroh latest dhc is broken iirc15:32
malsaidinesh5: check faq, near the end15:33
saidinesh5which section?15:35
Mister_Magisternear end15:35
saidinesh5updating submodules?15:36
shark1mal : any ideas for me? Like something I can do to find out what is causing api mismatch?15:36
malsaidinesh5: yes, you should have updated submodules and then follow the next part15:36
saidinesh5Ahh but i don't use droid-vibrator anymore.. we have ffmemless driver15:37
Mister_Magistermal: any idea how can i add dt2w if i added it to kernel? its using udev15:37
malsaidinesh5: then just do the droid-configs-device submodule downgrade15:37
saidinesh5Mister_Magister: depends on your implementation of dt2w15:38
Mister_Magisteri said its using udev :P something more?15:38
saidinesh5yes a lot more15:38
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:38
saidinesh5most android dt2w implementations are total junk15:38
malMister_Magister: how about showing evdev_trace -i output15:38
saidinesh5and rely just on kernel patch15:38
Mister_Magisterok my dt2w is slightly broken15:40
Mister_Magisterit blocks input :D15:40
shark1or someone like Mister_Magister can you please leave a strace of your jolla-camera if you have a qualcom chipset and 14.1 base?15:40
shark1I just want to see how camera loads15:40
*** PeperJohnny <PeperJohnny!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)15:40
Mister_Magisteri dont have 14.115:40
shark1I mean only if your camera works fine15:40
malshark1: we need to find a way to disable that libavenhancements loading15:41
shark1mal : I have removed it from the build, it should not be practically in the build.15:41
shark1It is a msm8996 common lib, yet op3 doesnt have it, I wonder why!15:42
Mister_Magistermal: i have it in evdev_trace15:43
vknecht_any lead about dimming & blanking not happening in homescreeen but blanking fine on lockscreen ?15:43
shark1one more doubt, if I do make clean, will I have to do libdroid media and audioflingerglue and all again?15:43
r0kk3rzshark1: you shouldnt need to, as those have been packed an rpm'd15:44
malshark1: like I said, having the library there is not the problem, just make sure it's not used15:44
shark1ok, but there is no clue to what is loading it also. Iam actively searching for it btw15:45
malprobably somewhere in frameworks/av15:46
shark1yes it is in av, but should I edit av?15:46
malwhy not15:46
malunless there is some other way to disable it15:47
shark1Like find a commit where it was not there and revert that right! I will do that.15:47
saidinesh5mal: not sure which version to downgrade droid-configs to.. most recent changes seem pulseaudio/bluez5/droid-vibrator related.. my issue is some packaging script seems to be removing droid-configs/installroot after building15:47
*** zhxt <zhxt!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)15:47
*** MeowDude <MeowDude!3aaa7487@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:47
malsaidinesh5: how about the commit mentioned in faq15:47
MeowDudeHow the fuck do I build this SDSVideoFix droidmedia shit?15:47
shark1or can I hex edit libstagefright and make the symbol similar to the symbol to look like symbol which is missing!?15:48
MeowDudedon't give me some gypsie riddle either give me a legit line to run15:48
MeowDudeI am sick of dicking around with build_packages15:48
shark1MeowDude do, rm -rf external/droidmedia15:48
IngvixMeowDude, do you know where BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE would be for grouper?15:48
malMeowDude: sync it to external/droidmedia and rebuild the droidmedia stuff the usual way make libdroidmedia minimediaservice minisfservice15:48
shark1then go to external and git clone -b SDSVideoFix
malMeowDude: then package the normal way15:49
shark1and then do a git init inside droid media15:49
malshark1: that is an ugly way, changing the local manifest is cleaner15:49
r0kk3rzor add a remote15:50
MeowDudeYeah all of that, gibberish to me. Here is what I did, I deleted the existing droid media in the external folder via GUI, then I cloned the SDSVideoFix version into its place, I tried building using --mw="url to the repository with the fix" and --mw="path to actual external/droidmedia-SDSVideoFix"15:50
shark1mal : oops, I will follow that then. I always did it like this. Previously with ngfd-droid-vibrator :p15:50
malMeowDude: droidmedia is android side, you do not build it like that15:51
malMeowDude: look what I just wrote moment ago15:51
MeowDudeno I need the SDSVideoFix branch since I am using LOS 14.1 base15:51
MeowDudeI am trying to use the special one15:51
r0kk3rzlol, you build it like it says in the hadk15:52
malI will go away now for the rest of the day because otherwise I will be kicked out of freenode soon15:53
MeowDudeI swear to god if I don't start understanding this stuf soon someone is getting raped15:53
malare you happy now?15:53
MeowDudeIll do all that magic wizard stuff and report back in the morning15:53
r0kk3rzit really helps if you try and understand how its all put together, and not just pasting commands15:54
r0kk3rzbecause its not 'magic wizard stuff', theres method to the madness15:54
MeowDude"fatal: duplicate path"15:55
MeowDudeI give up for the night I can't take this anger15:55
malMeowDude: what the fuck are you doing now15:55
r0kk3rzwho knows15:55
r0kk3rzchaos monkeying around no doubt15:55
*** nthn <nthn!> has quit IRC (Quit: nthn)15:56
* vknecht_ grabs popcorn15:56
r0kk3rzit'll be a miracle if anyone manages to reproduce this manta adaptation15:56
shark1MeowDude : you should try porting to my device. I assure you will go full mad :p15:56
MeowDudeI added your jew repo to my local manifest15:56
MeowDudeYou should try my device15:56
MeowDudeI bet it is harder15:56
MeowDudeunlike you however I just kept giving up and switching bases15:57
malMeowDude: you already have the fucking sources, you don't need to do that anymore15:57
malMeowDude: you already cloned the correct branch afaik15:57
shark1MeowDude : its enough. Please maintain the sanctity here. There are many ppl coming down here to know things.15:58
malMeowDude: so now go to chapter 13.2 in hadk pdf, do the stuff (obviously only the android side build and later the packaging)15:59
shark1Ingvix : sorry I was stuck up somewhere so couldnt focus on you. So y do you need the cmd line btw?16:01
*** shark1 <shark1!7aa65eae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)16:03
vknecht_oh dear :-)16:06
* vknecht_ fumbled a bit with git to get SDSVideoFix branch too, but it was not so hard (iirc about line 91 at )16:11
vknecht_CVS & Subversion were simpler to wrap one's ming around16:12
malit's really not that diffcult :)16:12
malbut obviously since I use git every day at work also I might have gotten used to it16:13
vknecht_yes, when you have an idea where you put your feets ;-)16:13
vknecht_I merged commits and made a bit of release management with Subversion, but this decentralized git stuff is something else... remotes, submodules, commit locally but have to push, etc. ... that's something16:15
vakkov_mal: update your spec file to use more threads with 'make' :D16:16
*** _sven <_sven!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:16
vakkov_mal: should be "make %{?jobs:-j%jobs}"16:17
vakkov_i think16:17
vknecht_working on OpenCV stuff ? I'd like to see that in SFOS :-)16:19
malvakkov_: ok16:21
vakkov_mal: btw, have you heard of fastCV, and do you know if the openCV devs have implemented any of its functions (it's a static library but can be easily reversed... or linked to, i guess) in openC16:22
malvakkov_: maybe make %{?_smp_mflags} ?16:22
malvakkov_: that was suggested in some guide16:22
vakkov_mal: it seems that "jobs" is not using my cpu's full capacity.. i'll research16:23
mal"%make_build is a macro that is available starting rpm-4.12. It is equivalent to `make %{?_smp_mflags}`, and you should use the expansion directly if you are dealing with versions of rpm older than 4.12 (which is the case for almost everything right now)."16:24
vakkov_hahah yes16:24
vakkov_i was going ot paste that16:24
vakkov_they were using make_build in the fedora .spec16:24
vakkov_maybe that's the way to go?16:24
malI would think so, if _smp_mflags is set in Mer OBS16:25
vakkov_testing with mb2 now16:25
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:25
vknecht_btw some days ago you were discussing about pkgconfig not picking up things, and I thought, maybe what you needed was to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH ?16:26
malvakkov_: any other comments of the spec, for some reason the example apps did not end up in output folder so I'll remove the examples rpm for now16:26
vknecht_but maybe it's and old story now16:26
vakkov_mal: isn;t that because you commented out -DBUILD_EXAMPLES=ON16:27
vakkov_vknecht_ we did set up the path but sb2 for some reason was not getting that :D16:27
malvakkov_: well it didn't work so I removed it16:27
vakkov_-- Build files have been written to: /home/vakko/Mer/opencv-1/opencv/build16:28
vakkov_+ %make_build16:28
vakkov_error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.MeaEhe (%build)16:28
vakkov_mal: guess it's not cutting it16:28
malvakkov_: what is not?16:28
vknecht_ah, this scratchbox thingie is a universe with a universe...16:28
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:28
vakkov_mal: %make build does not start the building process; probably mb2 does not recognise it ^16:29
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:29
saidinesh5mal: that didn't work either downgrading droid-configs that is.. and the issue seems to be with build scripts somewhere and not droid-configs: line 24116:29
malvakkov_: the examples were built before when that was enabled but those were not copied to /usr/bin or any other place16:29
vakkov_gonna try smp flags now16:29
malsaidinesh5: show the exact commands you used16:29
vakkov_mal: i noticed the same thing when i did make install (the normal way to build it, without specs and rpm packaging)16:30
saidinesh5mal: cd $ANDROID_ROOT &&  rpm/dhd/helpers/ --configs16:30
malvakkov_: so I'll remove the examples now and maybe look into that later16:31
*** MeowDude <MeowDude!3aaa7487@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)16:32
vakkov_mal: smp flags definitely works16:33
vakkov_all cores are at 100% and it's faast ;d16:33
malvakkov_: good16:34
malvakkov_: I'll push the changes, also some cleanup of the spec16:34
vakkov_mal: is there a way to check build/modules/python_bindings_generator/pyopencv_generated_include.h while building on the OBS16:35
*** doniks <doniks!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:36
malvakkov_: not sure, it must be empty because in local build it contains the includes I added in the patch16:36
malvakkov_: this build is so much faster now, thanks for the hint, I was going to add the _smp_mflags at some point but forgot16:37
IngvixCan I create BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE to if it doesn't exist anywhere else?16:37
Ingvixor there either16:37
saidinesh5Ingvix: sure, the android buidl scripts will try to use it from there16:38
malvakkov_: heh, I noticed that I had the same flags missing in scummvm, always wondered why it was so slow to build16:38
vakkov_mal: for some strange reason the linking patch (gcc) was not applied and the build failed with that __gnu_f2h_ieee error16:43
malvakkov_: the patching doesn't work in local builds16:43
malno idea why16:44
vakkov_mal: very strange; that's how we were building kernels before (in the times of MER platform sdk :D)16:44
vakkov_sledges: do you have an idea why .patch files are not applied to local builds?16:44
malvakkov_: it's indeed very strange16:45
vakkov_is that een reported as a bug?16:45
malnot sure16:45
IngvixCan I install new image just on top of previous one?16:45
malIngvix: what do you mean?16:46
IngvixI already installed one image and I need to install new one16:46
Ingvixon the device16:47
malIngvix: if you mean via recovery then yes, the previous sailfish installation will be completely removed during installation fo sailfish zip16:47
Ingvixyes, thank you16:47
vknecht_Ingvix, afaik no need to wipe anything between SFOS flahings in TWRP16:48
Ingvixwhat part I need to build again after editing hadk/device/asus/grouper/
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:49
Ingvixor hal?16:51
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:51
vknecht_Ingvix, I think at least 'make hybris-hal', then package it with ' -d'16:51
*** zhxt <zhxt!~zhxt@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:52
IngvixI see16:52
malvakkov_: maybe I should add a new subproject for the opencv to my OBS so it has the dependencies also, I was also thinking of adding some other dependencies to that16:53
vakkov_mal: agree16:54
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:55
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:55
Ingvixgot this kind of output
malvakkov_: like openblas maybe16:57
*** zhxt <zhxt!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)16:57
*** shark1 <shark1!7aa65eae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:58
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shark1Hmm, anyone know if it is good if I find and add the libs which are not present in my build?16:59
shark1For example16:59
shark1When I run test hwcomposer, I see not found,but I see it somewhere on githib of qcom 8996(my device soc)16:59
shark1Adding it would be good?17:00
shark1UI is fine, but still I want to know if it can solve the complaints of Hwcomposer :p17:01
r0kk3rzthey might not really be complaints17:02
Ingvixnever mind, got the problem solved17:02
shark1r0kk3rz : yes but then y does it say that the lib is not found if it has no role?17:03
r0kk3rzit could be optional17:03
shark1Oh but adding would be good right?17:03
r0kk3rzdo you know what it does?17:04
shark1Anyway I will see if it is good :p17:04
shark1But I will do some search online about functions and add then.17:05
*** elros <elros!~elros@2a02:a315:e040:3a00:1eb:161c:7b35:a8d7> has quit IRC (Quit: Communi 3.5.0 -
vakkov_mal: the build on OBS configs with "Precompiled headers:         NO"   while here, locally it is YES... maybe this is the problem with the declarations?17:11
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:16
*** XenoPL <XenoPL!~Xeno@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:16
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:16
spiiroinvknecht_: in lockscreen "user activity" does not prolong blanking; misbehaving/misdetected sensor/something as evdev input source -> can cause display not to blank when not in lockscreen17:17
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:17
spiiroinMister_Magister: you had some questions?17:18
shark1If anyone know this, please answer, if not ignore.(not related to sailfish directly). How are the symbols generated in a .so file? I mean is there any pattern it follows?17:19
shark1Like there is one code, you compile it, it has few symbols stored in it and then you add or delete something to the code and then compile, now both libs will have different symbols for same function?17:21
vakkov_mal: ON IF (NOT IOS AND NOT CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING) ... but we are always crosscompiling17:21
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:22
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*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
malvakkov_: which one?17:57
malvakkov_: I also tried to disable precompiled headers locally and it worked17:58
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:00
vakkov_here it fails at building the docs rpm - Processing files: opencv-doc-3.4.1-1.noarch; error: File not found: /home/vakko/Mer/opencv-1/installroot/usr/share/OpenCV/doc guess we need -DBUILD_DOCS=ON18:00
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:06
malvakkov_: hmm, on OBS docs are built, are trying to build manually using mb2 build?18:06
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:06
malvakkov_: I already added -DBUILD_DOCS=ON to spec a long time ago18:07
malvakkov_: so now we have it built for both arm and i48618:07
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:14
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*** T4 <T4!~T4@unaffiliated/mikaela/bot/euforia> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:19
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:23
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: ah are you still there?18:27
Mister_Magisteri missed you (was watching star wars :P)18:28
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!~M4rtinK@> has quit IRC (Quit: Odcházím)18:28
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~mgrover@2a02:c7f:923a:9000:1cae:a0ac:c289:83b4> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:30
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:31
minimeclocusf: If you have a moment... My bluez5 backporting experience was rather frustrating... Well I somehow expected that... ;)18:32
*** elros <elros!~elros@2a02:a315:e040:3a00:1eb:161c:7b35:a8d7> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:33
malminimec: what exactly are you trying to do?18:33
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:34
minimecmal: Backport bluez5 to the Nexus5 kernel, following this howto
minimecmal: Would allow me to test the AsteroidOS sync client with SailfishOS18:35
minimecmal: locusf was able to backport bluez5 to the FairPhone2 kernel.18:36
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:37
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
vakkov_mal: check the answer in #mer - rpmbuild or mb2 apply :)18:39
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:39
vakkov_anyway; gonna deal with that later18:39
vknecht_spiiroin, hello :-) I don't really get the first part, about "user activity" ; seeing this when I press power button I thought it had to do with fs18:39
vknecht_*fb permissions or something18:40
vknecht_I don't really know how to investigate further18:40
vknecht_but it's quite possible there's something off with sensor18:41
vknecht_too bad, I have quite all the "important" stuff working (telephony, texting, wlan, bluetooth, video playback/recording), but some UI bug remain like shader error in browser, nemo password reset at each boot, on top of my head18:44
malvakkov_: I'll now build a patched libhybris with opencl support and try to get that used by opencv18:44
vknecht_quite an achievement after only two weeks, as I understand it...18:45
r0kk3rzvknecht_: shader error in browser?18:46
vknecht_yes, gimme a moment to paste it, but when I launch it I just have a blank window18:47
locusfminimec: who do you think got me started :)18:47
vknecht_(I'm still on if it matters)18:47
malvknecht_: do you have QT_OPENGL_NO_BGRA=1 in /var/lib/environment/nemo/99-qtscenegraph.conf ?18:47
minimeclocusf: kido?!? ;)18:48
vknecht_mal, yes18:48
r0kk3rzminimec: who is lord of the fp2 ;)18:48
minimecr0kk3rz: I do not know that... You?18:49
malminimec: me :)18:49
minimecmal: Oh. OK. ;)18:49
malminimec: so I know about the backporting also18:49
malminimec: what problem do you have?18:49
vknecht_r0kk3rz, here's how it looks like :
HerrieNotKit: You around?18:51
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)18:51
HerrieNotKit: How are mediatek devices with libhybris? Anything stable or still hit&miss?18:52
HerrieOr it really depends from device to device?18:52
r0kk3rzvknecht_: what device is that?18:52
NotKitlibhybris itself is not an issue, but there are some other ones18:52
vknecht_r0kk3rz, Alcatel Idol 318:53
NotKitif you got 64-bit device, you need either 64-bit rootfs and libhybris, or patch compat ioctls for hwcomposer in kernel18:53
malvknecht_: nemo password is meant to be reset on reboot18:53
minimecmal: I tried to follow the howto described in 'Building own kernel' from the link I posted before. We have a CM12 And a CM13 base for the Nexus5. I tried to apply the patches descibed in the howto to our kernel trees. That didn't work. So I tried to follow the howto line by line using the proposed 'android-msm' kernel. That didn't work either.18:53
vknecht_mal, each and every reboot ?18:54
malvknecht_: yes18:54
vknecht_ah, alright then18:54
malit's a feature, not a bug18:54
vknecht_depend for whom ;-)18:54
minimecmal: locusf:  Would be interesting to know what version from you used...18:54
r0kk3rzvknecht_: are you setting it on developers settings?18:54
r0kk3rzthen it should stick18:55
malminimec: we used
* vknecht_ thought that service was to be launcher only at first boot after install18:55
NotKitHerrie, for Bluetooth, you also need to port and adapt old HCI-STP driver, like Ubuntu Touch did it and recently some device from Jolla18:55
minimecmal: locusf: Did you patch against the official FP2 kernel which is 'marshmallow' I think, right?18:55
malminimec: we patched fp2 kernel a bit to fix some issues18:56
vknecht_so the main remaining bug for my device is the browser not working18:56
malminimec: we did
minimecmal: locusf: My kernel compiles after applying the first part of the howto, but the modules do not, after having applied the 'Bluetooth subsystem built from backports'.18:57
HerrieNotKit: OK, well on LuneOS side we have 64 bits rootfs ;)18:57
HerrieSo that's not an issue18:57
vknecht_I guess I should try 2.1.4.x, but counted on building only for now, and test OTA once I get my stuff in OBS18:58
r0kk3rzvknecht_: enabled adreno quirks in hybris?18:58
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
minimecmal: locusf: Also we use a different toolchain (Linaro gnueabihf 4.9), but that shouldn't be a problem, I guess.18:58
NotKitHerrie, what device do you have in mind? LineageOS is a bit a pain with MediaTek18:58
vknecht_r0kk3rz, no... only heard/read about mali quirks up to now...18:59
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:59
malminimec: should not matter much, hopefully18:59
HerrieNotKit: Nothing in particular yet, was just wondering19:00
HerrieYeah LineageOS seems to be hard as well19:00
HerrieThough there seems to be
r0kk3rzvknecht_: it might be worth a try19:00
malminimec: check if you need any of these changes
* vknecht_ searches adreno quirk19:01
NotKitHerrie, they have somewhat questionable reputation in Android community, like partly not disclosing their source code19:01
NotKit(I mean that team)19:01
*** shark1 <shark1!7aa65eae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)19:01
NotKitI don't know particular details though19:01
minimecmal: Besides 'CONFIG_ZRAM'?!? the config changes are applied when following the Howto...19:02
malvknecht_: the decription is quite fitting for you19:03
minimecmal: Well I could apply them manually with menuconfig...19:03
malminimec: I never use manuconfig19:03
malminimec: I meant the other parts of that commit19:03
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:03
* vknecht_ reads and learns19:04
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:04
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minimecmal: Ok. I will bookmark the link and check the sources...19:04
malvknecht_: so you need to add some lines to your rpm/*.spec file and then -d and then build libhybris again19:05
malminimec: maybe just show the build errors you get19:05
NotKitHerrie, the problem is that most of cheap and interesting devices vendors won't really care about GPL to release even kernel source code19:05
malminimec: so we patched fp2 kernel with the commits in the PR I linked and then built it, then got the backport packages and patched it according to instructions and built it19:06
HerrieNotKit: Yeah.. Well even larger vendors like Huawei don't care too much about GPL19:06
HerrieThey used to be extremely slow with releasing their kernels19:07
malvknecht_: do you understand the android_config adding to spec?19:07
HerrieLike 6+ months after device release19:07
NotKitwell, slow is still better than not doing it at all, but this is bad19:07
vknecht_mal, I'm beginning to understand, I'd have to add WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS 1 like the lines I added for #define QCOM_BSP 1 and #define QTI_BSP 1, right ?19:08
minimecmal: locusf: Which instaructions? The howto from here? And what version of the backport package did you use? the latest stable or the latest dev version?
malvknecht_: yes19:09
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:09
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:10
malminimec: but instead of using the kernel mentioned there I just patched the normal device kernel19:10
vknecht_btw, do QCOM_BSP 1  and QTI_BSP 1 always go together, eg. you'll always want both ? I was not sure about the QTI_BSP one19:10
malvknecht_: yes, for 14.1 (or was also in 13.0) you add both if you need those, in earlier versions it was only QCOM_BSP19:11
Mister_Magistermal: do you know by a chance how to enable pr_debug in kernel?19:11
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:11
malMister_Magister: what does that do?19:11
vknecht_ok, I'm on 14.1, so...19:11
Mister_Magisterdisplays stuff19:11
vknecht_thanks a lot :-)19:12
Mister_Magisterlike pr_debug("fb notification: event = %lu blank = %d\n", event, *blank);19:12
malvknecht_: just do the adreno quirks now, it should fix browser19:12
minimecmal: Yeah... That's exactly what I was trying... ;) I will check the commits for the FP2 kernel and see if that gives me new ideas. But know I have to take a break... ;)19:12
malminimec: without seeing the build errors we really can't help19:12
minimecmal: Obviously true... Maybe I'll give it another try in an hour or so.19:13
minimecmal: locusf: THX anyway... ;)19:13
vknecht_I had the QCOM_BSP and QTI_BSP from earlier, so I think I'll not change those for now ; let's rebuild after adding adreno stuff for now...19:14
* vknecht_ likes output and its blue lines, nice stuff :-)19:15
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
malvknecht_: yes, leave what you had there before, those are for different purpose19:15
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:17
vknecht_what about 2.1.4.x ? Should I just let it slide for now ? As I understood it, there's still some change to come, so maybe better to wait a bit ?19:20
vknecht_and as I said, I may have to test OTA19:20
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:20
malvknecht_: just to be sure, you add #define WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS 1 right next to the BSP stuff in the spec, so you don't add a new multiline macro19:23
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:26
vknecht_mal, here's the situation, before and after :
*** BenzeneSailfishX <BenzeneSailfishX!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)19:29
malvknecht_: yes, that's the correct way19:30
vknecht_mic seems to agree ;-)19:32
*** BenzeneSailfishX <BenzeneSailfishX!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
* vknecht_ raises a Gewurtzatrminer glass to the health of sfos porters19:37
malvknecht_: let us know if that worked19:38
vknecht_that would be really unfair to let you dangle on an answer after the help you provided :-)19:41
vknecht_btw, on the 3 cameras problem ; stracing mk-cam-conf and mm-camera-daemon didn't show any obvious answer about the opened devices, I just raised MAX_CAMERAS to 3, and it generated usable configs for back & front cams19:43
vknecht_so I let it slide for now19:44
vknecht_(generated configs were the same between  main and 3rd cams)19:45
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:46
kimmolijust incrementing max cams to 3 does not work.19:46
Ingvixokay, so bootloops. Is there a log to look at, where and how?19:48
vknecht_well, at least I could get config files for 0/1 cams, but there's something to investigate ; perhaps mk-cam-conf could just ignore the third cam and not just bail out19:48
r0kk3rzIngvix: read the hadk section19:49
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:49
IngvixI did. I didn't see anything that would directly help. How do I check if /system is mounted by systemd?19:51
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:51
kimmoliah there is such problem. i tried to get third to work (external usb) and tinkered gst-droid with it
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* vknecht_ flashes19:55
kimmolinot in public19:56
malvknecht_: like I mentioned previously it would be interesting to see what it reports as the third camera19:56
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*** Ingvix <Ingvix!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:00
Ingvixso I guess I can use dmesg to do something but I don't really have a clue how to work with that20:00
vknecht_mal, when I straced mak-cam-conf and mm-camera-daemon, i saw no mention of /dev/video ; I'll surely need guidance about getting useful input20:01
* vknecht_ is completing install wizards20:03
IngvixI can telnet for a moment before the device reboots, it seems20:04
IngvixSo how to proceed?20:08
vknecht_Ingvix, "systemctl mask droid-hal-init systemctl mask user@100000" should help, according to 9.3.2 chapter20:09
r0kk3rzIngvix: which telnet? 23 or 2323?20:09
r0kk3rzok thats good20:10
r0kk3rzif you can quickly dump journalctl that can be useful20:10
malIngvix: how soon does it reboot?20:11
Ingvixquite, only some 10 seconds maybe to do somethig20:12
Ingvixafter getting connection20:12
vknecht_mal, r0kk3rz : browser seems to behave a wee bit better, in that I now see the lower adress-bar, but main window is still blank20:12
* vknecht_ grabs some logs20:12
Ingvixbut I'm pretty sure I can get some journalctl dump just after I figure out the right command for it20:13
malbut if you can get telnet then it's good already, most likely reasons for bootloops, mounts missing or firmware files not otherwise found20:13
*** TheKit <TheKit!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:14
vakkov_mal: i still can't build against it... pkg...20:15
Ingvixso I guess the command is just journalctl?20:16
vknecht_mal, Ingvix : bootloops also can be due to selinux and/or paranoid android settings, right ?20:16
Ingvixyes, I already did the fixes for selinux20:17
Ingvixdidn't work20:17
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~mgrover@2a02:c7f:923a:9000:1cae:a0ac:c289:83b4> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)20:17
malvakkov_: what error?20:17
r0kk3rzvknecht_: sounds like an improvement at least20:18
*** NotKit <NotKit!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)20:18
vakkov_Package opencv was not found in the pkg-config search path. Perhaps you should add the directory containing `opencv.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable No package 'opencv' found20:18
vknecht_r0kk3rz, it is :-) but for an end-user...20:18
vknecht_lemme grab some more logs...20:18
vakkov_mal: pkgconfig one.. it was expected - it did not work when manually installing it either20:19
Ingvixthis sort of stuff20:19
r0kk3rzvknecht_: pffft users be damned20:19
malvakkov_: oh20:19
vakkov_I am trying to build the facedetect sample using "sb2 -t SailfishOS-latest-armv7hl -m sdk-build g++ -ggdb `pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv` facedetect.cpp -o facedetect"20:19
r0kk3rzIngvix: wheres the rest of it?20:20
Ingvixrest? That's all I got20:20
vakkov_opencv.pc in in /usr/lib/pkgconfig of the target20:20
vknecht_r0kk3rz, really ? What would be our work worth, without users ? But yes, if we're our only users...20:21
Ingvixunless I'm suppose to use some other command than just journalctl20:21
Ingvixpossibly add -f if I recall correctly?20:21
r0kk3rz-n 1000 iirc to reduce the pagenation20:22
Ingvixso journalctl -n 1000?20:23
kimmoliand -a so lines dont truncate20:23
vknecht_let's see SFOS as a public service, everyone should have easy access to it (ideallyà20:23
malvknecht_: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv works for me20:23
Ingvix-an 100020:23
* vknecht_ or vakkov_ ? :-)20:24
Ingvixhow do I end a frozen telnet session?20:27
Ingvixoh, it finally disconnected20:28
Ingvixnow here's some more
malIngvix: which kernel version does your device have?20:31
Ingvixthat's a good question20:31
malIngvix: is that all you got20:32
IngvixI'm looking into it20:32
r0kk3rzits grouper so ye olde20:32
vknecht_r0kk3rz, mal, I still get shader errors when running browser :
r0kk3rzyou might want to double check you got the cgroups patch in there20:33
Ingvixyea I don't know20:33
Ingvixr0kk3rz, me or vknecht_ ?20:34
r0kk3rzIngvix: you20:34
malvknecht_: you built both -d and also libhybris?20:34
Ingvixokay, so how do I check that?20:34
vknecht_mal, yes20:34
malvknecht_: maybe remove the libhybris sources manually from hybris/mw/libhybris and try rebuilding it20:35
malmaybe it didn't see the new define20:35
vakkov_mal: yep, this prints the libs20:35
r0kk3rzIngvix: you see if you have this -
vakkov_mal: how do you build a .cpp with them included20:36
vknecht_I ran/built, rebuilding libhybris and ignoring the rest20:36
vknecht_maybe 2.1.4.x is worh it ?20:36
malvakkov_: maybe try the sb2 syntax I used for your build20:37
malvakkov_: so sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install g++ ...20:37
vakkov_mal: i did :D changed to install with an -R flag20:38
Ingvixr0kk3rz, from the device or somewhere in from the sources?20:38
malvakkov_: show the error20:38
vakkov_mal: same one20:38
r0kk3rzIngvix: your kernel source of course20:38
Ingvixyes, I just found it20:38
IngvixI'm not really sure, I don't see anything that resembels too much the original or patched version.20:43
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
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r0kk3rzyes maybe that kernel is too old for that particular issue20:46
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)20:47
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malr0kk3rz: yep, the patch is only needed on 3.4, that is 3.120:51
Mister_Magistermal: did you ever add dt2w to kernel?20:52
IngvixSo what might be the next step to try?20:52
malMister_Magister: no, since depends on firmware also20:53
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Read error: No route to host)20:55
r0kk3rzIngvix: theres not a lot in that journal log... maybe try grabbing dmesg20:55
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:56
IngvixHow's that done?20:56
*** eyome <eyome!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:56
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:56
Ingvixdmesg on the device via telnet or on host?20:57
malIngvix: of course on device via telnet20:59
Ingvixalright then20:59
Ingvixjust plain dmesg command?20:59
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Ingvixthere's a bit more lines
Ingvixnncblk0p9 at least didn't seem to mount because of some unsupported optional features. Might that be the cause?21:06
r0kk3rzyou see it get mounted like two lines later?21:09
r0kk3rzthats normal21:09
Ingvixyes, I did after I suggested it..21:09
r0kk3rzthat said, line 669 doesnt sound good21:11
vknecht_mal, r0kk3rz, I must have fumbled previously with adreno quirks, now Browser is fine21:21
vknecht_thanks to you two :-)21:21
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)21:22
vknecht_even the torch shortcut is working, ain't that fine ?21:25
malvknecht_: good21:25
malvknecht_: did you remove libhybris sources before this last build?21:26
malvknecht_: I'm pretty that was the reason21:26
vknecht_homescreen blanking is  for another dau I guess21:26
vknecht_hmm, no, I didn't do a make clean or rm some dir21:27
malvknecht_: what problem is that?21:27
malvknecht_: hmm, odd21:27
vknecht_lockscreen blanks (screen off) as it should, but when on homescreen it stays on forever21:28
*** louisdk <louisdk!~louisdk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:32
malvakkov_: wohoo, I can see in strace output that opencv loads the android OpenCL library via libhybris21:32
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:32
vknecht_lots of nice things here :-)21:39
malmaybe I should do some performance testing to see what kind of difference can be seen21:40
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:41
r0kk3rzopencl noice!21:44
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:46
vknecht_btw, can one safely disable perfd and bootstat ?21:47
minimecmal: I am back. ;) I applied all the patches from to our kernel. There is one file we don't have in our tree (drivers/video/msm/mdss/mdss_mdp_trace.h).21:49
minimecmal: The kernel compiles but applying the config gave me some warnings: warning: override: reassigning to symbol CRYPTO_USER_API_HASH warning: override: reassigning to symbol CRYPTO_USER_API_SKCIPHER21:50
minimecmal: I did not compile the modules yet.21:51
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~mgrover@2a02:c7f:923a:9000:dd95:d8fa:42e0:a4e4> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:02
*** gmoro_ <gmoro_!~gmoro@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:06
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minimecmal: OMG... I was able to compile the backported modules... ;)22:08
*** vknecht_ <vknecht_!> has quit IRC (Quit: 'night)22:12
malminimec: good22:13
*** Oxyd76 <Oxyd76!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:17
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ghosalmartinmal: hows the android 8 effort going?22:28
*** Ingvix <Ingvix!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)22:29
malghosalmartin: I need to push some final changes to github and then it might be testable22:30
ghosalmartinmal: i might join the fray, the mi mix lineageos14.1 seems fragile nad likely to be left behind. cant even build their kernel and get it to boot. but seems like lineage 15 is coming22:31
r0kk3rzbut will it wurk?22:31
*** louisdk <louisdk!~louisdk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)22:32
*** murray <murray!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)22:32
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, no idea tbh. someones made an unofficial port that seems to work? tbh all hardware works with cm14.1 so that could easily be a base. but not getting the kernel to boot, with a garbled last_kmsg has me scratching my head22:33
malghosalmartin: for older device 15.1 could be ok to do but for a device which originally had android 8 it might be a bit more complicated, we need to figure out how to handle the new treble/hidl stuff22:36
r0kk3rzyeah no logs is always great22:36
r0kk3rzif you know the led sysfs paths you can flashy some lights22:37
ghosalmartinmal: yeah this hasnt been trebled yet, although they seems to be attempting to treble it22:38
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, haha SOS out the error code :P22:38
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: yeah or just see how far it gets22:38
r0kk3rzi wonder how much they mangled the hal api with this treble stuff22:39
ghosalmartinwell wouldnt it just become more stable for us in the future/?22:40
r0kk3rzeh, maybe22:40
r0kk3rzi think we'd want to cut it slightly higher than the treble layer anyway22:40
r0kk3rzunless you want to reimplement the hidl parsing stuff22:41
ghosalmartinnah preferably not22:45
ghosalmartinam still shocked at how this wasnt already a thing in android22:45
*** eyome <eyome!> has quit IRC (Quit: eyome)22:45
r0kk3rzyeah well, android is something of a case study in how not to make an operating system22:47
ghosalmartinguess its just like any other solution that gets written and ends up not scaling well22:51
ghosalmartin...actually could a kernel built with CLANG cause any issues?... can a kernel even be built with clang?22:53
r0kk3rzwhy not?22:54
ghosalmartinno idea, ill see if there doing that, not sure what else could explain the garbled dmesg22:54
r0kk3rzi think there was some disabling of clang going on for 14 builds actually22:54
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: its just memory corruption, no big deal22:54
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, but that 2 megs must of gone somewhere :P22:55
ghosalmartinhmmm i wonder if its because the offsets arent passed to mkbootimg22:57
r0kk3rzyeah, garbled by being stored in volatile storage through a reboot22:57
ghosalmartinhmm okay22:58
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