Wednesday, 2018-03-21

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T4<xreactx> ok05:23
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Ingvixnow what's with this
Ingvixlibhybris won't build07:50
krnlyngIngvix, seems like the submodule is missing?07:51
Ingvixso how do I get it. Did I accidentally skip some relevant part of hadk doc?07:52
IngvixI'm currently trying to build cm-11.0 based image to try07:54
krnlyngdid you use --fetch-submodules in repo sync?07:54
vakkov_mal: any preferences about the file in which the function should go to?07:54
IngvixI did07:54
Ingvixbut I guess I'll try again07:54
Ingvixfailed again07:58
krnlyngah wait08:04
krnlyngIngvix, cd $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/mw/libhybris; git submodule init; git submodule update08:05
Ingvixthanks, now it seems to be doing its thing08:08
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MeowDudeis there any good Sailfish OS tablet that either A: is an official device or B: has a flawless port, that I can buy right now08:19
MeowDudeI own a 2013 Nexus 7 but the lack of headphone jack really kills it for me daily usage wise and the broken bluetooth audio routing buried it08:20
MeowDudebroken GPS I don't mind at all08:20
Ingvixokay I don't know08:23
MeowDudethat sucks. I have searched far and wide too08:23
Ingvixhave a look over here
MeowDudethe only promising tabs aren't out yet, The Youyota tablet and the INOI 10.1" sailfish OS tablet08:23
MeowDudebut INOI never licenses their shit so... yeah. The virtual keyboard is garbage enough, a lack of jolla xt9 is just useless08:24
MeowDudeI have peeped and researched every single device on that table08:24
MeowDudemy only hope is to debug manta08:24
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Ingvixonda v820w seems to have everything working08:24
MeowDudeyeah but its a windows tablet that lacks many many features08:25
Ingvixokay then08:25
MeowDudethe windows key would drive me mad, and the tiny display (for a tablet) would more so08:25
MeowDudeThe Nexus 10 is the perfect built tablet (besides the Nexus 9) for Sailfish OS... arghh its probably because Sailfish OS isn't at all tablet friendly08:26
Ingvixnexus 7 2013 also seems to be quite good apart from that gps which you don't need08:26
roujievery single onda device I've had has died alarmingly quickly08:26
roujicannot recommend08:26
MeowDudeThe headphone jack on Nexus 7 2013 is comepletely broken and BT audio routing broke in the latest release meaning that using headphones with it is impossible08:26
Ingvixokay then08:27
Ingvixdebug the audio then08:27
MeowDude>debug the audio08:27
MeowDudeMister_Magister has been trying to fix that issue since day one08:27
Ingvixnothing like a fresh set of eyes08:28
MeowDudethe most I will do is try to build a port for flo using LOS 14.1 base instead of CM11... but frankly its a small tablet. I like big 10.1" tablets08:28
MeowDudenah he has tied everything I know.08:28
MeowDudeevdev_trace -t sees no response at all08:28
MeowDudealien dalvik apps seem to sense it but that's it08:28
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Ingvixat what part is $ANDROID_ROOT/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks supposed to be created. I wonder if I skipped some relevant part again08:48
Ingvixokay, found it08:51
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ghosalmartinanyone heard of MoKee?09:16
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MeowDudeghosalmartin: I have09:23
MeowDudeI ran MoKee 6.0.1 on my old RAZR M09:23
MeowDudeit was pretty good actually09:23
ghosalmartinMeowDude, hmm okay, maybe worth basing this port on then09:23
MeowDudecan you even base a port on mokee?09:24
MeowDudealso the speed of the rom makes no difference since SFOS just uses it for HAL09:24
ghosalmartinyeah it seems to just be based off aosp09:24
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MeowDudeyeah I notice that every Lineage OS or CM based rom inherits all the CM/LOS issues (of course)09:37
MeowDudeits pretty bad09:37
MeowDudeCM/LOS have historically had a myriad of issues09:38
mgroveritll do either way for a cheeky base09:39
mgrovertill a more stable one comes along09:39
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IngvixShould this be a problem if I'm not even trying to use surfaceflinger? Sailfish lipstick[1034]: libminisf is incompatible or missing. Can not possibly start the SurfaceFlinger service. If you're experiencing troubles with media try updating droidmedia (and/or this plugin).09:47
abransonIngvix: no, that just means you need the minisf service running09:47
abransonkrnlyng: ^ that warning might be a bit too scary :P09:48
Ingvixmore concerning thing might be that hardware compositor suppor it disabled09:50
Ingvixsays the lipstick09:50
Ingvixhere's full journalctl
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MeowDudeoh dear when I get my Droid 4 I might start maintaining for masserati09:56
MeowDudealso isn't very good, warehouse hasn't been updated for it yet meaning I can't test any apps on manta09:56
abransonIngvix: whatever that is isn't related to libminisf09:56
Ingvixabranson, so I figured09:56
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abransonMeowDude: use storeman instead. that's been updated.09:57
IngvixI was just about to say the same thing09:57
Ingvixwho uses warehouse anymore anyway09:57
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abransoni think storeman was created because warehouse was never updated and had longstanding problems09:58
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MeowDudehow do I use that09:59
Ingvixhow do you mean10:00
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sledgesto address Ingvix unbuilt libhybris problem:
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MeowDudesledges are you willing to spend an hour trying to fix audio on manta10:08
sledgesMeowDude: i'm not an audio expert, so it will take more than hour and standard rates apply :D10:09
MeowDudewhat is the standard rate10:09
sledgesis a joke, ping jusa on audio issues10:09
MeowDudewould you say you are qualified enough to fix pulseaudio never starting10:10
MeowDudejusa has been gone for so lon10:10
MeowDude!seen jusa10:10
merbot`MeowDude: jusa was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 2 days, 15 hours, 7 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <jusa> that has only xml? and link to config please :)10:10
sledgeswell, we're busy doing paid work10:10
MeowDudejusa ping10:10
sledgesnot that long huh ;)10:10
sledgesMikaela: the channel logs would have been from the same point on if a new telegram group was created, and you are the admin of the existing group10:11
jusayeah, I try to help when I can, but most probably you'll get answer with: "here are verbose logs of pulseaudio and logcat and dmesg, can you help?"10:11
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MeowDudeyou are here!10:12
MeowDudeso uh... what logs do you need to start?10:12
jusausually I don't have time to follow the discussion here so highlight with "audio doesn't work" usually gets ignored10:12
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MeowDudeso does that mean no help?10:13
MeowDudebecause I respect that10:13
MeowDudeI just want to know up front10:13
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jusaMeowDude: what device, what software, verbose logs of pulseaudio (start pulseaudio with 'pulseaudio -vvvvv -n --file=/etc/pulse/' and paste logs, take logcat output as well, maybe dmesg)10:14
MeowDudeawesome, how long will you be online? Nexus 10 manta, Sailfish OS, LOS 14.1 base, SDSVideoFix droidmedia and audioflinger glue build.10:15
MeowDudegive me a bit to grab those logs off of my laptop10:15
abransonMeowDude: that SDSVideoFix is merged now. you can switch back to master10:16
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malMeowDude: also if you see in logs something like "0 audio cards found" then the issue lower than pulseaudio i.e. in android side10:21
MeowDude2nothing like that in the log10:23
MeowDude2jusa: here is the first log, that -vvvvv log:
MeowDude2grabbing systemctl and journalctl and dmesg now10:23
MeowDude2jusa: systemctl as user: | journalctl as root (user didn't work): | dmesg:
jusaMeowDude2: ok, then could you take backtrace from the segfault10:28
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MeowDude2how do I take the backtrace jusa?10:32
MeowDude2I have zero experience in debugging things10:33
jusagdb pulseaudio10:33
jusarun -vvvvv -n --file=/etc/pulse/arm_droid_default.pa10:33
jusawhen it stops, thread apply all bt10:33
MeowDude2gdb command not found error10:34
MeowDude2got it10:34
MeowDude2oh god its so convenient having WLAN working10:35
MeowDude2jusa: I configured it wrong for sure:
MeowDude2wow it actually told me what to do10:38
MeowDude2jusa: it just gives me done at the end, and I tried putting thread apply all, apply all, all, bt, and every other combination of the words I could think of in the gdb utility10:40
MeowDude2thread apply all bt did nothing and the others give me errors10:40
Ingvixdid you run it10:41
MeowDude2of course I ran it10:42
MeowDude2I ran every command jusa told me to10:42
Ingvixthat's good10:43
MeowDude2that thread apply all bt one confused me so I worked with it the best I could10:43
MeowDude2I am going to take a real quick shower10:47
krnlyngIngvix, hardware compositor support missing inside lipstick is also just a warning (it is only working on very few devices and doesn't mean hwcomposer is fully disabled)10:54
IngvixI see10:54
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MeowDude2where have you dissapeared off to11:03
MeowDude2I guess it's up to me11:04
MeowDude2krnlyng: explain this line to me: [20:03] <jusa> when it stops, thread apply all bt11:04
MeowDude2it was after a gdb command11:04
MeowDude2so assume I am in the gdb command lind11:04
XenoPL!seen stephg11:10
merbot`XenoPL: stephg was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 day, 2 hours, 7 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <stephg> morning11:10
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MeowDude2the guy helping me has vanished seemingly randomely11:12
MeowDude2elros: explain this line to me: [20:03] <jusa> when it stops, thread apply all bt11:13
MeowDude2I am in gdb command line11:13
elrosMeowDude2: as always you didn't follow the instruction. Read it all again few times11:14
MeowDude2okay I am trying to understand this but I can't11:15
elrosyou can't type 3 lines in terminal? so just copy and paste it..11:18
MeowDude2jesus christ11:20
MeowDude2when he said run I thought that was instruction, not part of the command11:20
MeowDude2I thought it was "run [command]'11:20
MeowDude2not just "command"11:20
MeowDude2jusa, elros:
MeowDude2now I have done it11:21
Ingvixwell done11:21
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MeowDude2     buf=buf@entry=0x50dc8, fail=0x4943d) at pulsecore/cli-command.c:223111:33
MeowDude2I patch that then11:33
Ingvixpatch it good11:34
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MeowDude2elros am I doing a good11:35
MeowDude2Ingvix says I am doing a good11:35
IngvixI didn't say that11:36
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MeowDude2[21:04] <Ingvix> patch it good | *thonk*11:37
MeowDude2RIP my PC11:37
Ingvixit was a compulsion to patch it well11:38
MeowDude2I am going to do that later11:38
MeowDude2I guess I am done for the night11:38
MeowDude2hopefully audio works11:39
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delaya73hi all13:43
delaya73Help.  PlatformSDK del@buh:~$ ubu-chroot -r $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu bash: ubu-chroot: command not found13:43
delaya73latest SDK13:44
Mister_Magisteryou did something wrong while installing/entering sdk13:44
delaya73Mister_Magister: ok13:45
delaya73Mister_Magister: you up qca bluetooth rome?13:45
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delaya73there are rumors that you managed to launch QCA BLUETOOTH device with rome ...13:48
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Mister_Magisterand i dont have this device13:49
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bluesleesledges: hi, do you know someone who had success with bluetooth rome chip?14:56
bluesleesledges: any hints? delaya73 ported everything to OP3, bt is missing.14:57
delaya73blueslee: hi14:58
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delaya73blueslee: at the moment I do not see a ready solution. Heed patch kernel and bluez (may be). - I think not quite the right decision.15:09
delaya73blueslee: need kernel patch for new bluetooth stack.15:10
mgroverblueslee, whats up G15:10
mgroverdelaya73, why do you need a kernel patch?15:10
mgroverI migrated bullhead to bluez5, by doing not much work and used that bluez5 repository15:11
delaya73mgrover: please link!15:12
delaya73on commit15:13
mgroverdelaya73, to which bit? its still not working, i was stuck getting it to flash stuff15:13
mgroverit begins the flashing process then fails, am guessing it needs to occur at a very specific moment like the X15:14
mgroverdelaya73, the way I did it was just remove bluez4 from the patterns and add bluez515:15
delaya73mgrover: I achieved that the neighboring phone sees the bluetooth OP3 SFOS. But it does not work properly ...15:17
mgroverdelaya73, what bluez version? and how15:17
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delaya73 I did not include in the kernel BT HCI SMD driver maybe this and did not work ... Research15:21
delaya73bluez5 made for NEW BT stack - see kernel 4.4 bluetooth driver15:22
delaya73for qca device i think it's critical.15:34
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delaya73see info:
delaya73my notes MSM8996 BLUETOOTH / FM QCA6174A Bluetooth 4.1 -
mgroverdelaya73, hmm i havent taken a look at that stack tbh but i remember managing to power up the chip before using the qualcomm type15:57
mgroverbut now with the rome additions it can be done15:57
*** HoloIRCUser2 <HoloIRCUser2!~holoirc@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)15:57
mgroverbut I havent got it past flashing the firmware, so I wanna get that working and see if it will just power up15:57
delaya73mgrover: I do not know, we must understand further16:01
*** mgrover is now known as ghosalmartin16:02
ghosalmartindelaya73, id say first install bluez5 from here
delaya73ghosalmartin: okey16:03
ghosalmartinand attempt to bring the device up with "hciattach /dev/ttyHS0 qca -t120 flow -f0"16:03
delaya73ghosalmartin: ok, I'll try. thx.16:05
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XenoPLHi, i'm looking for hints how to debug adaptative brightness on X Compact (stephg's port) Light sensor works, dimming test in cds tool also passes with no problem.17:51
XenoPLIt just doesn't react to light changes17:53
Ingvixfirst thing to comes my mind that smartdimmer's enable file might have bad permissions like mine does. Not sure if it could cause that. I'm not an expert18:04
Ingvix*mine had18:05
XenoPLcould you tell me where it is located?18:05
*** eyome <eyome!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:05
IngvixI don't remember but if you look at the file /init.[device].rc and search for smartdimmer you should find it18:07
Ingvixalso if it does have bad permissions I just added "chmod a+rw filename" after the chown commands in that file18:08
Ingvixalso to the aggressiveness file that's right next to it18:11
Ingvixnot sure if that was needed though18:11
XenoPLthanks alot, i'll take a look.18:12
Ingvix /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat told me that the permission was denied. You should check that out18:14
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T4<Romman (MISSING @USERNAME!> Hi18:22
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XenoPLso far nothing interesting was found, i've browsed /init.kugo.rc /init.loire.pwr.rc /init.rc /init.common.rc got tired and grepped whole / for smard guess it'll take some time18:53
IngvixXenoPL, well the file is /sys/class/graphics/fb0/device/smartdimmer/enable18:54
Ingvixbut did you check the logcat?18:54
Ingvixit should say if smartdimmer's enable has bad permissions18:55
kimmolirinigus: merged and tagged. now waiting webhooks to catch up18:56
Ingvixif it's not in the logcat, your problem probably lies elsewhere18:56
XenoPLno such message in logcat, no such path /sys/class/graphics/fb0/device/smartdimmer/enable , there's no device dir in fb{0,1}18:58
Ingvixit's something else then18:58
Ingvixbut I'm merely a beginner and that was something I faced on my porting journey so I can't provide any more help19:01
XenoPLfunny, also on jp1 there's no such path, 'tho adaptive brightness works just fine there19:02
XenoPLno prob thanks for help anyway19:02
Ingvixyea, it's probably some device specific thing that my tablet has19:03
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riniguskimmoli: since I changed the repo, I'll have to change it back. in 10 minutes19:15
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*** elros <elros!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:21
kimmolinot doing more today, need to go to sleep early19:22
elrosXenoPL: take a look at mce. It handles als and display brightness19:23
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XenoPLelros: looking at mcetools output config is almost identical, one difference related do als is "Filter lid with als" which is enbled on JP1 and disabled on F5321, but my guess is it's related to hall sensor and smartcover detection rather than adaptive brightness19:41
riniguskimmoli: good night; I have changed _service files back, so all should be fine now19:42
elrosI would look at mce itself: systemctl stop mce; mce -T -l "modules/filter-brightness-als.c:*"19:42
XenoPL - log from mce start19:50
XenoPLthose lines :modules/filter-brightness-als.c: fba_status_sensor_value_change_cb(): sensor: 0" are flooding log when als sees bright light19:51
*** _jester_ <_jester_!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:51
XenoPLsomehow even if sensor is working mce reads it all wrong same thing on JP1 looks different19:55
*** _jester_ <_jester_!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Quit: _jester_)19:58
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XenoPL this is how it looks on JP120:00
*** elros <elros!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:03
elrosXenoPL: try evdev_trace20:04
XenoPLIt's under /dev/input/event0 "AMS TCS3490 Sensor", ABS_MISC=0 [0,65535]20:11
elrosthen evdev_trace -t 0 should prints something20:13
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XenoPLevdev_trace -t 0 prints nothing, so one step closer20:23
elrosXenoPL: there is also hybris plugin for mce, you should look at it as I never used it20:31
elrosso don't know how it works20:31
XenoPLok, many thanks, for help and your patience/time20:33
elrosshould be here
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XenoPLi'm not sure if hybris module is used, the so file wasn20:50
XenoPL*wasn't executable and it wasn't present on the modules list in /etc/mce/10.mce.ini20:51
*** Mikayx <Mikayx!> has quit IRC (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
XenoPLhybris also is not present on mce -Mv modules list/info21:10
elrosDid you add it to /etc/mce/10mce.ini?21:15
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!~kabouik@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)21:17
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XenoPLyep, it is on the list now, let me try once again with logging modules21:32
XenoPLa question: should simple cat /dev/input/event0 catch raw output from sensor? it does the trick for envent5 (power button)21:39
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~mgrover@2a02:c7f:923a:9000:e4cf:a0ab:1e29:2fb2> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:50
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XenoPLi've tried with hybris added to the modules list, no change, log of module hybris shows no reaction to changing light, log of filter_brightness_als is the same as posted (ie flood of als value = 0)21:56
*** hexc0de__ <hexc0de__!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:08
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XenoPL!seen stephg22:13
merbot`XenoPL: stephg was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 day, 13 hours, 10 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <stephg> morning22:13
*** _jester_ <_jester_!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:17
XenoPLthanks for your work on F5321, I love it22:21
XenoPLstepg: i've tried to take look at adaptive brightness issue, but is seems i'm piss poor at such things, got no real clue what i'm doing ;)22:23
XenoPLI've put short summary on TJC, full story in backlog of this channel22:24
elrosXenoPL: you should ask spirroin about mce/hybris22:27
XenoPLelros: yep will do22:28
XenoPLelros: thanks alot for your help again22:29
*** _jester_ <_jester_!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC (Quit: _jester_)22:30
stephgXenoPL: cool22:30
stephgXenoPL: not sure if you'd be able to abuse /dev/input/event* for als22:30
stephgwhat does csd say btw22:30
XenoPLif you mean light sensor test: it passes22:36
XenoPLDo you know how/where  it is exposed? In JP1 it is via events22:38
stephgXenoPL: sadly not no22:39
stephgI didn't look22:39
XenoPLok, as elros suggested, i'll try to talk with spiiron, he should be able to give some hints22:41
*** elros <elros!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)23:25
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XenoPL!seen spiiroin23:31
merbot`XenoPL: spiiroin was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 2 days, 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <spiiroin> great23:31
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