Friday, 2018-06-01

ghosalmartinmorning all, anyone know if just updating your sailfishos to 2.2 on ports will yield fingerprints? :P or do we need to wait for mw?08:27
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: i think we need to wait for mw08:28
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, got the update/08:33
ghosalmartindo you find the fingerprint scanner takes a few attempts before itll even register a fingerprint?08:34
r0kk3rzi dont have a fingerprint scanner08:34
ghosalmartinah okays08:35
Nokius_ghosalmartin: mal pinted out lat night that we need to wait for some bits to get it working08:47
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demonaxshHi everyone. I built and installed a my sailfish port on the device. The bootloader is locked and can not be unlocked, so I had to install it like this: . After reboot, the device boots for a minute, and reboots again. So constantly. My question is, how to debug this, since I do not have access like fastboot, the hibris-recovery also reboots, but I can read the memory using the09:18
demonaxshmtk6735 flash tool and save results to file. Can I for example read the partition /systems, /date, and then mount them somewhere and get all the required logs?09:18
r0kk3rzdemonaxsh: read the hadk09:19
Mister_Magisterlbt: can you make new EA target on obs?09:30
T4<adampigg> I dont think we generally have ea targets do we?10:08
Mister_Magisterjusa: ping12:21
Mister_Magistermal: do you remember when i told you about my issue with audio that i had to copy /system/etc/firmware to /etc/firmware?13:07
Mister_Magisternow i know why13:07
Mister_Magisterwhen system mounts its already too late13:08
Mister_Magisterit needs configs even before13:08
kimmoliafaik similar things are workarounded by loading kernel modules via systemd service later13:15
kimmolibuiltin module tries to get fw too early13:15
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: thats a hint thanks ill look into it13:15
kimmoliyou just need to figure out which kernel module13:16
kimmoli(disclaimers apply, i might be just guessing)13:16
Mister_Magisteri know which13:16
malyep, loading as module usually should help in those kind of cases13:18
Mister_Magistermal: building tfa as module caused ui to not show up13:47
Mister_Magisteroh wait its 14.1 kernel xD13:52
Mister_Magistermal: it doesnt seem like i can build tfa as module sadly14:13
Mister_Magistermal: now i have 2 hacks for firmware xD14:16
jusaMister_Magister: pong14:42
Mister_Magisterjusa: you got some time?14:42
jusaa moment yes14:42
Mister_Magisterso you can help me with mic on moto x2?14:43
jusalet's see14:43
jusacan you make a ssh tunnel to the device?14:43
Mister_Magisterjusa: direct maybe not but we can use
jusaMister_Magister: ok14:45
Mister_Magistersent you message :P14:46
steeevesledges_: can you add me a repo in obs for samsung a5ultexx? Everything works except for audio in fm radio16:10
steeeveI can start building stuff there :/16:10
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