Wednesday, 2018-06-20

MeowDudeCBbeidl: I am definitely jumping up to cm12.1 tonight. *sigh* the struggle never ends my guys. as for the sdp4430 patch, I am not familiar with it. this is the first omap device that I have really messed with, and the second samsung device, the first being Nexus 10 with a completely different CPU+GPU+everything else. I really wish RILD just, "worked" but as far as I know that is never the case. my main reason for jumping00:35
MeowDudeCBfucks up the lockscreen, which is incredibly annoying00:35
MeowDudeCBnow there is the question of the day, how come the lockscreen is seperate from the main lipstick UI? it behaves like a seperate module, it's own application/window.00:39
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TAMplus39Quick question: Does gstreamer need something extra for 2.2? if I enable it, it breaks the gallery and the camera no longer tries to even open the app04:12
KsenZHi all! I'm stuck on building rpm. I get error
Nokius_KsenZ: did you package the android  pieces?05:14
Nokius_KsenZ: looks like you missed that05:14
Nokius_KsenZ: starting at HADK chapter 5 followig05:15
Nokius_KsenZ: and check chapter 7 which is maybe your problem as you miss the droid-hal rpms05:16
AndroUserbreakfast $DEVICE - get error. Where can I find this file (
AndroUserbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/xiaomi/ido/]]: "vendor/xiaomi/ido/" does not exist. Stop.05:36
AndroUserbuild/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/xiaomi/ido/]]: "vendor/xiaomi/ido/" does not exist. Stop.05:36
AndroUser** Don't have a product spec for: 'lineage_ido'05:36
AndroUser** Do you have the right repo manifest?05:36
AndroUserI found information that this file is in proprietary blobs. And I can get it from device running ./ Is that right?05:43
MeowDudetry it05:45
MeowDudethen report back05:45
MeowDudeas for missing repo manifest issues I always just give up at that point, I don't see why we don't use unified make files, I'm sick of basically using the same exact source but with different names05:45
abransonTAMplus39: sounds like your droidmedia isn't running?06:27
TAMplus39Not at all06:27
TAMplus39Already added on the patterns06:27
TAMplus39And builded all packages06:28
MeowDudeis it okay to just move my old CM11 base droid configs to the CM12.1 base folder?07:16
MeowDudethey are universal afaik so... why not right? I won't even bother setting up new sb2 targets07:16
MeowDudenote to beidl: you will need to see line 825 of faq hadk when building the tuna kernel, it has prebuilt binaries...07:21
MeowDudeassuming you use cm12.1 base07:24
MeowDudeI am excited to see how tthis works, building packages now07:25
r0kk3rzthere might be changes needed to configs when you switch base08:26
Keij0mal: how do I fix "Waiting for service """08:59
malKeij0: probable something in android side is failing, check logcat09:06
MeowDudeokay I have a new cm12.1 base image, it's testing time.09:25
MeowDudewouldn't I be lucky if it booted to GUI twice09:25
steeevelbt: can you give me an obs thing to dothe obs stuff?09:31
MeowDudeWOW mce is online, a double go on my first try. this device is blessed09:39
MeowDudehmm no telnet or ssh09:40
MeowDudelight is down but when I hold down power it shows the red power down light : (09:40
MeowDuder0kk3rz: I just used all the droid configs and rpms from my old cm11 base, I figured they weren't base dependant. was I wrong?09:41
T4<abhishek_0> mal .. does anbox requires CONFIG_USER_NS ?09:42
r0kk3rzMeowDude: they can be base dependant, it depends what changes :P09:42
MeowDude*loud sigh*09:43
T4<abhishek_0> i am looking at your kernel
T4<abhishek_0> and does anbox works for you ?09:43
steeeveNo, dont even think about USER_NS09:44
steeeveIt gives you dozens of errors09:45
T4<abhishek_0> i know09:45
T4<abhishek_0> kuid errors ?09:45
MeowDude...commoncap errors?09:45
mal@abhishek_0 anbox doesn't work on fp2, at least not the UI09:47
steeeveI dony remember, but it isnt needed09:47
MeowDudesteeeve: they are or are not commoncap errors?09:47
mal@abhishek_0 what kernel does your device have?09:48
T4<abhishek_0> 3.10.10809:48
steeeveMeowDude: in user_ns?09:49
malprobably better check the android_kernel_sony_msm kernel on my github for a working anbox09:49
steeeveI dont remember09:49
steeeveI remember it gave lots of errors09:49
T4<abhishek_0> mal what branch ?09:50
steeeveBut it isnt needed, so, why talkin aboit it? :/09:50
MeowDuderebuilding brand new packages.09:50
MeowDude: (09:50
holmes465Hi all! When i try build lineage os for sailfish os, i get this:
malshould be obvious09:50
T4<abhishek_0> okay nvm09:51
MeowDudeno telnet sucks09:51
MeowDudeon an unrelated note, the color on my Galaxy Nexus camera is fading, time to break out the black sharpie my guys. My Nexus 9 frame could use some touch ups too :P09:51
steeeveholmes465: post full log09:52
Keij0mal: can't see anything other than that in logcat, I'm afraid09:53
holmes465full log:
steeeveholmes465: you need libfdt, which i dont know what is :/09:57
T4<abhishek_0> mal have you seen this
malnot relevant for sailfish10:03
T4<abhishek_0> this is 3.10 right ?10:09
r0kk3rzcheck the make file :P10:12
malr0kk3rz: it seems that often even doing the simplest things is too much for many people10:16
T4<abhishek_0> and the adventure begins...:-|10:16
T4<abhishek_0> what is sailfish secrets ?10:47
r0kk3rzits a secret, obviously10:47
T4<abhishek_0> what it will do ?10:49
T4<abhishek_0> any kind of encryption service ?10:49
MeowDudebeidl: both fbdev and hwcomposer give errors, no GUI up10:50
MeowDudewant me to upload my latest build?10:50
MeowDudeHA same issues as on manta CM11 base11:00
MeowDudealright let's try out hands at this11:00
MeowDudecan't even patch the base zip because it's cm12.111:02
T4<abhishek_0> nexus 4 has mm or noughat11:03
MeowDudewait no11:03
MeowDudelatest official update was android 5.1.111:03
r0kk3rzwhat are you even doing?11:05
MeowDudeCB!seen locusf11:14
merbotMeowDudeCB: locusf was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 5 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours, 47 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <locusf> good morning11:14
MeowDudeCBknown fix for: ERROR: failed to open framebuffer: (Inappropriate ioctl for device)11:14
locusfpeak lurk status if merbot thinks I'm five weeks off11:16
MeowDudelocusf: I am building for maguro, I switched from CM11 base to CM12.1 and I am getting that error when running anything hwcomposer or fbdev related11:19
MeowDudeit has omap and powervr11:19
MeowDudeyou said you resolved the issue in a 2014 log, any idea how?11:19
locusfyou need a service running before starting any of those11:31
locusffrom android11:31
locusfI don't recall the name11:33
MeowDudethat sucks so hard : (11:35
MeowDudea service on the android side is about as vague as landing a plane on a runway in the US11:36
MeowDudethanks anyway11:36
MeowDudelocusf: something to do with /dev/hw_random?11:38
locusfits gonna be in /system/bin, ls it and see if there is one with anything pvr11:38
locusfls /system/bin/*pvr*11:38
locusfor something11:38
locusffml if I'd remember that11:39
MeowDudelocusf: number one error is  /dev/pvrsrvkm no such file or directory11:41
MeowDudearggghhh CM11 has rild issues, CM12.1 has clear GPU issues11:41
locusfals oyou need pvrsrvkm.ko11:41
locusfok then that .ko11:42
locusfmodprobe it11:42
MeowDudelocusf what is mod probe? where is the .ko file located?11:44
locusfits a kernel module loader11:44
locusfusually you don't need to specify a path, given you have compiled the module and it can find it in /lib/modules11:45
MeowDudealright then how do i use it11:45
locusfso modprobe pvrsrvkm11:45
MeowDudefatal: Module pvrsrvkm_sgx540_120.ko not found11:46
MeowDudeit is there, I am in the modules/* folder11:46
locusfthen if you know the path you can insmod it11:47
locusfsame thing really as modprobe11:47
MeowDudelocusf: getting a file exists error with insmod, and a file doesn't exist error with modprobe11:49
MeowDudethis is just... ridiculous11:49
locusfhahaha wtf11:50
MeowDudebeidl: what was it like working with hybris10.1? I know my way around that old rust bucket of a hybris base, I just want to know if you have any specific issues11:50
MeowDudeon a side note, how good are you with modem issues like rild locusf?11:50
locusfquite bad11:51
MeowDudeme too that sucks11:51
MeowDudeI could try my hand at reimplementing the ofono hacks from beidl's magic hat... but then again the issue is with rild not ofono. I'll peep at his sources again11:52
locusfrild is a bastard to debug11:55
locusfit was much easier with sim900 + ofono11:55
MeowDudewe don't know if it's that the modem isn't powered on or if it just can't communicate with the modem11:57
MeowDudewhich, well, just typing that made me realize how fucked the situation with the modem is on the hybris11 build. Not only that but the hack used to get rild to even start broke the lockscreen, god knows how11:58
r0kk3rzyeah thats normal11:59
MeowDudeyeah f*** it, hybris-10.1 beidl, take note, I'm gonna do it. I've tangod with it on every device I've tried to port to, and here I go again.11:59
MeowDuder0kk3rz: which part of that is normal?11:59
MeowDude: (11:59
MeowDudeany known fix?11:59
r0kk3rzfix the modem11:59
MeowDudebecause if I can fix that we have top tier iPod software11:59
r0kk3rzor tell ofono it doesnt have one11:59
MeowDudeoh, well I have no idea how to go about that. fixing it I mean. monich helped narrow down the issue a little12:00
MeowDudewho is the in house modem expert?12:00
r0kk3rzmonich :P12:00
MeowDudethat sucks12:00
MeowDudewelp. you decide r0kk3rz, should I try and debug modem mostly alone on hybris 11, or try my hand at hybris10.112:01
MeowDudewhich is more worth my time?12:01
r0kk3rzi really dont understand why you constantly swap bases12:01
MeowDudebecause it tends to fix things12:01
r0kk3rzits like your only hammer12:02
MeowDudeon manta audio works on every base accept LOS 14.112:02
MeowDudeit is, but in my defence as far as I know I am lost on how to fix the modem and the in house modem expert doesn't know how to help12:02
MeowDudewe need someone who knows sailfish os and android inside out12:02
MeowDudewe need an official developer.12:02
MeowDudeif you know something I don't tell me12:03
r0kk3rzthat would take a very long time12:03
locusfor just git gud12:03
MeowDudeokay mr. "git gud" you tell me where to start with the modem debugging12:03
r0kk3rzjust start12:04
MeowDudehmm, but I have no idea how to log anything new12:04
MeowDudemodem works in dmesg and logs in CM12.1, but powervr graphics are f****ed and the module responsible for them is behaving in a way that is preventing me from grabbing a log.12:05
MeowDudeif only I could make some hybrid base, like grab all the different parts from each one and mix them together to make something wild that works. a franken-base12:06
MeowDudeor, franksteins-base-ster12:06
locusflogcat -b radio?12:07
MeowDudeI already tried that12:07
MeowDudeit revealed exactly what monich came to the conclusion too, modem is either not powered on or rild is failing to communicate with it12:08
MeowDuderild is running fine, and logcat -b radio just reveals the state of rild and what it is doing12:08
MeowDudei don't know how to log the actual modem mode12:08
r0kk3rzdoes it work under cm?12:08
locusfis it gpio activated?12:08
MeowDudemodem modem* yes it works in CM12:09
MeowDudebase is flawless, also gpio?12:09
locusfcheck the device tree for that12:09
r0kk3rzso print logcat under cm12:09
locusfyou may have to activate it12:09
MeowDudelocusf: wait back track, activate what? what is gpio?12:09
locusfI doubt maguro has a device tree12:10
MeowDudeit does12:10
MeowDudeboth maguro and tuna12:10
MeowDudebut we use tuna12:10
MeowDudeI'll grab logcat -b radio on CM11 and compare it to the logcat -b radio of SFOS12:11
locusfI also have a maguro but dunno where it is12:12
MeowDudeyou do?12:12
MeowDudeyay fellow Galaxy nexus owner12:13
locusfdidn't get far enough to look at rild12:13
MeowDude*ha ha ha if only I could trade you my wifi defective Nexus 5 for your galaxy nexus hee hee hee*12:13
MeowDudenobody in the world wants it :(12:13
MeowDudethis is my last logcat -b radio in sailfish os12:13
MeowDudeI had to do some dirty stuff to get a read but it's the same12:14
MeowDudedon't you love how windows command prompt doesn't indent12:15
T4<abhishek_0> added overlayfs and lxc patches ..12:15
MeowDudeit's like they enjoy making any work you do a nightmae12:15
MeowDudeI can't even read this garbage:
T4<abhishek_0> XD12:16
locusfdevice tree12:18
locusfmodem gpios12:18
locusfpoint me to a source if you can't find it12:18
MeowDudeIl keep searching, but two sets of eyes is faster than one12:18
locusfomg kernel pls12:21
MeowDuder0kk3rz: ?12:22
r0kk3rzthat should be self explanatory :P12:23
MeowDudewell in my defence, I don't know what to do with that line, do i comment it out? do I edit it in some way? I don't know what it does, all I can see is that it is ril related12:24
r0kk3rzlol, you dont do anything with it12:24
r0kk3rzlook at the path12:24
MeowDudeuh, am I meant to make sure that path is on my phone?12:25
r0kk3rzdo you have any idea what sys fs is?12:25
MeowDude /sys filesystem? it is mounted12:25
r0kk3rzyes i should hope so12:26
r0kk3rzbut do you understand what it is?12:26
r0kk3rzim going to assume no :P12:26
MeowDudewell, no, but I can guess that it has a ton of important files that system relies on12:26
r0kk3rznot exactly12:26
MeowDudeim guessing the majority of which are spawned in by system scripts12:26
MeowDudeoh wait no that's .dev12:26
r0kk3rzinstead of wildly guessing wrongly you could just google it12:27
MeowDudeyou know what that actually never crossed my mind. I'll do that real quick12:28
MeowDuder0kk3rz: so far it just looks like a giant information dump for the kernel for system to use as referance for hardware events12:29
r0kk3rz*instant access to the worlds information* *doesnt think to use it*12:29
r0kk3rzsometimes i worry about you young kids, what are they teaching you?12:29
MeowDudeto use books12:30
MeowDudehow silly is that12:30
MeowDuder0kk3rz: so what am I meant to grasp from this? that ril is reading a sys fs event? I'll check if it's being created.12:32
MeowDudealso locusf: anything interesting found?12:32
r0kk3rzMeowDude: ok, core concept: in unix *everything* is a file12:35
r0kk3rzso, if we want to tell the modem to power up, theres a file for that12:35
r0kk3rzsys fs is where a lot of those files live12:35
MeowDudealright I am following...12:35
r0kk3rzso look at that path i linked12:35
MeowDudealright once I get my last build booted up I will, just need to give it a minute to flash...12:36
MeowDudethat path is what tells it to wake up ay?12:36
r0kk3rzlooks like, and a few lines below what i linked, theres a property12:37
MeowDudeI see... ${ril.modem.lte.powercontrol}12:39
r0kk3rzso, something in android land sets that properly, the value gets written to that sysfs file12:39
r0kk3rzthat probably isnt happening under sailfish12:39
MeowDudeso could I make a script that manually writes to that file? like something in init?12:40
locusfno dts12:40
r0kk3rzbefore that you can just write to it manually and see what happens on the RILD side12:41
MeowDudeI don't know what the possible values are, I should have checked on the andorid side, wait I can just check on my Nexus 5 real quick12:41
MeowDudeits set to auto right now12:41
r0kk3rzit might be different for nexus 512:42
MeowDudeit seems to be12:42
r0kk3rzbut its a usb interface so it should be very standard12:43
MeowDudeis one of the options "yes"?12:43
MeowDudeFsync failed error when writing to it12:44
MeowDuder0kk3rz: failed to attach to system bus12:47
MeowDudeI am gonna change the permissions...12:47
MeowDudechmod 777 yee haw12:48
MeowDudewait duh I could have just editted init to write the value I wanted12:48
MeowDudefuck i think I accidently stumbled onto a fix for pvrsrvinit not working on cm12.112:53
T4<abhishek_0> mal are these patches needed ?12:59
merbotMr_Doge: Error: "sledges" is not a valid command.13:02
MeowDudedo you mean !seen?13:02
Mr_DogeMeowDude: yes xd13:03
Mr_Doge!seen sledges13:03
merbotMr_Doge: sledges was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 6 days, 5 hours, 12 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <sledges> PSA: Sailfish OS collab at #mer-meeting in under 10mins13:03
MeowDudehe is here though13:03
MeowDudeor she...?13:03
MeowDudeeh doesn't matter. they are here. watching. waiting.13:03
nh1402[m]!seen sledges13:03
merbotnh1402[m]: sledges was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 6 days, 5 hours, 12 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <sledges> PSA: Sailfish OS collab at #mer-meeting in under 10mins13:03
Mr_Dogesledges if you are watching, then please create nemo:testing:hw:wingtech:wt88047 username abhishek965013:05
MeowDudeI was wrong13:14
MeowDudemy fix didn't wor13:14
MeowDudeand rild on cm12.1 is broken as well13:14
MeowDuder0kk3rz: about that one file, how would I manually set the value of it from auto to "on" or "yes" via init? I tried "echo "on" > PATH_TO_FILE" and it didn't change13:18
MeowDudei wonder what changes it's value13:18
r0kk3rzyou probably dont want to do it with init13:22
r0kk3rzsetprop should do it though with that property13:22
T4<abhishek_0> r0kk3rz you build zips on git lab ?13:57
r0kk3rzit was a successful experiment13:59
T4<abhishek_0> i just stole your code :P14:00
r0kk3rzi was thinking of setting up for more devices14:03
r0kk3rzyou forked my docker image?14:04
T4<abhishek_0> no, i am still playing around with gitlab... is this stuff possible with github using travis ?14:14
r0kk3rzi would expect so14:15
r0kk3rzif you didnt fork my image, then your image reference is wrong :P14:15
beidlMeowDude: yeah there is some kind of mismatch in communication between what rild provides and ofono expects. sadly we can only fix those issues on the ofono side. I really want to get rid of the ofono hack :)14:34
beidlstill fighting with lunch building a valid image, envsetup lists the device but lunch fails to find and overwrite the device repo14:35
vknechtsledges, please create nemo:testing:hw:TCL:idol3 too :-)14:37
T4<abhishek_0> r0kk3rz no i didnt , link please14:50
r0kk3rzjust put the line in your gitlab yaml back14:52
T4<abhishek_0> i am confused if i need it not not
malare you really so lazy that you don't bother checking what the difference in that branch is to the original hybris branch in the same repo?15:12
T4<abhishek_0> mal you told me to look for anbox15:16
malbut if you don't know what commit you need then you obviously need to compare it to something15:21
mal@abhishek_0 also here it clearly says what commits I have added
T4<abhishek_0> i know .., i just wanna know if binder commits are needed or not15:32
malwtf are you talking about, just add the four damn commits from that branch, how difficult is that?15:33
T4<abhishek_0> yes .. thats what i am talking about .. that!! you could have said it earlier15:35
T4<abhishek_0> 215:47
maland you still didn't bother doing it?15:47
T4<abhishek_0> apologies !! _/\_15:47
T4<adampigg> eek16:04
malPSA: Latest libhybris version fixes webgl in browser16:07
Mister_Magistermal: webgl? was it broken?16:33
malMister_Magister: yes, probably not many people use it, you can test it easily in for example previously I got just black box instead of the animation on that page16:38
T4<abhishek_0> mal .. yes i got a black bog while using google maps ..16:39
T4<abhishek_0> *box16:39
malso now I can make the next release for fp2, that was the last fix I was waiting for, compass was the other16:44
malit will be the first beta release16:44
malit took only 2 years to get from alpha to beta :D16:45
ballockmal: Congratulations and my respect.16:46
ballockI remember I assumed at one point that your alpha release was just never good enough for you, and that it's gonna stay like that.16:48
ballockMeanwhile, it looks like you worked hard to go over even that.16:48
ballockNot to mention that the official Sailfish X is the alpha quality, webgl doesn't work.16:50
ballockAs for compass, I don't think any of my Sailfish devices had a reliable compass.16:50
T4<abhishek_0> compass got fixed16:51
malif the compass is working then rotating the device around a couple of times usually helps with accuracy16:51
malaround all axes preferrably16:52
malballock: I really had to think if the current state is enough for beta, compass was one of the key criteria for a beta release16:56
ballockYou're raising the QA standards.16:57
ballockI don't think Saifish on Xperia X will have a fully functional double tap.16:58
malballock: I write tools for testing at work so maybe that affects a bit16:59
ballockMeanwhile your "unofficial" fp2 port has all it takes.16:59
malballock: no double tap on fp2, afaik the firmware doesn't support it16:59
ballockmal: Well, we all have our bias ;)16:59
ballockmal: Oh. Wrong shot then. X's firmware supports it, but somebody just did some really bad code in the kernel, and no documentation.17:00
malballock: I think it works in X but it's disabled because it's a bit unreliable or something17:02
ballockmal: iiuc it's something on a part of the touch screens of f5121, something about not being able to go back to sleep, and about th kernel irq handler.17:05
T4<abhishek_0> did anyone encountered this error before if yes please point me to fix17:19
T4<abhishek_0> :P17:20
malhave you done something to your kernel?17:27
T4<abhishek_0> yes those 4 patches for anbox17:28
maldid you have any conflicts when applying those?17:29
T4<abhishek_0> no17:31
T4<abhishek_0> just did cherry-pick17:36
malpretty sure you did17:38
malthe error comes from one of the patches and complains of a piece of code that it added so you did something wrong17:38
T4<abhishek_0> which one ? pid or binder pathces  .. i can cross check17:43
T4<abhishek_0> okay overlay fs17:44
T4<abhishek_0> lemme check17:44
TheKitwhere can I find information how to debug actdead mode?18:22
TheKitit kernel panics in framebuffer mode on Gemini PDA18:24
T4<abhishek_0> mal new errors
T4<abhishek_0> nvm .. ignore it18:53
T4<abhishek_0> okay dont ignore it18:57
r0kk3rzerrore about what?19:00
T4<abhishek_0> r0kk3rz compiling kernel for anbox19:03
ghosalmartinhave you enabled kernel modules?19:23
vknecht@abhishek_0: if it can help, you'll find merge of anbox related patches in a 3.10 kernel on april 22 here :
vknecht(yes, I made a mess)19:48
T4<abhishek_0> vknecht does anbox work for you?19:50
vknechtlast time I tried, yes19:50
malis it too difficult to properly applu the 4 patches in my repo19:50
vknecht(sort of, it's experimental, you know the story)19:50
malwhich reminds me that I still haven't pushed the latest changes and built them19:51
vknechtbtw, here are my notes on installing Anbox, though one may have to change for the non-mixed 32/64 image :
vknechtmight be a worthy addition to ?19:55
malvknecht: have you tried f-droid?19:56
malvknecht: there are still some problems with the prepare script so it sometimes copies unwanted files19:57
vknechtno, it's the older thing than anbox replaced, right ?19:57
malvknecht: ?19:57
vknechtlike, another android emulator ?19:57
malvknecht: I mean the f-droid app thingy you mentioned in that19:58
vknechtyes,the repo, mixed the names I think ; no didn't try that19:58
vknechtiirc I didn't have network access19:59
malindeed, forgot that I broke it somehow19:59
malvknecht: in my local version of anbox has app icons for all apps in sailfish app menu20:02
vknechtand net access ? :-)20:03
malthat I haven't fixed20:03
malprobably simple thing to do20:03
vknechtyou're right, it's not clear, I downloaded the keyboard APK then manually copied it on device20:09
nh1402[m]if you really want to use the google play store you could use the yalp store20:22
duncan^or use the Amazon app store20:25
vknechtI don't usually use Android stuff, just had to get it in order for a pressing alpha tester (thanks to him)20:30
vknechtso downloading from fdroid was simplest ; but yes Yalp is a cool thing20:31
* vknecht avoids amazon as much as possible20:32
T4<abhishek_0> i have git cherry pick conflicts20:54
T4<abhishek_0> ignoring unmerged: fs/namei.c … ignoring unmerged: include/linux/fs.h … '21:14
MeowDudeCBbeidl: I looked through the logs and noticed you were using lunch, use breakfast instead, why bother with lunch it sucks.23:30
MeowDudeCBwhat base are you building for? CM12.1 powervr issues aren't even worth fixing because the modem has the exact same issue as the cm11 base23:31
MeowDudeCBI am tempted to jump to CM10.1 as a base tommorow night. plus I'd love to dual boot with CM10.1 instead of kitkat, kitkat looks so bad on my phone bceause of the screen burn in23:32
RandomNoobHello, I am trying to understand how to port Sailfishos to Nokia X. Wish me luck23:35
MeowDudeCBNokia X?23:36
MeowDudeCBhmm that sounds liek it'd be fun23:37
RandomNoobYes the only device I own xD23:37
MeowDudeCBthe 2014 one or the new one???23:39
RandomNoobThe 2014 one23:39
MeowDudeCBalso oof good luck porting to your daily driver, you know how to dual boot right? have the boot image from your base rom and hybris boot from your sailfish image on hand so you can switch between the two easy23:40
RandomNoobAt this moment I have stock rom and cyanogenmod 11and no experience with porting. Just now I am trying to setup my machine23:42
RandomNoobHopefully all goes well xD23:42
MeowDudeCBha been there23:48
MeowDudeCBgood luck friend. the more devices with sailfish os ports the better23:48
RandomNoobActually I want to develop applications for SailfishOS so trying to port it because of it. I need feel it in bare metal.23:52
RandomNoobThank you23:52
MeowDudeCB*good luck*23:56
MeowDudeCByour phone has an SD and Adreno so it should be aight23:56

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