Thursday, 2018-06-28

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MeowDudefirst off, beidl, where you been? you haven't been in the logs for days01:53
MeowDudesecond on, I think I am going to have to use hybris11. I am getting rpm build errors with hybris10.1, which i will be posting when I get back here.01:53
birdzhangs/daly// 😂03:39
T4<adampigg> mal: hows the app building going?06:22
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: can one set  up mce to wake up on volume button?07:52
spiiroinMister_Magister: like, using volume key as power button or? info & caveats at
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: thanks08:07
tortoisedocanyone with a Gemini PDA that could help with testing?08:08
T4<adampigg> tortoisedoc: send me one and ill help testing08:47
r0kk3rzmeee too!09:07
r0kk3rzpiggz: i ordered a keyboard for my tablet :)09:07
T4<abhishek_0> i will be buying mi pad 4 .. as soon as it becomes available09:13
r0kk3rzlooks nice09:17
abransonI got a Gemini. Love it. I call it my n1000 :D09:32
kimmoliif it had legs, would it be t1000?09:37
r0kk3rzabranson: hopefully we see some more tablety style apps because of it :)09:51
abransonkimmoli: yes. yes it would.09:52
abransonr0kk3rz: yeah, they're distributing it together with the debian, so lots of people are getting the opportunity to try sfos. it's by far the best suited OS of the three to that form factor too. lots of potential extra users for tablety apps...09:53
T4<adampigg> @r0kk3rz [piggz: i ordered a keyboard for my tablet :)], its @adampigg ;)  which one? kit?09:55
r0kk3rzits a bt keyboard for an amazon fire tablet thing, i'll have to bodge the case but the keyboard looks cute09:56
T4<adampigg> im using it most days as a dev machine now ... could do with a nicer editor, tide has potential09:59
r0kk3rzoh nice09:59
r0kk3rzvim? ;)10:00
r0kk3rzi'll have to revisit the tabby version of liteterm10:00
T4<adampigg> vim isnt ideal, the esc key is 2 key presses10:55
r0kk3rzyes that would get old real quick10:58
branekhi all... I'm having problem with chapter 7.2.1 of HADK11:40
branekwhen I run: rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh11:40
branekit fails
branekif I fix include dir, it fails differently11:40
branekany thoughts where to look/how to fix?11:41
branekdevice is dumpling, hybris-15.111:41
malyou are sure you have the correct submodule?11:45
branekwell, yes, even started everything from begining with fresh sync... still get the same output...11:47
branekto me, it also looks like some broken config, but not sure how to check...11:47
malbranek: you pretty much never need a fresh sync, that's just waste of download11:47
malbranek: so what submodule are you using, the one from the pull request?11:47
braneksorry, but could you explain me how to check... I just followed HADK... with my own repos now...
mal15.1 needs various custom versions11:49
malyou need to use commits for the rpm/dhd submodule11:50
branekok.. I understand now...11:51
braneki used
branekFor future and my understanding, when you referencing submodule(s), do you think whole local_manifests/$DEVICE.xml, im my case dumpling.xml? Or something else/more?11:55
malthat has nothing to do with manifest, yet at least11:55
braneksorry... content of maniphest file... like, currently I have <project path="rpm/" name="branek/droid-hal-dumpling" revision="master" />, but dhd submodule is created from the wrong source... aha... this question gives me answer. :)11:58
T4<adampigg> My new BT headphones complement my sfos phone....they have a swipe ux, no buttons12:22
T4<adampigg> Reduced from 69 to 18 in tkmaxx!12:22
r0kk3rzwow supaa cheeep12:22
T4<adampigg> Yeah, not bad, and theyre in the '' best headphones under 100...amd that was when priced at 69!12:24
T4<adampigg> Urbanear plattan adv12:25
T4<adampigg> Erm, does the tbj support bt audio? These headphones connect ok, but audio still.comes from the tablet. Phone works fine13:31
r0kk3rzshould do13:32
r0kk3rzreconnect the headphones13:32
r0kk3rzi have to do that sometimes with l500d13:32
T4<adampigg> Nope, repaired the lot, nothing13:33
T4<adampigg> also tried initing connection from tablet or headphone, no joy :/15:30
T4<adampigg> jusa, seems like your domain ;) ... when i inited from headphone, tablet asked it should create an a2dp conection, said yes, but sound came from speaker15:33
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branekmal: manage to get little bit further... using for libhybris, but it fails with: RPM build errors:15:40
branekFile not found: /home/branek/hadk/hybris/mw/libhybris/installroot/usr/lib/
branekFile not found: /home/branek/hadk/hybris/mw/libhybris/installroot/usr/lib/
branekwhat package provide libwifi?15:41
malbranek: that would have been quite easily found in channel logs
T4<adampigg> pacmd list-sinks doesnt show a specific BT sink, just the BT part of the droid-card sink....lets see when the phone shows16:04
T4<adampigg> ah, there you go,/on the phone,there is a lot more sinks, inc bluez specific ones16:06
T4<adampigg> whats the tablet doing16:06
T4<adampigg> tablet is on bluez4, i guess that could be why...doesnt seem to want to switch to 5 either16:10
branekmal: thanks for help, will try harder next time... pasties caching from chat logs is not working for me...16:19
vknechtcan someone check this please ? I can't get it to build : removed/promoted packages again, followed and checked project config, nudged droid-config-idol3 _service...16:28
vknechtoh, in general view at I see some of my packages have built (or attempted), but no build results in monitor or overview, and download repo doesn't exist16:32
r0kk3rzyour repo doesnt have an arch16:35
vknechtr0kk3rz, thanks ! it lives :-)16:37
ghosalmartinmal, does the hybris-boot in your github have the latest configfs changes?18:12
malghosalmartin: no, use the one from hybris-boot PR18:16
ghosalmartinokays ta :)18:18
juicemehi, a question about building kernel for xperiax18:20
juicemeso what I have is the official build, and I want just to build the kernel (+initramfs of course)18:21
juicemenow, I followed thru the first part, so that I get hybris-recovery.img and hybris-boot.img18:21
juicemewhat troubles me is the initramfs content of the original /boot/hybris-boot.img and the hybris-boot.img I just made are very different.18:22
ghosalmartinjuiceme, how different?18:24
juicemewhen I extracted the fs of the boot image from the device, there is the whole shebang, bin  dev  etc  init  lib  mnt  proc  res  root  sbin  sys  tmp  usr  var18:24
juicemethe image I just made contains only bin  bootsplash.gz  etc  init  sbin  usr18:24
juicemethe initramfs size is radically different18:24
juicemethe one I made is about 1.5M and the original is 6.1M18:25
r0kk3rzdoes the official one include some recovery stuff?18:25
juicemecould be, however there is also hybris-recovery.img18:26
r0kk3rzbecause the usual hybris-boot is quite spare, as you've found18:26
juicemeso I thought that'd be it18:26
juicemeso what I thought, just replace the one in /boot/ of the device with my new shiny image and check if it boots18:27
juicemeI'm just worried about the size difference18:27
r0kk3rzyou can do a fastboot boot boot.img as well18:27
r0kk3rzso no flashy18:27
juicemeah yes, I did not think about that :)18:28
juicemethen it'd be quite safe18:28
juicemebut anyway is'nt copying the new image to /boot/ enough, no flashing necessary?18:28
juicemejust like when updating kernel of my laptop18:29
juicemesince the image exists in the filesystem in /boot/18:29
r0kk3rzi dont think so no, there is an internal flash script when kernel gets updated OTA18:30
juicemehmm, maybe the bootloader needs to be nudged to accept the new image18:31
ghosalmartinjuiceme, could always use the ramdisk from the jolla image jic18:31
juicemeghosalmartin, actually true... since I etracted it I could indeed use that cpio to build the kernel.18:32
r0kk3rzi expect its just got recovery stuff rolled in18:32
juicemewell, it's pretty fully populated mini-distro.18:33
juicemeI should know, reminds me of ubiboot filesystem :)18:33
juicemebut yeah, I'll try now to fastboot the image I just made18:34
ghosalmartinmal: is the plan to attempt to hook into hwc2 apis or just use libsf to drive graphics?18:34
malghosalmartin: afaik hwc2 is planned18:35
ghosalmartinmal: okays :)18:35
juicememmh now I canot remember how to put xperiax into fastboot mode... was it power on with vol+ or vol- ?18:37
r0kk3rzusb in vol+18:38
juicemeah, thx18:38
r0kk3rzblue led, not green :)18:39
juicememmh, well it did not boot with my image...18:42
juicemeah, it does boot but the screen remains totally black18:45
juicemewhen I replug usb, it gives ma n IP address :)18:45
juicemewhat was the recovery telnet port again?18:46
juicemet least SFOS used to have that18:46
juicemeoh, it get in via default port :)18:47
juicemehmm yeah, I can get to the console for a short while but then it reboots.18:53
juicemeno problem, this is very good progress :)18:54
ghosalmartinis there some kernel panic?18:54
juicemehmm does it store panic somewhere?18:54
ghosalmartin /sys/fs/pstore should have the previous boots dmesg18:55
juicemeI'll chek that18:55
r0kk3rz23 telnet is aborting quite early then19:00
r0kk3rztheres diagnosis.log which is useful19:01
juicemethis is the first warning in dmesg19:03
juiceme[    5.980092] WARNING: at ../../../../../../kernel/sony/msm/drivers/clk/qcom/clock-local2.c:216 0xffffffc0008aa594()19:04
r0kk3rzwhat did you change btw?19:04
juiceme[    5.980093] Attempting to prepare camss_top_ahb_clk_src before setting its rate. Set the rate first!19:04
juicemehmm me? I did not change *anything* yet.19:04
juicemeit's just vanilla I built first to be sure it works19:04
juicemethen am going to tweak few things in config19:05
r0kk3rzah ok19:05
juicemeand I just checked the configs in original and my new image, and they are identical19:05
r0kk3rzyeah its probably mountpoints19:06
juicemehmm what about that clock-local2 OOPS ?19:06
r0kk3rzkernel problems usually cause bootloops19:06
juicemeit actually continues after that19:07
juicemehmm next error is19:08
juiceme[    8.389438] i2c-msm-v2 78b8000.i2c: BUS ERROR:noisy bus/unexpected start/stop tag: msgs(n:1 cur:0 tx) bc(rx:0 tx:2) mode:FIFO slv_addr:0x2c MSTR_STS:0x001121c4 OPER:0x0000009019:08
juicemethat's more than 2 seconds after the first one19:08
juicemethat one repeats after 300ms19:08
juicemeand again after 300ms19:09
juicemethe next one is this19:09
juiceme[    9.608070] i2c-msm-v2 78b8000.i2c: BUS ERROR:noisy bus/unexpected start/stop tag: msgs(n:2 cur:0 tx) bc(rx:1 tx:1) mode:FIFO slv_addr:0x2c MSTR_STS:0x001321c4 OPER:0x0000001019:09
r0kk3rzjust post the log instead of cherrypicking errors19:10
juicemeand then another kind of warning19:10
juiceme[    9.666259] WARNING: at ../../../../../../kernel/sony/msm/drivers/input/touchscreen/clearpad_incell_core.c:4168 0xffffffc0006618bc()19:10
juicemeand it repeats19:11
juiceme[   13.740117] WARNING: at ../../../../../../kernel/sony/msm/drivers/input/touchscreen/clearpad_incell_core.c:4168 0xffffffc0006618bc()19:11
juicemeand then suddenly, this is the final one19:12
juiceme[   40.856676] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000019:12
juicemebut I cannot see prior to it what lead into the condition19:12
juicemebut well...19:13
juicemeit boots up and stays up for 40 seconds which is pretty neat19:13
juicemeso I wonder if I replaced the cpio with the one I extracted from the original kernel it might mae a difference. MAybe there is something that init needs?19:14
juicemehmm now this is odd-ish19:19
juicemein the kernel build hierarchy, where the hybris-boot.img image is, there is also ramdisk.img19:20
juicemewhich is a gzipped cpio, but it is *not* tha same thing that is packed in the kernel19:20
juicemeit contains lots of mre stuff and is about 4.4M19:21
juicemer0kk3rz, what's the difference between hybris-boot.img and boot.img ?19:22
juicemealso that gets built at the same time, and it is slightly larger19:22
juicemewell here goes nothing, I'll try to boot that :)19:24
r0kk3rz:( keyboard doesnt pair19:24
juicemeI have not tried those19:25
r0kk3rzi bought one for my tablet19:25
r0kk3rzits quite cute and the keys are nice19:25
juicemeI actually have one I used with N9 somewhere19:26
juicemehmm OK, the plain "boot.img" does not go so far as the hybris-boot.img19:27
juicemeah, it did boot and stay up but seems that's about all it didi, no telnetting into that thing19:29
juicemeit noticed when I plugged in usb but that's all, just a row in dmesg19:30
juicemeso not a good image, that.19:30
r0kk3rzwoo little keyboard works with laptop19:35
ghosalmartinlittle keyboard?19:36
r0kk3rzbt keyboard i just bought19:36
piggzr0kk3rz: problem/20:34
r0kk3rzyeah it wont pair with tablet :( but it should be fixable20:35
piggzcommand line? what kind of pairing is it?20:37
piggzlink to keyboard? i wanna see what it looks like20:37
r0kk3rzit wants a code generated sailfish side to be inputted on keyboard20:38
r0kk3rzi havent really looked into it yet20:38
r0kk3rzit looks like this -
r0kk3rzbut its not that one, its a knockoff20:40
r0kk3rzbut it looks like a knockoff from the same factory :)20:40
piggzim sure mine did that20:42
piggzcant remmeber how i paired it eventually20:42
piggzthere were no instrictions!20:42
piggzi think i just type 0000 and hit enter20:43
r0kk3rzusual chinglish instructions20:43
r0kk3rzbut i do wonder if sailffish handles the prompt properly20:43
piggzr0kk3rz: yeah, i think i got that impression20:44
piggzsomething wasnt quite right, and then i fluked it ;)20:44
piggzfor the next few minutes, ill be drining my free Bre Dog, courtest of threeuk in my summer house :)20:44
r0kk3rzpiggz: thanks :) 0000 enter did the trick!20:47
T4<adampigg> Ha, same as mine20:48
ghosalmartinanyone know why CONFIG_VT would cause bootloops and the inability to access console-ramoops?20:53
r0kk3rzi think its more a sailfish thing20:53
T4<adampigg> @r0kk3rz [i think its more a sailfish thing], Agreed20:57
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