Thursday, 2018-07-05

UmeaboyNokius_: Hi!00:55
UmeaboyI was wondering, I saw that contains some directories. Do I copy the directories from the running Lineage ROM?00:56
birdzhangUmeaboy: you find my repo, lol01:19
birdzhangi suggest you follow HADK steps01:23
Umeaboybirdzhang: I would if it would not jump so much between pages.01:43
UmeaboyI prefer doing things step by step without having to click links to move back a couple of pages.01:44
UmeaboyI have started to make the HADK into an automated script.01:44
UmeaboyYou're welcome to help out updating it. :)01:45
UmeaboySince there isn't a program to install yet that helps users to build it locally I decided to take the HADK and try to automate it.01:58
UmeaboyIf you can help, please do.01:59
UmeaboyThe development branch is for development and testing for building test builds then if everything works you build with stable. :)02:00
birdzhanggot it02:01
TAMplus39What symlinks are audio related? added some but still dont have working audio03:12
Sailor864flashlight, camera doesn't work. Everything else is fine on kenzo, base cm-14.105:08
Sailor864nothing in logs05:08
Sailor864is there a way to turn on flash from terminal?05:08
abransonif anyone fancies getting paid to do this, there are new openings on
sledgesPSA ^07:58
sledgesMister_Magister: Sailfish X build and flash instructions can be adapted to other ports, they can be understood genericly enough07:58
sledgeslocusf: no more Mic-loop.patch ;)07:58
sledgespiggz: yep, nothing like catching up on twitter on a time-offset, keeps remininds of things to those who forgot ;)07:59
sledgesbranek: mal: thanks for reminding of the '>> ~/.mersdk.profile' issue, that has now been addressed07:59
sledgesPSA: HADK 2.2.0 is out Simplified droidmedia/audioflingerglue builds (thanks krnlyng\o/) and updated ubu-trusty image that needs no extra work; diff to 2.2.draft01
r0kk3rzwoah new hadk08:00
T4<adampigg> @sledges [piggz: yep, nothing like catching up on twitte …], GeeZ, that was a bit of a delay too!08:00
T4<adampigg> Abranson.did.anyone progress color.conversion.issues yet?08:02
r0kk3rzsledges: btw lately people have had to install a lot of things manually in the mersdk, like tar08:03
r0kk3rzsledges: and manually enable mer-tools to get android-tools-hadk08:03
abranson@adampigg: no, it's not something that happens on any devices we're working on so it's difficult to reproduce.08:03
abransonand i've not seen anything on here08:04
T4<adampigg> Only happens in browser,.lls with YT works08:04
abranson@adampigg: yeah, the browser is the only thing that need to convert. everything else just passed the codec output straight through.08:06
abransonactually anything that renders video itself and doesn't use the gst-droid eglsink08:06
malr0kk3rz: you mean this that fixes some of issues people have had08:21
r0kk3rzah ok then08:27
piggzso, how nervous am i about going into a class of 10/11 yr olds and doing a lesson in python/gpio/raspberry pi/robot arm08:44
abransonpiggz: can you floss?10:08
piggzabranson: my teeth???10:09
* piggz now feeling paranoid about oral health10:10
abransonpiggz: no, it's the latest dance craze10:10
abransonthey're all doing it, all the time. it's the new dab.10:10
piggzerm ... probably best if i never attempt that10:10
piggzi could walk in and dab ... that is sure to embarass my daughter10:11
r0kk3rzabranson: i saw kids doing it at the BTCC... its weird10:11
r0kk3rzbut 'dance crazes' is a fairly wholesome thing instead of the usual trinket fads10:12
abransonit is a fathers duty to embarrass his kids as often as possible10:12
abransonyes much nicer than the glue sniffing we had back in the day10:12
piggzi think in a channel about porting a linux os...the prder of likelyhood  of the meaning of floss goes 1)Free/Libre OSS... 2) Flossing as in teeth) 4) something else 5) current dance crazes10:13
piggzi will be sporting my Commodre 64 t-shirt ..... is that embarassing enough?10:13
r0kk3rzwill they know what that is?10:14
piggznot a chance10:14
piggzim not even sure Meg knows there is one in the attic10:14
r0kk3rzneed a cassette tape shirt, or walkman shirt10:14
* piggz was using a Minidisc quite recently10:17
piggzawesome format10:17
abransoni miss minidiscs10:17
r0kk3rzthey were cool, i had one10:18
r0kk3rzfit way more songs than my mates nomad mp3 player at the time10:18
abransona good decade earlier too. proper random access music files on a disc.10:18
piggzi invested heavily in the circa 2000 time ... panasonic car minidisc, technics seperate, and a panasonic portable which is what i still ahve10:19
piggzi wish id kept onto the technics deck10:19
abransonwhen we bought our mini back in 2001, minidisc was an option for the car stereo. they were so much easier to shove in the glovebox without worrying about damaging them.10:21
abransondidn't show the track names though which was a shame10:21
piggza thing of beauty
piggzi think this was my deck
piggzoh man, i just remembered, my car mini disc also had a 12 cd changer ..... that is a forgotten technology10:25
piggzAmazfit Bip deals
piggzThe aports watch with great sailfishos support ;_)11:03
*** redj_ is now known as redj11:44
piggzabranson: i asked my daughter about flossing, she said it was so last month15:11
piggzget with it15:11
piggznow its the shuffle, or, orange justice15:12
abransonpiggz: ah the uk must be ahead once again. i'll tell my son so he can get in front of the pack.15:13
r0kk3rzorange justice?15:14
piggzfortnight dance15:14
abransonah it's a fortnite emote dance15:14
abransonkids actually spend their pocket money on outfits, gestures and emotes in that game. it's crazy.15:14
piggzcrazy ... at least mine havnt15:15
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius21:34
UmeaboyIs it just the Samsung devices that need the fingerglue solution to make calls work??23:40
UmeaboyAnd can I build using aarch64 for the environment variables?23:53
UmeaboyThe export PORT_ARCH="armv7hl" line.23:55

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