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Yardanicoas far as I can understand jolla store contains only a few apps if I'm currently making an unofficial port? after I fix all bugs and do the process described in FAQ there will be more apps in jolla store?12:00
Yardanico(I mean after I fix all bugs and prove that different devices have unique ID)12:00
Yardanicoah, I read faq about jolla store and OBS, nvm12:12
r0kk3rzyup, you need to request access12:23
Yardanicor0kk3rz, I already made a group in telegram and already have a few people which will be able to test my sailfish os builds :)12:24
r0kk3rzdid you get your build working again?12:33
Yardanicor0kk3rz, I'm building it again but I re-cloned device repos and pushed some changes to git12:34
malYardanico: you can use openrepos (vith storeman app) to get more apps while you are waiting for jolla store access12:39
Yardanicomal, yeah I already use them a lot and found a few useful apps :)12:40
Yardanicodoes jolla store have more apps than storeman? I just can't find jolla store app list on-line12:43
malsome apps are only in jolla store and some only in openrepos12:44
Yardanicoso maybe I've done something wrong with the kernel but I don't know what exactly :D so I can't even get kernel logs and can't connect, will try to boot hybris-recovery13:04
Yardanicoseems like it's the same with hybris-recovery, strange13:05
malYardanico: did you accidentially do repo sync without properly changing manifest and commiting changes to your github?13:11
Yardanicomal, today I reinitialized my repo fully to be sure there's no errors because of that13:13
malwhy would do that?13:16
malthere is never need to do that13:17
malyou know there is "repo status" which tells what has been modified13:17
vknechtYardanico, there's an unofficial and basic Jolla Store web client, might be useful even though it may be dedicated to JollaC/Aquafish :
Yardanicovknecht, I'm just interested in app list :)13:34
vknechtthe code :
Yardanicomal, is it ok if I use this method to fix wifi?
Yardanicoit works on my device as well14:05
Yardanico(it doesn't require to compile PRONTO driver as a module)14:06
Yardanicobut I tested this on old zip built two days ago :)14:06
malthat might work but I think module is better, some devices (at least in the past) have had issues with hotspot handling with built in driver14:08
Yardanicomal, what issues? because I tried now to connect from another android device and it worked (I successfully connected to hotspot)14:11
vknechtI'm interested in built-in wifi, will probably test this ; for me using module makes the MAC random (instead of vendor's one in a file), also since the wifi/pronto/prima module is in staging/, I have to disable module signature which is bad security-wise14:11
malYardanico: I think was related to disabling hotspot, some devices didn't go a proper state after that and something was not usable14:12
Yardanicomal, hmm, seems to work fine for me, I just disabled hotspot and connected to wifi again, it worked14:13
Yardanicoanyway I still need to figure out how to fix my .zip builds :D14:13
malmaybe try a few times14:14
Yardanicook, I'll try to fix my local zip builds somehow (I don't really know what is the issue because I can't even telnet into the phone) and then fix kernel the proper way14:16
Yardanico*fix wifi14:16
malmaybe you lost some kernel or device repo changes when you synced the sources again14:17
Yardanicoyeah, it's definitely some issue in my kernel builds because I flashed new kernel (while having old .zip build) and it stopped booting14:19
malmaybe this serves as a lesson to commit changes and push those to github before doing resync?14:21
Yardanicomal, but I have all changes in git to allow my kernel booting (I checked with kernel check today)14:22
malso are those currently in use?14:22
r0kk3rzwell you think you do, but if its not booting then clearly something is missing14:28
r0kk3rzdid you get it booting more than once?14:28
Yardanicor0kk3rz, of course14:29
T4<abhishek_0> When will be the sailfish 3 out for porters ?15:36
Yardanicor0kk3rz, wat? :D15:38
T4<abhishek_0> r0kk3rz all those flavours in the world and....  You chose to be salty ? XD15:39
r0kk3rzwell if you ask dumb questions, you'll get dumb answers :P15:40
Yardanicoso it will be available at the same day as sfos 3 is released? :P15:40
r0kk3rzyeah. ie. as per usual15:41
Yardanicowell I'm a novice in SFOS world :)15:42
r0kk3rzbut before the big 3.0 we get a 2.2.1 hopefully soon15:43
T4<abhishek_0> r0kk3rz what part you find dumb ?15:46
T4<abhishek_0> It is 3rd quarter already as mentioned on the website15:47
Yardanicobut Q3 is september too15:48
Yardanicothey said "in Q3", no? so maybe in september15:48
r0kk3rz@abhiskek basically the whole question is dumb, we never really know in advance when an update will come15:50
echo_salik[m]hi guys... after running `sfossdk` i dont have `tar` binary... how can i add that?15:50
r0kk3rzand you know that the porters get the updates after its been released :P15:50
Yardanicoecho_salik[m], are you following HADK?15:50
Yardanicoit says that you should install some tools: "sudo zypper in android-tools-hadk tar"15:50
Yardanicopage 1415:51
echo_salik[m]oh i am on the platform web page that the document said15:52
echo_salik[m]and it is just below that...15:52
echo_salik[m]oh so zypper is like apt for this...15:53
Yardanico"zypper" is a package manager used in openSUSE15:54
Yardanicoand it's used for sailfish os too :)15:54
echo_salik[m]cool... thanks!15:54
r0kk3rzYardanico: tbh id be surprised if we see it before november15:55
Yardanicor0kk3rz, I'm excited about fingerprint support, I hope it will be available for porters :)16:00
r0kk3rzYardanico: tbh i thought they would've opened it by now...16:02
r0kk3rzmight have to bring it up in a meeting16:02
Yardanicobecause AFAIK nexus 4 has fingerprint support, but it's an unofficial port as far as I can understand16:03
Yardanicoso I was confused16:03
Yardanicooh, sorry, not nexus 4 but some other device16:03
Yardanicoyeah, I'm probably wrong :D16:04
Yardanicobtw why porter of redmi 4x didn't add redmi 4x to OBS to get jolla store support?
vknechtYardanico, afaik, being on OBS is not a strict requirement to get store access16:06
Yardanicovknecht, hmm, strange, FAQ said otherwise16:06
YardanicoI would be very happy if it's not required to configure OBS for my device to get store access16:06
vknechtwell, it's probably better, but if the unique ID is ok it's sufficient16:07
Yardanicobecause I already have a few people who can test if they devices get unique IDs16:07
r0kk3rzput it on obs anyway16:07
r0kk3rzits not hard16:07
Yardanicor0kk3rz, I hope it's not xD16:07
r0kk3rzits really not16:07
r0kk3rztbh we should really make a script for it16:08
malr0kk3rz: many things that could be scripted16:21
Yardanicoyeah, IIRC pmOS (postmarketOS) has automated chroot creation and some other things are scripted too16:22
Yardanico they have a big "script" :P16:23
Yardanicoif I wouldn't be able to boot new .zip today I'll just wipe hadk/mer dirs and follow HADK again :)16:41
malif you do that don't expect any help from me in the future16:44
Yardanicomal, ok, I wouldn't16:45
Yardanicook, so I made new .zip and flashed kernel from older zip and it boots, so the issue is 100% is in the kernel17:00
malso check that you have the defconfig changes really in the local copy of the kernel17:01
malit should be simple thing to do17:01
kimmoligit diff ...17:03
Yardanicomal, yes I do have all changes needed for sfos and kernel checker doesn't show any ERROR entries17:03
Yardanicohmm it might be an issue in device repo, right?17:11
Yardanico"android_device_blablabla" repo17:11
vknechtYardanico, you can also check on device that your changes are effective with "zcat /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_whatever"17:13
vknechtif there's a discrepancy, probably have to remove out/ and rebuild all17:14
Yardanicobtw, is it ok to boot hybris-boot.img from fastboot (not flash, just boot once to check if it works)?17:30
r0kk3rzsometimes that doesnt work17:54
r0kk3rzbut you can try it17:54
Yardanicowhich files/directories affect kernel? kernel repo itself and "device" repo?18:21
malyes, it really shouldn't be that difficult to fix18:27
Yardanicoyes it shouldn't be hard, I just don't know where the problem is18:55
malthe number of changes you made was quite small, so either you have wrong kernel or device repo or are just missing some changes19:21
Qiangong2Hello, I'm trying to port sailfish os to my Galaxy s4 T-mobile. codename jfltetmo, but I have an issue with scratchbox. I get this: "Fatal: samsung-jfltetmo-armv7hl is an invalid sb2 target" when trying to build the packages19:32
Qiangong2What do I do to get past that19:33
r0kk3rzdo you have that target?19:33
Qiangong2I have the armv7hl target installed19:33
Qiangong2sdk-assistant says I do19:33
r0kk3rzdoes it have that name19:33
Qiangong2it says latest19:34
r0kk3rzit needs to have that name19:34
Qiangong2so, I just change the name then?19:34
Qiangong2Another question, I have a halium build for my device. Do I build the hybris-hal with that defconfig? Or the one that comes with lineageos19:40
malnot really sure how compatible halium defconfig is with sailfish19:45
r0kk3rzit should be close i think19:45
r0kk3rzeither way the kernel checker will warn you :P19:46
Yardanicowhat is hallium?19:54
Yardanicooh I see
r0kk3rza common toolchain for doing ubuntu and plasma touch hybris builds19:56
Yardanicono luck today, I think I've tried everything.... gonna try to do something tomorrow (well, it's already today for me) :/21:42

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