Monday, 2018-08-20

T4<adampigg> Wonder of my radio fix worked for masya07:08
vknechthaha, 2322€ for the silver colored idol3 XD16:02
masya_yeah, radio fix works. Thanks.16:14
masya_Now I'm stucking with GPS and sensors16:16
vknechtmasya_, try unstucking with recent faq-scan/dmesg/journalctl/logcat and maybe a "strace -f -eopenat test_sensor" ;-)16:29
masya_strace test_sensors
vknechtmasya_, what does "find /system -type f -name sensor\*so" give ?16:56
vknechthmm, I have 4 of them16:59
vknecht /system/lib/hw/  /system/lib/  /system/lib64/hw/  /system/lib64/sensors.native.so17:01
vknecht(los 14.1 base)17:01
vknechtmasya_, maybe try the debugging commands at the end of HADK chapter "13.10 Sensors"17:02
masya_i haven't lib/hw/ because it is only 64-bit version of in vendor directory17:07
r0kk3rzwhich onws are being loaded?17:22
vknechtgood idea to add a topic for next meeting, to discuss community ports... as a community ? Thinking about ports-bugs (eg. browser videos) and online visibility (eg. something nicer than wiki/Adaptations/libhybris for someone looking to get an sfos compatible phone)17:58
* vknecht loves wiki/Adaptations/libhybris, nevertheless18:19
echo_salikhey guys... im confused by somethings... it says in the to edit the config... should i use menuconfig for this?18:43
r0kk3rzjust edit the defconfig directly18:45
echo_salikr0kk3rz, wont it cause me to miss somethings?18:49
masya_Maybe, I need to enable 64-bit vendor libraries? Because system is waiting sensors.msm8916 in /system/lib/hw. But it is in /lib64/hw18:59
masya_And libcalmodules are in system/vendor/lib6419:01
r0kk3rzecho_salik: miss what?19:05
vknechtmasya_, just a not so informed thought : it seems only 64bits libs are present, while SFOS only looks for 32bits ones ; maybe it's a base choice (base as in CM, LOS), but perhaps the 32bits versions are present in stock ROM19:37
vknechtso perhaps you can check stock ROM and if they're in, copy them in your sfos install ?19:39

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