Wednesday, 2018-08-22

echo_salikafter resinstalling target. I get this: /lib/ No such file or directory when i run: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test && ./test02:20
echo_salikbut this runs fine: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH gcc main.c -o test02:21
echo_salik* but this runs fine: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH ./test02:22
echo_salikoh i am supposed to run it like that...02:22
echo_salikr0kk3rz: remember that sync.h error i had initially... its back...04:13
echo_salikdoes the target have linux headers? i guess linux/sync.h is in headers04:22
echo_salikok this does have headers...04:27
echo_salikQ: how can I make a folder be part of the make environment...09:03
echo_saliklike if i run #include <myfile.h> it would be read09:04
r0kk3rzit should be in the standard include paths09:05
echo_salikr0kk3rz: any specific way to find what ar ethose?09:06
r0kk3rzso you fixed your hal package build?09:07
echo_saliknope... trying to include the linux/sync.h file from google's repo so that instead it might build09:08
r0kk3rzyeah dont do that09:08
echo_salikoh... would mess it up more or build successfully while failing silently?09:10
echo_salikwould that*09:10
r0kk3rzits just not even wrong09:10
echo_salikany ideas as to what i shoud do?09:12
r0kk3rzthat should be provided by your droid-hal-devel package09:12
r0kk3rzso check you have something in your local repo, and check whats in it09:12
echo_salikkernel repo?09:13
r0kk3rzdifferent type of repo, i dont mean git09:14
r0kk3rzhok, so part of the build process is packing lots of stuff into RPM packages, and putting them into your local package repository09:14
r0kk3rzwhich you can find under droid-local-repo09:14
echo_salikoh the rpm?09:14
r0kk3rzso all that stuff you built in habuild gets packaged up like that09:15
echo_salikso i should search by extracting the repo and using `find`?09:16
r0kk3rzyeah that would be a good idea09:16
echo_saliki have sync.h in a different location09:19
echo_saliknow why would it do that -.-09:19
echo_salikinstead of linux folder it is in sync folder09:19
echo_salikum... how to i share images here? or is it not allowed?09:20
r0kk3rzso, backtrack a second09:20
r0kk3rzwhat have you just done09:20
echo_salikmaking a hastebin...09:21
r0kk3rzok so that makes sense09:26
r0kk3rztheres your problem, and the fix will be somewhere in your kernel tree09:26
echo_salikso my next question: do i have to fork libhybris to make the change from linux to sync folder? or is there a simpler way... (please be a simpler way)09:26
echo_salikkernel tree?09:27
r0kk3rzyou know, where your kernel source code is09:27
echo_salikoh so i should just move that sync file from sync to linux?09:28
r0kk3rzdont move it09:29
r0kk3rzsymlink it perhaps09:29
echo_salikok... sync.h is in linux dir -.-09:30
r0kk3rzlook in the out folder09:31
echo_salikresult of fine09:33
r0kk3rzseems reasonable09:38
echo_salikyeah... could there be a problem any other place?09:38
echo_salikcould ther ebe a problem with the spec?09:40
r0kk3rzthe spec should be ok, but make sure your dhd is up to date09:41
echo_salikmy device folder stucture is like this: device/xiaomi/rolex but my kernel is like: kernel/xiaomi/msm891709:42
r0kk3rzthats fine09:42
echo_salikr0kk3rz: its uptodate09:50
echo_salikcan i fork libhybris and change the linux/sync.h to sync/sync.h to see if that patch works?09:57
r0kk3rzyou dont need to fork it09:58
r0kk3rzbut i wouldnt09:58
echo_saliksync.h might not be the only header misplaced... if others are as well it might narrow down where the problem might be?10:00
echo_salikr0kk3rz: ok so i have created a patch instead of forking it and added it in buildmw function with an if condition.10:43
echo_salikit might either work or fail... both might tell something10:44
echo_salikr0kk3rz: ok mow my rpm is missing sw_sync.h11:50
echo_salikso RPM is built in target...11:52
echo_salikalso i noticed some of my changes in the config are not applied. im seeing warnings in mer-kernel-check12:02
r0kk3rzthat might be ok12:08
r0kk3rznot all flags exist in all kernels12:08
r0kk3rzso long as they are only warnings, should be ok12:08
echo_salikr0kk3rz: no but i have set those12:08
echo_salikoh so it can show warnings even if the kernel has no option for that?12:09
echo_salikif i run kernel check on my defconfig there are no warnings12:13
r0kk3rzyeah dont do that12:26
echo_salik.config file is not the same as defcofig?12:28
echo_salikoh so .config is generated by make by parsing through the defconfig12:32
echo_salikr0kk3rz: as a last try i am keeping sw_sync.h (copy from kernel tree) in the same dir as sync.c and changing it's include14:10
echo_salikr0kk3rz: ok there are a few header files that are not in the devel-rolex rpm and the error causing file is libsync14:13
echo_salikthere is already a in the devel rpm... so why is it needed to make another?14:15
r0kk3rzits not14:16
r0kk3rzit using the header so you can link to it ofc14:16
echo_salikso the sync.h is used by libsync in hybris so that it can use
malwhat are you doing? is that issue during libhybris build?14:30
malare you using which android base?14:31
echo_salikmal: running and yes duing libhybris build14:35
echo_salikmal: im using lineage 15.114:35
malthat needs a different libhybris version14:36
malremember to clone correctly so the submodule is fetched also14:37
mal15.1 needs many custom things which are not documented anywhere14:37
echo_salikso i should clone this in hybris/mw/ ?14:38
echo_salikjust confirming...14:39
malyou then build it using -b somepath14:40
echo_salikthanks mal14:42
echo_salikand thanks r0kk3rz for clearing stuff up and bearing my annoyance...14:42
malI have too tired to document the 15.1 build process, I have it all in my head14:44
echo_salikmaybe i can be of some help?14:45
echo_saliki doubt i'll be... but still...14:45
taixzomal: anything I can do, not knowing anything about porting, to help with the matissewifi image?14:51
malI just have way too many projects ongoing that I need to finish some to make some sense to everything14:53
* vknecht sends moral support over the air15:06
vknechthope you had the occasion for some holidays this summer ?15:07
echo_salikhey mal, when running with -b hybris/mw/libhybris/ im getting Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found i have added those files in spec but i still get those errors.15:19
malwhat files15:20
echo_salikmaking a hastebin15:21
malthen you didn't add those correctly to spec15:28
malyou can check the original spec to see how those were there
echo_salikoh so i have to use this %{_libdir}15:32
echo_salikinstead of using /usr/lib15:32
echo_salikhey mal, i still have the same error: this is my new spec straggler:
echo_salikoh hybris.spec...15:40
malecho_salik: I gave you the libhybris spec with the exact things you add to the one in the other branch and you do something different, that is some messed up logic15:40
malstraggler files is a thing specific to droid-hal spec15:44
maland only for problems related to build of those rpms15:44
echo_salikmal: my logic was based on what the HADK document in 7.2.2 that i need to add it in hal-droid spec15:44
echo_saliki though you gave that to me as a template15:44
echo_saliki still have errors: File not found: /home/salik/hadk/hybris/mw/libhybris/installroot/usr/lib/; File not found: /home/salik/hadk/hybris/mw/libhybris/installroot/usr/lib/
echo_salikwait... there isnt a folder there15:46
malecho_salik: but that section was about droid-hal, not about libhybris15:47
echo_salikits mapping to the wrong location... installroot is in hadk...15:47
malare you really sure you are using the correct branch of libhybris?15:47
echo_salikmal: yeah... spec thing made me mix both15:48
malnote that the repo was named libhybris-1, unless you manually made it go to libhybris it will be named differently15:48
malpretty sure you are messing thing up somehow15:49
echo_salikgit remote -v returns: origin (fetch)15:50
malhow about git branch15:50
echo_salik* android8-initial15:51
echo_salikhey mal someone named branek had the same error on 2018-06-28 you gave him a pastebin link but that link has now expired15:56
echo_salikthis was this question: what package provide libwifi?15:57
malhow about removing the libwifi stuff from the spec15:59
malit should have clear15:59
echo_salikmal the libwifi part is alreay commented...16:02
echo_salikwith an # sign16:02
echo_saliki just redownloaded the spec file and removed the libwifi but same error16:12
vknechtecho_salik, what do your spec files look like now ?16:28
* echo_salik sings: 99 little bugs in the code 99 little bugs... take one down patch it around... 127 little bugs in the code...16:59
malecho_salik: I just did a clean build of that libhybris branch against aosp 8.1 base without any errors, unless lineageos base is in some way different17:02
malecho_salik: how exactly did you clone it? like this "git clone -b android8-initial  --recurse-submodules"17:04
echo_salikmal: yep17:09
echo_salikexactly like that17:09
echo_salikdo i have to use asop base?17:11
malno, you can't use the same17:11
malshow the whole build log from the libhybris.log17:12
echo_salikin a moment17:12
malhow can that be if you have the libwifi commented out as it is by default in that branch17:15
malwhat local changes have you done currently?17:16
malrun git diff17:16
malthis whole thing should have been trivial to fix, no idea how you manage to break the build17:16
echo_salikmal: as you said... we fail in mysterious ways...17:21
echo_saliksteps: downloaded spec from that link, deleted wifi listings17:26
malthose changes make very little sense, you removed libvibrator?17:28
vknechtecho_salik, what's the exact command you used ?17:29
echo_salikmal: nope... but isnt that diff with respect to that hybris-l repo?17:30
echo_salikvknecht: rpm/dhd/helpers/ -b hybris/mw/libhybris  my exact command17:31
malecho_salik: based on that git fif you did remove it17:32
mal*git diff17:33
echo_salikwait that's not the whole git diff17:35
echo_salikmy bad:
echo_salikwhat i mean to say is this git diff is referring all the changes that the new spec that i downloaded has... the only changes i manually made are removing wifi so things17:37
echo_saliki had not commited the libspec that i downloaded... so its showing those changes too17:38
echo_saliki not good at conveying what i mean...17:38
malso why did you add libwifi back there manually, just look at your git diff17:39
malI give up, you are telling one thing but git diff says something completely different17:39
echo_salikok... what i'll do again is redownload that spec... commit it... then remove libwifi stuff then show you the git diff...17:41
malwhat the hell are you doing, LIBWIFI IS ALREADY REMOVED FROM THE DAMN SPEC17:43
malI'm not going to help anymore today, you have all the information you need, just fix it yourself17:43
r0kk3rzecho_salik: you dont need to commit anything, it seems like you misunderstand a few git fundamentals17:47
echo_salikmal: you gave me this file:, please look at line: 34717:47
echo_salikr0kk3rz: mal gave me ^ link, it has uncommented17:48
malthere a thing called context, look it up from a dictionary17:49
echo_salikmal you gave me that spec, i am using that spec... how the hell am i supposed to know you mean a different spec when you told me to use THAT spec!?17:50
malwell with normal logic if your error was about libnfc then you search for things related to thatt from what I gave you, but that would require too much logic it seems17:51
malI even said to look for the things in the error from the spec17:53
malI will not comment anymore here because soon I will be kicked out for bad language17:54
echo_saliki'll leave the chat sorry for everything17:55
maloops :DD17:57
r0kk3rzoh dear mal :)18:24
malmaybe I should just stay silent for a few weeks19:00
r0kk3rzmal: just chill out, if people are frustrating you then ignore them19:11
r0kk3rzi certainly do that some times, especially if i think they have all the information they need19:11
malI just get annoyed so easily nowaday so better I stop helping completely19:17

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