Tuesday, 2018-08-28

OrokuSakiHello.. does anyone know where the fixup-mountpoint information is after you finish porting? I ported a couple of years ago and I am curious what I used before.. My device uses lvm partitions04:59
OrokuSakinevermind, I remember05:26
locusfmr. shredder the porter dude06:18
jusamal: what was the error with wiktorek140 and pulseaudio-modules-droid ?08:26
maljusa: there was some error about undefined enums or something like that, although the enums were reported as found earlier08:47
maljusa: I can make a test build on OBS to show08:47
jusamal: thank you08:48
maljusa: https://build.merproject.org/package/show/home:mal:test/pulseaudio-modules-droid08:51
jusamal: thx.. I cannot see full log for some reason though..08:58
maljusa: I'll trigger a rebuild so you can check it09:00
maljusa: let me know when you are ready09:00
jusamal: reasy09:00
jusawell it was a bit useless, after configure was done refresh & end of compile :) but anyways, which device was this build for, so which droid-headers ?09:06
jusasurnia.. I'll look after lunch09:07
maljusa: I'll also make a test build for another device to see if that is a common issue09:07
OrokuSakihow do you trigger a rebuild?09:38
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kimmolion obs? just open your _service file and click Save09:42
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ghosalmartinanyone had a device before where the fstab isnt in the /out folder09:49
jusamal: found the issue10:43
jusamal: https://github.com/mer-hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid/pull/8111:05
jusatested that pulseaudio-modules-droid now builds against surnia stuff11:06
maljusa: thanks11:36
* taixzo timidly pings mal in the hopes of matissewifi updates17:40
piggzall this extra security is impeding on my irc experience ... seems I no longer auto connect to this channel17:43
maltaixzo: not yet sorry, just today I managed get more space on my build machine so I don't always have the delete every other build before building for some device, now I can have a look hopefully sometime this week17:48
piggzthat is better, connecting with sasl18:09
OrokuSakiCan anyone help me? =) I just booted into my rootfs, and surprisingly I got working touchscreen and an image with my nougat rom instead of kitkat.. except.. the image looks like this. https://ibb.co/mNfpTU22:46
OrokuSakiGuess I could try the hwcomposer patch... but... I thought that was a kitkat thing22:58
malwhat hwcomposer patch, some more details would be nice and logs if possible22:59
malbut it's late so I won't look at those until tomorrow22:59
OrokuSakiHowdy mal.. the one on the hadk faq.. https://pastebin.com/AfRXPKVA Going to try it anyways.. ping you tomorrow if it doesn't work.23:02
OrokuSakiI always had to do it with kitkat23:02
malah, that one, if the hwcomposer lib is still broken then that patch is needed23:03
malit should be easy to check23:03
OrokuSakinod.. test_hwcomposer displays an image, but no animation.. doesn't do the swirly thing.. while lipstick is responding to touch events, but looks.. awkward23:04
OrokuSakiWow.. the code in qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin changed a ton since 201623:44

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