Thursday, 2018-09-06

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Thaodanmal: how far is your build?06:36
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Thaodansledges: can you add a repo for my device on mer build service?08:53
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T4<abhishek_01> asking mal how far is his port :chuckles:08:56
malThaodan: the other newer sonys are differently named, for example qualcomm:f5121 so wondering if we should use that also09:38
ThaodanI don't know. I read the hadk faq and the name here was $VENDOR:$DEVICE09:38
Thaodanflashed aosp now and everything except bluetooth and usb works09:39
Thaodanmb2 doesn't know recommends09:39
malThaodan: yes, maybe sledges can say which one we should use09:40
malThaodan: where did you get the aosp images?09:40
Thaodanwhould be great, everything works basicly didn't tested calls and sms thou09:41
malThaodan: any idea which release that is based on09:43
malhmm, that doesn't tell the release I wanted, probably new enough09:44
Thaodanthats the where I got it09:46
Thaodanany idea; error: line 29: Unknown tag: Recommends: buteo-mtp-qt5?09:48
guhlghosalmartin, done moving yet?09:53
guhli completed the first built of a rootfs yesterday but did not have time to flash/test anything yet09:54
ghosalmartinguhl, yeahhh, i built the rootfs and zip09:59
ghosalmartinflashed it09:59
ghosalmartini force it to stop at telnet 23 by leaving in the CONFIG_VT check and then using the continue10:00
ghosalmartinbut it still reboots10:00
ghosalmartinbut I couldnt even get it to flash the zip properly, seems like oom is killing the process10:00
Thaodanand opening shell and getting logs didn't helps? maybe log to another file, do tail -f on that file in another shell10:19
malThaodan: remove the buteo-mtp-qt5 related lines from usb-moded spec, these 3 lines
Thaodanmal: thats what I wanted to do first. But was that package added to
malThaodan: not yet10:34
malit has still older version10:34
Thaodanwhy does the wh fail?10:46
* spiiroin finally gets that "Unknown tag" error thing... mb2 is broken if it does not grok/ignore recommends <- jusa 10:52
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malThaodan: you didn't use a patched version on OBS10:52
Thaodanmal: had to trigger service run10:53
malThaodan: still not patched10:54
malyou need to fork it and use the patched fork10:55
T4<abhishek_0> Is 2.2.1 out ?11:00
malin EA yes11:01
T4<abhishek_0> And how is the Volte going to be implemented? Will it require changes in hal ?11:02
Thaodanmal: fixed it rpm was to old in obs, had to add mer core12:33
malThaodan: so you didn't just bother doing what I said...12:35
malI said many times how to solve and that was the way I suggested12:36
ThaodanI did but I wanted to build it in mer buildservice anway.12:36
maland I said how to do that also12:36
Thaodanand some builded it already12:37
Thaodanso I just had to branch the pkg12:37
Thaodanand add mer:core12:37
malI won't help if building it against different package versions causes issues12:38
ghosalmartinguhl, did you see my reply? :P13:29
guhlno, did not check the logs today13:32
guhlseen it now13:33
guhlI'll try to do something in the evening13:33
ghosalmartinfair enough, ill keep ya posted :)13:42
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Thaodanmal: do I need to flash a custom dtb comming from stock?17:58
Thaodansdcard, blueetooth don't work18:07
ThaodanI thought thats maybe the reason18:07
malbluetooth is known not to work18:07
Thaodansupport implete in hybris?18:08
malbluetooth doesn't normally use libhybris at all18:08
malfor sdcard you probably need udisks218:10
Thaodangpio_is_valid(pdata->uim2_gpio)=-2: failure means nothing?18:11
malwhat are you trying to do?18:11
Thaodanmount it by hand18:11
Thaodanbut its no listed in lsblk18:12
Thaodandmesg output18:12
malwhy would you check it via dmesg and not just ls -l /dev/block/18:14
_gnus_I ported on MOTO-E. Wifi, Camera were reamaining bits. However, audio isn't coming. I checked by flashing Cm12.1 and LOS14.1. There is no audio either. I think, its hardware issue.18:19
_gnus_mal: what do you suggest? Shall I abort this porting?18:20
Thaodanmal: some result only mmc018:21
malThaodan: you are sure the sd card is correctly inserted to the device18:25
mal_gnus_: depends on what the reason for that is, what was the codename of that device?18:27
malThaodan: just installing udisks2 should work18:37
Thaodanwhich stock it worked18:38
Thaodanwhich the stock android it worked18:42
malwhat has stock android have to do with anything, I assume you flashed the correct vendor image to the device as is said in sony open devices build instructions?18:42
ThaodanI rebooted without sdcard and its the same issue.18:43
malwhat are you talking about18:43
Thaodanyes i flashed the vendor image from the zip and the oem from sony18:44
ThaodanI tested if I get the error msg without sdcard too18:44
malyou are just focusing on a single message which might not even be relevant18:51
Thaodanthats was not what I wanted to do. But anyway I'm clueles19:08
malThaodan: as usual provide whole logs19:22
malin this case dmesg should be enough19:23
malyou have the same message for mmc0 and mmc1 so probably not an issue19:30
malshow ls -l /dev/block/19:30
maland you are sure the sd card is working and installed correctly?19:41
Thaodantried it on the x and it finds the card19:53
taixzomal: any luck with matissewifi?19:55
Thaodanmal:  mounted it on the  jolla120:06
Thaodaneverything is fine there20:06
Thaodando you have the xa2, which aosp build do use?20:10
maltaixzo: I have some issues with UI scaling and also some other small fixes are needed20:10
malThaodan: I assume you used the r35 branch from mer-hybris which should be fine20:11
Thaodandid you made that build for discovery already maybe?20:12
malThaodan: yoo do know that the sd card stuff is purely a kernel thing20:13
Thaodanis CONFIG_LBDAF  still needed?20:28
Thaodanok doesn't belong to the issue. mer_verify_kernel doesn't complain about anything related to the sdkcard slot20:30
Mister_MagisterIs there some update for xperia x compact port?20:36
piggz_Mister_Magister: may update falcon port, as son is using that phone atm as a temporary device20:38
Mister_MagisterIll take over that phone too when i get some money20:40
Mister_MagisterAnd moto e line aswell20:40
Mister_MagisterMy collection shall be completed20:40
Mister_Magister dis looks njce20:40
Thaodanmal: then I have no idea whats wrong, which function is missing20:55
malThaodan: the xa2 config changes should be enough21:06
Mister_Magisterpiggz_: my brother is using moto g3 and plays on huawei (on android) so i need to bring up anbox on g3 (im trying to catch mal to help me) so i can get huawei back21:16
malThaodan: I did build the images, I'll upload those tomorrow and give you the link21:16
ThaodanI there a reason that HCI BT is disabled?21:17
malbluetooth for the newer qcom chips is a pain, no devices have it working in sailfish yet21:19
Mister_Magistermal: like rome?21:28
malyes, that exactly, and the chips related to rome21:29
Mister_Magistermal: i didn't shutdown g3 since last time i was porting anbox and it got 35 days uptime lol22:18
Thaodanis fingerprint reader supported on ports=22:25
OrokuSakiAnyone help out with sensors? In my older port, I commented out proximityadapter in primaryusr.conf and changed a value to a negative and it worked.. but not anymore22:32
OrokuSakiat least fingerterm is not rotating anymore, which is how I tested this22:33
OrokuSakitest-sensors shows my sensors though22:33
malOrokuSaki: check faq for things needed for sensors now22:51
OrokuSakioh... krap.. thanks.. give it a go22:56
malit's just one configuration file which is needed now22:56
OrokuSakiCool... that and gstreamer is all I got left. and the camera.. gstreamer works.. but no audio.. so installed gst-libav.. still no working.. so compiling it myself.. I remember that working.. was like a 17MB library file =)22:59
malno audio at all or just in videos?23:05
OrokuSakiMal: no audio with big_buck_bunny_480p_surround-fix.avi tossed in the 26MB file and it works.. I have audio working.. just not with some codecs unless I do that. my friend said not even mp3 worked with just gst-droid23:39
OrokuSakiHe tested my last image I made23:40
OrokuSakiI compiled it back in 2015 or 2016.. with scratchbox2.. not really sure how I did that.. I remember it wasn't easy23:40
malcompiled what?23:42
OrokuSakimy version is 26MB...  also curious what happened to harbour-cameraplus23:42
malnothing happened, it works if you compile it against correct target, it just is not maintained anymore23:51

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