Saturday, 2018-09-22

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entilmal: omg kiitos, I was just thinking about when a new release would be out, will have to check it out soon :)05:36
r0kk3rz@NotKit: is the droid-system-addison package available somewhere?09:24
T4<NotKit> r0kk3rz, no, it's custom LineageOS build, so I had it locally09:25
r0kk3rzah ok, is it full of blobs?09:26
TheKityeah, uploading it just in case09:28
elros1TheKit: did you notice VSYNC udev events in droid 4?
merbotLaunchpad bug 1234743 in systemd "omapfb module floods system with udev events on samsung galaxy nexus" [High,Fix released]09:37
abransonpiggz: sorry, was away yesterday. that looks great! does it work ok then?09:45
r0kk3rzabranson: seems like09:46
TheKitelros1, I didn't notice this personally, but would be good to check09:50
elros1TheKit: I am asking because I have similar issue but patch works only partialy for me :P It's easy to detect it, just run udevadm monitor and you should get flood of events when anything on screen change09:53
TheKiton not Droid 4?09:53
elros1no on allwinner A31 based tablet09:54
abransonr0kk3rz: brilliant. i wonder if eventually it'll be better to query the blob for its output format and adjust the caps to suit, but that'll do for now!10:09
r0kk3rzabranson: yeah it does seem like theres a decent amount of conversion routines in gstreamer already10:10
r0kk3rzmal: @adampiggz:
malr0kk3rz: some old stuff there, I think you shouldn't have pulse configs anymore, if you need some custom parameters to droid module use this kind of file
malr0kk3rz: also check the symlinks in etc, many of those are already in submodule10:31
malr0kk3rz: why does that device need custom bluez configs?10:32
r0kk3rzi have no idea10:32
r0kk3rzask piggz10:32
r0kk3rzbut yes, a lot of the things that need maintaining arent very device specific10:33
malr0kk3rz: also probably a good idea to move to native vibrator instead of the old droid one10:33
r0kk3rzso it would be nice to maintain a bunch of our ports, particularly ones with repos in mer-hybris10:33
malr0kk3rz: native vibrator requires also this change
r0kk3rzmal: do you have access to accept that PR? or do i need to find someone else10:36
malI'll check10:36
malr0kk3rz: nope, I don't have write access to that repo, you probably need sledges, not sure if piggz has10:38
r0kk3rzit'd be really nice if those who have access to things were actually half available10:49
kimmolithat native vibrator just skips one level? If your hw/kernel supports memless, prefer that...10:59
kimmoliponders if "native vibrator" should be called "Myokymia" instead11:06
T4<adampigg> Abranson,  yes works great.11:10
T4<adampigg> Gonna add another feature,  a.quirk to not load the blob, then no jiggery pokery needed11:11
T4<adampigg> Rokk3rz, u trying to make me look bad by fixing up falcon???11:13
malkimmoli: yes, native vibrator uses the vibrator directly and not via android hal like the droid vibrator11:19
r0kk3rz@adampigg: no im trying to make it build :)11:19
r0kk3rz@adampigg: how you look is all on you :P11:19
malI suggest doing the changes I mentioned also and adding the hw-setting.ini for sensors11:20
r0kk3rz@adampigg: same patterns changes need to happen to mido too11:20
T4<adampigg> K, a job for later, in geordie land still11:26
T4<adampigg> Benefits of a ci already11:26
r0kk3rzit takes me like 2min to set up a new device11:26
T4<adampigg> Can i get on it later? (the ci)11:27
r0kk3rzi really wish you could do meta builds with gitlab though11:27
r0kk3rz@adampigg: of course, just let me know your gitlab username11:27
malr0kk3rz: just curious, how did you setup the build environment to gitlab?11:28
r0kk3rzmal: unpacked the platform sdk tarball into a docker container11:32
malr0kk3rz: are those builds in ci intentionally from devel? I mean does any device build testing images from there11:32
r0kk3rzthey are intentionally from devel11:32
r0kk3rzits easy to change of course should any porter choose to11:33
r0kk3rzmal: want one for fp2?11:33
malI'm just thinking about my builds, I would probably do builds locally but thinking which system to use for automation, gitlab is one option, other is jenkins, probably other options11:33
r0kk3rzif you have a lot of devices, id probably use jenkins, you can set up a template and then a short json file to auto create jobs11:35
r0kk3rzbut more generally, the idea here is to make it a bit easier for us as a group to keep ports maintained11:37
r0kk3rzmost of the time, only some basic stuff in the config repo needs changing between releases11:37
malwe just need to have enough permission to modify git repos and OBS builds11:39
malI was wondering why nobody kept maintaining hammerhead11:41
r0kk3rzyeah which is a shame, because i think a few people still care about that device11:48
T4<meierrom> Noob question: What's PR? 😁11:54
malpull request11:54
T4<abhishek_0> Pull Request11:54
T4<meierrom> Thanks!!! 👍11:55
r0kk3rzpublic reputation11:55
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: xd11:58
Mister_Magisterbut its actually tru11:58
Mister_Magisterthe more PR you have the more respect you have11:58
Mister_Magisterexcepy you are pottering11:58
r0kk3rzit is true, just in a different context12:00
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T4<abhishek_0> r0kk3rz every device should have a readme
T4<abhishek_0> containing flashing instructions and link to sources12:08
r0kk3rzi agree12:11
r0kk3rzbut one thing at a time12:12
r0kk3rz@abhishek_0: also check out the build badge on the scorpions ;)12:12
T4<abhishek_0> i should put them in mine too12:15
r0kk3rzyou should12:15
r0kk3rzbut filling out readmes is a little more manual effort than just copying, renaming, and sedding 3 files12:16
T4<abhishek_0> yeah, i just copied mine from the lineage wiki and modified it, now since mine is complete, it is just matter of replacing the specs and details with the new device's12:42
r0kk3rz@abhishek_0: btw you can link to the latest successful artifacts if you want, saves another thing you need to update in the readme12:49
ghosalmartinhas anyone been working a device that has a chipset qualcom 845?14:24
malwhich device are you thinking?14:25
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: me14:26
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, ooo what device?14:26
Mister_Magistercrowdfunded zenfone 5z14:26
ghosalmartinahh the magic no bezel phone they lied about :P14:26
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, got the device yet?14:26
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: i dont have android for it14:27
Mister_Magistertrying to port lineage rn14:27
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, ahh, have you managed to enable config_vt yet?14:27
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: i dont have lineage14:27
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, no kernel at all?14:28
ghosalmartindo they use aosp as their base?14:28
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: kernel sources are on release14:28
Mister_Magisterjust nobody built lineage yet14:28
Mister_Magisterno development at all no twrp14:29
ghosalmartinyeah i saw the xda seems pretty sparse14:29
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: i just need bootable lineage with working things that sfos uses14:31
Mister_Magisterand straight to sfos porting14:31
ghosalmartinfair enough :)14:34
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: btw ive got gitlab building bullhead images -
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, woahh thats awesomee :) whats repos they using14:37
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: what wanna buy some 845 device?14:37
Mister_Magisteror asked just for sake of this flag14:37
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: just pulling stuff off obs14:37
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, my project?14:37
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, cause of flag14:37
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: yup14:37
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: kk14:37
Mister_Magisterill tell you if i get anything14:38
ghosalmartingonna become fully official now :P start a franchise :P bluetooth is the only letdown :(14:38
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, nad thanks, ill let ya know as well if i make any progress14:38
* Mister_Magister installs boobnet on ghosalmartin14:38
malghosalmartin: I hate the rome and cherokee chips so much14:38
Mister_Magistermal: ohh welcome to club14:39
* Mister_Magister first time seeing mal saying that he hates something14:39
ghosalmartinmal: can we not just go through binder?14:39
malghosalmartin: in android 8 probably yes14:39
malghosalmartin: not sure how that could be done in older bases14:39
ghosalmartinmal: seems like tis missing some kind of wake up call14:40
malghosalmartin: I did some testing to see if one magic ioctl I found in android libs helps but it didn't14:41
malghosalmartin: but the device can be seen though, I mean hciattach shows the version for example so the device should be at least partially up14:42
ghosalmartinmal, it does, the code seems sensible but possibly its buggeD?14:43
malghosalmartin: which speeds have you tried?14:43
malI think I'll try to add some debug printing to kernel and hopefully it could tell something14:44
ghosalmartini cant remember tbh its been a while14:44
ghosalmartinbut i did manage to get it to power up one time, and search for devices14:45
ghosalmartinbut nothing would connect14:45
malI never had successful firmware loading14:45
malit timeouts after that because there is no acknowledgement for the last package14:45
ghosalmartinthe way that happened was some weird combination of using bluez4 and qualcomm rather than rome14:46
ghosalmartinbet I haven't managed to recreate it. that day I managed to recreate it quite a few times, but never since14:46
ghosalmartinill fish out my 5x and give it anotehr shot today I think, had enough of playing rocket league :P14:48
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, thats awesome, hopefully now OTAs will be super easy since the base is "stablish" and now this image build will make it even easier. i wont need to depend on this workstation as much :)15:00
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: thats the idea, if you want access to the group let me know15:02
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, please :)15:02
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: gitlab username?15:02
ghosalmartini wish i could change it to ghosalmartin but would probably break too much :P15:02
r0kk3rzare you sure you have a account?15:03
r0kk3rzthis isnt mer gitlab15:03
ghosalmartinam on that now with that account15:04
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, ahh ill register15:05
Mister_Magisterwow before android even starts building i would have sailfishos finished build15:05
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, the username will be ghosalmartin :)15:05
ghosalmartinmal: if i use hciattach /dev/ttyHS0 any i can see the device as hci015:16
malghosalmartin: which flags have you enabled in defconfig?15:22
ghosalmartinCONFIG_BT_HCIUART_H4 and CONFIG_BT_HCIUART as well15:26
malghosalmartin: ok, it seems your kernel is a bit different sony for example has this
malbut that is not in use in android afaik15:33
ghosalmartinmal: hmm might nab that15:45
malin upstream the wcn3990 support is via that afaik15:45
malghosalmartin: which chip does your device, the specific number, like WCN3990 or something15:50
ghosalmartinROME 3.2?15:51
malfor reference the chip used in xa2
ghosalmartinohh qca617415:51
ghosalmartinmal: tbh it seems i should try use the CONFIG_QCA and do the same in bluez15:53
malthere were the rome patches for bluez, I think those would maybe require CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_QCA15:54
malthis is the other part of the sony kernel support
ghosalmartinmal: you tried these?15:59
ghosalmartini may as well :P15:59
ghosalmartinwell they are gems15:59
ghosalmartinthe finds :)15:59
* Mister_Magister *sings* i haate android i hate it so much i hate it even more every second of my life16:08
ghosalmartinmal, woud need to update now16:10
malghosalmartin: not sure16:11
malghosalmartin: I think the patches might be ok16:11
malghosalmartin: in some forum there was a comment whether that should be H4 instead of IBS16:12
ghosalmartini guess you can use either but the IBS is more power efficient?16:12
malno idea what those mean :)16:13
ghosalmartinwe'll see I guess what happens when I add both patches, enable both and flash em :P16:15
ghosalmartinmal: does bluez directly call some kernel functions?16:27
elros1slimport-wip in in hwcomposer-plugin really works, why it was never merged?16:32
malnot reall sure16:32
ghosalmartinelros1, whats that?16:33
elros1hdmi in sfos16:34
ghosalmartinelros1, ooooo16:34
malelros1: did you try it?16:34
elros1yes, I am just using it. Picture disappears from tim to time but I think it's because my  hdmi/mini hdmi convertere16:35
malelros1: which device?16:36
elros1allwinner A31 based tablet (they are all the same)16:36
ghosalmartinmal: feels like in bluez world i should be using HCI_UART_QCA16:37
ghosalmartinfor this patch anyways
malghosalmartin: yes, I mentioned that16:38
ghosalmartinmal, ahh fairs fairs, ill let ya know how i get on, kernels flashed, just gotta get bluez built and flashe16:38
ghosalmartinelros1, looks pretty awesome, have you rebased that branch vs the latest develop?16:48
elros1no, I just updated slimport-wip so it compile on qt 5.616:48
ghosalmartinsorry not develop master16:50
ghosalmartinso is the branch up to date with master?16:50
piggzr0kk3rz: so, i'll create a gitlab account i guess...16:51
piggzi thought i had one, but that was gitorious16:51
elros1no, it's not16:52
elros1here is dirty patch if anyone wants to try it:
piggzr0kk3rz: piggz @ gitlab16:55
elros1any idea how to force pulse audio to use hdmi instead speaker?17:00
ghosalmartinmal: so first patch applies fine, but 2nd patch causes compile issues17:04
elros1got it: pacmd set-sink-port sink.primary output-aux_digital17:10
T4<abhishek_0> r0kk3rz can i have rights to add people to the group ?17:12
ghosalmartinhmm seems like a gcc mismatch of some kind17:21
ghosalmartinanyone any ideas about this?
ghosalmartinah missing some stuff from hci_uart.h17:33
ghosalmartinbleurgh error, forbidden warning: hci_qca.c17:42
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ghosalmartinanyone know where -Werror might reside17:46
piggzmal: how many pattern changes did I need?18:07
malpiggz: just the ones in jolla-configuration-$DEVICE.yaml and
malpiggz: this has the other things
malpiggz: let me know if you want to know what else could be cleaned up18:17
piggzmal: i'll take any recommendations18:17
malyou are using droid vibrator and not the suggested native one18:18
T4<akaWolf> where can I find information about which repo was used to build package at ?18:18
malcheck my comments earlier today on the channel18:18
mal@akaWolf which package?18:19
r0kk3rzusually the path is enough18:19
T4<akaWolf> doesnt matter, I want to know common mechanism...18:19
malssu lr will list repos, zypper if package_name will tell which repo a package is from18:20
T4<akaWolf> there is but there are not all packages18:21
T4<akaWolf> IIUC packages from build... coming to repo..., right?18:21
malwhich repo?18:22
T4<akaWolf> http://repo.merproject.org18:22
maldammit, the whole patch18:22
malwhy can't you just give some details18:22
T4<akaWolf> because I dont want to ask each time18:23
malI already said, you can get the path from ssu lr output18:23
piggzmal: my own install uses native vibrator18:24
piggzmaybe I never changed the default!18:24
piggzmal: am i?
malpiggz: hmm, you have both defined in
malpiggz: it seems your patterns are ok18:26
piggzok, just remove 1 line from .spec?18:26
r0kk3rz@akaWolf: paste us a path, and we can tell you what the bits mean18:26
malpiggz: I think that is good idea, look here
T4<akaWolf> okay18:27
r0kk3rz@akaWolf: ok, so the main project for that is nemo:devel18:28
r0kk3rz@akaWolf: so here -
r0kk3rzthe next part is the build target which is 'sailfish_latest_armv7hl'18:29
ghosalmartinmal: any idea how i can disable -Werror? i cant find exactly were it would be defined for a kenrel build18:31
malghosalmartin: you can't see the warning in build log?18:31
ghosalmartini can, but its being treated as an error18:32
malcan't you fix it?18:32
ghosalmartin error, forbidden warning: hci_qca.c18:32
ghosalmartinno more than that really18:32
T4<akaWolf> mal, r0kk3rz: okay, thanks, looks like I got it..18:33
T4<akaWolf> — this file come from right?18:37
T4<akaWolf> where can I find list of links to the git projects?18:38
malthe _service file is best way to check the used repo18:38
T4<akaWolf> I mean at build.. service there should be a link to corresponding git for each project18:39
T4<akaWolf> yeah, I see, but it should be configurable, I guess18:40
T4<akaWolf> in some way18:40
malyes by editing that file18:40
T4<akaWolf> where is config of project at build service?18:40
T4<akaWolf> interesting18:42
T4<akaWolf> you use osc util for that?18:43
malsometimes, usually I edit the file via the website18:43
r0kk3rzyeah you can do a lot just by poking at the web ui18:44
piggzmal: r0kk3rz: all those changes pushed18:45
malpiggz: ok, will you also fix falcon, there were additional things there, not completely necessary but suggested18:45
r0kk3rzpiggz: do you want the honours of pressing the build button?18:46
piggzr0kk3rz: i think i did...well, i randomly clicked through the web site until i found something like a build button and pressed it18:46
ghosalmartinwarning: initialization from incompatible pointer type is cropping up18:47
ghosalmartinbut am doing &variable18:47
piggzmal: yes, but id rather do the gst-droid video quirks!18:47
r0kk3rzit failed!18:48
r0kk3rzit seems obs has yet to regen the patterns18:48
piggzyes, should be tag 0.3.418:49
malpiggz: r0kk3rz patterns haven't updated18:49
malon OBS that is18:49
piggzmal: droid-config-mido is pulling in 0.3.3, not 0.3.418:51
malpiggz: force update by editing _service file18:52
piggzmal: i was doing ... had to delete revision18:52
piggzmal: there is a webook for that, but it triggered a rebuild of testing: version instead....the _service in testing: does not have a webhook line18:53
piggz[19:37] <merbot> Tag 0.3.4 by piggz in master branch of - which will trigger build in project nemo:testing:hw:xiaomi:mido package droid-config-mido (
piggzi dont see a webhook in
piggzbut i do in
malpiggz: odd that there is still no pattern update19:05
piggzmal: yes19:05
piggzodd, and frustrating19:05
T4<akaWolf> what is for yaml?19:08
T4<akaWolf> is it used somehow now?19:08
r0kk3rz@akaWolf: what yaml?19:09
r0kk3rz@akaWolf: that generates the .spec file19:13
piggzmal: on a seperate subject...mido seems to have GPS problems ... it seems im not getting the 'gps icon' showing when an app opens, and therfroe no location19:24
piggzany idea?19:24
piggzsure it used to wok!19:24
piggzive been in settings and tried high accuracy etc19:24
piggzactually, here maps s working.19:28
T4<akaWolf> r0kk3rz, but I see, there is commits directly in spec:
piggzpure isnt19:28
piggzi guess because of ur-pure-maps[28066]: [W] unknown:0 - QMetaMethod::invoke: Unable to handle unregistered datatype 'QGeoPositionInfo'19:28
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r0kk3rzsounds like a pure maps problem19:32
piggzrinigus: ^^19:32
piggzmaybe the error is a red herring
malpiggz: are you sure gps settings are correct19:37
piggzmal: yes .... but now its working ... somethng seems intermittent19:37
piggzmaybe there were not correct, and opening hte config has fixed it19:38
piggzmal: r0kk3rz: back to CI ... i guess if i cant force a pattern rebuild, we cant build an image19:38
malpiggz: try triggering a rebuild of config package on OBS19:41
malpiggz: pattern updated19:48
piggzabout time!19:48
piggzimage buld appears to be working19:52
piggzmal: building gst-droid with new quirk handling19:55
piggzif it works, i'll ask what you think19:56
piggzmal: works a charm20:07
piggzabranson: ^^20:10
malpiggz: a small style complaint, you have one extra empty line in gstdroidvdec.c20:13
piggzmal: :/
malpiggz: --amend20:15
piggzthat would mean a force push now wouldnt it?20:15
r0kk3rzit would20:16
r0kk3rzdont be scared of the force push20:16
malpiggz: force push is fine in your own repo20:17
piggzr0kk3rz: where does my image land?20:19
malpiggz: jobs20:20
malthere is te download link at the end of the job line20:20
piggznot the best naming convention :D20:21
malmaybe there is some way to configure that20:22
piggzmal: you think the quirk is good to be added to the PR?20:22
malpiggz: seems reasonable, but where exactly is it used?20:23
malI mean that commit only defines the quirk but not how it's used20:23
piggzit does20:24
piggzuse_droid_convert = false...20:24
malah, or is it that use_droid_convert20:24
piggzthe rest is existing code20:24
malneed to think if the quirk name is the best one, maybe abranson will comment on that20:24
piggzwell, i kept it close to the already used variable20:25
piggzbut, abranson can choose20:25
piggzall here
TheKitpiggz, is that quirk for mido?20:27
piggzTheKit: yes ... well, its a general quirk fir if you dont want to use libI420colorconvert.so20:28
piggzif that lib does weird things20:28
TheKitI think it was completely missing on addison20:28
piggzgoes with the rest of the PR, which adds convesion of the simplanar colorspace used on mido and others20:28
TheKityou switched away from gst-omx?20:28
piggzbecuase abranson recommended to, i think its mostly abandoned20:29
r0kk3rzpiggz: yeah you can also just download the usual zip20:31
malr0kk3rz: what do you mean, from where?20:32
r0kk3rzits a little bit hidden in the ui layers to get there20:33
malr0kk3rz: ok, quite well hidden20:34
r0kk3rzyeah... you like go to jobs, click to expand the job, look for browse on the right hand side20:34
malpiggz: could you make the commit messages match the usual style in that repo, also maybe create a mer bug to use in the commits20:35
r0kk3rzotherwise you get the zip in the zip which gitlab gives you20:35
malpiggz: usually a bug reference is required for official repos20:36
malpiggz: probably this is a good place for the bug
piggzmal: ahead fof you
merbotMer bug 1959 in gstreamer "gst-droid and droidmedia do not handle color format YUV420SemiPlanar" [Task,New]20:42
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: is there anything special you need to do with f5121 builds?20:44
piggzmal: better messages?
r0kk3rzstephg: hey, can you point the repo to sailfishos:latest rather than sailfishos: -
malpiggz: bug reference goes to the commit messages like here so you add MER#1959 to the end of both commit messages20:51
piggzanother rebase and force push coming!20:51
malpiggz: it's good to handle this now because you would have to do it anyway20:52
malpiggz: before you force push20:53
piggztoo late!20:53
malok, I think that is ok, I would have used droidvdec as the tag but it seems some commits have used vdec before so probably ok20:54
malso leave it like that for now20:54
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, nahh20:59
ghosalmartini dunno why jolla doesnt just give out the same images it does to customers for community21:00
ghosalmartinsince its the jolla account that activates the good stuff21:00
malpiggz: while you are fixing things, add the bug reference to droidmedia commit also21:00
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: theres not different .ks magic or mic args?21:00
ghosalmartinwell its just off whatever the Sailfish HADK X says21:01
ghosalmartinive had to delete source of my machine as well, ran outta space :P21:01
r0kk3rzmmm slightly different mic args21:07
riniguspiggz: this unregistered qgeopositioninfo is on every start on onyx. gps works fine, never looked into this message and, taking into account list of issues, wouldn't look into it in any reasonable time.21:20
piggzrinigus: its not an issue, but easy to fix21:20
piggzits in the thread i posted21:20
piggzjus register the type21:21
piggzmal: done21:21
piggz<when commit messages take longer than code>21:21
r0kk3rzrinigus: speaking of onyx...
malpiggz: that, looking good21:21
piggzr0kk3rz: what is the url for the propert .zip?21:22
rinigushmm, would have to see where. I'll read the logs tomorrow, if i can. have to sleep ...21:23
malI really should fix my laptop keyboard because many keys barely work21:23
piggzprior to creating a position info source.21:24
rinigusr0kk3rz: i will have to catchup on what's going on :)21:24
r0kk3rzpiggz: this should always link to the latest artifacts -
riniguspiggz: and for qml/python?21:25
piggzrinigus: ah, dunnno .... QMetaType.qRegister,,,,,,,,?21:29
piggzprobably not important as it doesnt cause an issue21:29
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: care to rebase your f5121 config changes with upstream?21:40
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, sure, just not tonight :P22:10
ghosalmartinmaybe tomorrow22:10
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz, my question is why are we building a community version when Jolla can very easily release a working one22:11
Thaodanghosalmartin: what did you change except adding community release?22:20
ghosalmartinThaodan, literally nothing :P i was planning to on enabling modules and other stuff but got lazy22:32
Thaodanwhich modules?22:32
ThaodanI know the feeling :D22:32
ghosalmartinThaodan, any...all :P just enabling CONFIG_MODULES broke everything so... :P22:57
Thaodan was something missing?22:57
ghosalmartinThaodan, seems like the codebase wasnt ready for modulization so probably22:58
ghosalmartincompile errors and wht not22:58
ThaodanIts different from desktop where usally everything is build as a module22:58
Thaodanoh ok22:58

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