Tuesday, 2018-09-25

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T4<adampigg> Video working.well in my current devel:06:44
T4<BirdZhang> Nice06:45
T4<adampigg> Abranson, i forgot to ask...did you understand how the color decoding worked in the patch,.and why the alignment was needed? I just tried 0.and the existing values, .took screenshots, worked out how far off the color was, then picked a new value which worked full time06:46
T4<adampigg> So,.wondered if.you.knew how that related to the format name06:47
abransonadampigg: no, it'll be documented somewhere maybe, but I don't think the name will tell you.07:01
abransonadampigg: did you try videos with different dimensions?07:01
Mister_Magistermonich: ping07:09
T4<adampigg> Abranson, just window and full screen YT vids in browser08:01
* Mister_Magister wanted to advertise his app to @adampigg but he already knows but thats nice anyway cause you can watch something else than yt for example facebook videos08:05
T4<abhishek_0> i am trying to port with aarch64 as a base11:59
T4<abhishek_0> do i need to take extra measures ?11:59
T4<abhishek_0> what are they ?12:11
malmostly just one define in one file, there will be instructions for that at one point of the build12:16
T4<abhishek_0> any commit for reference ?12:18
malnote that PORT_ARCH will still be armv7hl12:20
T4<abhishek_0> why did chse the 32bit targets14:17
T4<abhishek_0> HABUILD_SDK [wt88047] abhishek@ubuntu-s-6vcpu-16gb-sfo2-01:~/64sail$ make -j8 $(external/droidmedia/detect_build_targets.sh $PORT_ARCH $(gettargetarch)) … Using 32bit targets for build … ============================================14:17
krnlingthat's only a detail, your device apparently uses 32 bit media (like most)14:33
T4<abhishek_0> krnling how does it detect it ?14:34
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T4<abhishek_0> *that14:35
krnlyngT4<abhishek_0>: it gets the target arch with gettargetarch command from android, then it checks for a define in a android header and adjusts with PORT_ARCH14:38
r0kk3rzcheck the script14:38
krnlyngi recommend checking the script14:38
T4<abhishek_0> script is inefficient14:45
T4<abhishek_0> i am sure it uses arm64 media14:45
r0kk3rzinefficient or wrong?14:46
krnlyngT4<abhishek_0>: well you may try building the 64 bit libraries, but 32 bit sailfish components will have a hard time loading them. it's only the way sfos accesses it, the internal service bitness is determined elsewhere14:51
T4<abhishek_0> i think i'll manually define the arch .. and see how it goes14:56
elros1if anybody want to test: https://github.com/elros34/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin/tree/external_display15:28
r0kk3rzlooks cool15:41
r0kk3rzdoes it work?15:41
elros1it works for me15:43
r0kk3rzhow do you have the display connected?15:45
elros1through regular hdmi15:47
T4<abhishek_0> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8WfvfdshwC/ any idea about this error ?15:47
r0kk3rzelros1: so like an mhl cable? or15:48
elros1no, just hdmi from tv to mini hdmi in my tablet but I think mhl should also works15:51
r0kk3rzi might buy one and try15:53
merbotNemo bug 765 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][others] Enable external (Slimport/MHL) screen Mirroring/Extending on Wayland" [Task,New]15:53
r0kk3rzwow thats ancient15:57
elros1yes and nobody pick this up ....15:58
T4<abhishek_0> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8WfvfdshwC/ any idea about this error ? Anyone?16:23
mal@abhishek_0 is our target too old? maybe you don't have target in use16:30
T4<abhishek_0> grrr you're right , targets are
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T4<SYasyn> Hello... Can I install sfos as primary and havoc 2 (pie) as secondary in OnePlus 3T ?17:33
malin theory yes if there is multirom available17:40
T4<SYasyn> Great.. let me try... Yes, it's along multirom17:42
T4<meierrom> What is havoc 2 (pie)?17:46
malI think sailfish kernel needs some flags set for multirom support, not sure if there was something else needed17:47
T4<SYasyn> @meierrom [What is havoc 2 (pie)?], It's android custom ROM based on Android 917:49
T4<meierrom> @SYasyn [It's android custom ROM based on Android 9], Thanks! Done by whom?17:54
T4<SYasyn> Team, Havoc..17:56
T4<abhishek_0> wow ,, twrp just failed to install the zip , ended with "Error 255"17:56
T4<abhishek_0> and now with "Error 7"18:07
maldid you update also platform sdk?18:15
T4<abhishek_0> oh yeah i did,18:18
T4<abhishek_0> twrp is broken ,, guess i will waste my time porting twrp now18:18
malor extract rootfs manually, some also had success with older twrp18:21
T4<meierrom> @SYasyn [Team, Havoc..], Thanks for your patience! 👍18:23
T4<SYasyn> 😊18:27
T4<abhishek_0> mal i extracted the rootfs manually for now, i am in, vibrator doesnt seem to work18:33
T4<abhishek_0> test_vibrator works , vibrator on the keyboard works18:33
T4<abhishek_0> but not in the pull down menus and other location18:34
T4<abhishek_0> and audio18:35
* vknecht smiles, finally seeing the second imei in the los base18:35
malmaybe it's just very weak?18:35
vknechtnow it has a chance to work in sfos, I guess :)18:36
malshould be simple to enable in sailfish18:37
T4<abhishek_0> mal yes it is weak in keyboard18:37
T4<abhishek_0> whats the fix ?18:37
vknechtmostly yes, altough it might be a bit harder to make it depend on a property, not set-in-stone config (eg. different image)18:39
malhere are two examples of configuration, adjust values if needed https://github.com/mlehtima/droid-config-fp2-sibon/blob/master/sparse/usr/lib/qt5/plugins/feedback/droid-vibrator-device.ini or https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-config-f5121/blob/master/sparse/usr/lib/qt5/plugins/feedback/droid-vibrator-device.ini18:39
mal@abhishek_0 as usual fp2 repo or official device repos in mer-hybris are good for examples18:40
T4<abhishek_0> kayboard's feedback fixed18:45
T4<abhishek_0> but still not feedback from the ui18:45
T4<adampigg> Abranson, just tested the videos on quirksmode.org and all is good19:23
abransonadampigg: great stuff19:24
vknecht@adampigg thank you :)19:25
vknecht(in advance)19:26
mal@adampigg abranson one thing we did wrong with droidmedia and gst-droid changes is that we didn't update the droidmedia version requirement in gst-droid spec19:57
T4<adampigg> Ah...is droodmedia versioned?19:58
mal@adampigg https://github.com/sailfishos/gst-droid/blob/master/rpm/gst-droid.spec#L2619:59
piggzabranson: do you just want to commit that yourself or want a PR? version is 0.20180725 .120:02
Mister_Magisteri recommend playing with porting android good way of forcing yourself to commit suicide20:03
T4<abhishek_0> agreed20:03
piggzmal: how easy (/difficult) is an x86 port of sfos?20:04
r0kk3rzpiggz: depends, what device?20:05
Mister_Magisterpiggz: its rarely made so there is not many case solved but doable20:05
piggzr0kk3rz: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/19235627414420:05
piggzmy son has one, and, if he tires of it, its  a great form factor with keyboard for sfos20:06
abransonpiggz: i don't think that's really critical. i can do that next time something else goes in20:06
malpiggz: planning on making pure port for that?20:07
Mister_Magisterpiggz: that wouldnt be good for sfos.. imo sfos for tablets makes no sense really20:07
Mister_Magisterall apps and gui is made for phones20:07
piggzmal: maybe in the future, not just now20:07
piggzMister_Magister: i love sfos for mobile dev on my tablet20:07
piggzjust needs the apps written20:07
Mister_Magisteri… em… um…20:08
Mister_Magisterpiggz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Deg7VrpHbM20:08
r0kk3rzpiggz: depends which intel platform its based off, but kernel support for cherrytrail might be ok these days20:10
piggzMister_Magister: why would a tablet + keyboard + editor + compiler not be a useful dev combination? esp if someone likes to work that way20:12
r0kk3rzeasiest way to check is to try and boot an ubuntu live usb20:12
Mister_Magisterpiggz: because ther is no IDE20:12
piggzMister_Magister: tide...needs some work, but a perfectly good editor20:13
Mister_Magisterit gives up on >1k lines files20:13
piggzthere is a console, cmake, qmake etc20:13
Mister_Magisterno suggestions20:14
Mister_Magisterno anything20:14
r0kk3rzi really dont understand why people feel the need to argue about how others work :P20:14
Mister_Magisteri dont argue about how other people work20:14
Mister_Magisteri argue about working on sfos20:14
T4<abhishek_0> what are the latest anbox patches for 3.10 kernel and repo to install it from20:23
piggzNokius: yay, you confirm a bug on mido20:27
piggzid love a fix for this https://together.jolla.com/question/190096/bugxa2-wifi-sharing-not-working/20:27
piggzseems to not happen to other devices tho20:27
piggzmal: what were you referring to the other day when you said systemd didnt work correctly?20:51
malpiggz: if you run systemctl status, does it tell on your device if it's in degraded mode i.e. some service has failed20:52
piggzmal: yes20:53
malpiggz: I just wanted fp2 to now show it as degraded anymore and fixed all services20:54
piggzmal: what changes are needed?20:54
malI had missing mem cgroup stuff and some failing special mounts20:55
piggzmal: are those picked up by the kernel checker?20:56
malbut one mount couldn't easily be fixed with kernel flags so I made build skip adding it20:57
piggzmal: strange, in my main config, i set CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR ... but in .config, it is omitted ... i guess something higher up needs enabled first21:12
piggzmaybe a patch is needed to add config_cgroup_mem21:13
malpiggz: wich kernel version21:16
piggzmal: 3.1821:16
malpiggz: newer kernels need the other flags https://github.com/mer-hybris/mer-kernel-check/commit/bddb9e364ee6eca4cba72b16004855de023728db21:17
piggzmal: ah, i have those anyway21:18
piggzwere thay needed for anbox21:19
malthat and also some other things21:20
piggzmal: so, my degraded state is maybe something else .. 6 failures21:20
malpiggz: so what fails for you?21:21
malwhich services are listed as failing21:21
piggzmal: 5 mounts, and dnsmasq21:21
malok, dnsmasq always fails, it's from anbox21:22
piggzdev-bfqio.mount dev-cpuctl.mount dev-stune.mount oem.mount21:22
malpiggz: I think you can disable those like this https://github.com/mlehtima/droid-hal-fp2-sibon/commit/266c8da4b1db60bc8f240d782dd95abfe52f316021:30
malpiggz: oem.mount looks bad, why does it fail21:30
piggzmal: claims to not be ext421:31
malpiggz: but android fstab said it should be?21:40
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