Saturday, 2018-10-06

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piggzmal: started a new app wth c++ models08:41
piggzi will do a basic UI, a bit nicer than the current demo08:41
piggzand see how it works08:41
piggztho, today I also need new shoes, and to fit skirting boards along one side of the house, so it will not be ready until later!08:41
abransonnow that gst-droid is detecting things like iso properly, it would be good if those values were picked up in qtmultimedia. i think camerabin will pass them through09:41
abransonmal: i'd forgotten about that iso hack. that should query gst-droid directly now I guess.09:54
abransonjust like for the resolutions09:54
malabranson: yep, I can implememnt that if it's ok for you?10:37
abransonmal: whatever you feel like doing is ok for me!10:38
malabranson: fp2 needs iso detection because it runs droid-camres after update or installation10:38
abransonah yes. final goal here is to make that unnecessary ;)10:39
malabranson: yes, but that needs changes in jolla-camera and qtmultimedia10:41
vesimHi, the maximum supported version of CM/Lineage OS is still 14.1?12:12
malbut that is still a bit work in progress and some things are not merged yet, for example libhybris package12:16
malactually 15.1, not 15.012:17
vesimomg, there is no official lineage os for galaxy s8 x.x12:20
malit doesn't have to be official lineageos, unofficial is fine as long as you have the source device and kernel repos and it work well enough12:28
vesimthe only available is:
vesimi think i will go for galaxy s912:32
Thaodanwhy samsung at all?12:40
vesimThaodan: personal preference12:44
vesimand also S8 have great quality/price ratio right now12:45
Thaodanhas it hardware buttons?12:45
Thaodan*does it have12:45
vesimexpect on the side12:45
ThaodanThe thing is they are really unfriendly and void warranty12:46
Thaodanon modding12:46
Thaodanin a way even google is better for modding than Sony cause you can relock with custom keys12:46
vesimthere is a way to relock samsung phones12:47
Thaodanbut not the option to run your custom rom afterwards or not?12:49
vesimiirc it require to flash the official samsung rom(including bootloader)12:52
ghosalmartinMister_Magister, you still tryna make some huawei port work?14:43
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: later but ye14:50
Mister_Magisternot now tho14:50
mal@adampigg your model thingy could have been done also using a simple "model: ["apples", "oranges", "pears"]" in repeater, and using the index of that as the enum17:35
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T4<adampigg> mal: true19:16
mal@adampigg simpler than making a c++ model just for that19:18
piggzmal: yeah, ive already staarted a c++ model tho!but i plan to also make use of ::suportsExposureMode()19:18
malpiggz: yep, if you are going the check which modes are supported then c++ model might be a good idea19:19
b0n0Guys i noticed that bluetooth and media dont work as well. Can the problem be in systemd or something about createrepo command? (I deleted createrepo line in zip build script because it didnt exist)20:25
malb0n0: what script do you mean?20:26
malb0n0: it's createrepo_c now20:27
b0n0mal: the create patterns one20:27
b0n0mal: there is a createrepo line as well20:27
b0n0It's modifyrepo not createrepo, sry20:29
malb0n0: you need to update your droid-config-device submoduel20:29
malcheck faq for instructions how to update all submodules20:30
b0n0mal: why? Thats upstream20:30
b0n0And i updated them some time ago20:30
malb0n0: just do what I said20:31
malif you use the latest target ( then you need to have latest submodules20:31
b0n0But if the submodule contains modifyrepo command i will have it even if i update it20:32
malit uses modifyrepo only if modifyrepo_c is not found20:33
malso are you missing both?20:33
b0n0No, anyway i commented "modifyrepo" line, so that shouldnt be a problem20:34
malhave you installed android-tools-hadk in platform sdk as told in chapter 4.2 of hadk (that changes in some recent version)20:34
b0n0Not that i remember20:35
r0kk3rzthen install it20:36
malyou now fixing a problem in a way that can cause problems in the future20:36
maland probably will cause problems20:36
b0n0Problems like having bluetooth, media and wifi not working?20:37
malthere should usually never be a reason to modify the submodule scripts (at least not for normal porters)20:37
malb0n0: nothing to do with this issue20:37
malb0n0: have you checked faq for bluetooth and wifi fixing?20:38
malso that's the place to start20:38
vesimWhich files are required to get alien dalvik working on non-official device?20:38
b0n0Just checked20:38
b0n0Nothing in the hadk20:39
malb0n0: I said faq20:40
malas linked in channel topic20:40
b0n0Yes hadk faq20:40
r0kk3rzsteeeve: did those things work before?20:40
b0n0Nothing there20:40
b0n0r0kk3rz: yes20:41
r0kk3rzand what did you do, just rebuilt new version?20:41
malI thought you never had those working20:41
r0kk3rzyou updated targets and sdk?20:41
b0n0I just updated the submodules and the sdk stuff20:41
malso you broke something20:41
b0n0mal: in the previous version they worked, but since july i think i didnt change anything in my port, except updating submodules20:42
malvesim: we don't talk about alien dalvik here20:42
vesimmal: ok20:43
malb0n0: but you did update target and sdk?20:43
b0n0Ive deleted it and reinstalled as well20:44
malb0n0: show you adaptation repos20:44
b0n0Theyre here all
r0kk3rzb0n0: doesnt sound like anything obvious, you'll need to debug20:45
r0kk3rznobody else so far as had such issues with the latest version20:45
malwifi breaking sounds very odd20:46
b0n0I tried to debug dmesg and systemctl: in dmesg theres nothing and the only services that are failing are dev-stune, dev-cpuctl and jounald flush20:46
b0n0In logcat theres nothing at all about those issues20:47
maljournalctl gives stuff for sailfish20:47
r0kk3rzpretty sure theres never nothing in dmesg :P20:47
b0n0Jounalctl is disabled20:47
malb0n0: why?20:47
r0kk3rzit sounds like all your fixes didnt make it into your tree20:47
b0n0Because it used to cause reboots20:48
b0n0Ive disabled it since forever20:48
mallack of journalctl makes debugging more difficult20:49
r0kk3rzmaybe try reenabling it20:50
b0n0Yes i know20:50
b0n0r0kk3rz: no way20:50
malb0n0: have you checked that you have the kernel module for wlan?20:50
malb0n0: so you are never going to fix that?20:50
b0n0It causes reboots in every linux mobile os20:50
b0n0mal: now i habe wifi as builtin, fwpath contains "sta" so, it should work20:51
b0n0But it doesnt :/20:51
malb0n0: but your config repo has a wlan service for loading the module?20:51
b0n0Yes but i removed it to test built in driver20:54
b0n0Since as module it doesnt even load20:54
malso what is the error as module?20:54
b0n0Just a could not load driver text20:55
b0n0Nothing else in the dmesg20:56
r0kk3rzi assume it did load before right?20:56
b0n0But now i would like to test as built in since the driver gets loaded at least and then, when i fix it ill build it as module20:56
b0n0r0kk3rz: yes20:56
r0kk3rzdid you rebuild the hal in your latest image?20:57
malsailfish builds do not just break like that20:57
malso there is something missing or some done really wrong20:57
b0n0Whats the tool that brings the wlan interface up?20:57
malconnman handler networking20:58
b0n0I can try to manually do it20:58
malb0n0: so you had the module working before?20:58
b0n0Yes, in the past everything worked except audio on fm radio20:58
malb0n0: does your kernel have bulltin support for bluez5 or do you use backported drivers?21:00
b0n0Backported drivers i thinl21:01
elros1did you copy compiled modules after messing with kernel to /lib/modules/`uname -r`  ? Then depmod -a and modprobe21:01
b0n0I think backported21:02
malb0n0: did you rebuild hybris-hal when doing the new build?21:02
b0n0But  here is the commit
b0n0elros1: dont mind modules21:03
b0n0I want to make it woriking with builtin and then i will focus on module21:03
malI would just do a clean rebuild of all and see what happens21:03
b0n0Hmm, seems legit21:03
b0n0Will do it tomorrow morning :D21:04
maland by clean rebuild I mean removing out/ folder, rebuilding hybris-hal (and droidmedia and audioflingerlgue), packaging those and removing hybris/mw/ and rebuilding build_packages.sh21:05
b0n0Yes yes, i have a professional build script21:05
elros1why do you think it will work as builtin? It's not like in android, we don't have system and firmware partitions mounted immediately21:05
malb0n0: btw, you should probably update external/droidmedia, you seem to be using gst-omx which is not supported, latest fixes in droidmedia have made it work for most who used gst-omx21:06
b0n0elros1: because at least in built in the driver loads, anyway before trying to fix it i will try to rebuild21:06
b0n0mal: what is external/droidmedia?21:06
malb0n0: but you had module working so you should just fix that and not try to fix something that wasn't used before21:07
b0n0You mean the lineage repo?21:07
malb0n0: in android source tree, so run repo sync external/droidmedia in $ANDROID_ROOT21:07
b0n0Ok, ill try that as well21:08
malthere are fixes in that for some issues with video playback for example21:08
b0n0Color distortion?21:09
b0n0Ok, thats why i was using gts-omx :P21:09
malsome devices need a quirk to be enabled in configs for color fix but we'll see that once you have rebuilt21:09
b0n0Ok we'll see21:10
r0kk3rzah maybe thats why media broke, gstreamer update21:14
malr0kk3rz: indeed, could be21:18
malbut that doesn't explain the other issues21:18
r0kk3rzmeh 15 patches...21:24
malr0kk3rz: ?21:28
r0kk3rzif i get bored i'll update it21:32
malis there any device that still needs it?21:36
r0kk3rzno idea, hopefully not21:42

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