Saturday, 2018-10-13

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ghosalmartinmal: is there anyway to disable the booster temporarily?14:39
r0kk3rzfrom what, everything?14:41
ghosalmartinpreferably, my ui is crashing when any application opens except the magical, the wonderful, tutorial14:43
r0kk3rzbut not if you run via terminal?14:46
r0kk3rzjust launching an app in terminal wont use booster14:46
ghosalmartinhmm ill give that a shot thanks :)14:47
ghosalmartinstill breaks, i guess we can leave out eh booster then14:48
ghosalmartinbut fingerterm opens with no issues if I open it from terminal14:59
r0kk3rzwhats it say when it crashes?15:03
ghosalmartinlemme get some magic logs :P15:05
ghosalmartinits using the surfaceflinger plugin15:06
ghosalmartinwhat really stands out is the *** Error in `/usr/bin/lipstick': double free or corruption (!prev): 0x00fbd230 ***15:08
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T4<Hirok_Dem> Hi16:20
T4<Hirok_Dem> There's no people here?16:20
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ghosalmartinThere are always people here16:33
ghosalmartincan someone explain to me wtf T4 is :P16:34
DylanVanAsscheghosalmartin: T4 is the Telegram bridge16:34
ghosalmartin...theres a telegram bridge :O16:35
ghosalmartinis there a decent telegram client for sfos?16:35
DylanVanAsscheI use Depecher every day, pretty decent. You can find it on OpenRepos :)16:36
ghosalmartinDylanVanAssche, so thats installed, but how do I need a telegram bridge, seperate package?16:39
DylanVanAsscheghosalmartin: You don't need to use the bridge itself, you need to join the SFOS porters channel on Telegram. T4 will automatically mirror the IRC chat in both directions.16:40
DylanVanAsscheInvite link:
ghosalmartinyeah am struggling to use the app :P do I just go to settings and click the cloud icon?16:43
DylanVanAsscheJoining using an invite link isn't supported yet, I'm afraid. You need to use the web client or the desktop client. After joining, the channel will show up in Depecher16:44
ghosalmartinah i see16:44
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T4<ghosalmartin> Test16:46
DylanVanAsscheghosalmartin: For T4 to work (pinging) you should set your username in Telegram16:46
T4<DylanVanAssche> Test OK :)16:46
ghosalmartinhave done now :) thanks16:46
T4<ghosalmartin> Been looking for something like this for a while16:47
T4<DylanVanAssche> Ah now you found it :)16:47
ghosalmartinindeed :) very handy16:48
ghosalmartinso will the telegram client store mentions even if am not online?16:49
DylanVanAsscheI'm not exactly sure if that works but I think it will, T4 will mention you on Telegram and Depecher should pick it up as a real mention.16:50
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