Monday, 2018-10-15

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masya_Я здесь: Молодогвардійськ, Украина11:46
masya_Hi. Is there any methods to port SFOS for Treble?11:48
malsome parts of android 8 based ports use treble/hidl, not sure what exactly is the difference in those anyway11:49
r0kk3rzat current, you cant really 'port sfos to treble'12:06
r0kk3rznot without putting in binder interfaces into everything we use natively12:06
T4<adampigg> mal is tackling that though!13:00
r0kk3rzimo its kinda going backwards though13:01
r0kk3rzless away from linux and more towards android13:02
malnot many options through13:02
T4<ghosalmartin> If android keep their apis stable thanks to treble, it would make our lives much easier. Guess get an android 8 port fully workibg and see how much trouble it is to move to android 913:22
malthe APIs are now versioned so those should be stable13:23
T4<ghosalmartin> Tempted to nab the mi mox 3 and attempt it, but i guess i need to make the mi mix 2 work first :p13:24
Mister_Magister@ghosalmartin at this rate google will drop android13:24
T4<ghosalmartin> For what :p sfos?13:25
Mister_Magisterfucshia or how was it called13:25
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T4<ghosalmartin> I wonder if they would, would manufactures follow? I know the allure of the play store is strong, but many might see it as an excuse to go there own way with there own fork of android or maybe even tizen :p13:26
r0kk3rzknowing goog they'll changes their minds before really switching to fuchia13:28
Mister_Magister@ghosalmartin android 9 seems to be last android there is no mentions of next android13:28
T4<ghosalmartin> If google wants to shoot itself in the foot more power to it13:30
T4<ghosalmartin> I mean android does need a rewrite, but they seem to of invested so much ibto treble i cant see them abandoning it after just 2 iterations13:30
Mister_Magisterrolling release? xD13:31
r0kk3rzonly goog would think they could ask all their vendors to retool on fuchia...13:33
r0kk3rzthey'd sooner fork android13:33
T4<ghosalmartin> Dunno about that apple do a our way or the highway oretty well13:36
r0kk3rzwell apple doesnt have vendors13:37
T4<ghosalmartin> It has customers that it shows the middle finger to on a frequent basis and they love it13:41
T4<ghosalmartin> Gotta get that dongle :p gotta catch em all13:42
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taixzomal: any update on matissewifi?13:56
maltaixzo: no14:15
T4<adampigg> woop, some PRs merged14:57
mal@adampigg just in wrong order14:57
mal@adampigg gst-droid master is now broken14:58
r0kk3rzblame abranson14:58
T4<adampigg> yeah, i worried about that when i saw it...blame abranson14:59
T4<adampigg> i will do new pr for plugsin later14:59
T4<adampigg> or, abranson can fix the whitespce only changes?15:00
T4<adampigg> it will be 7pm ish bst before i look15:00
abransonok, fixing now15:26
T4<adampigg> So, that leaves the qtmm changes15:27
T4<adampigg> And then onto extra features15:28
T4<adampigg> hmmm, my electric supplier just went out of business15:44
T4<adampigg> if i go offline, you know why!15:45
T4<adampigg> :D15:45
r0kk3rz@adampigg: which one?16:00
T4<adampigg> usio energy16:00
r0kk3rzbetter switch quickly then16:01
T4<adampigg> website says not to16:01
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz, seems there is a load of brexit talk today (apols for political subject change!)16:10
mal@adampigg abranson r0kk3rz I trigger update of gst-plugins-bad in devel common because gst-droid was otherwise broken16:18
abransondidn't mer-boss do it?16:18
T4<adampigg> ah, great .... i dont think other changes to plugins will be needed to get more properties into qt16:19
malabranson: no because I still had the custom version from my repo there (the jifmux fix which was merged to master already but forgot to update that), also no webhook16:19
T4<adampigg> abranson...obv im working on qt 5.6 ... will you look to merge into 5.9 as i guess that will be the next version to get these features16:20
abransonadampigg: yeah stick on 5.6 for now16:21
T4<adampigg> mal, r0kk3rz, fancy trying out my qtmm branches with your camera?16:31
T4<adampigg> now that the other repos are done, it shoul16:31
T4<adampigg> d be easier16:32
malyes, I was just about to test, first I'll make sure the changes work without that (i.e. that it didn't anything existing)16:32
T4<adampigg> great, you to can begin hacking on advaned-camera16:34
T4<adampigg> kimmoli, i will accept name suggetions ;)16:34
r0kk3rz@adampigg: stand by for brexageddon16:38
T4<adampigg> Its all a crock of <poo emoji>16:39
T4<adampigg> mal, resolution and focus modes still need implementd16:40
r0kk3rzyeah its time to eject16:40
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mal@adampigg I have issues building advanced camera on OBS17:08
T4<adampigg> Go on17:08
mal@adampigg Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: multimedia17:09
malmaybe some dependency is missing from spec, I'll check17:09
T4<adampigg> Sounds like it17:10
r0kk3rzpkgconfig(QtMultimedia) is missing17:10
maltesting build now and if it works I'll make a PR17:15
r0kk3rzso that needs patched qtmultimedia, gst-droid, droidmedia?17:20
mal@adampigg what am I missing, with new QtMultimedia camera fails completely17:22
T4<adampigg> You have new plugins and gst-drood?17:23
malOct 15 20:21:29 Sailfish amera[13207]: [W] unknown:0 - CameraBin error: "Could not initialize supporting library."17:24
malOct 15 20:21:29 Sailfish amera[13207]: [W] unknown:0 - CameraBin error: "Could not open file \"cap_%d\" for writing."17:24
T4<adampigg> What do you get?17:24
malthat error17:24
T4<adampigg> Oh17:24
T4<adampigg> The patches arnt that fundamental!17:25
T4<adampigg> What about hal1 droidmedia?17:26
malthis is fp2, it uses hal1 anyway17:26
malpiggz: which branch should I use mer-5.6-gst-properties or mer-5.6-android-modes?17:27
T4<adampigg> Second, but make sure it has first changes too17:28
malactually first one seems newer17:28
piggzsorry, yes17:29
malpiggz: but even jolla-camera failed to work so something is really wrong, need to debug more after rebuilding that with correct branch17:29
piggzi too broke jolla camera, but that was with a broken gst-droid which got blacklisted17:30
piggzdo gst-instpect to make sure17:30
malpiggz: at least gst-inspect-1.0 droidcamsrc worked fine, not sure what I should be looking for17:32
piggzno, that sounds fine17:33
malneed to test with GST_DEBUG17:34
piggzwell, have fun ... im taking my lad to football!17:35
malpiggz: mer-5.6-gst-properties fails to build also17:35
malCameraBinExposure::supportedParameterRange(QCameraExposureControl::ExposureParameter, bool*) const':17:36
mal[  295s] camerabinexposure.cpp:104:56: error: 'str_value' was not declared in this scope17:36
mal[  295s]                  supportedExposures = QString::fromUtf8(str_value);17:36
piggzoh heck, sorry,17:36
piggzhave i not pushedd that17:36
* piggz checks17:36
malalso some nice typo in that latest commit "exposure_modes_sring"17:38
piggz1 minute17:38
piggzat least i didnt PR this yet :D17:40
piggzjust checking builds.....17:40
piggzmal, push --force, it was like the error never existed!17:43
piggzaway now17:43
malpiggz: thanks, building now17:52
T4<adampigg> Fingers crossed, tho not sure why it would break camera with the old qtmm18:02
mal@adampigg camera works again18:04
mal@adampigg but no HDR in advanced camera settings18:05
T4<adampigg> Mal, do you have any exposure modes?18:11
malno, which one should have those18:14
abransonWould love to stop that from creating cap_%d in nemo home18:14
mal@adampigg it seems it doesn't see the exposure modes18:19
T4<adampigg> Pr's welcomed18:20
kimmoliwithout any modifications, should i see something with gst-inspect?18:29
kimmolii can see exposure modes auto and normal, but under GstDroidCamSrcImageMode i see Normal, ZSL and HDR18:30
malkimmoli: gst-inspect doesn't list things properly I think18:30
malkimmoli: if you want to test new qtmultimedia and advanced camera I have prebuilt here
T4<adampigg> Mal, add debugging to camerbin qtmm to see if properties are rerurned18:39
kimmolihac segfaults18:47
malkimmoli: hmm18:48
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolishould there be different names than in
malkimmoli: ok, so piggz forgot to fix that18:58
malkimmoli: did you remember to update other packages also, meaning gst-droid and gst-plugins-bad?18:59
kimmolithese goes there?18:59
kimmolimal: where those are built?18:59
kimmolino, as i jumped in on a moving train :)19:00
malkimmoli: latter in devel common, gst-droid in your OBS obviously19:00
malkimmoli: I'll fix the names19:01
T4<adampigg> Mal, i fixed that yesterday,  just not pushed19:04
T4<adampigg> Gimme 15 mins to get home!19:05
r0kk3rzits not fixed until its pushed :P19:09
kimmoliyou can do it while driving. dont.19:12
mal@adampigg ok, I already fixed it locally19:12
kimmoliäh, forgot to push tags...19:18
piggzmal: kimmoli: r0kk3rz: home and pushed19:19
piggzmal: forgot, u need the timing hack19:20
piggzits pushed also19:20
piggzmal: that probably fixes it for you19:25
kimmolishould it say QCameraImageCapture error: "Camera not ready"19:28
malpiggz: now it works19:28
malpiggz: many things to improve, like showing which mode is currently used19:31
piggzdiscussed the timing issue with abranson yesterday on telegram, and he definitely said the best fix was to just slap a timer in the app ;)19:32
piggzmal: its not even 0.1 yest!19:32
piggzbut yes, i did thing about using the icons for indication19:33
kimmoliwhat is the icon with rubiks cube?19:34
malkimmoli: resolution19:35
malkimmoli: it was from official icons19:35
kimmoliok, that does nothing19:35
malyes, many things missing19:35
kimmolialso taking a photo?19:36
piggzno, i made that icon19:36
piggzmissing is resolution and focus so far19:37
piggzbut, atleast we can now work on it together19:37
r0kk3rzrubiks cube :D19:37
piggzmal: so, taken an hdr?19:51
piggzi was thinking19:51
piggzsome stuff in the camera api does not really map into Qt19:51
malpiggz: yes, tested HDR but cannot be sure if it worked, I took the picture indoors19:52
piggzso, maybe we could keep the quirks, and, for example, when setting exposure mode to hdr, also set the hdr quirk19:52
piggzmal: you can kinda tell, it takes a little longer to take the image19:52
piggzso that would be a good indication19:52
malyes, it was slower19:52
piggzmal: what effects do you have? neon/emboss like me?19:54
kimmolionyx got "None, Grayscale, Negative, Solarize, Sepia, Posterize, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Aqua, Emboss, Sketch, Neon"20:09
kimmoliand "Auto, Portrait, Night, Backlight, Sports, Snow, Beach, Action, Landscape, Night Portrait, Theatre, Sunset, Steady Photo, Fireworks, Party, Candlelight, Automatic Scene Detection, Flowers, Augmented Reality, HDR"20:10
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mal@adampigg yes, pretty much all there is20:16
malkimmoli: seems the same that I have20:19
kimmolilarge and small apertures missing20:19
abransonpiggz: timing issue? Don't remember that...20:22
piggzabranson: i was being funny....20:25
piggzit was about the fact the property isnt available until after the camera is ready ... my _temporary_ fix is a Timer{} in the app ;)20:26
malkimmoli: same here20:26
piggzi didnt yet implement retreiving the color modes from android, as it seems so far our devices implement them all20:27
piggzneed a todo list ... i will update the etherpad i started for this20:27
malpiggz: I can write one for app20:30
malI mean a todo list20:30
piggzmal: on ?20:31
malpiggz: I'll wait until you have done your current edits20:31
b0n0Fresh with the cash20:36
b0n0Oops, wrong chan :P20:36
piggzmal: feel free to continue todo list20:37
piggzand any other thoughts20:37
b0n0Yeah, oops isnt even enough to describe the way im feelong right now :/20:37
malat least that wasn't anything bad20:39
b0n0Yeah, just a professional rhyme20:39
malpiggz: added couple of items to todo list20:42
piggzmal: what do you mean 'main app icon' !!!!!20:42
piggzthat took me 10 mnutes in inkscape!20:42
malpiggz: hmm, I don't have any app icon20:43
malpiggz: wondering why the app icon is not shown on my device20:44
piggzmal: restart lipstick as you maybe didnt have an icon on the first versin you built20:44
malpiggz: reinstall helped20:45
abransonpiggz: I remember that! But I'm sure there's a better way21:24
piggz_abranson: yes you said to register for property changes21:31
abransonOr camera2 I think doesn't need to start the camera to get the static props21:34
piggz_mal: part 1 of focus modes pushed,21:56
ghosalmartinanyone know who the hell implements "__system_property_area_init"?21:57
ghosalmartinah ./libc/bionic/system_properties.cpp:int21:57
ghosalmartinmal: have you had any issues initing the property area at all?22:03
malghosalmartin: many times, often it's either some issue with selinux, one example is missing property contexts or related things22:09
malghosalmartin: just to be sure you haven't accidentially disabled audit or selinux from kernel completely? only the selinux bootparam should be used and audit enabled22:10
ghosalmartinmal:... so audit=0 is bad? :22:11
malcould be, you added that to kernel commandline yourself?22:11
ghosalmartinyeah, we used it for chiron22:12
malghosalmartin: only thing you should add to kernel commandline is selinux=022:12
malghosalmartin: also make sure you don't disable audit in defconfig, some people accidentially disable it because they don't read the description in kernel checker22:14
ghosalmartinyeah didnt disable it there jic22:15
malghosalmartin: on 14.1 missing detritus easily caused property area failure because it contained property contexts22:16
ghosalmartinhmm if I remove audit=0 then no more telnet access22:17
maldo you see anything in host dmesg?22:18
ghosalmartinattempts to register itself as a standard android device22:18
ghosalmartinah so mer is coming first, then other stuff22:19
ghosalmartinso maybe its trying to load some init.usb.r22:19
malI missed that from core22:20
ghosalmartinill nuke it22:20
ghosalmartinhave you guys figured out a way to roll hybris-boot and android recovery?22:20
malcompare to
malghosalmartin: what do you mean, like built in recovery in kernel?22:21
ghosalmartinmal: yeahh22:22
ghosalmartinsince this dev rolls both together22:22
malI used that kind of thing on xperia pro and other 2011 xperias22:22
ghosalmartinhmm that didnt work, perhaps something inside init.marlin.rc22:24
malmaybe you should mask droid-hal-init and start it manually to debug it more easily22:29
T4<ghosalmartin> Yeah some success with that, tbf the entire rootfs is a mess now, so might build a new zip that more uo to date with bootctl and surfaceflinger targets23:07

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