Wednesday, 2018-10-24

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MeowDudeHey guys, has anyone set up a reliable build environment on mac?09:30
r0kk3rzmac != linux, you need linux09:31
MeowDudeI figured it was unix so I was good09:34
MeowDudeand since you can build AOSP... crap09:34
ThaodanMeowDude: osx only got chroot. If osx got jails like bsd it could.09:34
Thaodanyou need a linux chroot09:35
MeowDudeGuess it's VM time09:35
MeowDudemy build times are going to be so bad. 2.53Ghz Core 2 Duo and 6GB of ram in a VM, what do you guys think?09:35
ThaodanMeowDude: aosp uses a osx cross compiler and runs the whole toolchain in osx. But you need the sfos chroot at least to build the middleware.09:37
Thaodancould be a bit slow you could a remote vps for a few bucks09:38
MeowDudehmm... nah I think a VM is my best bet09:39
MeowDudehow much space do you think I'd need assuming I skim on space by only downloading one branch, flag with -c, and be keen on space? 60GB? 80GB? I am thinking 100-120GB but I don't want to go overboard.09:40
MeowDudeIt's been a while, lowest I've gone is on a chrooted chromebook and a mounted micro sd card at 30GB, but that was a nightmare.09:41
r0kk3rzThaodan: im not sure sb2 would work on osx, it needs more than just a chroot09:45
Thaodanr0kk3rz: yes a chroot with linux support like linuxemu on bsd thats why I talked about jails09:46
r0kk3rzah i didnt realise that was a thing09:47
r0kk3rzi dont ever touch anything in bsdland09:48
Thaodanyes that how you can run for example steam on bsd.09:48
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MeowDudeThey updated the hack oh my god11:06
MeowDudenever mind nothing has changed11:09
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T4<adampigg> woop, im doing an online webinar tomorrow, so might be able to multi-task wth #mer-meeting19:44
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