Friday, 2018-11-02

T4<BusterBg_18> Audio fixed, But the ADRENO_QUIRKS fixed nothing, still getting only gallery thumbnails, however some images are able to load01:02
T4<BusterBg_18> Messed up WiFi even worse01:03
T4<BusterBg_18> And audio isnt routing to earphones01:03
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UmeaboyI have managed to get my user added to do sudo commands in the HADK, but following this HADK I can't get the ubuntu-chroot -r $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu command working in the 4.4.2 part:
UmeaboyI know that guide is for the Samsung Galaxy S7, but I have the S6 Edge so I thought that it wouldn't be a problem..07:31
UmeaboyEverything worked just fine until that line.07:31
Umeaboybash: ubu-chroot: command not found07:32
UmeaboyThat's the result.07:32
UmeaboyI can start over, but I don't think I missed anything.07:32
UmeaboyI see it's been moved to 4.3.2 in the latest HADK.07:41
UmeaboyHowever it still doesn't work.07:42
UmeaboyI guess I'll start over.....07:42
T4<NotKit> Umeaboy, check what package is it in and install07:43
UmeaboyNotKit: So it's an external package?07:44
T4<NotKit> android-tools07:46
T4<elros34> You need android-tools-hadk07:46
T4<elros34> Use HADK pdf instead some outdated guide07:47
UmeaboyFinally it's working.07:50
UmeaboyThanks. :)07:50
UmeaboyIt's still at hybris-11.0 in the HADK. Isn't it recommended to use hybris-14.1 ?07:59
T4<elros34> Use base which has best support for your device08:01
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UmeaboyCan anyone of you create a hybris-14.1 branch here, please?08:04
UmeaboyI'd like to add my device.08:04
UmeaboyIt's officially supported by Lineage.08:04
mgrovermorning all, probably too early to ask but is 3.x.x in obs yet? :P people are asking08:09
T4<BirdZhang> @mgrover target is not out
mgroverahh okays, ta08:10
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r0kk3rzzotan: what do you mean unreliable? you need a jolla account to use the store and that should be it08:33
spiiroinMister_Magister: there is little to test in that pr, more like having it might help you identify when the proximity sensor problems you have had begin -> better context for checking journal09:04
UmeaboyGotta go!09:07
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I'm getting an error building hybris-hal, product/$DEVICE/kernel is missing and needed for product/$DEVICE/boot.img10:14
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Maybe I have to build the kernel manually?10:15
r0kk3rzyou do have a kernel repo in that path right?10:20
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Sorry I meant that it was asking for it in the "out" directory but I solved copying the kernel in the asked directory, now I have another error about "hadk/out/host/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/apksig_intermediates/classes.jar" missing and needed, I really don't know how to solve it10:39
r0kk3rzyou shouldnt manually copy anything to the out directory...10:42
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Right, but I have the kernel in the manifest and it seems to not work anyway.. can I send my manifest.xml somewhere, maybe on pastebin?10:45
r0kk3rzbut is it in the directory...10:48
T4<MarcoDS_bit> in the hadk directory I have the kernel/xiaomi/whyred/ dir (so my device kernel dir)10:50
r0kk3rzis that the right location though10:54
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Following the hadk guide it should be the right path10:57
lintuxidoMarcoDS_bit- may be you need to remove apk which require that classes.jar11:09
r0kk3rzalso check the make files in the kernel repo11:11
lintuxidoCheck proprietary-files.txt and you can remove apk from it.11:13
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I'll try but how can I solve the 'out/target/product/whyred/kernel' without copying things manually? It should auto-build the kernel but doesn't right?11:17
r0kk3rzit should yeah11:19
r0kk3rzcheck the make files, since thats what it uses to build it11:19
malhey, apksig is commented out from manifest11:20
malat least from 15.1 manifest11:20
malr0kk3rz: maybe you could instruct him to enable that in manifest and how to sync it11:23
r0kk3rzthe kernel isnt building just yet11:23
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Ok for the kernel I'm trying another source, then I'll see what happens11:24
r0kk3rzthats the next problem11:24
mal@MarcoDS_bit you aren't using the official lineageos repo?11:25
malaccording to that the kernel should be in kernel/xiaomi/sdm660, maybe different repo use different location11:26
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Oh...11:26
T4<MarcoDS_bit> ok I try it now11:27
T4<NotKit> @MarcoDS_bit it shouldn't be needed, check what could depend on it in device tree and comment out11:27
T4<NotKit> also copying prebuilt kernel is bad idea as there are config changes needed11:27
T4<NotKit> sorry, messages got sent late11:28
mal@MarcoDS_bit which repo are you using?11:28
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Yep I'm using the lineage os repo 15.111:29
T4<MarcoDS_bit> But put the kernel in kernel/xiaomi/whyred instead of xiaomi/sdm66011:30
maldependencies files always tell the correct paths11:34
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I see, now I'm syncing the project again and the I'll update you11:36
malit would have been enough to sync only the changed repos11:40
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Ok now I don't have the kernel error anymore11:41
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I have to comment out the signapk from the manifest.xml for the other error?11:42
T4<MarcoDS_bit> [Edit] I have to comment out the signapk from the manifest.xml for the other error or..?11:43
malmake sure sigapk is not commented in manifest and then run repo sync for that repo11:44
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Very noob question, how can I repo sync that single repo?11:47
T4<MarcoDS_bit> [Edit] Very noob question, how can I repo sync only that repo?11:48
malrepo sync target/path e.g. repo sync kernel/xiaomi/sdm66011:49
malso the path is the path on the device11:49
T4<MarcoDS_bit> ok thanks11:50
mal*on the source tree11:50
malanyway should be quite simple11:50
T4<MarcoDS_bit> ok, now I have this error 'out/host/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/conscrypt-host_intermediates/classes.jar'11:59
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I have to check conscrypt as before right?11:59
malso check if that repo can be found in manifest11:59
T4<MarcoDS_bit> it promises a looong adventure12:16
T4<MarcoDS_bit> now I have this 'SHARED_LIBRARIES/libwebrtc_audio_preprocessing_intermediates/export_includes' and I can't find anything in the manifest12:27
T4<abhishek_0> @MarcoDS_bit
mal@MarcoDS_bit webrtc repo in manifest?12:36
malquite interesting how many things your device needs12:37
mal@MarcoDS_bit so you properly building it using "make hybris-hal"?12:37
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Yes12:39
T4<MarcoDS_bit> @abhishek_0 [@MarcoDS_bit https://thealaskalinuxuser.wordpr …], I'm going to try that in a minute, thank you12:39
T4<MarcoDS_bit> @MarcoDS_bit [now I have this 'SHARED_LIBRARIES/libwebrtc_au …], I'm having lots of errors like that and trying to solve one at a time, it is going on so maybe it will work12:49
T4<MarcoDS_bit> out/target/product/whyred/system/fonts/Roboto-Bold.ttf missing12:54
T4<MarcoDS_bit> ReAlLy?12:54
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I downloaded it and put it in the directory but now it is asking me every other font12:57
T4<MarcoDS_bit> last error MAYBE, 'libsf_compat_layer', needed by 'hybris-hal'13:07
malin folder hybris/mw (create it if needed) run git clone -b android8-initial13:09
T4<MarcoDS_bit> In the hybris dir from my hadk directory?13:12
malin $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris13:16
malcreate the mw subfolder there and clone repo13:16
T4<MarcoDS_bit> not working, same error13:17
maloops, you should have used git clone --recurse-submodules13:18
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Oh oks I retry now13:19
malsorry about that13:19
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Nothing, thank you for your help13:19
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Same error🤔13:20
T4<MarcoDS_bit> solved putting libhybris in root/external13:33
someuser123hi! is there any ported devices using lvm like jolla c ?14:10
r0kk3rzwe dont usually reformat the device partitions14:12
r0kk3rzso they're whatever they are on android14:13
someuser123hm, sad. maybe anyone have ks for making lvm partition?14:17
r0kk3rztheres a special mic mode you need to use14:17
r0kk3rzlook at the stuff for the Xperia X and X Compact14:17
maland XA214:18
someuser123any link to ks?14:18
malks is autogenerated14:18
malfrom certain files14:18
malyes, that contains the sources used14:18
someuser123where i can look at X droid-configs?14:19
malis there some reason you want lvm?14:19
r0kk3rzits not as easy as setting a 'do lvm' flag, it'll take a fair amount of work14:20
someuser123mal: sure, i want to build a flashable image for jolla c, just want this small 'do lvm' code piece14:22
r0kk3rzand you're not just dumping the current stuff by dd because?14:23
someuser123r0kk3rz: flashable images is a lot nicer, isn't it?14:24
someuser123if anyone can give me just a lvm piece of jolla c ks file, pm please :)14:25
r0kk3rzcan you even get to fastboot on jolla c? ive never tried14:28
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r0kk3rzbut yes the hard part in this case is getting the .ks14:29
T4<Zose (MISSING @USERNAME!> do you wanna flashable image for jolla C?14:36
T4<Zose (MISSING @USERNAME!> Do you capable edit flashable image for Intex Aqua Fish?14:37
T4<Zose (MISSING @USERNAME!> Do you know partition table of Jolla C?14:37
r0kk3rzset your damn tg username :P14:38
T4<Zose (MISSING @USERNAME!> Do you know HW adaptation of Jolla C for SailfishOS
T4<Zose (MISSING @USERNAME!> If yes try play with this and then public your job
r0kk3rzDo you capable set your telegram username14:39
T4<akaWolf> xD14:40
T4<akaWolf> where came it from .ks file?14:40
T4<Zose (MISSING @USERNAME!> My username is configured but not published14:42
r0kk3rzthen fix it14:42
T4<Zose (MISSING @USERNAME!> is a must?14:43
r0kk3rzotherwise it looks like this on IRC -
T4<Zosenko> My fault, all in right now15:05
T4<Zosenko> It is OK?15:05
r0kk3rzmuch better15:06
abransonwhy does T4 sulk so much about that? it's already got a fallback, and it's a bit much to have to tell everyone to set a name.15:23
r0kk3rzno idea, its a terrible bot15:25
T4<akaWolf> we need to fix them?15:25
T4<Zosenko> And who can build flashable firmware of Jolla C?15:25
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Hi again, I have error related to mspace while building, like "system/core/libpixelflinger/codeflinger/CodeCache.cpp:113:5: error: use of undeclared identifier 'mspace_free'", and the build seems to stuck at that. Is it related to something in particular?15:52
abransonakaWolf: if someone has no username set, T4 shouts this: <Zose (MISSING @USERNAME!>15:57
T4<akaWolf> yeah I know15:57
T4<akaWolf> I mean we need to fix bot15:57
T4<Zosenko> Hi all, if are here someone who can build firmware for Jolla C? Especially @someuser12316:04
sledgesif bot alerted only the user, they'd ignore it, and we wouldn't be able to @username them16:05
sledges@Zosenko: you can rebuild only Jolla C kernel, nothing more than that16:15
r0kk3rzsledges: o/16:16
r0kk3rzthey let you out of the cave16:16
T4<abhishek_0> sledges i think we can fork the ubports bot , i just checked it, it doesnt qoute when replying , and uses a @username by default16:17
T4<abhishek_0> to mention the user16:17
r0kk3rzubports bot?16:18
T4<abhishek_0> yup16:18
r0kk3rzpretty sure 'ubports bot' wont be the name of a telegram bot :P16:18
r0kk3rzso find out what it is16:19
T4<akaWolf> @ubports_bot16:19
T4<abhishek_0> ofcourse it wouldnt be the name of our bot , we can change it to our needs , and host it where ever our current one is hosted16:20
T4<akaWolf> if we found sources :)16:20
r0kk3rzbut what _software_ is it16:20
T4<abhishek_0> just asked them , waiting for the reply ,, tik tok tik16:21
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Whyle building hybrish-hal,
T4<MarcoDS_bit> [Edit] While building hybrish-hal,
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Solved, but hey another error
b0n0Marco you posted everything but the error :/20:19
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Sorry🤦‍♂️,
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T4<MarcoDS_bit> ok the problem is with dlmalloc in the external directory, mhh do I have to replace it with a proper version?20:55
T4<akaWolf> Someone knows about gta04 port of sfos?21:06
T4<abhishek_0> grand theft auto 04 ?21:07
T4<akaWolf> =\21:08
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Lol21:15
r0kk3rzim sure nobody has been crazy enough to attempt such a thing21:19
T4<MarcoDS_bit> "frameworks/av/media/libeffects/preprocessing/PreProcessing.cpp:27:10: fatal error: 'module_common_types.h' file not found … #include <module_common_types.h>" where do I need to put the module_common_types.h in my directories?22:43

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