Wednesday, 2018-11-07

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ghosalmartinso seeing the generic android system image, for these newer devices will it be easier porting wise for us? I assume its just based on AOSP which means itll need the repos patching but hopefully no random hurdles?09:53
r0kk3rzmaybe, maybe not09:57
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz, /alt-tab ing is great!10:43
r0kk3rzi'll have to check it out10:44
T4<adampigg> now handles discnnect/connect and is based on the device name10:44
r0kk3rzits a bit slow to switch by the looks of it though10:44
T4<adampigg> ive some ideas to improve the user service10:45
T4<adampigg> not really, seems ok for me10:45
r0kk3rzfair n10:45
r0kk3rzfair enough, i'll have to try it10:45
T4<adampigg> just need to add a gconf item for the device name10:45
T4<adampigg> its hardcoded atm10:45
r0kk3rzneeds to be an ondemand service10:50
T4<adampigg> PRs welcome11:06
preflexHi.  Getting "ValueError: substring not found" when running mic.
r0kk3rz@adampigg: how goes the camera experiments?11:21
T4<akaWolf> ```It is important that you start with a fresh stock image that matches the Android version of the CyanogenMod … release you are going to flash (which in turn is dictated by the Sailfish OS image you are going to flash).```11:21
preflexd'oh.  Was missing "file://" in my kickstart.11:21
T4<akaWolf> why is that required?11:21
T4<akaWolf> ```please make sure you first flash the stock system, ROM, followed by a Recovery … image and CyanogenMod, and finally the Sailfish OS update```11:22
r0kk3rzbecause it is11:25
T4<akaWolf> why?11:25
T4<akaWolf> I don't understand11:25
r0kk3rzbecause the sfos install is an overlayfs over the existing android fs11:27
T4<akaWolf> but CyanogenMod is full replace for stock image11:29
r0kk3rzwhat is that sentence from?11:29
T4<akaWolf> it's my understanding of CM11:30
r0kk3rzthe one you quoted...11:30
T4<akaWolf> from HADK11:31
T4<akaWolf> 10.211:31
r0kk3rzyeah you only need to put on the base android image, and the corresponding sailfish image11:31
T4<akaWolf> but in HADK noted that «If you do not flash the right stock version (and therefore firmware), there might be some issues when booting into … Sailfish OS»11:33
T4<akaWolf> from what we should understand that stock image contains some magic firmware11:34
T4<akaWolf> which CM can't provide11:34
T4<akaWolf> (base android image)11:34
r0kk3rzit might, it might not, thats somewhat out of scope here11:36
r0kk3rzthe base android image install should be well working, however you need to get there11:36
T4<akaWolf> well such statements are pretty discouraging...11:38
T4<akaWolf> what kind of firmware can contain stock image?11:40
T4<akaWolf> and how is that related to version of Android?11:40
r0kk3rzmodem firmware11:40
T4<akaWolf> accordingly to «WLAN, sensors, audio and other hardware not working» it can contain firmware for thoose things11:41
r0kk3rzthat often lives on its own magic partition and is untouched by cm/lineage11:41
r0kk3rzbut, theres no real hard and fast rule here, it depends on the device and how it is set up11:42
T4<akaWolf> okay, I see now. base image can contains some firmware at hidden partition which can be incompatible with different Android version11:43
T4<akaWolf> I'm finally managed to read HADK :)11:44
T4<akaWolf> btw, does libhybris working at top of hwc2?11:45
r0kk3rzno idea11:47
r0kk3rzmaybe we needed that for android 8 support11:47
T4<akaWolf> hm, but how libhybris handle composition?11:51
T4<akaWolf> there was an idea that it can use hwc211:51
r0kk3rzsee for yourself11:53
T4<akaWolf> is there some documentation for libhybris architecture?11:53
r0kk3rzprobably not11:55
r0kk3rzim not sure you understand what it is though, because your questions dont really make sense11:56
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz, good ... need to make app remember settings, and add some more hooks in gst-droid for some aditional properties11:57
T4<meierrom> @adampigg: does alt-tab also work on Gemini?12:01
r0kk3rz@adampigg: when you say you need a dconf for device name, you mean the /input/event/x?12:06
r0kk3rzor the bt device name12:06
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz, the device name as it/appears  in /proc/bus/inut12:08
r0kk3rzoh ok12:08
T4<adampigg> ie, the bt name, but could be a usb keyboard name too i guess12:08
r0kk3rzi was thinking it might be better to use a udev rule to connect it to a specific location12:09
T4<adampigg> i think it should work on gemini12:09
T4<adampigg> yeah, i considered that12:09
r0kk3rzunless you want to handle multiple keyboards, which could be fun12:09
T4<adampigg> but my parsing code works ok ;)12:09
T4<akaWolf> @r0kk3rz [im not sure you understand what it is though, …], explain then please :)12:09
T4<adampigg> i want each user to be able to specify their device12:10
r0kk3rz@akaWolf: your question quota is up today, ask again later12:10
T4<akaWolf> xD12:13
T4<adampigg> r0kk3rz, hopfully ill get contributions for camera, im currently juggling camera, kde-connect, amazfish and now taskswitcher ... and ignoring kexi12:28
Mister_Magister@adampigg i have even more to do lel12:37
Mister_Magisterand i dont do any of them12:37
r0kk3rz@adampigg: ETOOMANYPROJECTS13:11
r0kk3rztheres not enough community developers in sailfish land these days13:14
T4<adampigg> esp as you expect a lot of the user community to also be dev-inclined13:23
r0kk3rzsometimes i wonder how big the user community is these days13:25
r0kk3rzit doesnt feel that big13:25
abransonr0kk3rz: there are a few devs around the store and openrepos who you don't see in the chats14:07
abranson@adampigg: how's the camera stuff coming along. did you say there was more to go in qtmm?14:08
r0kk3rzgst-droid he said14:10
T4<adampigg> currently there is a pr for qtmm, and a branch that isnt prd yet14:13
T4<adampigg> andi have ideas for some more stuff in gst-droid14:13
abransonwhat sort of stuff?14:14
T4<adampigg> abranson, just exposinng some more properties that dont map well to qt, like easy-hdr etc14:30
abranson@adampigg: ok. we have to be careful extending these things if we want to get it all upstream14:33
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T4<adampigg> abranson, there is an upstream for gst-droid?15:09
mal@adampigg is the upstream for that15:12
abranson@adampigg: no, but won't it require extra stuff in gst-plugins-bad and qtmm, like before?15:12
T4<adampigg> abranson, possibly not in this case15:34
Mister_Magistermal: any idea for packaging mixer_paths.xml?17:20
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malMister_Magister: what exactly do you have to fix in that and why is it even broken?20:11
Mister_Magistermal: jjusa redirects loudspeaker mic20:11
Mister_Magistercause normal mode mic is not working20:12
Mister_Magistertemp fix20:12
mautzoneHi, what about the support of bases like cm12.1 and cm13? Will there be problems in the future? Would it be a good idea to switch to something newer like 14.1 or above?20:26
preflexmic has been doing "Unsupported ancillary data: 1/2" for 12 hours?20:26
malpreflex: how about starting the mic build again? it doesn't redownload anything unless something has changed so it should be first thing to try20:27
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preflexYay, it built!  It doesn't boot, but it's time for my lunch.22:18

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