Friday, 2018-11-23

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mortalglitchmy build machine (an older laptop) keeps throwing thermal error and shutting off while running "make hybrid-hal" it's a quad core so I tried even running it at "make -j4 hybris-hal" and it still overheated, any other suggestions to lower the heat or should I just offload to a desktop?04:42
lanodanYou should probably try to fix the heat problem too, but using a desktop is probably a good idea.04:58
mortalglitchWill try and sort out the heat, didn't know if I had pushed it too hard with the ccache and -j405:05
r0kk3rzlower the js07:42
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OrokuSakiMal: the latest commit doesn't work for me either.. fyi10:10
OrokuSakisensorfwd crashes10:10
malOrokuSaki: did you build both parts of sensorfw?10:10
OrokuSakidunno.. I did build packages and said yes to sensorfw10:11
OrokuSakireverted the commit and it worked10:11
malOrokuSaki: you cannot use that commit with the old normal sensorfw, I mean that sensorfw has two rpms, one with the core and another with hybris plugin, only the latter is built with build_packages.sh10:12
OrokuSakiMal: so.. how do you build the core?10:13
OrokuSakiMal: I didn't even really want to talk about sensors. Heh. I read has better support for devices with native landscape10:15
malobviously use the other spec in the rpm folder of sensorfw
OrokuSakibut my browser is still showing landscape when in portrait and vice versa.. always done this honestly with saifish 1 and 2.10:16
OrokuSakiI will try that for the sensor, thanks10:16
OrokuSakiall other apps rotate correctly.10:16
malOrokuSaki: browser is a bit funny10:17
malOrokuSaki: btw how did you fix rotation on your device, did you do the sensor matrix hack or the hwcomposer rotation thingy?10:18
OrokuSakimal: Yeah.. I changed everything that says portrait in the qml files for the browser, and it never changes.. do qml files get cached in a lipstick session?10:19
malOrokuSaki: assuming by default your device had wrong UI orientation10:19
malOrokuSaki: it's not like that, browsert renders directly10:19
OrokuSakiI change the sensor matrix10:19
malOrokuSaki: there is this which might or might not work
malthat is already included but needs to env var in the usual compositor config file10:21
OrokuSakimy screen is 1024x768 landscape... in android it defaults to landscape.. in sailfish.. it defaults to portrait when it first boots into the demo\learning program10:21
OrokuSakiwhen lipstick loads, and sensors are working, defaults to landscape10:21
OrokuSakiif lipstick loads and sensors are not working, homescreen is in landscape10:22
malOrokuSaki: I have a similar device10:23
OrokuSakimal: lockscreen looks funny.. Anyways, if you ever figure it out throw it on the faq please!10:27
OrokuSakistskeeps thought it was related to the kernel or something10:28
r0kk3rzis that a square screen?10:29
OrokuSaki4:3 ratio10:30
r0kk3rzclose to square, i wonder if thats the issue10:30
OrokuSaki=) I will cut off the edge with a saw..10:30
r0kk3rzyeah or that10:31
r0kk3rzabranson: ^^ checkit10:31
T4<elros34> OrokuSaki: what hwcomposer version do you have? It should be printed when lipstick starts. For browser you may try this
r0kk3rzmal: apparently theres some issue with 2.4ghz wifi on the XA213:22
malr0kk3rz: hmm13:22
OrokuSaki@T4: == hwcomposer module ==  * Address: 0x722d4004  * Module API Version: 2  * HAL API Version: 0 ........... thanks.. what version do I have?... not 1.1 I guess13:33
OrokuSakiI have tried these patches before and my screen never rotates, and I am sure the environmental variable is there13:34
OrokuSakiI am guessing this has something to do with chromium rendering and qt13:35
OrokuSakielros34: I mean you =)13:39
T4<elros34> OrokuSaki: it should be something like that: * Version: 1030001 (interpreted as 1030001). IIRC my landscape tablet has 1010001 or similar. You need to build this branch of hwcomposer plugin, this commit is not in upstream13:45
OrokuSakielros34: I saw that, thanks. Building it now13:54
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piggzevening *19:06
piggzwell, that was unexpected, you cant use a Q_ENUM from one class, as a paramter  to a Q_INVOKABLE in another from QML19:39
r0kk3rzyeah theres a whole bunch of annoying qml rules like that19:46
piggzr0kk3rz: fixed in 5.12 apparently19:56
piggzr0kk3rz: lamer, is the fact that it works for signal .. ei, a C++ class can emit a signal with a paramter as an enum from another class, and that works fine in QML .. but invoking a function doesnt20:31
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