Friday, 2018-11-30

mortalglitchbeen working over the last couple of days trying to get a port running on the HTC 10 finally got it to boot and was able to telnet into it but it doesn't seem to want to post anything to the display? Any guidance on where I should start digging?01:33
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T4<adampigg> @euginio_g7 getting concerned, my tab still not showing signs of life. this still a normal duration? ?06:58
T4<eugenio_g7> Is the red led still blinking?07:27
T4<adampigg> Yes07:33
T4<eugenio_g7> Ok, I guess it will eventually boot up then. Keep it connected to a 2A+ charger07:36
T4<adampigg> Seen posts for other xiaomi devices with same issue taking several days to turn back on07:38
T4<adampigg> Also mentions resetting the battery by taking the back off07:39
T4<eugenio_g7> Yup, had to do that once as I was getting impatient. That's pretty annoying :/07:43
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r0kk3rzmortalglitch__: which telnet did you get to? 23 or 2323?09:13
r0kk3rzfancy, no more touch event hunting13:45
malr0kk3rz: wondering why it was needed before13:58
r0kk3rzmight have to try it out14:00
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kimmolinice. finally. i had to change touch device when implemented ffmemless vibra, as that device went before touch15:05
malkimmoli: well there were the instructions in hadk for the udev rule to create /dev/touchscreen, I think many people didn't use those15:07
r0kk3rzmine changed when i went from 3.4 to 3.10 kernel15:13
vknechtr0kk3rz, which device had such an update ? a sony one ?15:16
mortalglitchShould I fully boot lineage/cyanogenmod once prior to the installation of the sailfish image?16:15
mortalglitchmy htc 10 still has no display. telnet is working fine seemingly and I haven't detected rebooting yet16:16
r0kk3rzits a good idea to check it works16:25
mortalglitchtrying now16:26
mortalglitchlast time I wiped everything installed lineage14.1 zip then sideloaded my sailfish zip immediately and had no display but could telnet.   This time I install LOS14.1 booted then sideloaded sailfish image now I get "Failed to boot init in real rootfs" and no telnet access16:44
r0kk3rzits common to have display issues early on17:01
r0kk3rzbut the telnet is important17:02
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T4<akaWolf> hm how does connman checks access?22:44

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