Thursday, 2018-12-06

eugenioheh - got some values out of the sensors finally! Raw values were simply not implemented in the kernel version we have. I cherry-picked a bunch of commits and the nodes in /sys/bus/iio are now created correctly and sensorfwd reads from them successfully00:33
eugeniothey're completely out-of-scale though (not the fault of sensorfwd)00:35
eugeniowill hope to solve tomorrow00:35
eugeniogood night :)00:35
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mortalglitchstill been working on the autologin and occasional user fail upon boot for my htc 10 noticed last night udev seems to be stuck could this be related? Or does this process hold for the ui and stuff to load before completion? I tried removing /dev/.coldboot_done and the running strace /sbin/ueventd and it would hang after a second or so17:38
r0kk3rzthat certainly wouldnt help17:39
mortalglitchthe strace on uevent? or the fact it's hanging up?17:41
r0kk3rzif it is hanging up17:50
mortalglitchknow of any good way to check what it's hanging on? all the logs I know how to dump don't seem to show anything particular17:52
malmortalglitch: didn't piggz also have udev issues and he had some odd issues also17:56
mortalglitchI believe that where I got the suggestion it removing the /dev/.coldboot and tracing ueventd didn't see a solution on it tho17:59
piggzmortalglitch_: mal: i think my fix for the autologin/permission failures isnt entirely obvious....19:39
piggzi _think_ it was caused by lipstick failing, which was caused by the bad symbol in the vibration plugin19:39
piggzim pretty sure as soon as i removed that plugin, lipstick started eworking, and the permission errors went away19:40
piggzbut ... i get that it doesnt sound quite right!19:40
mortalglitchpiggz: ty gives me a place to start19:46
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piggzeugenio: anything new for tonight?20:01
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