Monday, 2018-12-10

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T4<adampigg> Nice07:03
T4<adampigg> Which kernel did you pick the changes from07:03
T4<eugenio_g7> Mainline07:12
T4<adampigg> Approx what version did the fixes appear in?07:38
T4<eugenio_g7> Should recheck... but I was lucky as most of the commits were from a release close to 3.14... 3.15/3.16 IIRC08:15
UmeaboyWhen it comes to ordering a tablet from China, is there a prefered brand to choose? Xiaomi has been a favorite of mine, but they started to lock the bootloader so I guess that brand is out of the question.08:21
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T4<NotKit> can't Mi Pad 4 be unlocked?08:31
T4<abhishek_0> @NotKit it can be08:39
T4<NotKit> makes it sensible choice then with kernel released now08:43
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T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 you keeping those configs to yourself? :D20:00
T4<adampigg> trying to figure out how to showhorn the brcmfmac driver from later kernels into 3.1420:01
T4<eugenio_g7> @adampigg sorry, returned late from work... Will push those after dinner! :)20:04
T4<eugenio_g7> I have also created a github org, you should have received an invite20:05
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T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 ace!20:17
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 though,im not seeing an invite20:18
T4<eugenio_g7> @adampigg sent the invite again :)21:15
piggzeugenio: got it21:36
eugeniopiggz_, great21:51
eugeniopiggz_, <--- these are the configuration files21:51
eugenioI guess now I'll try to make the watchdog behave without droid-hal-init21:51
piggz_eugenio: well, it would help you!21:54

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