Friday, 2018-12-21

Umeaboymal: I'm here now. Have you built 8.1 for maple yet?00:15
UmeaboyThere must be some mistake in the HADK because no matter how I follow the instructions bit by bit I get to here when it stops:
UmeaboyContent of my hadk.env:
T4<BirdZhang> source .hadk.env00:45
UmeaboyCorrected the line 6-7 so now source .hadk.env gives me no error.00:48
UmeaboyNow what?00:48
T4<BirdZhang> hadk00:48
Umeaboybash: hadk: command not found.00:49
UmeaboyAnd I made sure I didn't copy any extra space when copying each row.00:50
T4<BirdZhang> what about run sfossdk00:50
Umeaboybash: sfossdk: command does not exist00:50
T4<BirdZhang> source ~/.bashrc and run sfossdk00:52
UmeaboyThat did the trick.00:53
UmeaboyAny idea on why this happens in the end?00:58
UmeaboyBirdZhang: ^^01:02
UmeaboyShould I be worried?01:02
T4<BirdZhang> don’t worry, be happy:)01:06
UmeaboyOK. :)01:09
UmeaboyUuuuuuuuuhm. I still can'01:16
Umeaboyt init the repo for hybris aosp.01:16
Umeaboyfatal: Couldn't find remote ref refs/heads/hybris-sony-aosp-8.1.0_r47-2018101501:16
UmeaboyI even added the --no-clone-bundle flag to that line..01:16
UmeaboySorry. My bad again.01:19
UmeaboyIt should be r47_2018101501:19
UmeaboyAnyway..... It ended up with this:
UmeaboyI did the git config without any error.01:23
UmeaboyFixed it.01:31
UmeaboyHad to remove the ö in my last name.01:31
UmeaboyThat's odd.01:31
UmeaboyCommencing the repo sync command.01:32
T4<BirdZhang> fingers crossed ;)01:47
UmeaboyYeah. So far so good.01:50
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UmeaboyI'll be back later today when I've finished the hybris build.04:49
IkerSTHi, does anyone here has worked/is working in a port for the harpia?05:29
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T4<Prashantpp> hi08:33
T4<Prashantpp> I need help08:33
r0kk3rzwhat about?08:34
T4<Prashantpp> if i want to port sailfish os on lineage os based on android 8.1.0, … do I need to choose the hybris version according to lineage os version?08:45
T4<Prashantpp> which hybris version for oreo lineage os?08:47
T4<Prashantpp> where i can find hybris 15.1?08:53
r0kk3rzthe 15.1 branch is there08:58
T4<Prashantpp> (Document)
T4<Prashantpp> why is it saying lineage os 15.1 in sync command rather than hybris 15.1 ?09:21
T4<Prashantpp> this making me check confused09:21
r0kk3rzyeah ignore that, read the hadk09:21
T4<Prashantpp> hey i am unable to create $ANDROID_ROO directory10:34
T4<Prashantpp> whenever i make ANDROID_ROOT directory and executing cd ANDROID_ROOT cmd, … it's taking me to hadk directory10:35
T4<Prashantpp> help me10:35
r0kk3rzwhats the variable set to10:35
T4<Prashantpp> (Document)
T4<Prashantpp> @Prashantpp [<reply to media>], see this10:40
T4<Prashantpp> Is ANDROID_ROOT= $HOME/hadk … same to $ANDROID_ROOT?11:19
mal@Prashantpp use "cd $ANDROID_ROOT", the $ in there is important11:19
mal@Prashantpp also you have a typo in your commmands, it's local_manifests, not local_menifests11:20
malalso other typos, be careful what commands you use11:21
T4<Prashantpp> i m using local_manifests11:22
T4<Prashantpp> HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~$ sudo mkdir -p $ANDROID_ROOT … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~$ sudo chown -R $USER $ANDROID_ROOT … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~$ cd $ANDROID_ROOT … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~/hadk$ repo init -u git:// -b lineage-15.1 … Your identity11:25
T4 is: xxxxzxxxzzzz <> … If you want to change this, please re-run 'repo init' with --config-name … repo has been initialized in /home/prashant/hadk … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~/hadk$ cd .. … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~$ sudo mkdir $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/local_manifests … mkdir: cannot create directory '/ho11:25
T4me/prashant/hadk/.repo/local_manifests': File exists … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~$ mkdir $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/local_manifests … mkdir: cannot create directory '/home/prashant/hadk/.repo/local_manifests': File exists … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~$ mkdir ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/local_manifests … mkdir: cannot create directory 'ANDR11:25
T4OID_ROOT/.repo/local_manifests': No such file or directory … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~$ cd $ANDROID_ROOT … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~/hadk$ mkdir $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/local_manifests … mkdir: cannot create directory '/home/prashant/hadk/.repo/local_manifests': File exists … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~/hadk$ sud11:25
T4o mkdir $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/local_manifests … mkdir: cannot create directory '/home/prashant/hadk/.repo/local_manifests': File exists … HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~/hadk$11:25
T4<Prashantpp> @Prashantpp [HABUILD_SDK [sanders] prashant@hantai:~$ sudo …], this is my log11:25
r0kk3rzuse pastebin...11:26
T4<Prashantpp> @r0kk3rz [use pastebin...], what's that?11:26
r0kk3rzsomewhere you can paste lots of text and link people to it11:27
T4<Prashantpp> @r0kk3rz [somewhere you can paste lots of text and link …], yeah i googled it11:27
r0kk3rzplease dont use reply...11:27
T4<Prashantpp> (Document)
T4<Prashantpp> @r0kk3rz [please dont use reply...], okay11:28
T4<Prashantpp> shit11:28
T4<Prashantpp> i just used it11:28
T4<Prashantpp> sorry11:28
T4<Prashantpp> i just sent the .sh file11:29
r0kk3rzso i dont understand your issue11:29
r0kk3rzyou've clearly created those folders, so continue to the next step11:30
r0kk3rzyou do understand what those commands are right?11:31
T4<Prashantpp> yeah11:31
T4<Prashantpp> i am not able to create to …  create .repo/local_manifests directory11:32
r0kk3rzit says it exists11:33
T4<Prashantpp> shit11:34
T4<Prashantpp> i have become mad lol11:34
T4<Prashantpp> [Edit] i have gone mad lol11:35
r0kk3rznormally that happens at the end of the porting process, not the beginning11:35
mal@Prashantpp unless you are trying to build a normal lineage OS image the repo init is wrong11:41
T4<Prashantpp> @rokk3rz  ;_;11:42
T4<Prashantpp> @mal ????11:44
r0kk3rzwhat do you mean 'its wrong'11:44
r0kk3rzoh, did he put in the command from the readme that i told him to ignore11:45
r0kk3rzah lol11:46
r0kk3rz@Prashantpp get your head in the game :P11:46
T4<Prashantpp> @rokk3rz i didn't get you11:48
T4<Prashantpp> <r0kk3rz> oh, did he put in the command from the readme that i told him to ignore … @r0kk3rz  … what cmd did i put?11:49
T4<akaWolf> let's the game begins11:49
T4<Prashantpp> @r0kkrz so we need to put hybris 15.1 cmd is wrong for repo inti in gitub?11:52
T4<Prashantpp> should it be 'hybris 15.1' in place of 'lineageos 15.1'?11:53
T4<Prashantpp> [Edit] should it be repo inti  'hybris 15.1' in place of repo inti 'lineageos 15.1'?11:54
T4<Prashantpp> i got it i am just a distracted noob lol11:56
T4<Prashantpp> @mal thanx11:56
T4<jersobh> Is there any way to install plasma mobile over android:?11:58
T4<Prashantpp> @r0kkrz @mal one more thing how to remove a init repo from directory?11:59
r0kk3rz@jersobh: sure, the plasma guys using hybris like we do12:00
mal@Prashantpp just read the hadk pdf, it has the repo init command you will use, just change the branch name to have correct android version12:21
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Umeaboymal: lunch aosp_maple-userdebug tells me that there's no config makefile for maple.14:27
malUmeaboy: do you have proper local_manifests?14:35
UmeaboySorry. It was named differently in the lunch menu. I though it was called lunch aosp_maple-userdebug.14:38
UmeaboyCommencing make -j4 hybris-hal14:39
malUmeaboy: when doing the config repo you should have a look at sony nile config repo in mer-hybris, it has many things android 8 builds need14:47
malUmeaboy: btw, I did build the maple aosp image14:47
malfaq also has something related to 15.1 portingt14:56
Umeaboymal: It failed with this:
r0kk3rzUmeaboy: it should be quite clear what the problem is16:07
UmeaboyI got the mount points. As there is no local_manifests directory with a maple.xml in, do I run repo sync --fetch-submodules again?16:07
malUmeaboy: you need the add the suitable local manifest yourself and then rerun repo sync16:15
malUmeaboy: I already asked you before whether you have the local manifest or not16:16
UmeaboyI think I have it somewhere. Hold on. The repo sync command didn't add one.16:17
malADD IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!16:17
UmeaboyThe only local manifest I have is the one for CarbonROM.16:17
malcome on, use your brain a little16:18
malyou can use the local manifest in sony github as base16:18
Umeaboymal: I don't need all of these do I?
UmeaboyJust the ones in devices.xml16:49
malnot really sure which ones are needed, you'll see when you build16:51
malthe kernel is in one of those, not in devices.xml16:51
maljust make sure you don't add the line for the prebuilt kernel in somewhere under vendor16:52
IkerSTSorry for asking a second time, but my irc shut down lol: Hi, does anyone here has worked/is working in a port for the harpia?17:51
r0kk3rzthe wiki says there is one18:00
IkerSTi know but there isnt any other information of who is the porter18:03
IkerSTnor a xda thread18:03
r0kk3rzyeah i cant find much either18:04
r0kk3rzi found some repos if you want to try building it yourself18:05
r0kk3rzalthough they are probably old and need fixing18:05
IkerSTyeah, i have time18:05
malbased on logs the porter was with IRC nick thereturningvoid, not here anymore18:09
malalso carepack seemed to have done something related to harpia porting18:10
IkerSTIf you have any repos you coul point me to, it would be great18:10
IkerSTAt least i can make my try ;-)18:11
IkerSTthank you18:12
malbut note that since 2017 there has been many changes and you shouldn't directly use those, just take stuff from sparse folder of droid-config-harpia for example18:13
malpatterns are probably too old to be useful anymore18:13
malso basically easier to start over18:14
IkerSTok, so im going to start and just use it as an exaple to , maybe, cherry-pic18:14
malfor mountpoint there is this PR
malalso kernel repo has the18:16
malalso kernel repo has some useful stuff
malIkerST: which android base are you planning on using?18:16
IkerSTmaybe los, there is a group porting  new patches from oreo or pie to los1418:17
IkerSTor cm is better?18:17
malof course if you plan to use 14.1 then lineage18:21
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T4<Prashantpp> I have a question21:09
piggzi never realsised you could swipe away notificaions!22:43

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