Monday, 2018-12-31

UmeaboyIf anyone is still awake I can't build hybris-hal on my stationary computer:
UmeaboyEverything worked just fine until that part.02:03
UmeaboyI'm following the HADK now.02:03
Umeaboyr0kk3rz: You here?02:10
UmeaboyI could use some help.02:11
Umeaboymal: Could I get some help with building hybris-hal on my stationary computer? I have done the HADK step by step from the pdf and it fails with the output pasted in the link above.02:36
UmeaboyEverything else works fine.02:36
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UmeaboyI can't do more in the HADK due to this error.03:29
kimmoliUmeaboy: just remove the other json-c module. propably from common07:55
Umeaboykimmoli: Inside of what file $HOME/hadk/device/common doesn't contain any file.08:09
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Anyone who could help me?
UmeaboyMarcoDS_bit: libhwc2_compat_layer is missing.08:26
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Yes08:28
UmeaboyAre you using any proprietary repo in the local manifest?08:30
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Proprietary? Only uncommented what was needed, and now this08:34
UmeaboyPlease paste the full terminal output of what you've been doing and I'll check if you made a boo boo somewhere.08:36
UmeaboyUse or similar.08:36
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abransonwdehoog: do you think those buffer settings really need to be device specific? I think it might be worth testing if those defaults are suitable for all devices09:04
T4<linusdan> Good Morning! … Yesterday I decided to continue compiling after the question (using mic): … Q: Failed to apply RootPasswordConfig, skip and continue? … The files were generated, but the main one (.zip) was empty :( …
malare you sure you set the enviromental variables properly before running mic? i.e. RELEASE and EXTRA_NAME?12:36
T4<linusdan> Yes, I did everything right! And this time with no extra space :)12:51
T4<linusdan> I put it in RELEASE: … and on EXTRA_NAME: i9100-lemmenjoki12:53
T4<samyy_010101> @linusdan [I put it in RELEASE: … and on EXTRA_NAME …], galaxy s2?;))13:05
T4<linusdan> Yes samyy_010101!13:13
mal@linusdan EXTRA_NAME should not be like that, it should some extra detail like alpha1 or test1 or something13:20
T4<linusdan> ahhhh … gotcha. … need the trace as it is in the PDF or is it just an example? … ex: EXTRA_NAME = -my113:29
malthe - should be there before it13:34
T4<linusdan> Thanks! i will try again13:44
T4<linusdan> While the "Failed to apply RootPasswordConfig, skip and continue?" Question, what can I do?13:47
T4<linusdan> While the "Failed to apply RootPasswordConfig, skip and continue?", what can I do?13:48
malno idea what causes that to happen, I never get that13:57
malwhich option did you try13:58
malpastebin whole output of mic run13:58
T4<linusdan> I tried the yes option14:11
malwhich means skip or continue?14:15
T4<linusdan> is skip and continue14:23
T4<linusdan> I changed the syntax of pastebin: prolog to bash. I think it improves a bit the visualization14:28
malyou still get empty zip?14:36
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T4<linusdan> yes, same thing …
T4<linusdan> Choosing the option (N) of the question "Failed to apply RootPasswordConfig, skip and continue?" says: … Warning[12/31 16:18:23] : Failed to apply configuration to image … Error <kickstart>[12/31 16:18:25] : Can't find /usr/bin/passwd in chroot16:48
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T4<flyingmew> Happy new year18:58
T4<adampigg> Oh, i think I have working wifi-after-suspend on Latte!20:34
T4<adampigg> go me for kernel hacking!20:34
mal@adampigg what was the fix?20:41
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T4<adampigg> mal: i took a newer bcmdhd driver, which while was newer, didnt have config_acpi support in it, and the latte uses acpi to discover the device20:53
T4<adampigg> so, I ported all the code that was wrapped in config_acpi from the old driver20:54
T4<adampigg> then, it load, find the device, scan, but not connect20:54
T4<adampigg> i noticed in the logs that wl_event_handler was failing immediately20:54
T4<adampigg> so, i copied that code from the old driver, and, voila!20:55
T4<adampigg> now, the only problem is that i didnt keep any history, so, im wondering if i should re-do it all to get a get history of changes20:55
T4<adampigg> s/git20:55
malproper diff is probably a good idea21:00
T4<BusterBg_18> Hi everyone Im having a little bit of troube with geoclue building, it fails in a some dependencies and I have already updated submodules22:30
r0kk3rzrevert the last commit22:39
T4<BusterBg_18> already did it (on rpm/dhd) and it also fails22:41
r0kk3rzon geoclue22:43
T4<BusterBg_18> Oh, that seems to have done it, 10Q22:49

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