Wednesday, 2019-01-09

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T4<adampigg> R0kk3rz, f u07:09
T4<adampigg> :D07:14
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UmeaboyI still can't find where to change these values to continue building for G8142. Is it in the build.prop or what?09:14
UmeaboyThe doesn't contain every of those lines.09:18
UmeaboyI replaced the maple with the poplar one, but those lines are still wrong.09:19
UmeaboyCONFIG_NETPRIO_CGROUP=y is correct, but the kernel check thingie says it's unset.09:21
T4<vorombe> ignore WARNINGs and pay attention to ERRORs09:24
Umeaboy<vorombe>: CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER does not even exist in the defconfig..09:42
T4<vorombe> line 1209:49
Umeaboy<vorombe>: Yeah I did see that as well, but as I saw it still showed me the errors from the defconfig of maple I didn't think that it mattered that much.10:00
T4<vorombe> did you build pass hybris-hal ?10:01
malUmeaboy: how can that be so difficult, you have only one defconfig in kernel with the device codename10:41
malUmeaboy: and you obviously add any missing flags to defconfig10:42
malUmeaboy: just look at the pioneer defconfig changes in mer-hybris and duplicate those10:42
malUmeaboy: your device codename is maple not g8142, similarly as h4113 is pioneer
Umeaboymal: No pun intended to you, but I'm more of a gui user, not a terminal user.10:44
Umeaboymal: Yes, but now I'm working on maple at the moment. Can't do much with pioneer as I flashed the wrong bootloader apparently.10:44
UmeaboyThere is no Lineage version for h4113 and I didn't check that when I downloaded the Lineage 15.1 nightly.10:45
UmeaboyThat's on me.10:45
malUmeaboy: I used pioneer as the example that you have incorrect spec10:46
malUmeaboy: so now you are using lineage and not aosp?10:46
Umeaboymal: Well, my autism brain reads the HADK and sees the lines with using repos from Lineage to build hybris-hal. Device and kernel.10:48
UmeaboyThat's when it gets stuck to that no matter what it says underneath.10:48
malbut for new sonys aosp is the easier one10:48
malso your pioneer can't get into fastboot mode anymore?10:49
UmeaboyYes, but neither EMMA or Flashtool can flash the stock rom for h4113 as the device is identified as h3113.10:49
UmeaboyIt can.10:49
UmeaboyIt does.10:49
malwhy in the hell would lineage flash bootloader10:49
UmeaboyWell, which part of the rom determines how the device is identified? The kernel?10:50
UmeaboyFrom fastboot.10:50
malno idea how it works in sonys10:51
malbut anyway having the wrong name reported doesn't prevent flashing sailfish, at least if you hack the install script a bit10:53
Umeaboymal: Yeah, I did hack it. Just not sure what else I'm missing.10:55
r0kk3rzto be a porter you really need to be comfortable with CLI hacking things10:58
malUmeaboy: what did you change in the script?11:01
Umeaboyif [ ! -z "$(echo $PRODUCT | grep -e "H3113" -e "H3133")" ]; then into if [ ! -z "$(echo $PRODUCT | grep -e "H4113" -e "H4133")" ]; then11:02
Umeaboy++ fastboot-android -s CQ3001AT99 getvar product shows that it identifies as H3113 which is wrong.11:03
malit's really not that difficult to make it flash even if the code is wrong11:03
UmeaboyIt is if you've never fixed th is issue before or even encountered it.11:05
UmeaboyI could try adb shell settings put global device_name "<NEW_DEVICE_NAME>" though.11:11
UmeaboyI'll test that.11:11
UmeaboyNope. That didn't work.11:24
malUmeaboy: just just replace all h4113 with h3113 in the script and it should be fine11:39
UmeaboyThe adb shell command works fine if I have Lineage 16.0 installed on it.11:40
Umeaboyadb shell get global device_name returns H4113.11:40
Umeaboyadb shell settings get global device_name I meant.11:41
UmeaboyI'll try the bach script for Sailfish with Lineage now.11:41
Umeaboymal: Nope, that didn't work.11:45
malthen you did something wrong, again11:46
malcome on, you know what fastboot return so you just make sure the script accepts it11:47
Umeaboymal: I did change it to flash for h3113.11:48
malso what is the error?11:52
Umeaboymal: No device.12:06
maldid you print the output of the fastboot commands?12:08
Umeaboyfastboot-android getvar product12:09
Umeaboyproduct: H311312:09
malI mean in the script12:10
malsince you have it working from commandline so now you need to figure out why it fails in the script12:10
Umeaboymal: It fails because the phone identifies as H3113 from fastboot-android devices but adb shell settings get global device_name says H4113.12:12
UmeaboyIf I could get fastboot to write a new device name that'd be great.12:13
malthe xa2 flash script doesn't care about adb stuff, it only cares what fastboot report12:15
malyou have all the information you need to fix it, I give up helping12:15
malif I have told you many many many times what to do and you still do not do it then this is going nowhere12:16
UmeaboyI did edit the script to flash for the H3113 model and it still fails so that's not my fault.12:17
malbut you still didn't print the damn output of the fastboot command inside script so there is no way to help12:18
malalso you never showed the edited script or anything12:19
maldo you really think we are mind readers???12:19
malhow many times do I have to ask for the damn output of ALL fastboot command in script, from within the script, not manually run12:25
UmeaboyAaaah. You meant fastboot-android getvar all ?12:27
UmeaboyHere it is:
malboth the raw fastboot commands of both and also the variables12:30
malhow many times do I have to say that12:31
maldo you really have that much problems understanding what I say?12:31
Umeaboybash: devices: command does not exist                        when I do line 95.12:33
Umeaboy  PRODUCT=$($FASTBOOTCMD_NO_DEVICE -s $SERIALNO getvar product 2>&1 | head -n1 | cut -d ' ' -f2) returns a blank new row.12:34
malso it doesn't find the fastboot command12:35
malhow about you fix it12:35
Umeaboymal: I told you I did fix it on the obvious lines.12:35
malthen you didn't12:36
malit doesn't find fastboot12:36
UmeaboyLine 77 and 86.12:36
malonce again, I'm not a mind reader, I cannot know that the fuck you have been fixing12:36
UmeaboyI told you that my dist uses fastboot-android for fastboot commands. I know it's stupid, but it wasn't me who changed it from just fastboot.12:37
UmeaboyI have reported it and right now I'm waiting for an update that fixes it.12:38
Umeaboy*sigh*. It's been renamed all along.12:38
UmeaboyAnd it still doesn't work as the phone identifies as H3113..12:39
UmeaboyI'm installing Windows on my laptop as a VM is to slow. That would probably make it easier to restore the phone.12:40
malUmeaboy: how many times I have to say the same thing, it doesn't find the fastboot command, how difficult is it to show the whole damn script?12:47
Umeaboymal: To my defence it's been renamed to fit my dists naming of the fastboot binary.12:48
pketohow about just symlink fastboot-android to fastboot so it doesn't need to be changed everywhere? that would be first/obvious solution that comes to mind :)12:48
malif you don't show the whole script in 10 minutes I will leave the channel and stop helping everyone, hopefully you will be happy then12:48
UmeaboyI did that the first time I opened the script when I saw that it was wrong.12:48
malI have had enough if this when people can't even give the damn output I ask12:49
Umeaboypketo: That would be great as well.12:50
malwhat is the exact output of the script12:50
T4<elros34> if you add set -x to script you will have nice verbose output12:53
malso there is only one way that can happen, it doesn't find the fastboot command, have you printed the raw commands it tries to use and see the fastboot command is correct12:53
UmeaboyCheck the last link again. I updated it with the script runned with verbose output.12:55
UmeaboyI think I need to add something to line 17.12:56
UmeaboyNo. It sees it correctly.12:58
malso now it works but claims md5sum doesn't match12:58
malso skip the check if you know it's ok12:58
UmeaboyNo matter how many times I redownload the SW_binaries and make sure that the sha256sum is correct it isn't correct when flashing.13:08
malso skip the check like I said13:10
maland it's not about sw binaries, it's about the main zip13:10
UmeaboyHow can I skip the check?13:11
maledit the script?13:11
UmeaboyI comment out from line what to what?13:12
malyou need to learn to do something yourself, I can't says everything13:12
malyou'll never learn anything13:12
T4<abhishek_0> Take a deep breath mal :')13:16
UmeaboyI think it's working....13:17
UmeaboyYes, it does continue. :)13:18
mal@abhishek_0 I'm so close to just leaving the channel and giving up13:18
Umeaboysending sparse 'system_b' (40932 KB)...13:18
r0kk3rzmal: one of these days i need to come to finland and buy you 100 beers13:18
UmeaboyWaiting for it to finish.13:18
UmeaboyIt rebooted now.13:18
T4<akaWolf> mal, if you feel so, just stop answer :)13:19
T4<abhishek_0> mal dont! take a vacation or an internet detox, it helps :D13:20
UmeaboySailfish successfully flashed and installed and booted fine.13:22
T4<akaWolf> give your thanks to mal13:23
UmeaboyYeah. Thanks, mal.13:23
T4<It_sMike> Umeaboy : Congratulation!!!13:24
T4<meierrom> Umeaboy: mal: Well done guys!!!13:40
UmeaboyYeah, it was mostly mal.13:40
T4<meierrom> Umeaboy: Yeah. It was hard on both of you, I guess...13:43
r0kk3rzthanks peanut gallery13:43
UmeaboyWhat happened to the tap to open screen action? Is it disabled in the Free version?13:44
r0kk3rzthats hardware specific13:45
malxa2 doesn't have it working13:45
malsony open source releases don't have it working either13:46
r0kk3rzalso, your first instinct should be 'why is it broken' not 'is it disabled for community'13:46
malit wouldn't make sense to disable such normal features13:46
malunless they are broken13:46
malonly differences in free version of sfos x are the 3rd party software packages such as alien13:47
r0kk3rzUmeaboy: you realise your journey has only just begun right?13:48
UmeaboySipoonkorpi took a long time to download on WiFi.13:49
UmeaboyIt looks stuck.13:50
r0kk3rzwait, what are you doing?13:50
UmeaboyInstalling the update.13:50
r0kk3rzonto what13:50
UmeaboyTo the XA2.13:50
r0kk3rzoh ok, i thought you were doing a different sony phone13:51
Umeaboyr0kk3rz: I was previously continuing with maple as I want to continue where I left off.13:52
UmeaboyHow does one abort the download of the update?13:52
UmeaboyThe haptic menu at the top does not show.13:52
UmeaboyGotta go.14:19
T4<It_sMike> Mal, could you open an OBS account for me?14:38
malI don't have permissions for that you need follow instructions here you can send lbt a message or email with the user name you want and your email address14:42
T4<It_sMike> Thanks!14:43
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T4<adampigg> And i always assumed mister_magister would push mal too far 😁16:21
Mister_Magister@adampigg: what?>16:25
Mister_Magisterwhatcha talkin' 'bout16:25
T4<adampigg> Read the backlog ;)16:30
Mister_Magister@adampigg: lemme guess someone pissed off mal?16:33
T4<abhishek_0> @adampigg rofl XD16:37
T4<adampigg> Aye16:40
Mister_Magister@adampigg it wouldn't be me im nice to him and stuff16:52
Benclark006do i need to run fixup mountpoints once i've patched it?17:22
malit's run automatically during build, both make hybris-hal and (the droid-hal packaging part of it)17:23
malwas there any sign of boot failure reason in the host dmesg, the usb device values tell something17:24
Benclark006i don't think so17:25
Benclark006i'll take a look in a sec17:25
maljust show the usb related stuff from host dmesg17:26
malI think it was device string or something that tells the error message17:26
Benclark006i need to find a charger first but yeah will do17:27
Benclark006slightly more log info here also:
malthat tells it rebooted17:36
Benclark006yeah it does that after a minute or two17:36
Benclark006the manual says to telnet into the phone and run command17:37
Benclark006but obviously i can't17:37
malbased on init-script behavior and the message "Product: Refusing" means the issue is either kernel configs or mounting of userdata17:38
r0kk3rzmoo @adampigg, coming to fosdem?17:38
Benclark006i'm going to go out on a limb here and say its the latter17:38
malBenclark006: pastebin the .config which you find somewhere under $ANDROID_ROOT/out/17:39
malBenclark006: CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS is invalid17:48
malBenclark006: it should be =y17:48
malBenclark006: once you make sure that is enabled in kernel defconfig run make hybris-hal the usual way and check .config again17:50
Benclark006should i change that in defconfig or somewhere else?17:50
malafter you have verified that .config has it correctly you run -d17:51
malthen either build a new image or flash the hybris-boot.img from out/ manually via fastboot17:51
malBenclark006: just as a lesson, I manually checked what the init-script checks here
Benclark006./hybris/hybris-boot/ error: There should be a one and only one device entry for HYBRIS_DATA_PART.17:53
Benclark006assuming i should remove the device entry?17:53
maldid you setup the build enviroment correctly?17:53
Benclark006i think so17:54
malthe way it's done in chapter 5.417:54
malthat has to be done every time, so you first go to sfossdk, then to ubu-chroot and then run those17:54
Benclark006i see17:55
Benclark006looks like it's working now17:55
malthe ubu-chroot command was ubu-chroot -r $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu just in case you forgot17:55
malI usually keep the needed commands in a text editor so I can easily copy everything17:56
Benclark006rpm/dhd/helpers/ fails 😥
maldid you verify the .config file in out/ already?18:03
Benclark006not yet18:03
malno point in building anything else before you know that is correct18:03
Benclark006it's correct18:04
Benclark006CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS=y right?18:04
malBenclark006: also you error is quite clear /home/ben/hadk/hybris/droid-configs/installroot/.gitmodules you have something messed up in your config repo18:04
Benclark006is the config repo ~/hadk/hybris/droid-configs?18:08
malmaybe push all latest changes to github18:13
Benclark006i've tried that18:26
Benclark006still the same issue :/18:26
malor run git status in the repo18:26
malto see what there is18:27
Benclark006it says installroot is untracked18:27
Benclark006is that bad?18:27
Benclark006when i try to add everything it returns fatal: Not a git repository: droid-configs-device/../.git/modules/droid-configs-device18:28
malyou somehow messed up that whole thing, only droid-configs-device, patterns, sparse and rpm folders should be there18:28
malin git that is18:29
malBenclark006: run git reset --hard 4c45203e6dbb21422594621a3c17c4fccad0b877 in that folder18:29
malthen run "git rm -r installroot" and "git rm -r tmp" and finally git commit -a18:31
Benclark006when i run git reset fatal: Not a git repository: droid-configs-device/../.git/modules/droid-configs-device18:32
Benclark006i'm actually baffled at how i messed it up this bad18:32
malBenclark006: no idea why you got the idea that removing everything in that folder was a good idea18:33
Benclark006it's still there18:34
Benclark006but it's disappeared from github18:34
malBenclark006: not sure what is the best way to recover that18:36
malBenclark006: I think it's easiest that you go to folder hybris/ and rename droid-configs and then do the droid-configs part of chapter 7.1 (make sure you this time use codename mako instead of hammerhead which is used in the example)18:44
malthen copy the sparse folder of the old config repo to the new18:44
maland do not run git add * in the repo, only add files to the existing folders18:45
Benclark006ok, i'll try that18:54
Benclark006ok it's back to normal19:05
piggztime to update the sfos sdk and do some app work instead of port work....19:05
piggzmal: any suggestions for harbour-advenced-camera?19:05
piggzthough, i might add features to amazfish tonight19:06
piggzsleep graph maybe19:06
malpiggz: plenty of things to fix but not sure what should be fixed first19:07
piggzmal: remember ... its a 'community' effort :P19:08
Benclark006mal: it's been reset and all, but i still get the same error message D:19:14
Nokiusgood evening o/19:25
Nokiusshort question obs devel is for stable release and testing testing or visa vie19:26
Nokiuskimmoli: thanks19:36
piggzNokius: obs devel with _latest is for devels to test builds using the latest stable build ... testing is for end users to use agains each defined release19:44
Benclark006hmm, telnet still isn't working 😕19:51
malBenclark006: did you check that you don't have any files you don't want in sparse19:55
Benclark006what counts as unneeded?19:56
mallike the one that caused the error19:57
Benclark006the installroot?19:58
Nokiusmal: looks like you latest MR is geoglue is calling turble20:04
malNokius: ?20:05
malNokius: it's previous commit that prevents building it for 3.0.020:05
malBenclark006: I said sparse20:06
malBenclark006: how about you show what you have there20:06
Nokiusmal: ah is latest /= 3.0.020:06
mallatest is 3.0.020:06
malgeoclue needs newer20:07
Nokiusah okay20:07
Benclark006mal: all i have is /media/srv/ben/hadk/hybris/droid-configs/sparse/var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf20:07
malNokius: check faq20:12
malBenclark006: so you didn't copy the old sparse folder like I said?20:12
Benclark006mal: i did20:15
malso why do you say the files are not there, did you remove them from the old one?20:15
malBenclark006: the check faq again for 15.1 porting notes and copy the .rc files again20:15
Nokiusmal: thx20:16
malBenclark006: I'm confused what error you got when building and how host dmesg looked like in latest build20:17
Benclark006i built a new one and it worked20:17
Benclark006well "worked" i haven't flashed it yet20:17
Benclark006it built properly20:17
Nokiusthanks gn8 happy hacking20:18
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martonmiklosHi guys!20:56
martonmiklosI am planning to buy a Sony Xperia X compact20:56
martonmiklosI would like to have a Sailfish device with USB OTG capabilities for a looong time20:57
martonmiklosI saw this:
martonmiklosand this21:00
martonmikloswhere it is mentioned that the OTG is broken because it is missing from the official builds21:00
martonmiklosdo I think correctly if I recompile the kernel with the necessary options compiled in I could get it working?21:01
malhmm, what OTG fearures do you want?21:04
Benclark006hurrah! telnet is working 🎉21:13
Benclark006do you need to install the gui separately?21:16
eugeniomartonmiklos, (I'm the guy who made the compat layer) I plan to upstream the X Compact adaptation once I finish working on the current port21:17
malBenclark006: no, now you need to debug why UI doesn't work21:17
maleugenio: what exactly is missing from the kernel?21:18
martonmikloshi eugenio, what do you mean under upstreaming?21:18
martonmiklosI am pretty new to the SFOS porting terminology and trying to figure out the basics21:19
eugeniomartonmiklos, mal: driver for the Type-C controller in the X Compact (rightfully so as the Xperia X doesn't have one)21:19
martonmiklosif I understand correctly Sony provides kernel sources in the open devices program21:20
eugeniomartonmiklos, upstreaming ---> sending the changes to the official source repositories21:20
maleugenio: wondering if it would be fine to add it?21:20
eugeniomal, it shouldn't harm, but it doesn't feel right21:21
martonmikloswhen saysing official you mean the Jolla's kernel repo?21:21
Benclark006 when the faq says both usb0 and rndis0 interfaces might be up, remove usb0 from init-script and rebuild kernel image with make hybris-boot or make hybris-recovery21:22
Benclark006 does it mean any mention of usb0 or just particular lines?21:22
eugenioyup, that would also mean (if Jolla agrees, of course) that the X Compact bits would be built by them alongside the other official adaptations21:23
martonmiklosthat would be awesome21:23
eugeniomartonmiklos, if you would like to use OTG on X Compact the easiest way would be to flash a kernel from the community adaptation21:24
eugenioif you're ok running an outdated kernel, that is21:24
martonmikloseugenio, do you have any pointers how to do that?21:25
martonmiklosI have seen this21:26
martonmiklosfor the old JP121:26
martonmiklosI do not know how relevant is for the kugo21:26
r0kk3rzeugenio: btw its some impressive hackery to get the X adaptation working on the XC21:27
malmartonmiklos: official xperia x kernel used in sailfish is here
eugeniomartonmiklos, if you would like to recompile the kernel you should follow the Sailfish HADK (and the X-specific bits in If you're instead ok with running a slightly outdated kernel you can flash an already built one, such as the one from the community 2.1.3 adaptation by stephg:
eugeniodownload the zip, unzip it, then fastboot flash boot hybris-boot.img21:33
eugenior0kk3rz, hah, thanks! Had a lot of fun though, so was worth it!21:34
martonmiklosis it needed to pathc the official kernel, or enabling the OTG is just matter of configuration21:35
martonmiklosif the later then I could simply rebuild the mentioned kernel above with a tweaked config21:35
martonmiklosand create a hybris-boot.img from it somehow21:35
eugenioyes, it's just a matter of configuration21:36
martonmikloseugenio, hmm then yeah the best would be if those configs would be enabled upstream21:37
eugeniothe goal of my project was to reuse the whole of the X adaptation, so the X kernel as built by Jolla gets patched on-the-fly during upgrades21:37
martonmiklosotherwise I will need to rebuild / reflash on each SFOS upgrade21:38
martonmiklosah that would have been my next question21:38
martonmiklosthat it is possible to compile modules and load them on the fly to the official kernel?21:39
eugenionot on the Xperia X, CONFIG_MODULES is disabled21:39
martonmikloseugenio, ah I see21:39
eugeniothat I remember, at least21:40
maleugenio: I think that is a mistake, in kernel config it has some flags as modules but modules are not enable on device21:43
martonmikloshmm that sounds weird21:46
martonmiklosanyway I do not even have the device yet21:50
martonmiklosbut I will wait for the upstreamed OTG support :)21:50
martonmikloshopefully it is going to be accepted21:51
martonmiklosmany thanks for the infos guys!21:52

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