Sunday, 2019-01-13

UmeaboyUninstalling openjdk-7-jdk seems to do the trick.00:30
UmeaboyIt failed to build and gave me this error: ./hybris/hybris-boot/ warning: ********************* /boot appears to live on ERROR: *fstab* not found00:32
Umeaboy./hybris/hybris-boot/ warning: ********************* /data appears to live on ERROR: *fstab* not found00:32
Umeaboy./hybris/hybris-boot/ error: There should be a one and only one device entry for HYBRIS_DATA_PART.00:32
malyou are sure vendor and device are now correct in .hadk.env=00:36
malUmeaboy: when updating ubuntu chroot we also need to think about old android bases, if the jdk is too new it can also cause issues00:37
Umeaboyexport VENDOR="sony"00:39
Umeaboyexport DEVICE="maple"00:39
malthis is how the files are searched
UmeaboyGotta go to sleep.01:50
UmeaboyTalk later tonight.01:50
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Benclark006what is the default password for devel-su?13:02
Benclark006i can't access the gui so i can't access settings to find out13:04
T4<elros34> set it through telnet13:06
Benclark006nevermind i got it13:08
ThaodanI get the error  couldn't find an OpenGL ES implementation during boot how can I debug this?13:38
ThaodanI get the error  couldn't find an OpenGL ES implementation during boot how can I debug this?13:38
Thaodanr0kk3rz: thanks I'm trying to debug via hwc2 doesnt work on my xa2 maybe I miss some commit14:19
malThaodan: did you build using the available repos?14:29
Thaodanmal:  yes14:30
Thaodando I miss something on the android side?14:34
Thaodando I need something to load the vendor egl libs from odm?14:41
malso what do you see in logs?14:41
maldid you build using normal or tagged manifest?14:44
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Thaodanwhats the difference in this case?14:51
r0kk3rzpresumably its looking for some blob and not finding it15:25
malThaodan: non-tagged one could fetch changes we don't want because we have patched repos and there can be mismatch to the non-patched ones, based on upstream commit history sony has moved things around quite much15:29
Thaodanno idea what could be wrong flashed aosp system.img, oem and sfos as always15:39
malThaodan: like I asked before, what do you see in logs15:42
Thaodanmal: I noticed I used the r35 branch instead of the r47 branch. Will report later15:53
malok, r47 is the one that should be used15:59
Thaodanexplains the issues on hwc2 hopefully16:06
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 hows the audio cleanup going?18:42
T4<eugenio_g7> @adampigg, pretty good, pulseaudio now seems to work fine, but the card doesn't work anymore after waking up from suspend, working on it though :)18:43
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 feel free to share ;)18:45
T4<eugenio_g7> yup I will soon™18:46
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T4<It_sMike> Hi mal, could you help me with something? I'm trying to build anbox with new boost libraries ( 1.66.0 ) to make it working with sf, but I get these errors. Any idea about how fixing it?21:41
T4<It_sMike> … Anbox.log21:41
T4<It_sMike> … CMakeError.log21:41
T4<It_sMike> … CMakeOutput.log21:42
r0kk3rzyou need the pthread dev library21:54
T4<It_sMike> How could I get them?21:55
r0kk3rzpackage manager?21:56
T4<It_sMike> libpthread right?21:56
T4<It_sMike> Installing...21:57
T4<It_sMike> Still have the same errors :((((21:58
r0kk3rzhow are you building it? in what environment21:59
T4<It_sMike> Ubuntu. With from PlatformSDK22:00
malwhich repo and branch are you using?22:02
T4<It_sMike> , anbox branch22:04
malthat is very old and probably won't work now22:06
T4<It_sMike> :( so ?22:06
T4<It_sMike> No new commits to fix it?22:07
malmaybe try this prebuilt one
T4<It_sMike> Thanks for your help mal, should take look on it22:09
malno idea if that works22:11
malthat has some changes over my testing code22:11
T4<It_sMike> Let me try ... I'll report back22:12
T4<It_sMike> Seems working ... Building right now!22:13
T4<It_sMike> Nope... Finished with errors22:18
T4<It_sMike> Will try making some change on it tomorrow22:19
T4<It_sMike> Here's the log : …
UmeaboyDoes anyone else have trouble building hybris-hal with make now?22:37
T4<adampigg> Mal, what is anbox.status?22:38
mal@It_sMike why are you building it and not just install that version from the OBS project I gave?22:41
malUmeaboy: no22:42
T4<It_sMike> Is it build over 1.66.0 boost libraries ? if yes , OK ! let's go and test it :D22:42
T4<It_sMike> y22:44
mal@It_sMike it is built against target22:44
T4<It_sMike> Fine !22:44
UmeaboyFor me it fails with this:
malhow is it possible that kernel build fails if you use the same kernel that official builds use22:51
UmeaboyEven with the maple defconfig I can't build passed 12%:
Thaodanmal: need to flash android vendor.img23:14
ThaodanUmeaboy: from which vendor is that device?23:14
UmeaboyI'm building for Sony Xperia XZ Premium Dual (g8142)23:15
Thaodanah that codename sounded familar. How is it going?23:16
UmeaboyI built hybris-hal on my other computer some time ago, but here it won't build.23:17
malThaodan: you mean the one that is installed along the official installation instructions?23:27
eugeniopiggz, @adampigg: <--- initial audio work, I have put some notes in the form of GitHub comments in that PR23:29
Thaodanmal: nope the android one23:47
Umeaboymal: Any idea on how to get passed 12%?23:49
ThaodanUmeaboy: are you using the open devices kernel?23:49
UmeaboyThaodan: Yes.23:49
UmeaboyThe device isn't officially supported by Lineage yet so I have to use that.23:50
ThaodanUmeaboy: just wanted to sort out where the issue is. Maybe something wrong on your system. Is lineage better than open devices?23:50
malUmeaboy: you can see the kernel  build error in the output23:51
malno idea why it happens23:51
malUmeaboy: did you use tagged manifest from mer-hybris?23:51
ThaodanI see but open debices should build23:51
malfor sony open devices using that is better than any lineage they might have23:51
Umeaboymal: Yes, I did.23:52
malwe need to figure that out some other day, it's late23:52
UmeaboyOK. Yeah.23:59
UmeaboySleep tight.23:59

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