Wednesday, 2019-01-16

Umeaboymal: Still no luck building hybris-hal even though I did git reset.00:25
UmeaboyGotta reboot......00:29
UmeaboyTo build without using a specific number of cores seems to do the trick.00:59
Umeaboy41% and failing.01:01
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T4<kskarthik> Is there a way of porting sailfish os instead of os residing in `/data/.stowaways/sailfishos` ? Like the original sailfish phones from companies ?02:32
T4<eugenio_g7> Yup, check how the Xperia X(A2) adaptation works07:15
T4<kskarthik> @eugenio_g7 [Yup, check how the Xperia X(A2) adaptation wor …], Could you please link ?07:16
T4<kskarthik> @eugenio_g7 [ …], Thank you very much!07:18
T4<eugenio_g7> No problem :)07:21
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piggzmal: do i dare ask lbt about 3.0.1? :D18:19
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Benclark006Hi all, just been trying to build the kernel again (i got a new pc and i didn't get a chance to transfer my current port) and i've been getting this error:
Benclark006Don't know if this looks familiar to anyone21:08
Benclark006Thanks :)21:08
kimmolipaste more. theres no error21:12
kimmolior run on single thread, it builds busybox and kconfig at the same time, hard to tell what happens21:13
Benclark006 here's the paste21:13
Benclark006i'll give that a go21:14
kimmoliwell it says kinda clearly at line 331 what is wrong?21:21
eugeniopiggz, some latte-related news?21:34
piggzeugenio: not from me, from you???21:35
piggzeugenio: trying to code al algorith to determin light/deep sleep from my watch!21:35
eugenionothing yet21:36
eugeniopiggz, cool!21:36
piggzeugenio: so, when the audio fails due to kernel problem, is the fix a reboot or PA restart? PA restart didnt seem to help me21:56
eugeniopa restart, but you should restart the application using it too as the PA connection is dropped (I guess)21:56
eugeniopiggz, slightly unrelated, do you experience some graphical artifacts sometimes? Especially during peeking, or in system dialogs21:59
piggzeugenio: webcat has a lovely 'lightening bolt' style artifact22:00
eugenioyea, that too22:00
Umeaboymal: What can be done with hybris-hal for maple? I still can't get it to build even with the maple defconfig and the mountpoints are correct.22:54
malUmeaboy: what is the error now?22:54
Umeaboy129 to 134 are the main causes, but I didn't make those mistakes.22:56
UmeaboyIt fails to build kernel binaries on line 146.22:57
Umeaboy152 to 157 is also wrong.22:57
Umeaboy will build a kernel for CarbonROM though. Can't we use that instead of the AOSP defconfig?23:02
malI'm pretty sure your kernel repo is still not ok23:10
Umeaboymal: Any workaround under the meantime?23:19
Umeaboymal: I can tell you that when I copied the content of that defconfig and replaced it with the AOSP it does build.23:28
UmeaboyAt least passed 12%.23:28
UmeaboyStill building.23:29
Umeaboy51% and still building. :)23:41
UmeaboyNope. That stopped at 52%.23:43
UmeaboyFull build output here:
UmeaboyIt still fails to build the kernel binaries for some reason.23:47
malonly way is to make sure kernel is ok23:53
malyou focus too much on the progress23:53
maland not focus on the error messages23:54
UmeaboyStill, I should report this error upstream to Sony, right?23:55
malUmeaboy: the problem is just your build environment23:59
malUmeaboy: because I built a non-modified maple kernel without any errors23:59

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