Saturday, 2019-01-19

Umeaboymal: What do you have in mind to investigate the issue further?02:02
UmeaboyHere's what I did so far up til the build of the kernel that still shows flags being unset when they aren't:
UmeaboyI'm pretty sure I did nothing wrong up until then.02:03
malshow git diff of the kernel repo02:09
malI need to get some sleep so I will check the diff tomorrow02:10
UmeaboyMy git diff:
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T4<abhishek_0> OBS targets when ? :P10:28
T4<adampigg> @abhishek_0 you can always upgrade without there being an obs target, using your 3.0.0 adaptation, and 3.0.1 repos11:01
T4<adampigg> ofcourse, ymmv11:01
T4<abhishek_0> Yeah i know that, but i am waiting to push a newer tag to CI11:09
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wdehoogHi. Building my gst-plugins-base failed this morning on OBS. Comparing buildlog indicates wayland/egl is not detected anymore14:41
wdehoogSee here for some diffs from the logs:
malwdehoog: why do you build gst-plugins-base yourself?15:05
malwdehoog: mesa version is used normally when building those15:05
wdehoogmal: to be able to increase buffer_size of the playbin15:06
wdehoogmal: same spec file worked two weeks ago. now obs seems to install other packages15:07
wdehoogso  pkgconfig(wayland-egl) now seems to get libhybris-libwayland-egl but used to install mesa-llvmpipe-libwayland-egl15:12
wdehoogboth seem to provide a wayland-egl.pc (not sure how I can check for sure)15:12
wdehoogbut the one from libhybris-libwayland-egl is picked up by config of gst-plugins-base15:13
malwdehoog: you can define which one to use in OBS project config
malwdehoog: device project always uses libhybris version15:18
wdehoogmal: thanks. so I probably cannot build it in the device project. makes some sort of sense.15:20
malUmeaboy: use this patch for maple defconfig that is just a copy the of cumulative changes to pioneer defconfig, it leaves only some warnings which you don't have to fix15:41
malwdehoog: yes, that is not really part of hardware adaptation, it still would be nice to know why libhybris egl devel is not enough15:42
wdehoogmal: now that I have build it in another repo do you have an idea how can I include it in the image? not by adding it to jolla-hw-adaptation-bacon.yaml15:46
wdehoogcan it be added through the ks file?15:47
malwdehoog: when building new image just add the repo to .ks15:49
malbut for future OTA updates you need to add the repo to device also15:50
kraaijmakersGoodevening, I keep running into issues using hte script which made me wonder if there is a repository or something i forgot to checkout?18:54
kraaijmakersI am currently in the build_packages process again for the exact error, because I don't remember it anymore. Sorry bout that :)18:57
malkraaijmakers: did you check the build issues related to geoclue and sensorfw from faq (linked in channel topic)18:58
kraaijmakersGEOCLUE! that was it, NO I didn't I will now18:58
malyou should follow both18:58
malat least for
kraaijmakersOK thanks again mal :)18:58
kraaijmakersmal: another issue I currently am running into is the building of the dependencies of geoclue-providers-hybris-binder.spec. I fixed a few but it still needs qofono-qt5 qofono-ext and systemsettings above 0.5.519:05
malkraaijmakers: are youu building for which android base?19:06
kraaijmakersLineage 15.119:07
kraaijmakersO I hope I didn't forget to add a hybris-15.1 setting somewhere O_O19:07
malthe dependencies are installed by build_packages.sh19:07
kraaijmakersBut is the one that runs into the proble,?19:07
kraaijmakersI think I missed a step somewhere, because it also says: Building target platforms: armv7hl-meego-linux I don't know if thats alright19:08
maldid you do exactly like faq said? note that when you run without parameters after using the faq instruction you have to skip building geoclue and sensorfw19:08
kraaijmakerseven if I run it in a seperate terminal instance with all the environment stuff loaded like sfossdk and hadk19:09
kraaijmakersit says the Failed build dependencies19:09
malwhat exactly are you running now?19:09
malshow the error, check the proper build log listed in the output19:10
kraaijmakersNow I am running rpm/dhd/helpers/ -b hybris/m/sensorfw -s rpm/sensorfw-qt5-hybris.spec19:10
kraaijmakersThis one doesnt error19:10
malwhat command gave the error?19:11
kraaijmakersThe one I run after thatrpm/dhd/helpers/ -b hybris/mw/geoclue-providers-hybris -s rpm/geoclue-providers-hybris-binder.spec19:11
malwithout seeing the build log it's impossible to know what is happening19:11
kraaijmakersOK, any place I could upload it?19:12
kraaijmakersOK will do, I message you as soon as it's up and ready :)19:12
malthe log is in hybris/mw/ with something related to geoclue as name19:12
kraaijmakersIt's kinda short tbh19:12
malare you really sure you ran the commands from faq correctly19:14
kraaijmakersHmm would it hurt to try again?19:14
malof course you try again19:14
kraaijmakersOK will do, sorry for bothering19:14
kraaijmakersLol, this is weird, I got twice the same output. But now it works19:16
kraaijmakersThanks again mal19:16
kraaijmakersSo after I've done that I can continue with the without the options right?19:17
malyes but you need to skip the geoclue and sensorfw packages when running it so you can't use the build all option19:17
kraaijmakersSo just after it asks me Wanna build libhybris (Y/n/all) I say Y for each thing that pops up except the geoclue and sensorfw?19:18
kraaijmakersUnderstood, thanks19:18
malhopefully the dependency issue is gone with 3.0.1 release19:18
kraaijmakersYeah let's hope so, also let's hope my build will finally succeed so I can continue the HADK :)19:19
malwhat problem did you have before?19:21
kraaijmakersSome unmet dependencies which I already fixed now19:21
kraaijmakersThen when I had the systemsettings failed dependency popping up, I noticed it was 3 or 4 AM so I called it a day haha19:22
kraaijmakersIt also was annoying that everytime I tried to ask a question using my laptop's IRC client (Polari) it kept logging me out19:23
malkraaijmakers: since you use 15.1 did you follow the additional instructions for it in faq?19:24
kraaijmakersLet me check mal19:25
maland some even more additional stuff not in there yet19:25
malwhen copying the .rc files you need to edit one file because hybris-15.1 is missing one commit, unless you added another fix to system/core manually19:26
kraaijmakersI see, I see, copying .rc files is done using the -c ?19:27
malyes, you copy the files manually from github to correct subfolder (create it) of hybris/droid-configs/sparse/ and then run -c19:28
malthe file you need to edit manually is sparse/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/vold.rc, remove the _HYBRIS_DISABLED from the file for now19:29
kraaijmakersOK thanks19:29
malhybris-15.1 is a bit of a mess still19:29
kraaijmakersNow I get another issue, after geoclue option I say no, and it pops up with dirname: missing operand, then a Permission denied error for line. 228: //droid-hal-version-enchilada.log19:49
kraaijmakersit has something to do with the -v20:00
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Henkate_I wish I could delete my question lol20:30
malHenkate_: ?20:33
malkraaijmakers: what does the build log of that say?20:33
kraaijmakersOf the version file?20:33
Henkate_mal: hmm, my previous message didn't actually get sent? Even better xD20:34
kraaijmakersI kinda forgot to finish making that repository as explained on Page 18 of the HADK20:34
kraaijmakersSo it coudln't find the files, that's why. Also no log or something because the folder just iddnt exist20:34
malkraaijmakers: ok20:35
kraaijmakersBut I just ran the 'mic' command :) Gonna try to flash and see what happens20:35
Henkate_Is anybody already working on whyred (redmi note 5 pro)? I'm thinking about messing with sailfish again. Probably some of you don't remember me anymore, but some of your usernames are familiar to me from back then, when I was trying to port it for Huawei Nova (failed) xD20:37
malHenkate_: yes, some people said they are porting for whyred, not sure how far they are with it, @MarcoDS_bit and some others20:42
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Henkate_ Yep we are still working on it20:44
Henkate_mal: thanks for that20:44
Henkate_+T4: have you managed to boot it yet?20:44
Henkate_If y'all are working together, then I can join and help with debugging20:45
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Henkate I'll ask, can I contact you in any other way?20:47
malHenkate_: use the highlight like I did, T4 is telegram IRC tunnel bot20:48
Henkate_Oh lol20:49
mal@MarcoDS_bit how is the porting going?20:49
Henkate_MarcoDS_bit: well, you can contact me on Telegram if that's ok (at @Henkate)20:50
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I have just rejoined the project because of school, still building hybris-hal, we have had lots of problems with the los-15 base20:52
mal@MarcoDS_bit you still didn't get hybris-hal to build?21:01
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Yep sadly21:02
Umeaboymal: It fails to build at 13%.21:12
malUmeaboy: are you sure you didn't leave any of your previous changes to defconfig?21:17
malUmeaboy: because I built r47 successfully using that patch21:17
Umeaboymal: Well, the problem isn't just building. It's to get all the warnings and errors fixed with a rebuild after you edit the defconfig.21:18
malUmeaboy: just use my patch, NOTHING else21:19
UmeaboyI did. That failed at 13%.21:19
malUmeaboy: could you finally stop using those useless percentange values, they tell exactly nothing21:20
malUmeaboy: also that paste is useless anyway, the real error is somewhere before that21:20
malyou must still have some other changes to your kernel because it just cannot fail if it builds for me21:20
malunless you finally just use ONLY my patch and do nothing else to the kernel, I mean not a single change to defconfig except my patch21:22
malso go to kernel repo, run git reset --hard HEAD, then apply my patch and make hybris-hal21:22
malUmeaboy: DO NOT try to fix any of the remaining warnings you might see in kernel checker after that21:24
UmeaboyDoes it matter that pioneer isn't in the same platform as maple?21:25
Umeaboypioneer uses nile and maple uses yoshino.21:25
maljust use the damn patch21:26
malhow many times do I have to say it21:26
malonly the patch21:26
malhow is it so difficult to just do what I say21:26
malI did say to you many days or weeks ago to just duplicate the pioneer hybris patches but you didn't do it, you added something extta21:27
malsoon I will just ignore you if you don't follow my instructions21:28
Umeaboymal: That made it build fine.22:23
malUmeaboy: so how many hours did you waste by not doing what I said?22:24
UmeaboyEntire build output:
T4<BusterBg_18> mal I wanna try to enable anbox support but the page linked on faq has patches pointing to anbox/kernel/patches that aren't there anymore22:57
mal@BusterBg_18 go back in history of that repo to find those23:03
T4<BusterBg_18> Thank you23:05
malI updated the etherpad23:05
T4<BusterBg_18> Just saw it thank you once again23:16
T4<BusterBg_18> Kind of not related but its the email address of the bugs.merproject maintainer  still the one on the page?23:19
malyes, you can also find him on IRC23:22
T4<BusterBg_18> Its just that I already send him an email for the registration and didn't got a response and I dont wanna be annoying and send him the same mail another time lol23:29
malwhen did you send it?23:46

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