Sunday, 2019-01-27

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UmeaboyAfter the Hello World script turned out OK I noticed how extremely hard it is to push from /rpm to my git repo droid-hal-maple even if I force push.04:11
UmeaboyCan't I just push the normal way from outside of /rpm?04:12
UmeaboyHad to do git push --force Umeaboy HEAD:master in order to make it work.04:30
T4<BusterBg_18> So I already builded a 3.0.1 zip with the devel repo and worked really nice,  I repeat the steps for “testing:” right?06:01
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T4<BusterBg_18> lbt: could you please patternise nemo:testing:hw:xiaomi:kenzo?09:01
T4<MarcoDS_bit> mal: I commented out any usb related stuff in init.rc but still crashesh, should I try reverting to like others suggested?09:38
maldid you get the logs I asked09:48
T4<MarcoDS_bit> dmesg:
T4<MarcoDS_bit> journalctl:
T4<MarcoDS_bit> mal: the other one gave me error (?)09:52
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mal@MarcoDS_bit it seems to fail quite soon, are you sure selinux is properly disabled?10:31
T4<MarcoDS_bit> mal: I left AUDIT=y and in kernelcmd set selinux=0 and audit=0 so yeah it should be disabled10:33
maland enabled seliux bootparam option in kernel?10:34
T4<MarcoDS_bit> yes10:34
malrun systemctl mask droid-hal-init on device (or ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service)10:35
T4<It_sMike> I'm back :)10:42
T4<It_sMike> mal : not just the browser... have similar issue while working with other parts ( even with turned off wlan )10:44
T4<It_sMike> about the droid-version building, I already have that line in my droid-config*.spec, let me send you the logs10:46
T4<MarcoDS_bit> mal: what should we see with that command?10:58
T4<It_sMike> mal seems the problem is gone now ( conflict between two packages error while building droid-version )11:00
mal@MarcoDS_bit it might prevent some reboot issues11:02
maldepending on what causes those11:02
T4<MarcoDS_bit> mal: done but still freezes, should it be because of the way we installed it? So: Untarring on PC and then adb pushing all the files in the directory, because it failed to extract the tar on the device (gave tar: short read)11:07
malshouldn't matter, assuming the rootfs is really ok11:08
T4<MarcoDS_bit> It should, we can chroot sailfish os from recovery too11:12
T4<MarcoDS_bit> similiar to this11:13
mal@MarcoDS_bit what exact command did you use for extracting the rootfs?11:14
T4<MarcoDS_bit> sudo tar -xvjf sfchroot.tar.bz211:17
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Then I did sudo chmod -R a=rwx11:17
malthe script uses "tar --numeric-owner -xvjf "11:18
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Without the first sudo it gives me error11:18
malyou should use that11:18
malyou should never run chmod -R to rootfs11:18
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Oh ok, retrying with that11:19
malthat is the script used11:20
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Actually the script gives us error in recovery, as on my old phone where I had to install an old recovery or I had the exact same error11:22
T4<It_sMike> Hmmm find out something new...11:26
T4<It_sMike> Think I've finally find a working solution11:37
T4<It_sMike> Made some new changes to kernel, will report back if it's worked11:37
T4<It_sMike> Building right now...12:03
piggzjusa: afternoon .... i have BT audio \o/12:47
piggzhowever, it is very bad....12:48
piggzJan 27 12:47:09 Sailfish pulseaudio[3781]: Skipping 91380 us (= 16116 bytes) in audio stream12:48
piggzJan 27 12:47:09 Sailfish pulseaudio[3781]: Implicit underrun of ''Need Some1' by 'The Prodigy''12:48
piggzJan 27 12:47:09 Sailfish pulseaudio[3781]: Requesting rewind due to rewrite.12:48
piggzJan 27 12:47:09 Sailfish pulseaudio[3781]: Requesting rewind due to rewrite.12:48
r0kk3rzbad how?12:49
piggzr0kk3rz: choppy, very12:52
piggzlike it cant send enough data12:52
piggzim wondering about my BT baud rate?12:52
piggzits 115200 atm12:52
piggzhowever, other sppeds dont appear to work12:56
r0kk3rzhmm thats a bit slow i guess13:10
r0kk3rzmines like 300000013:11
r0kk3rzwhich is like 30x faster13:12
piggzr0kk3rz: i get13:16
piggzE3:B2 failed13:16
piggzJan 27 13:16:03 Sailfish bluetooth_rfkill_event[3690]: attach_hci(bluetooth_rfkill_event.c:926): Failed to execute hciattach  -d -m /dev/ttyHSU0 bcm43xx 3000000 noflow sleep 00:39:25:A4:E3:B2, exiting13:16
r0kk3rzgot h4 enabled in kernel?13:24
piggzr0kk3rz: yup13:28
r0kk3rzwhat bt dev was it again?13:28
piggzr0kk3rz: BCM435413:32
r0kk3rzyou did confirm it was loading firmware right?13:40
piggzr0kk3rz: seems some use brcm_patchrom_plus to init this card to 300000013:40
r0kk3rzthats an alternative firmware patcher yeah13:41
r0kk3rzi dont think you should need that, at least i dont13:41
piggzr0kk3rz: what is your chip?13:44
r0kk3rzso, not massively different to yours i shouldnt think13:46
malusing hybris-15.1 would probably make bluetooth easier on some of the problematic chips13:53
r0kk3rzusing bluebinder?13:53
r0kk3rzpiggz: it could also be a bluesleep issue, theres some patches in sony kernel related to that13:55
piggzr0kk3rz: ok, lemme see13:55
malr0kk3rz: yes, bluebinder makes things easier14:13
piggzr0kk3rz: well, i build brcm_patchram_plus and it works  charm14:13
T4<It_sMike> I've done everything that I could... still no luck14:13
piggzaudio working great, speed is 300000014:13
piggz./brcm_patchram_plus --patchram /etc/firmware/bt/BCM4354A2.hcd --no2bytes --baudrate 3000000 --use_baudrate_for_download /dev/ttyHSU0 --bd_addr 00:39:25:A4:E3:B2     --enable_hci14:13
piggz@eugenio_g7 ^^14:14
T4<It_sMike> just gonna give up for now :)14:14
piggzmal: it wont make it easier on a 'pure' port ;)14:15
malpiggz: true14:25
mal@It_sMike there must be a way to fix that, it might take some time to figure it out14:32
T4<It_sMike> Sure :)14:33
piggzr0kk3rz: mal: so, would shipping brcm_patchrom_plus be an acceptible solution?14:35
T4<It_sMike> Please let me in mal if you or other porters found a solution14:35
malpiggz: should be fine, you probably can build it on OBS in adaptation project14:36
mal@It_sMike it's possible to remove the problematic configs from the device the proper way as a workaround14:37
malI mean that the configs are removed already in the build stage14:38
T4<It_sMike> You mean disabling that netfilter thing ? from the kernel?14:40
T4<It_sMike> The package that causing this problem is named : " connman-configs-sailfish* "14:41
malnot sure if disabling the kernel flag will cause problems14:42
malbut it's possible to override that package in config repo14:42
T4<It_sMike> Yep... gonna do this, till I ( or others ) found a better solution to this...14:43
T4<It_sMike> Will this action break something else? just asking to be sure :)14:44
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malnot sure14:46
malyou probably need to copy at least one file to sparse to prevent issues, that package provides also main.conf which is probably needed14:47
T4<It_sMike> Yeah I see...14:48
r0kk3rzpiggz: did it fix yo audio?14:49
piggzr0kk3rz: it did15:10
piggzmal: r0kk3rz: currently, i build using, so will go with droid-hal-latte15:11
piggznot sure if a linux version exists15:12
piggzsuppose i could make one, its only one source file15:12
r0kk3rzgood, that baud rate was quite slow, im surprised it worked at all15:13
r0kk3rzi wonder whats wrong with the bluez5 patcher15:14
piggzr0kk3rz: i could ask in #bluez, but this will do for now...15:15
T4<BusterBg_18> mal is my testing repo all right? (besides missing patterns)16:16
malseems reasonable16:29
T4<MarcoDS_bit> so, we had a droid-hal-startup error that we solved by searching on the irc channel, but now it still freezes and we can't see any critical error :/16:59
T4<MarcoDS_bit> dmesg
T4<MarcoDS_bit> journalctl -b
malwhat error?16:59
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Sailfish droid-hal-init: Failed to initialize property area17:00
maloh, were you missing detritus package or what?17:00
T4<MarcoDS_bit> we changed last line of /usr/bin/droid/ to /sbin/droid-hal-init as we found here
malthat change is obsolete17:02
T4<MarcoDS_bit> oh sad17:02
T4<MarcoDS_bit> should I try to build detritus?17:02
malpastebin your droid-hal spec17:02
maldetritus is automatically built if you have some things in droid-hal spec17:04
malhmm, you really didn't need to add anything to that file? like straggler files definition? it's not always needed but if build fails then usually17:05
T4<MarcoDS_bit> so that's not the problem?..17:05
maldo you have the .rc files in config repo as told in faq?17:06
malwas that 15.1 port?17:06
T4<MarcoDS_bit> yes 15.117:06
T4<MarcoDS_bit> wait I'm checking now for the .rc files17:06
mal@MarcoDS_bit where did you see the droid-hal-init error, I have never seen anything related to that in your logs17:09
malalso journalctl -f might be useful to follow the log until the end17:09
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I don't know for the .rc files, can't find the right section in the faq sorry17:11
T4<MarcoDS_bit> I'll try journalctl -f asap too17:11
malsearch 15.1 in faq17:22
malthe one linked in channel topic
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Config repo is.. what precisely?17:25
mal@MarcoDS_bit why did you say you added audit=0 to kernel commandline, it should't be added17:25
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Ok17:26
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Mer-check says that it has to be set to 0 if is set as "y" in the defconfig if I'm not wrong, or am I?17:27
malyou should ignore the whole audit part of mer check17:32
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Ahn ok, so I should delete audit=0 and what about the defconfig?17:32
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Btw rc files added and -c done17:32
malyou need to have selinux bootparam enabled in defconfig and selinux=0 in kernel commandline, do not make any audit related changes to either, so do not use AUDIT=n or audit=017:38
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Ok, so I'm rebuilding hybris-boot, than zip and then another test17:41
malno need to build whole image if you just change kernel, you can flash the kernel with fastboot17:45
malhybris-boot.img is in out/17:45
T4<MarcoDS_bit> Oh ok, btw done, only have to test it17:56
T4<MarcoDS_bit> same crash as before19:36
T4<MarcoDS_bit> journalctl -f
T4<MarcoDS_bit> mal: we got it to work with "systemctl mask usb-moded.service" (thanks TheKit) 🙂 no gui btw20:06
T4<It_sMike> If anyone facing reboots while working with 3.0.1.x , read here : , Everything's working fine for me now... no problem so far.20:10
mal@It_sMike didn't you have to add any "Provides: connman-configs-sailfish" to droid-config spec?20:11
T4<It_sMike> Just one thing, don't forget to avoid the installtion of connman-configs-sailfish* rpm package before building system image.20:11
T4<It_sMike> mal : Uh... forget to commit it on github20:12
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T4<It_sMike> *installation :D ( sorry for mistake )20:14
T4<It_sMike> And also this one after adding those changes :
T4<MarcoDS_bit> is hwc2 still not supported?20:30
malit is20:32
T4<MarcoDS_bit> okk, so my problem is probably with surfaceflinger, I'll try to fix it tomorrow20:33
piggzmal: latest ==
malpiggz: afaik not yet20:34
piggzmal: ok ... am i ok to add a 3.0.1 to me devel?20:35
malif you want, I have it for fp220:35
r0kk3rzmal: lbt was waiting on you20:38
malr0kk3rz: I already said to him to go ahead and change latest20:39
T4<BusterBg_18> Question, Is lbt the only one that can patternise a repo?20:41
r0kk3rzmal: btw is there anything you check with the new targets? common?20:42
malr0kk3rz: what do you mean? I always adjust common so there are no old packages built for each target20:45
piggzmal: does 3.0.1 need sensor fixes?21:08
piggznone of my sensors work21:08
steeeveWhat has changed on sailfish since i stopped dealing with it?21:10
malpiggz: you forgot to update sensorfw in you OBS21:12
piggzmal: ok21:12
malpiggz: I suggest you disable latest in devel for now to not break it21:12
maljust in case you want to use again21:13
malsteeeve: when did you stop?21:37
steeeveOctober or november i think21:37
malsteeeve: was 3.0.0 out already then?21:38
malok, nothing big has happened 3.0.1 was just released a while ago21:39
steeeveOh, so, i dont have to update anything?21:40
malsensorfw needs updating, otherwise no new versions, except some devices need a new kernel config flag in defconfig21:42
steeeveOk, i will do it now21:44
malsteeeve: you should check that you have CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CONNTRACK=y in kernel21:45
malsteeeve: there has been 3 devices with issues using 3.0.121:45
malnetwork related kernel panics21:45
malbecause of firewall enabling21:45
steeeveLuckily i have it!21:47
steeeveAlready set21:47
malok, which kernel version does your device have?21:48
steeeveSomeone built things on obs for me?21:53
steeeveBecause last build was today21:54
malsteeeve: which project?21:54
steeeveA5ultexx stuff21:55
T4<BusterBg_18> mal can you help me patternise testing please?:p or can I do it myself?21:55
steeeveThose things21:56
mal@BusterBg_18 lbt does patternizing21:56
malsteeeve: it doesn't have any recent builds21:57
malsteeeve: if you mean
T4<BusterBg_18> Oh ok, is he available?21:58
steeeveThen what "Updated at: 2019-01-27 21:58:15+00:00" is for?21:58
malsteeeve: where ?21:58
steeeveOn the failed built package21:59
steeeveAh, maybe it's when i refreshed the page since that was 1 minute ago lol21:59
malsteeeve: I fixed your gst-droid, it just needed to be updated22:02
steeeveDidnt that get fixed with ?22:02
steeeveAt this point i trigger a rebuild of all packages22:03
malsteeeve: but you probably want to wait until tomorrow, hopefully then latest target will update to and don't have to do hacky things22:03
steeeveAh ok, if i remember i will hehe22:04
malsteeeve: don't do that, geoclue and sensorfw will break22:04
steeeveKk, will wait22:04
malsteeeve: sensorfw will need to be updated after 3.0.1 target22:04
steeeveTomorrow if it target gets updated i will do a full rebuild, since last one was few months ago22:06
malsteeeve: yes, you should also update droidmedia, it is too old for new gst-droid22:21
steeeveSure, i will do a mass update :P22:23
piggzmal: sensors fixed ... anything else worth updating for 3.0.1?22:27
malpiggz: you seem to use your own version of gst-droid instead of upstream, pulseaudio droid is slightly old, so is qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin, is mce-plugin-libybris intentionally old?22:31
piggzmal: probbaly none gst-droid was from when i was devleloping the camera changes...22:34
malpiggz: some devices had led issues (like fp2) with new mce-plugin-libhybris but with correct configuration it worked22:35
piggzmal: r0kk3rz: this is what i use for BT
malpiggz: ?23:05
piggzmal: ah23:05
malpiggz: assuming you used the same version of that program, worth a try at least23:06
piggzmal: well, i used a random version in the android source ... clearly worth a go though!23:06
malpiggz: yes, no need to reinvent the wheel23:07
malpiggz: did the new version work from OBS build?23:07
piggzmal: to not invent the wheel, you need to know the wheel has been invented!23:08
piggzmal: i built in android sdk cos im lazy ;)23:08
piggzand its currently installed in libexec/droid-hybris....23:09
piggzbut, i'll change that23:09
malpiggz: I'm adding qtmultimedia to common for new camera features23:10

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