Wednesday, 2019-02-13

T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 ok, should we mask dhi in config pkg?06:37
mal@adampigg I would assume that is useful thing to do if you don't need dhi06:43
mal@adampigg just wondering if there are any dependencies to dhi in other services, I think it reports boot being done06:44
T4<eugenio_g7> Yup I guess we could mask it for now, and remove it altogether soon(tm) :P07:36
T4<eugenio_g7> There shouldn't be  any consequence07:37
T4<Ken_Ookami_Horo> Hello, has anyone met this?11:21
T4<Ken_Ookami_Horo> seems not work to me 😅11:23
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piggzmal: looking at dhi, there is a droid-init-done which is run by android init to notify systemd the dhi is finished, but it seems inconsequential18:27
T4<Felix (MISSING @USERNAME!> Hey everyone! I'm trying to port sailfish 3 on android 8.1 to the sony xperia xz("kagura", "tone" platform). … I come from the sony open devices crew, so I'm quite familiar with the android side of things, but mer/sailfish is completely new to me. … Thankfully the implementation of th18:28
T4e nile trees makes it quite easy to get started, so my kagura port is coming a long nicely.18:28
T4<Felix (MISSING @USERNAME!> If you are interested, I push most of my stuff to
T4<Felix (MISSING @USERNAME!> There are some build errors I needed to fix, I will PR those shortly. … For now, I am facing some issues with rpm packages. … ofono-ril-binder-plugin wans the following two: … No provider of 'pkgconfig(libgrilio) >= 1.0.26' found. … No provider of 'pkgconfig(libgbinder-radio)' found.18:30
T4… When I try "zypper in libgrilio", it tells me that I have "1.0.25-1.5.4.jolla", so I suspect the jolla repos need updating … Can someone help me out? Can I fix this myself and build locally instead?18:30
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piggz@eugenio_g7 doh, we arnt sending the firmware to the BT adapter20:18
T4<beidl (MISSING @USERNAME!> Which sfos version are you trying to build?20:18
T4<Felix (MISSING @USERNAME!> beidl latest,
T4<Felix (MISSING @USERNAME!> the branch name is wrong in the marina-bay repos, I am in fact using 3.0.1120:28
T4<Felix (MISSING @USERNAME!> I thought I had figured it out, just extend with "" and "" until the packages in the repos have been updated … but now I'm confused again. I manually built "libgrilio" and "lib20:33
T4gbinder-radio" using "buildmw", but still get issues20:33
T4<Felix (MISSING @USERNAME!> error: Failed build dependencies: …   ofono-devel >= 1.21+git26 is needed by ofono-ril-binder-plugin-0.0.9+master.20190213193043.cf910a3-1.armv7hl …   pkgconfig(libgbinder-radio) is needed by ofono-ril-binder-plugin-0.0.9+master.20190213193043.cf910a3-1.armv7h20:33
T4<Felix (MISSING @USERNAME!> alright, the ofono-devel dependency I fixed myself, the package that gets installed is "+git36" instead of "+26" and somehow the build system seems to thing that 36 is lower than 26. I manually set it to 36 in the spec and it works21:01
kimmoli@Felix pleas fix your username
kimmoli@beidl too21:03
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malread notes about ofono-ril-binder-plugin in also some other similar things there21:16
malit should use the correct branch, hacking dependencies is the wrong way21:18
piggzmal: bluetooth and bluetooth-rfkill-event21:23
piggzim having some  issues21:24
piggzsometimes it works fine, other boots it fails to open the rfkill device name21:24
piggzor disables the device immediately after enabling21:24
piggzany suggestions?/21:24
T4<beidl> @kimmoli [@beidl too], Thx for the hint21:28
piggzmal: was working at boot befroe current ... now in journal im getting message21:28
piggzFeb 13 21:27:48 Sailfish systemd[1]: Unit not needed anymore. Stopping.21:28
piggzwhich i wasnt previously21:28
piggzmal: comparing working, and non working
piggzeugenio: ive got BT half working better, but it equally doesnt work sometimes!21:45
malpiggz: the main difference is brcm_patchram_plus messages21:52
piggzmal: afetr many reboots ... it certainly seems to be reproducable as every-other boot21:53
piggzi wonder ... when it has worked, isnt there an rfkill plugin that sets the state correctly the next boot? could that fail on the next boot for trying too early?21:54
malcould be some timing issue21:55
piggzit feels like that21:55
eugeniopiggz, cool21:55
r0kk3rzdid you guys get latte to build on gitlab?21:57
piggzr0kk3rz: give eugenio ci privs21:57
piggzr0kk3rz: yes21:57
eugenioalready did, thanks r0kk3rz :)21:57
r0kk3rzi accepted his request earlier21:57
r0kk3rzsorry for the delay, i was stuck on a plane21:58
eugeniono worries21:58
piggzr0kk3rz: not good enough21:58
r0kk3rzi know, poor effort tbh21:58
piggzoh, i think i got bt working consistently....22:26
piggzsome more test....22:26
piggzsome more test....22:28
piggzna, still inconsistent22:34
piggzeugenio: modified PR22:38
eugeniothere is this PR to review --->
piggzeugenio: ah cool, is that what breaks openrepos?22:48
eugenioyup, everything that uses libzypp actually22:50

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