Friday, 2019-02-22

T4<adampigg> Rokk3rz, take a look08:42
piggzmal: how does this sound...09:35
piggzmacro/auto/continuous = focusmodepoiint + searchAndLock09:36
piggzelse focuspoint = center + searchandlock09:36
piggzmacro/autp/continuous allows focus point to be changed09:37
piggzthe only wierdness i have is that if im sitting in the house, pointing outside at trees, selecting infinity, i expect the trees to comr into focus but they dont09:37
piggzif i use auto and click they do09:37
piggzabranson: ^^09:38
abransonpiggz: interesting. i think according to the definition, they should09:39
piggzabranson: yes id have thought so..09:39
piggzabranson: infact, i made it so that clicking the screen does a search and lock, and in infinity mode, it doesnt appear to do anything09:42
abransonpiggz: no, there are certain focus modes that qtmm classifies as fixed. it'll ignore focus commands then.09:43
abransonhyperfocal and infinity off the top of my head09:43
piggzabranson: so, why are my trees not in focus!09:44
abransonpiggz: dirty lens? :P09:44
piggzanyway, i think the rest of the code is ok then from what you say...09:44
masha11Hi! Result of mer_verify_kernel_config: My defconfig: What warnings must be removed?09:48
piggzmal: abranson:
malpiggz: is focuspointcenter the correct, why not auto?09:51
piggzmal: my thinking was that it doesnt matter, because they are fixed points ... and the crcel goes to center ... another option is to remove the circle10:13
malpiggz: also should we call unlock if we change the mode?10:23
piggzmal: lets try10:24
piggzmal: ah, i dont check for supported focus modes.....10:34
piggzmido supports10:34
piggzfocus-mode-values = auto,infinity,fixed,macro,continuous-video,continuous-picture,manual10:34
piggzmal: actually, i do check, but....10:36
piggzabranson: ^^10:36
piggzcamerbin doesnt check focus-mode-values!!10:36
malpiggz: wrong branch10:37
malpiggz: come on, you implemented that yourself :D10:37
piggzmal: phew!10:38
piggzi was wondering if id missed something then!10:38
piggzok, then its not working properly10:38
piggzlets see10:40
malpiggz: which one is missing?10:40
piggzmal: camera ui says hyperfocal is supported, but tis not on mido10:41
piggzmal: good point, qtmm code is ok......11:45
masha11mal: Could you help me? I still can’t start SailfishOS and I don’t see messages about mer. Result of mer_verify_kernel_config: My defconfig: What warnings must be corrected?11:57
piggzmal: abranson: phew, there is no bug12:01
piggzhyperfocal == fixed in GST terms12:01
Thaodanlbt: can you look in my changes to mer_verify_config?12:14
malmasha11: manually check your .config in out/ folder against these
malpiggz: we should think a bit more about how each mode should go, maybe later today after work12:16
piggzmal: re unlocking.....12:17
piggzqt docs say12:17
piggzIt's also acceptable to relock already locked settings, depending on the lock parameter this initiates new focusing, exposure or white balance calculation.12:17
piggzso, i think its ok to not unlock, as we always search for a new lock anyway12:17
piggzwhat fo you think12:17
malpiggz: what happens if we change to a mode where we do not lock, the old lock would still remain?12:20
masha11mal: ok12:21
piggzmal: unlock added12:58
lbtThaodan: where are they?13:14
mallbt: probably this
lbtOK - that's old - I hadn't seen it13:32
piggzalso, there is my d-h-v pull for native builds if anyone is interested ;)13:32
malpiggz: I'll have a look this weekend, maybe need to discuss with others13:32
piggz@eugenio_g7 so we are good to post a release then .... sensors can be updated with OTA config udpate?13:34
T4<eugenio_g7> piggz: not yet, seems the systemd unit doesn't work reliably, I'll check tonight if I'm not too tired otherwise tomorrow :P14:03
T4<eugenio_g7> Also the new battery has been delivered \o/14:04
T4<m_aurel> Hello, This week I have got the information, that the successor model of our potential ODM uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 (MSM8917). I could find the chipset reference in the Code Aurora project, but with the suffix _64. Has someone experiences with porting Sailfish OS for this chipset. I will ask our ODM, if he could confirm one of the16:18
T4 build tags, that are listed for this chipset:
mal@m_aurel I couldn't see 8917 in that list16:21
T4<m_aurel> Sorry, copy and paste error. The new one is Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 (MSM8937)16:23
malI don't see any reason why that chipset would be any different from others, if you have device repo and kernel it should not be too difficult (in theory)16:25
piggz@eugenio_g7 perhaps add all the paths to the systemd unit?16:25
T4<m_aurel> Porting Nemo Mobile would be similar? Hopefully we find an agreement with Jolla to be allowed to port and ship Sailfish, but we need a fall back16:30
piggz@m_aurel afaik, you dont need permission to port and ship sailfish....we all do it!16:31
malpiggz: not really sure if that is the case if the devices are sold16:32
T4<m_aurel> Jolla's CEO confirmed, the we are not allowed to sell devices with Jolla without a license agreement. This is ok. We just have to find an agreement, that matches our business model.16:33
T4<m_aurel> I mean, with Sailfish16:33
T4<m_aurel> So we may need a fall back.16:34
piggzmal: ah ok16:40
T4<m_aurel> another community member found out, that the current model seems to based on an AOSP build instead of a Code Aurora build: OPM1.171019.011repsectively android-8.1.0_r1. It's referenced at
piggzmal: evening20:28

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