Sunday, 2019-02-24

vknechtwonder why when the image is first opened in jolla-gallery from h-a-c, the "info" and "edit" button are missing...
vknechtbut have greater problem to solve first, like generating a scaled down version to display in h-a-c slideshow/gallery and cache this so it doesn't lag on opening10:11
vknechtguess I'd need a ?10:12
vknechtor a proper model...10:12
vknechtthought I could (re)use "id: photo" Image but doesn't work, slideshow shows the latest one for all images XD10:14
vknechtsorry for the sunday morning ugly-code drop :-P10:23
Mister_Magistermal: ping nothing provides pkgconfig(systemsettings) >= 0.5.5 in geoclue-providers-hybris12:17
vknechtgotta use a bit older revision iirc12:18
Mister_Magister2018? kek12:18
vknecht38ef0f1d8a56b56db5bfe99fdb88b9a0e684ca6d ?12:19
* vknecht 's source : ;-)12:20
Mister_Magistervknecht: well i will try my one it's a bit newer12:20
vknechtthere's FAQ line 700, too, depending on the base12:23
vknechta little start...
malvknecht: I'm doing some major refactoring of the code, separating settings to separate files, one for UI and one for backend15:44
vknechtno problemo, I'll see to redo after the change15:46
malvknecht: based on quick look your code should mostly work15:47
malvknecht: with my changes that is15:48
vknechtcool :)15:48
malvknecht: maybe your code should be merged first15:48
malvknecht: I'll test it after I have eaten something first15:49
* vknecht should eat too15:49
vknechtbon ap├ętit :)15:49
malvknecht: some comments added17:21
vknechtmal, thanks ; handled most of those, have to read about the margins18:51
vknechtsorry if I shouldn't have clicked "resolved" but just "comment", 1st time using this iirc18:53
malvknecht: margins and paddings are defined in Theme
vknechtjust sent a mod using Theme.paddingMedium19:11
malvknecht: a tiny suggestion from here
malfor anchors for example19:18
malalthough we probably have many places where that is "wrong" already, I can cleanup those later19:18
malvknecht: I'll test your code again and if it works nicely then it can be merged19:19
vknechtthanks :)19:20
malvknecht: my settings changes are getting out of hand :)19:20
malvknecht: a small thing I noticed, would it be more logical that the gallery view would open with the last taken image?19:24
malso it would open at the end and then user can go back in history by swiping19:25
vknechtah yes19:25
malotherwise seems good19:26
vknechta sort of pitfall is that after opening a shot in jolla-gallery by clicking, if one removes it, it doesn't disappear in h-a-c slideshow19:27
vknechtbut handling that is over my head for now19:28
kimmolidoesn't tracker have dbus?19:28
malvknecht: not sure if we even should keep a separate log of pictures, maybe just opening the Pictures/Camera and Videos/Camera in that would maybe make more sense?19:29
vknechtyou mean, clicking any pic in h-a-c slideshow open general jolla-gallery view ?19:31
vknechtor rather, yes, the picture or video part, depending on the (future) current photo/cam mode ?19:32
malvknecht: not general jolla-gallery view, a limited one to only pictures and videos taken with camera, the same way in official camera app19:33
vknechtok ; well yes, but that's not something I can do shortly... and have to get this release out before the next one comes ;-)19:34
malvknecht: sure19:34
vknechtlet's see about "last take pic first"...19:35
malvknecht: slideshowview is based on so check that19:55
vknechtthanks, looks like "currentIndex: count - 1" does it20:01
malvknecht: could you squash the commits in the PR to one? i.e. interactive rebase and force push20:11
* vknecht reads
malvknecht: are you editing in website and not via normal git commandline tool?20:14
malvknecht: it seems I could also squash it then20:14
vknechtI edited the files locally then pushed with git20:15
malok, then git rebase -i hash_before_your_first_new_commit and then the view will tell how to do it20:16
malvknecht: git rebase -i is the best way and very simple20:17
vknechtsquash, not fixup ?20:23
malvknecht: fixup is better in this case since you don't need the latter commit messages20:23
vknechtmal, I think it's ok, force pushed that20:25
vknechtthanks for learning me yet another thing :)20:25
malvknecht: oops, piggz just merged his PR and now you have to rebase again, sorry20:28
malvknecht: at least this is good practice for git use20:29
kimmoliworking on branches makes life a bit easier if master is living20:31
malkimmoli: yep20:31
malkimmoli: in this case a feature branch is used20:32
vknechtjust have to "rebase -i" like beforre, keeping pick on the first and only line, then force push again ?20:34
vknechtor have to fetch or pull something first ?20:35
malvknecht: no, do git fetch origin (or upstream or what ever is the piggz remote) then git rebase origin/master20:35
malif you don't have piggz github as remote then do git remote add upstream and then use upstream as remote in the previous commands I gave20:38
malgit remote -v lists remotes20:39
vknechtalright, I'm getting to the conflict, let's see...20:39
piggz@eugenio_g7 hows things20:55
vknechtstrange, tapping for focus sometimes takes a shot (or at least plays the anim)20:56
piggzshouldnt ... but lets see what happens after mas big merge20:57
malpiggz: I need to limit what I change in next PR so it won't be too big20:57
T4<eugenio_g7> piggz: changed battery but haven't messed up yet with the SW21:00
T4<eugenio_g7> will probably do so later in the night once the football match ends :P21:00
T4<eugenio_g7> some news from your front?21:00
piggz@eugenio_g7 no, apart from i built a greenhouse today :D21:01
piggzi was holding off releasing until you were happy with the sensors21:01
T4<eugenio_g7> cool :D21:01
piggzthe afater that we can work on next stage stuff21:01
T4<eugenio_g7> yea hope to fix things up on the sensors side tonight :)21:02
malvknecht: any problems with rebase?21:10
vknechtmal, seems ok, conflict was simple enough, and confirmed the behaviour is the same than with current master CameraUI.qml21:11
mallooks like you just pushed it21:11
vknechtmaybe was just surprised that search and lock uses flash21:12
vknechtor something, which make it look like it takes a shot21:12
malvknecht: yes, I noticed that also, in automatic flash mode it uses flash to get lock21:13
malvknecht: just made a quick test with your rebased code and still works fine, merging21:14
vknechtthank you21:14
piggzvknecht: thx, nice addition21:35
piggzmal: if you are fixing, did you fix imageProcessing.colorFilter: ?21:35
vknechtyw :)21:36
malpiggz: which part of it?21:42
piggzmal: should be ColorfilterNone21:42
piggzNormal doesnt exist21:42
piggzi was gonna pushut didnt want to make  a conflict for u21:43
malpiggz: yes, I fixed that in my new code21:43
malpiggz: if you have some changes you want to push go ahead, I can always rebase21:43
piggzmal: vknecht: push some icons for focus modes22:12
malpiggz: nice22:21
piggzmal: well, i didnt think the hyperfocs one was very adventusous, but i couldnt find what other camera apps use!22:23
piggzmal: it would be nice if they worked with your changes for themes22:25
malpiggz: I'll test22:25
malpiggz: I broke menus in my latest code :P22:25
piggzodd, my phone claims to no longer suppoer hDR :D22:29
piggzits back after going back to regular qt version22:32
piggzoff now, later ppl!22:35

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