Sunday, 2019-03-10

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heroic_1Hey, can anyone tell me where the "mb2" tool is developed? It is part of the "sdk-utils", but I cannot find any upstream repo for it.17:56
malI would assume scratchbox sources in mer-core18:02
heroic_1I looked through but it's not there18:05
heroic_1"/usr/bin/sb2" is part of "scratchbox2-2.3.90+git13-1.3.2.jolla.i486" so different package18:06
heroic_1I am looking for "mb2"18:07
heroic_1great, thanks!18:10
malheroic_1: why are looking at that18:10
heroic_1just trying to understand and document a few things18:11
heroic_1mal: in case you're interested, that's what I'm working on
heroic_1highly WIP but slowly getting there20:37
malheroic_1: are you sure about the pixel ratio bug, afaik it should select closest one
heroic_1I pretty much lifted that section from the .inc file and only prettified it21:24
heroic_1how do you refer to droid-hal-config/droid-configs-device normally? d-h-c or d-c-d?21:26
heroic_1I went with my gut feeling ^^21:26
malheroic_1: the bug is marked as fixed so maybe the description in the .inc is just incorrect21:41
malwe usually use dhd and dhc, some use dashes in those but I don't21:42
maldhd as in droid-hal-device and and dhc as droid-hal-configs21:43
heroic_1alright to "droid-hal-configs" is the canonical name... really not liking it, "droid-configs-device" seems more semantic to me, considering the repos that pull in dhc are all named "droid-config-$DEVICE"21:57
malnobody knows why the submodule or repos we named like that22:11
heroic_1well who do I talk to to get it fixed? the longer this goes on the more painful it's going to be to change it22:19
heroic_1there's also the weirdness of "droid-hal-$DEVICE" -> "rpm/" and "droid-hal-device" -> "rpm/dhd" but that stuff is hardcoded in way too many places now22:20
heroic_1renaming the github repo from "droid-hal-configs" to "droid-configs-device" should be fine though, because github sets up redirection automatically, also for ssh clones22:21
heroic_1mal: can you review ?22:22
heroic_1just force-pushed to fix a stupid mistake22:26
heroic_1ready now22:26
malheroic_1: rpm folder is related to OBS builds22:35
malrenaming repos is not a simple thing, that would break every device so that's not going to happen22:36
maland I really don't see a big problem with a small naming mismatch22:37
heroic_1these small stupidities add up and confuse the hell out of people. and as I said, nobody will have anything broken, github redirects automatically and transparently22:52

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