Wednesday, 2019-03-13

TheKitheroic_1, AOSP base with phh patches, MT6797 device (Gemini PDA)00:02
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TheKitmal, did you have to modify hybris patches for hybris-16 compared to 15?17:59
TheKitI see some changes in init for example, but not as dramatic as vs 7 to 818:00
malTheKit: why do you ask?18:12
TheKitI want to attempt phh-treble based port, probably running Android bits in LXC as in Halium18:14
malTheKit: phh?18:15
piggzdoes sailfish mix audio?  use case is, i was drving home, listening to a podcast via lls-video ... and had waze on AD .... but waze didnt do any voice notifications19:48
r0kk3rzbetween apps, no22:04
r0kk3rzaudioresource is very much one or the other22:04

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