Thursday, 2019-03-28

r0kk3rzgreat, the telegram spammers have found us00:12
T4<birdzhang> lol00:13
T4<UgeneR> 😂😂oooo no pls😂😂00:13
T4<birdzhang> on irc side, you can never delete your spam00:14
r0kk3rzwe can delete the t4 bot though ;)00:15
T4<birdzhang> :P00:16
T4<StillJustGerd> t4 bot?00:49
cleehas anybody used the hadk to get Sailfish up on apollo (Sony Xperiz XZ2 Compact)?01:54
r0kk3rz i dont think so02:53
r0kk3rzis that a sony open device?02:54
r0kk3rzso it is, you could try doing a build with the aosp8.1 base02:55
cleer0kk3rz: yeah, it is... I'm kind of tempted to buy one from Amazon now that I've gotten Sailfish installed on this XA2 using the supported instructions06:09
clee in case anyone with more experience wants to take a look06:10
T4<StillJustGerd> seems possible06:14
cleecool! then I'm gonna buy an XZ3C and bug everyone here with noob questions as I try to get it running Sailfish :)06:14
cleeI read through this last night:
cleeI assume that's the most recent version?06:15
r0kk3rzit is06:17
r0kk3rztheres a slightly different process for the sony devices, but we can roll with that way first06:17
cleeI figured I'd try to adapt to using the Sony AOSP as well as I could, but I also figured I'd have questions06:18
r0kk3rzthat way involves you building an AOSP first06:18
T4<StillJustGerd> r0kk3rz: at what point is it sensible to apply for using OBS for a port? when everything works?06:48
r0kk3rzwhenever you want06:54
r0kk3rzits a good idea to do it before you distribute images to people06:55
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T4<StillJustGerd> okay makes sense07:01
T4<StillJustGerd> I'm having a bit of trouble with local building though atm :/07:01
T4<StillJustGerd> my machine went down while i was running rpm/dhd/helpers/, causing something to break somewhere. I have no idea where though07:02
T4<StillJustGerd> error message is this
T4<StillJustGerd> the full log file is here:
r0kk3rzlooks like your local repo is screwed07:23
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T4<austenite> having a wierd problem can't go past lock screen (doesn't unlock), and also no tutorial ..11:44
malmaybe ril is misbehaving?11:47
T4<austenite> @mal Sailfish kernel: [RMNET:HI] rmnet_config_notify_cb(): Kernel is trying to unregister rndis0 ..but connects to mobile data..12:02
malyou need to check journal log for anything related to ofono or ril12:05
T4<austenite> @mal journalctl output :
vknechthmm, POV is missing qm translation files in git, but they're in openrepo package ; should pro/spec be changed so OBS generates them ?12:45
malvknecht: there was a PR about that12:50
vknechtin POV repo ? afaics only ts files were added for recent additions, so in git there are qm files only for FR and DE12:56
vknechtI'd add them but seems Linux 5.0 breaks virtualbox, have to update it first12:56
steevieHow to join the group with telegram? This thing disconnects me after 2 hours of inactivity and im tired of that13:18
steevieU know wh'im sayin13:19
T4<austenite> @steevie ->
T4DSstill01 was added by: DSstill0113:23
steevieI could get it! Daamn13:23
T4<DSstill01> Steeve is on the beat13:24
steevieIt works13:26
T4<DSstill01> @birdzhang what hackers do i need for prepare-anbox? It doesnt display errors like " not found"13:32
T4<birdzhang> link or copy libs to /var/lib/anbox/system/lib/ like did14:00
T4<DSstill01> Yes, i understand that, but in the past i tried all egl and graphics libs,but i kept getting that error14:03
T4<DSstill01> No, it only says that surfaceflinger and other services crash. Now i will post it if i find it in this group :/14:07
T4<DSstill01> Which is similar to . so i was wondering about how you fixed it14:11
T4<birdzhang> i merged anbox upstream and it works. BTW, which device are you using?14:16
T4<DSstill01> A514:17
T4<DSstill01> Im steeve on tg14:17
T4<DSstill01> I built sailfish-on-vince anbox one week ago14:17
T4<vvreddy> @NotKit sur 🤭 … Can we have one bug fixed update for santoni wrt sensors … I will test 🙊14:17
T4<birdzhang> @DSstill01 A5? does the cpu is arm64?14:21
T4<DSstill01> No, arm14:21
T4<birdzhang> so, which anbox-sailfish-image did you use?14:21
T4<DSstill01> Anbox-...-32bit14:22
T4<birdzhang> mixed is only for arm64 devices14:22
T4<DSstill01> I know14:22
T4<birdzhang> Okay14:22
T4<birdzhang> :(14:22
T4<DSstill01> You really didnt do anything to fix your error? It got magically fixed?14:23
T4<birdzhang> all the commits are there, actually idk how i fixed it14:24
T4<DSstill01> Aww :/14:24
T4<birdzhang> i’m not familiar with c++14:25
T4<birdzhang> xD14:25
T4<DSstill01> Well, Im not familiar with any language :P14:26
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T4<Em0lution> About to start project taimen15:00
T4<meierrom> @piggz: where can I report issues with POV? I think I rather shouldn't do it here since this is the porters group?15:47
T4<meierrom> @piggz: have you considered creating a new group for POV?15:49
malreport issues on github15:52
T4<adampigg> Do apps need their own groups? Github is best, but you can ping me on telegram too....and ill tell you to raise a github issue ;!16:23
T4<adampigg> I can only guess he doesnt know hkw github / prs work
malfor apps there is sailfishos channel16:28
vknechtlibpiggzovision is coming...
vknechthope it will work...16:30
vknechtat least it seems to build, but missing qm files prevent packaging completion
malvknecht: why not have consistent naming16:43
malalso what is the benefit of that change?16:44
malvknecht: the build shouldn't need binary translation files, those should not be in git imo, something else is wrong16:47
vknechtbenefit would be code reuse for other cam apps16:48
malwe shouldn't need to care about that16:48
maland even if we do that I strongly oppose the naming16:49
vknechtah, too bad16:51
malvknecht: what are you doing, I just built latest version on OBS so the the .qm files are not needed16:58
malyou somehow broke things in your changes16:59
abransonvknecht: I think this camera app is using the camera stack to a greater extent - not sure there's much to reuse. it's all in qtmultimedia16:59
malabranson: also I doubt other app developers would want their app to depend on our app17:02
malwe really have much more important issues in the app17:03
T4<meierrom> @adampigg: Telegra'me has its own group. Reporting is very easy that way. You will likely get much more feedback.17:09
vknechtmissing qm file is still a thing on OBS: unless I'm totally wrong, those builds only have de and fr translations17:10
malvknecht: then we are doing something wrong, there should not be need to have other files than .ts in git17:12
malI think we are missing BuildRequires: qt5-qttools-linguist17:18
malwhich provides the needed lupdate and lrelease binaries17:19
malvknecht: ^17:19
vknechtah, cool17:19
vknechtshould be added to yaml and spec, right ?17:20
malI can also make a PR of those17:21
malvknecht: yep, after adding that translations work in OBS build, I'll remove the .qm files also17:32
vknechtthank you :)17:33
malI was supposed to take a break from app development today17:35
piggzmal: any PRs from you will be declined today then17:45
malpiggz: just made a PR :)17:54
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T4<meierrom> @adampigg: true, reporting using github is new to me. This is a chance to get started. :)18:36
T4<DSstill01> Professionality over the thap20:03
T4<DSstill01> @adampigg [Do apps need their own groups? Github is best, …], Github is microsoft's20:04
T4<adampigg> @DSstill01 [Github is microsoft's], Hardly seems worth loosing sleep over21:30
r0kk3rzpeople are still going on about that?21:37
T4<adampigg> Haters gonna hate :D21:41
T4<adampigg> R0kk3rz, fan club wants a matrix client,  get it sorted22:09
r0kk3rzi did, ish :P22:20
r0kk3rzneeds fixing slightly, and a few extra features22:21
r0kk3rztheres also that morsender thing Mister_Magister did using libpurple, no idea how well that22:23
T4<DSstill01> @r0kk3rz [people are still going on about that?], Microsoft is microsoft22:31
r0kk3rztautology is tautology22:32
T4<DSstill01> Come ooon, i dont hate microsoft, i love closed source, but saying that microsoft sux in a ""linux"" group is swag, sgang22:34
r0kk3rzyeah if you want to perpetuate a 20 year old meme22:35
T4<DSstill01> Old but gold ;)22:35
T4<DSstill01> Bling bling22:36
r0kk3rzms did vscode, by far the best open source cross platform ide ever22:37
T4<DSstill01> Microsoft hasnt been dealing with opensource (i mean, not for business) for ages. Now he's adding that linux support thing just to have linux users with windows. But as i said i love open sources22:40
T4<DSstill01> Nothing in life is free22:40
T4<adampigg> @r0kk3rz [ms did vscode, by far the best open source cro …], Cmon, kdevelop, qt creator22:42
T4<adampigg> Not sure if youre taking the piss or not :D22:42
T4<DSstill01> He made pascal as well22:43
T4<DSstill01> [Edit] It made pascal as well22:43
vknechtsteevie, you're wrong, the air we breathe is still gratis (though seriously degraded)23:16
vknechtand for greater good, the first cubic meterS of water should be gratis too23:21
T4<DSstill01> You said that23:41
vknechteven more, I wrote it :-)23:42
T4<DSstill01> You breathe air for the price of your health23:42
T4<DSstill01> skuu23:42
vknechtI breathe because I have no choice, and that's why it should be free ; as well as drinking, washing and cooking23:44
vknechtwhat does « skuu » mean ?23:45
r0kk3rzsquirrel noises23:50
vknechtah :-)23:52
vknechtglad some squirrels still exist23:53
T4<DSstill01> It should but it doesnt because nothing is free oooo23:54
T4<DSstill01> DeadSquirrel pwnssss23:54

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