Tuesday, 2019-04-02

T4<NotKit> is it 1st April joke or they basically reimplemented Anbox with systemd-nspawn?08:58
T4<fredldotme> @NotKit [is it 1st April joke or they basically reimple …], the latter08:58
T4<fredldotme> also it's already on Android 9.008:59
T4<birdzhang> seems not 1st April joke, https://gitlab.collabora.com/spurv/device_freedesktop/blob/master/spurv/launch-container.sh09:01
T4<m_aurel> Hello, we are very interested in a port of Anbox for Sailfish and/or Nemo Mobile. Thanks for the post.09:02
T4<m_aurel> I'll contact the company.09:03
r0kk3rzno doubt its in a similar state to anbox09:07
r0kk3rzor worse09:07
T4<m_aurel> I have a question to the community porters: Our ODM has presented the model, that we would like to order for Sailfish (and maybe for Nemo Mobile). Unfortunately the model has a notch, that disturbs the display. It's a very srupic fashion, that Apple has introduced. Is it possible to scale the screen output smaller for the hardware adaptio09:08
T4n, that the notch and the round corners doesn't overlapp the content? Any suggestions?09:08
T4<m_aurel> I mean stupic fashion09:09
T4<m_aurel> [Edit] I mean stupid fashion09:09
T4<m_aurel> My keyboard doesn't do, what I whant 😊09:09
r0kk3rzi dont think we have notch support09:13
r0kk3rzgiven the fad seems to be short lived, im not sure its worth it either09:14
T4<m_aurel> I think about a solution, that just scales the screen output of Sailfish in the way, that the notch and round corners are invisble. The screenoutput would have just a smaller hight. The user wouldn't see it with a black front case.09:19
r0kk3rzbut if you're going to mod lipstick, yiu might as well do it properly09:20
r0kk3rzseems extra pointless to have a notched display and not use the corners09:21
T4<m_aurel> Puh, modifying lipstick is a mess and would need a significant invest. Unfortunately we need to take any device from the shelf.  The mentioned device has other business and technical pros ,but a notch that overlaps Sailfish UI is a no go. So I'm looking for a solution. I assumed, we could do it on the HAL by telling the system a different10:32
T4 screen size thatn the physical size.10:32
T4<m_aurel> Another aspect is, that the device has a dual camera. I hope, that this is handeled by the drivers and not on the upper Sailfish layer.10:33
T4<NotKit> @m_aurel isn't it better idea to order model without notch than lowering screen resolution to hide it?10:48
T4<NotKit> it can be done by playing with hwcomposer layer sizes, but seems like as huge hack to me for device manufactured specifically to be used with given OS10:49
T4<m_aurel> Sure. We wait for the alternative offering. But as I said, there are business benefits with this vendor: small batch sizes, legal security and reliability, high grade of flexibility ...10:52
r0kk3rzdual camera could be interesting too10:55
T4<m_aurel> Like all devices except form Apple, this device is made for Android. I think, own hardware with own drivers requires a huge invest. We try to build a consortium for European funding. So if anyone knows other European companies, whioch are interested in joining such a consortium, give me a note. But this is a long term perspective.10:55
abranson@m_aurel: supporting an alternative to android should be top priority for the european commission10:59
T4<m_aurel> I agree10:59
T4<m_aurel> Maybe not for Euoprean governments, but for the Europeans 😊11:00
abransonI'd think for both. it's not easy to get EC funding though. putting bids together is expensive and they're often unsuccessful11:01
T4<adampigg> @eugenio_g7 what should we do for a semi-permanent lipstick fix? add lipstick build to devel: and create a branch of the current release with the patch?  master works, but i had an installation error due to missing usb-moded-something.so.1, i only had .so.0, so maybe need to roll back to the tagged version11:47
T4<PepuAndRoll> What company wants to adopt sailfish?12:13
T4<DSstill01> @NotKit [is it 1st April joke or they basically reimple …], Yes it is, and it's not even funny12:24
T4<m_aurel> @PepuAndRoll You mean hardware adaption of Sailfish? It is our prefered option to license and port Sailfish for our device, that we will offer for consumers.13:17
T4<PepuAndRoll> I heard something about the european comission wants to use sailfish os13:18
T4<PepuAndRoll> I wish we had sailfish on our poco f113:18
T4<m_aurel> @abranson I have experiences with European projects as member of a consortium. I think, it is important to have a consortium member, that is focussed on applying for funding and managaing such projects. There are companies like that. It's lot of paper work!13:19
T4<PepuAndRoll> Oh ok, now I understand you :P13:20
T4<m_aurel> But if you have a hardware releated projects, the chances are better, than pure software projects. So I see good chances for such an idea.13:20
T4<PepuAndRoll> Bureaucracy, it is rubbish13:20
abranson@m_aurel Me too. Those consultancy companies can be helpful, but it's still a lot of work. There are a lot of leeches around those funding frameworks too who will consume a lot of funding but produce very little of use.13:21
T4<austenite> @PepuAndRoll your phone seems to have lineage 15.1 device tree..14:37
T4<PepuAndRoll> @austenite it might be... because it come with Android 8.1 Oreo14:38
T4<DSstill01> @PepuAndRoll [Bureaucracy, it is rubbish], Why you say that?15:46
T4<austenite> hi.im having troubles..on firstboot, license agreement —-> lockscreen , no tutorial& homescreen..15:50
T4<PepuAndRoll> Marten, is it easy to port Sailfish with Lineage 15.1 base?15:51
T4<austenite> @PepuAndRoll idk if hybris-15.1 base has been fixed, but by following hadk, you can get basic hw working..15:54
T4<PepuAndRoll> Okay, thanks. What is hadk?15:54
T4<austenite> @PepuAndRoll link is available in group description15:55
T4<PepuAndRoll> yeah, i'm reading that guide15:57
T4<austenite> how can i avoid these checksum mismatch errors?https://del.dog/sfos-garlic12.sql , these packages are not being downloaded, i checked dir, cant boot past lockscreen16:25
piggzrinigus: btw, i used pure maps for navigation for the first time ... it wasnt terrible :)16:56
piggzslap some voices in there and its just about a satnav16:57
T4<meierrom> piggz: and it being oss I'm sure he'll be waiting for your pr's... :))17:34
T4<meierrom> piggz: I'm rather sure that any serious oss sfos app dev is hoping for you to have a closer look at their code. :))17:38
piggzha, like I have time .... job, 2 ports, and several apps :)17:40
T4<meierrom> piggz: voices are supported but their shit. You're better off without. Maybe you can improve it?17:40
T4<meierrom> *they're17:42
T4<meierrom> piggz: supporting wife and kid is no joke. Otherwise I would say 'fuck your job'. :))17:44
riniguspiggz: what on earth have you been using before then? paper maps?18:00
rinigusas for TTS, that's a pain indeed. english should be ok with mimic, but the rest ...18:01
piggzrinigus: waze via AD :D18:18
riniguspiggz: interesting choice for porter... I hope you'll stick to pure maps or some other native solution and would help to improve it via feedback18:38
piggzrinigus: sure .... i use native where possible18:39
riniguspiggz: as for tts (voices), I do wonder if we should start looking into something newer (tensorflow-based?). haven't had time for that yet18:43
piggzrinigus: i was wondering if any other OSS nav apps had nice voices18:44
riniguspiggz: usually, they either rely on android tts or maybe have something licensed. alternative is to record human voices, but that will fail with the street names, unfortunately.18:46
riniguspiggz: these days, tts is probably a way to go and there have been advances in the area. "just" have to look into what's actually available and possible in 201918:47
piggzyes, but in UK you can always use road numbers (and i prefer them tbh) ... and you dont really need the street name, you just need to know to turn X in Y meters18:47
piggzi mean, you are right, waze and google have great voices, and the intructions are excellent18:48
piggzi was amazed when driving in glasgow that google told me which lane to be in18:48
riniguspiggz: let's see when the router used by pure maps will be able to provide lane info. hopefully, soon18:49
T4<meierrom> @adampigg rinigus: doesn't Mozilla have an open speech recognition engine?19:02
rinigusmeierrom: we need something that makes voice, not recognizes them (for that particular aspect)19:04
T4<DSstill01> @PepuAndRoll [Marten, is it easy to port Sailfish with Linea …], Yes its easy af19:14
T4<DSstill01> To get display working19:14
T4<PepuAndRoll> Haha only display19:17
T4<meierrom> rinigus: yeah, sure, sorry for that...19:20
T4<DSstill01> Other things it depends19:30
malrinigus: Qt 5.9 would have QTextToSpeech, doesn't help us now though19:45
rinigusmal: when I looked, QTextToSpeech was just a proxy for other tts systems. so, while such proxy is a right way to abstract tts engines, if I understand correctly, it will not help with making voice files as such19:47
piggzmal: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/qtmultimedia/merge_requests/2219:48
piggzqt 5.9, in a permanent state of 'coming soon' :D19:48
malrinigus: ok19:49
malpiggz: seems reasonable19:51
malI need to compare to the other header to make sure everything is there19:51
piggzsure.....i checked against the previous commit to make sure i added everything19:52
malyep, I assume you did but still better have a second set of eyes looking at those19:52
piggzmal: absolutely, should have enough time, target is 3.0.4 i believe20:00
eugeniopiggz, sorry for replying this late... +1 for using the tagged version as per 3.0.2 + patch on top20:30
piggzeugenio: cool, will do that20:40
piggzeugenio: build is in devel: and seems to work ok21:49
eugeniocool cool, not sure I'll be able to try it today but will eventually do tomorrow :)21:54

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