Wednesday, 2019-04-10

osum4estwell guess theres no point in continuing on for now then. dont wanna rush you or anything, but any idea when you might be able to get that pushed?00:11
T4<Hound77> Does anyone know how much repo sync end up downloading for hybris 15.1 ?04:22
T4<Hound77> Why don't repo use torrent method for downloading ?04:25
T4<Hound77> [Edit] Why don't repo sync use torrent method for downloading ?04:25
r0kk3rzbecause it doesnt05:17
riniguspiggz: looks like that reply is reserved for cbeta users, cannot access that at tjc06:53
masha11Hello. I port SailfishOS to Motorola Moto Z (griffin) device. I managed to go to telnet 23. I ask you to help me in understanding my logs. Thank.08:51
masha11HOST $ dmesg: HOST$ lsusb -v | grep iSerial: telnet 23 $ dmesg: telnet 23 $ ls -la: telnet 23 $ cat /proc/cmdline: TWRP Install: failed to mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata at /data: griffin_sf_d08:52
masha11fixup-mountpoints: adb shell# ls -la /dev/block/platform/*/*/by-name/:
masha11LineageOS 14.1 SailfishOS
r0kk3rzthe journalctl log is probably the most useful at this stage09:06
r0kk3rzit doesnt bootloop?09:06
malmasha11: what does /init.log say?09:50
malbut how is it possible that the device didn't replace the partitions correctly, are you sure you ran make hybris-hal again after fixing fixup-mountpoints?09:51
masha11mal: yes, I lunched make hybris-hal again after fixing fixup-mountpoints.10:11
masha11r0kk3rz: black screen without rebooting10:11
masha11mal: /init.log:
T4<elros34> masha11: for me it looks like you didn't use ext4 for data partition10:21
masha11T4: fstab.qcom: . sorry, where and how i should have used it?10:26
T4<elros34> check in TWRP what kind of filesystem data partition has (maybe with fdisk -l - no sure what tools twrp use). If it's not ext4 then you must format it to ext4 and flash sfos again10:28
T4<austenite> In ext4 mounting fails because data is mounted in twrp, the other way is to unmount data then sideload, but zip installation still fails for i do manual install10:32
masha11T4: Ok, thank. I will try to do it.10:35
malit's normal the twrp complains about mounted data10:39
masha11mal: Run the system according to the instructions in clause 11?10:51
masha11Sorry for my English. In order to avoid problems with  / ext4, should I install separately .tar.bz2 and .img instead of .zip?10:54
T4<austenite> @masha11 if you can flash the zip through twrp then no need for clause 1110:55
T4<austenite> the problem with my phone is the zip fails at 45%10:56
T4<elros34> Martensite: did you try older twrp version?10:57
T4<austenite> yes10:58
masha11I tried only one TWRP version - 3.2.3-011:10
masha11Where should journald.conf be located: /etc/systemd/ or /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/etc/systemd/ ? In /etc/systemd/   journald.conf is absent.11:14
T4<elros34> in sailfish its /etc/systemd but in twrp its /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/etc/systemd/11:15
masha11T4:ok, thank11:16
T4<elros34> so now it boots?11:16
masha11I have not yet made a fix for /ext4.11:18
T4<austenite> @elros34 zip flashed with twrp-3.1.111:53
masha11T4: zip flashed with twrp-3.1.1 got the same result for /ext4.12:23
T4<elros34> masha11: what was the filesystem type on data partition?12:26
T4<elros34> show new init.log if its still in telnet 2312:27
masha11T4: Sorry, I do not know where and how to look at it. where to enter a command fdisk -l :(12:28
masha11T4: new /init.log:
T4<elros34> go to twrp, type: mount (make sure data parition is mounted)12:32
masha11T4:ok, thank, just a minute12:34
masha11T4: mount:
T4<austenite> @masha11 data is f2fs12:41
T4<austenite> you may need to backup and full format data to ext412:42
masha11I launched "mount" in TWRP recovery. This is normal? Ok, and then mount /data as ext4?12:44
T4<austenite> @masha11 in twrp, wipe—->advanced wipe—->select data+repair/change file system12:47
T4<austenite> it should be ext4 there12:47
masha11T4: thank12:54
masha11T4: new mount:, again TWRP Install: failed to mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata at /data:
masha11there may be an error in this line of mount: /dev/block/dm-0 on /data type ext413:25
masha11dm-0 together userdata?13:26
T4<elros34> installation looks good for me13:26
T4<elros34> ext4 was need to boot sailfish13:27
masha11T4: ok13:27
masha11T4: my /init.log now:
malmasha11: T4 is a bot, use the nick after that to reference users like this @elros3413:29
masha11OK. I'm new to freenode13:31
malthat is not normal thing on freenode13:32
malit's a tunnel between telegram and IRC13:33
T4<elros34> masha11: it's still fails to mount /dev/sda20. Check dmesg and try to mount it manually13:36
osum4estmal: is there any point in trying to build hybris 15.1/sailfish for 15.1 (can i patch the versions myself?) or do i just need to wait?13:51
masha11 Manual partition is not mounted: # mount /dev/sda20 /data (mount: mounting /dev/sda20 on /data failed: Invalid argument)13:57
T4<austenite> @masha you may try a bootimage with dmverity disabled13:59
masha11@austenite I'll try tomorrow14:14
T4<elros34> first check why it fails to mount now  (in dmesg)14:15
masha11@elros34  dmesg:
T4<elros34> masha11: I don't know why there are still f2fs errors.  Use: mount -v -t ext4 /dev/sda20 /data - it should print why it can't mount it to terminal or dmesg14:48
piggzevening all18:21
piggzgm r0kk3rz18:21
piggzmal: got a PR for zoom support....18:26
piggzim not keen on the binary file18:27
piggzthere has to be a way to use the vol keys, without using, and not shipping a binary with the app18:27
T4<elros34> you can always read directly from /dev/input/ :)19:20
wdehoogmal: all my problems with bacon seems gone when I use libhybris obs was building
piggz@elros34 i considered that! (its what i do in the tab-switcher app)19:31
* vknecht sees piggz-o-key coming ;-)19:35
vknecht-o-kay might sound better, tho20:01
vknechtsorry, excited to try this fresh new kernel... :-)20:01
piggzmal: any v4l to share?20:02
osum4estthe fstab for marlin doesn't include a boot partition: so hybris-updater-script never gets built, which means i can't build the platformsdk packages. do i need to manually add it? not sure how to do that though, since my device has a/b slots, so there is a boot_a partition and boot_b partition23:33

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