Thursday, 2019-04-18

osum4esti can't seem to get libhybris to build using i keep getting the error "warning: %postun(libhybris-libsync- scriptlet failed, exit status 1"03:46
osum4estheres the full log:
T4<Hound77> @austenite I tired the 11.1 but my phone doesnt turn on now.05:50
T4<austenite> @Hound77 what do you mean by doesnt turn on? do you get atleast vendor splash screen?07:14
T4<Hound77> @austenite I think I broke my phone. Nothing responds, no button combinations. It appears to be dead.08:37
T4<birdzhang> what about charging ?08:38
T4<Hound77> Nothing appears.08:42
T4<Hound77> It was about 90 when this happenedppend.08:42
T4<Hound77> *happened08:42
T4<birdzhang> maybe you broken bootloader08:43
T4<Hound77> Yes I believe.08:44
T4<birdzhang> qualcomm 9008 mode can resolve08:45
T4<austenite> @Hound77 enter fastboot mode and fastboot boot twrp.img08:54
T4<Hound77> I cant do that. Power button doesnt repond. Or VOL up + pow doesnt work.08:56
T4<Hound77> I think reason this happened because of "dd /sdacard/hybris-boot.img /dev/mmcblk0p8".09:01
T4<austenite> @Hound77 that is an example09:01
T4<austenite> @Hound77 there is no guarantee that mmcblkp08 is your boot partition, you flashed someother partition now, so you need to flash firmware09:04
T4<austenite> @Hound77 i told you to do fastboot flash boot...09:04
T4<austenite> @Hound77 now you need to put it in 9008 mode and use qfil to flash your phone firmware09:07
T4<Hound77> @austenite It doesnt have a linux version ?09:10
T4<austenite> @Hound77 there is a linux version but I've never tried it myself
T4<adampigg> interesting, display sleep is working fine today!10:28
T4<Hound77> @austenite There was a ready script qdl made for my device. It worked and was simple.10:59
T4<Hound77> But also there is a GUI option for LInux
malosum4est: what libhybris version are you trying to build?11:31
T4<austenite> has anyone tried anbox on 3.18 kernel ...?12:46
T4<Hound77> @austenite After I flash hybris, I didnt yield any result as mentioned on 9.217:55
T4<Hound77> *hybris-boot17:55
T4<austenite> @Hound77 it should show something when you run lsusb -v | grep iSerial and connect phone18:32
T4<Hound77> @austenite
T4<austenite> @Hound77 i have no idea19:23
T4<elros34> use sudo power19:25
osum4estmal: hybris 15.1 (i'm pretty sure i re did my whole hadk folder after you said that you pushed the fixes for it). keep getting "! can't install the package" at the end of and libhybris is the only package it tries to rebuild when running build_packages.sh22:16
malmore information needed22:38
malyou do know that packages built generate a log file with the package name, in the parent folder of the package sources, so for example hybris/mw/libhybris.log (or maybe external/libhybris.log if sources were there, not 100% sure about that)22:40
osum4estdon't have any logs in hybris/mw, but i do have external/libhybris.log: it might have something to do with libhybris-libsync? it might be these two lines:22:47
osum4est"/srv/mer/targets/google-marlin-armv7hl/sbin/ldconfig: relative path `1' used to build cache"22:47
osum4est"warning: %postun(libhybris-libsync- scriptlet failed, exit status 1"22:48
malthat shows no error, it built the packages23:09
malwhat package are you saying is giving you "can't install the package"23:10
osum4esthere's the direct output of build_packages says "!! can't install the package" at the very end, i'm honestly not sure whats causing it23:22
malwell I have no idea where that comes from, the output just before is all ok23:33
malso how about you skip next time since it's already built23:34
osum4estlooks like its working fine so far with just skipping that one. build_packages finished successfully, building the zip now. thanks!23:48

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