Friday, 2019-05-24

T4<adampigg> Mal, i wonder if it is the crash i.already fixed in lipstick05:06
T4<adampigg> In eithet case, i will try that first, then install debug packages05:06
T4<adampigg> mal, it was liptick-qt5 where my crash fix was06:11
ghosalmartinmorning all07:54
mal@adampigg what was causing it?08:49
T4<adampigg> mal, in compositor/eglhybrisfunctios.cpp rash crash in check for egl_hybris_nativebuffer208:59
mal@adampigg ok, now you have UI?09:07
T4<adampigg> mal, no, ill try when i get home, dont have devkit at work!09:16
T4<adampigg> mal, u think we should package mesa differently...maybe more like fedora, with the pacakge being called mesa, not mesa-<plaform> and just include all the drivers we can as sub pacakges?11:02
mal@adampigg I would add a generic dri-drivers package with all we support like fedora does11:04
T4<adampigg> yes ive just read that in their spec11:04
mal@adampigg need to check how big the drivers are to see whether we should have separate packages or not11:06
T4<adampigg> mal, with a single mesa,we could have mesa-dri-driver and mesa-llvm,  probably not a mesa-libhybris tho11:40
mal@adampigg we need to think about the naming11:46
malit would also just be mesa, and mesa-llvmpipe would be for the other one, mesa-dri-drivers is only one subpackage anyway11:47
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T4<adampigg> so, keep mesa-llvmpipe as a seperate package? and use similar /to my i915 and lima spec to build a drivers package?11:51
malyes, at least for now11:52
ghosalmartindid the lad that was porting to the pixel xl get it fully working?14:37
malwhat was the codename of the device?14:38
ghosalmartinhe might of been using the normal pixel tbf15:34
ghosalmartinousa something was his name :P15:34
T4<adampigg> Just gonna post this here :D16:08
T4<adampigg> (Photo, 960x1280)
vknechtvictory ? congrats :-)16:11
T4<adampigg> yes, failure was already known, and fixed upstream lipstick bug16:12
vknechtlucky you... I'm hitting this connectivity issue now I did the release :-(
vknechtand no 4G/LTE, only for a really short time in CSD16:15
vknecht"airplane-mode on, reboot, airplane-mode off" seems to help, but stuck to 3G16:16
mal@adampigg yay16:18
T4<KartikGada> Can't any of you try to port Sailfish OS to some Nokia Android smartphone?16:19
T4<KartikGada> Is it possible?16:19
T4<elros34> @vknecht: it's bug in ofono, try mer/1.21+git36 version16:20
mal@KartikGada are there custom roms or android kernel/device repo sources for those16:20
vknecht@elros34: thanks, will do...16:21
T4<KartikGada> @mal [@KartikGada are there custom roms or android k …], @Akilesh_15 would know better.16:21
T4<KartikGada> @mal [@KartikGada are there custom roms or android k …], Miui is available for Nokia 7 plus16:28
T4<KartikGada> You can check out @nokiaupdates16:28
T4<KartikGada> [Edit] You can check out @nokiaupdate16:28
T4<KartikGada> @mal [@KartikGada are there custom roms or android k …], Here is the link to source codes:
malare bootloaders open?16:33
T4<KartikGada> @mal [are bootloaders open?], Naa but there's an unofficial way to unlock them16:34
vknechtwill my own ofono-1.21+git36 take precedence over 1.21+git38 which is in if I simply put it in testing, or is there something special to do ?17:13
vknechtiirc the highest version wins, which is not what I want here, right ?17:14
malwhat commit is the one breaking that17:14
T4<elros34> @vknecht: I just fake bumped it17:15
T4<elros34> mal: reverting this commit:
T4<elros34> helps little: sms works after reboot with airplane mode on and off but after some time I notice issues connection17:17
T4<elros34> iirc I lost connection and have to reboot to bring it back17:20
malwondering why only some devices are affected17:20
malI haven't noticed any issues on fp217:21
vknecht@elros34: in fact, I could just reuse your _service file, setting sms-3.0.2 branch right ?17:31
T4<elros34> I would suggest sms-3.0.3  branch from testing. As I said earlier reverting this commit (sms-3.0.2 branch) helps with sms issue but breaks connection17:33
vknechtah, well, if it works with too...17:34
T4<elros34> sure it's ofono from 3.0.117:35
piggzthe above shows 4 touches, top left, right, bottom right, left17:35
piggzi think it is maybe the wrong orientation17:35
piggzi think that is handled somewhere isnt it?17:36
malpiggz: but UI is correct orientation?17:36
piggzmal: yes17:36
piggzi think the X is flipped17:36
piggzif 0,0= top left ?17:36
vknechtI wonder, if is not a stop release, maybe I can skip it and go to directly ?17:37
T4<elros34> piggz: touchscreen dts should have flags to flip x/y17:37
vknechtit's not mentioned in but last update was in february...17:38
piggz@elros34 ... ah, it contains:17:39
malpiggz: :rotate=180 or :invertx or :inverty to evdevtouch in compositor config17:40
piggzmal: yup17:41
piggztho, it didnt work....17:43
malshow what you added17:43
piggzLIPSTICK_OPTIONS="-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0:invertx -plugin evdevkeyy17:48
piggzthats not a double yy .... its ther serial terminal17:49
piggzmal: i fixed intert with this:18:21
piggzand removing lipstick_options18:21
piggzhowever, next issue18:21
piggzswiping doesnt work18:21
piggzactually, swiping from top works18:22
piggzmal: could you paste output of evdev_trace -t <your touchscreen> just moving finger across screen20:05
malpiggz: does device matter?20:22
piggzmal: just the ts device20:28
malpiggz: I mean does it matter which phone20:34
piggzmal: well, just one tht works well, im sure any of yours will be fine20:35
piggzmal: interesting20:37
piggzi get absolute events in the middle20:38
malpiggz: based on some web search that should be ok also20:42
malbut not sure why my phone doesn't have those20:42
malpiggz: so it's android kernel that is misbehaving20:44
T4<Harsh18262> is the jolla store repo down i cant download adaptation plugin using sudo zypper ref command20:52
malpiggz: show evdev_trace -i20:52
malwhich package?20:52
T4<Harsh18262> adaptation020:53
malpackage not repo20:54
malwhat are you trying to install20:54
T4<Harsh18262> i am trying to use sudo zypper ref command to install plugins requried by the platformsdk but it is giving this error
T4<Harsh18262> someone else also posted the same problem on jolla forums
malyou still didn't say what you are trying to install20:58
malI also get the same error and I have no issues20:59
malpiggz: I had a look at evdevtouch code in Qt and it ignores ABS_X if there are multitouch values present21:00
mal@Harsh18262 I also don't understand what you would want to install to sdk, most things happen in the target not sdk21:07
T4<Harsh18262> i am runnig the command from pg 10 from the hadk guide21:11
malso what error do you get when running the install commands?21:13
T4<Harsh18262> Repository 'adaptation0' is invalid.21:14
T4<Harsh18262> full error here
malwhat the hell does this return: sudo zypper in android-tools-hadk tar21:17
T4<Harsh18262> sorry21:19
malso you have everything installed21:19
malso you got stuck in a message which is not an error and you have everything already installed21:19
T4<Harsh18262> yes except the adaptation0 plugin due to that i am getting error while running the script
malI still cannot understand how it is possible to get that error there21:23
malyou see the error there "Fatal: asus-X00td-armv7hl is an invalid sb2 target"21:24
T4<Harsh18262> yes while running rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh21:24
malshow output of "sdk-assistant list"21:24
T4<Harsh18262> found the problem my fault extremely sorry
mal@Harsh18262 PORT_ARCH is never arm6421:27
malfix it in your ~/.hadk.env file21:27
T4<Harsh18262> yes changed to armv7hl21:28
malnow reinstall the target with correct name21:28
malyou can use sdk-assistant to remove the old wrong one21:28
malalso you don't need that SailfishOS-latest-i48621:28
malit's just in the instructions to tell how to do it when porting to x86 devices21:29
T4<Harsh18262> yes i named the tooling wrong i dont know what was i thinking21:30
T4<Harsh18262> srry target21:31
maltooling is fine21:31
malthe other target is useless21:31
malbut also tooling probably should be 3.0.3 not 3.0.021:32
T4<Harsh18262> is there any command to update it to the latest or i have to remove the old one and then install the new one again i have downloded the latest tooling package21:35
malI would just follow the instructions to install latest one21:36
piggzoddness with x swipes though21:41
malpiggz: only x swipes?21:44
piggzwell, y sort of works, but not great ... i can swipe down to bring up the top menu...21:44
piggzbut x swipes do nothing21:45
piggzreminds me of latte actually21:45
piggznot using evdevtouch there worked21:45
piggzbut, that isnt working here21:45
piggzon latte, no lipstick-options worked fine, and qt detected a touchscreen somehow21:46
malpiggz: but doesn't help on this device?21:47
mal@Harsh18262 error is clear, you need to fix kernel defconfig21:48
mal@Harsh18262 wait, it doesn't find the android side build21:48
malwhat do you have in $ANDROID_ROOT/out/target/product/21:49
T4<Harsh18262> 2 folders generic and X00TD21:49
T4<Harsh18262> folder name prob fixed21:50
mal@Harsh18262 I think you did a small mistake, in sfos side device codename should not contain capital letters, so you need to define two different things in droid-hal spec (and reinstall target again using new name)21:51
malso fix the codename in .hadk.env21:51
T4<Harsh18262> ok on it21:52
maland then reinstall target, then do like this
T4<elros34> piggz: you could try to increase /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/peekfilter/boundaryWidth21:53
malso in your case device should be X00TD and rpm_device x00td, vendor and rpm_vendor can both be asus21:53
piggz@elros34 what does that do?21:53
T4<elros34> set edge swipe margins21:54
T4<Harsh18262> so the full file should be the same just replacing the vendr and name or just the first 4 lines?21:54
mal@Harsh18262 no, just edit your file and replace the device and vendor stuff21:55
maldo not copy my file21:55
T4<Harsh18262> ok21:55
malyou can show the file after your modifications if you want21:56
T4<Harsh18262> i have made it X00TD as i have done the stuff before with capital TD22:01
piggzmal: debug output shows the evdevtouch plugin always being loaded for the device....22:03
piggzi even uninstalled that package with that plugin and restarted lipstick!22:03
piggzis it compiled in?22:04
malI think it's included in qtbase22:06
mal@Harsh18262 you misunderstood, NO capital letter in rpm_device22:08
piggzmal: i think it is compiled into the eglfs plugin if not using android...22:08
piggz#if !defined(QT_NO_EVDEV) && (!defined(Q_OS_ANDROID) || defined(Q_OS_ANDROID_NO_SDK))22:08
piggz#include <QtPlatformSupport/private/qevdevmousemanager_p.h>22:08
piggz#include <QtPlatformSupport/private/qevdevkeyboardmanager_p.h>22:08
piggz#include <QtPlatformSupport/private/qevdevtouchmanager_p.h>22:08
malpiggz: what does the generic-evdev package contain22:09
piggz[root@Sailfish lib]# rpm -ql qt5-plugin-generic-evdev22:11
piggzie, the ones built into the eglfs plugin + tablet22:11
piggzmal: the built in ones can be turned off with QT_QPA_EGLFS_DISABLE_INPUT=122:15
maldoes it help?22:15
piggzi dont get input that way22:16
piggzand, when i use the plugin22:16
piggzi get the same odd behaviour22:16
piggzso, no, not really!22:16
piggzmal: calling it a night, cya!22:18
malpiggz: good night22:18
mal@Harsh18262 did you now get the spec file correct?22:31
T4<Harsh18262> yes but now i am getting another error which is showing the small "td" i have converted the small "td" to capital td as i have used capital TD everywhere else even in the mountpoint file22:34
malyou again misunderstood, spec files also need to have small letters22:38
maldid you fix .hadk.env already to use x00td22:38
malyou are now completely missing what mean22:39
T4<Harsh18262> is there small letters compulsory i thought they were just for naming the device22:39
malthere are some scripts that fail if you use capital letters in device codename22:39
mal(except the device one in droid-hal spec as I told before)22:39
T4<Harsh18262> but right now all the other files use capital letters will they be a problem in fture22:40
malfixup-mountpoints still should use the capital letter version22:40
malso probably easier to recreate the config and droid-hal version repos after fixing .hadk.env22:41
T4<Harsh18262> yes22:42
malas those now probably have capital letters in many places22:42
malthe droid-hal spec should be fine after renaming22:42
T4<Harsh18262> and what about the failed build dependencies error will that also be solved?22:43
malnot sure22:43
malsince that never made any sense22:43
malprobably could be related to somethign being wrong in naming22:44
T4<Harsh18262> ok22:44
maldo you now understand what you need to do22:44
malare you sure .hadk.env file is correct now22:45
malshow it22:45
malthat looks ok22:47
maljust to be sure it's used correctly run command "hadk" in sdk22:47
malor exit and re-enter sdk22:47
mallatter is safer way22:47
T4<Harsh18262> i think fixed it is not showing this "Env setup for x00td"22:48
malyes, it should show that small letter version, now resetup the config and droid-hal-version repos22:49
T4<Harsh18262> getting this after correct the codename the error: Failed build dependencies22:55
malah, go to config submodule folder (i.e. hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device) and run git reset --hard 746de04dd318127044d163a4f4f69b1867789eb823:00
malthen back to $ANDROID_ROOT and try again23:00
maldo this istead: in config submodule folder (i.e. hybris/droid-configs/droid-configs-device) and run git reset --hard 5758d400b50a4d391af268376d716f2456c1690d23:02
T4<Harsh18262> it worked23:08
T4<Harsh18262> btw what did tht commnd do23:09
malit checked out a different git commit because the latest master branch requires not yet released sfos version23:10
T4<Harsh18262> ok so then 58d... should be the commit id23:11
T4<Harsh18262> what is this part of the command 5758d400b50a4d391af268376d716f2456c1690d?23:15
malyes, the last parameter is the commit id23:15
malin this case that is the latest commit in this branch
malit's a good idea to read some basics of how git is used, you probably will need to use it later also23:17
T4<Harsh18262> ok23:18
malbtw, which android base are you using?23:20
T4<Harsh18262> lineage 15.1 android 8.123:23
malok, did you do the stuff in faq for 15.1 porting, you must have done some of if, check it again, the config package needs changes23:25
T4<Harsh18262> which faq23:28
malfind LOS15.1 porting part in there23:29
T4<Harsh18262> Copy files from to your config repo (to hybris/droid-configs/sparse/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init) and rebuild config packages using " -c"23:32
T4<Harsh18262> Copy files from to your config repo (to hybris/droid-configs/sparse/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init)23:33
T4<Harsh18262> how to do this23:33
maleither just click each file and then select Raw above the content to get the raw text file and the save the file to correct place, or clone the repo to somewhere and copy the files from there to correct place23:35
T4<Harsh18262> ok23:35
T4<Harsh18262> hybris-hal means the packages which are built using the script right?23:41
malno hybris-hal is the android side build, droid-hal packages then contain what was built there23:49 build many other things also23:49

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