Thursday, 2019-05-30

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XenoPLhi, I've managed to break my JP1 by doing factory reset from recovery menu. I'm thinking of flashing device with images from thread
XenoPLdoes anyone have experience with those? Unfrotunatelly there's no guide attached so I'm a bit stuck how i'm supposed to make use of them12:55
minimecXenoPL: Maybe start reading about recovery mode and its usage...
XenoPLminimec: yeah that's where the problem started. Doing 'Reset to factory state kinda corrupts device, there's 'No space left on the device' error message while flashing /dev/mmcblk0p10 and 11. All the rest seems to be pretty normal.13:11
malhmm, which partitions are those13:13
minimecXenoPL: Ok. I once had to do a factory reset, because I did not disable or remove some additional patches, and that corrupted the device. A factory reset using that tutorial did the trick @ the time. Unforunately I cannot help you further.13:14
vknechtis it me or qml' Video/MediaPlayer/VideoPlayer are unusable without complicated tricks ?15:18
vknechtstill true ?
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T4<jamesisaweeb> Hi, I have a simple question: … How do I add the right repos to roomservice.xml? is it just the same as in 5.2 in the manual?19:11
vknecht@jamesisaweeb: sure you really need a roomservice ? afaik sfos doesn't use that, only local_manifests/$DEVICE.xml19:28
T4<jamesisaweeb> breakfast is telling me ```Repository for scale not found in the LineageOS Github repository list. If this is in error, you may need to manually add it to your local_manifests/roomservice.xml.```19:28
T4<jamesisaweeb> bit of background my device is ```scale``` (huawei y6)19:29
vknechtwhat do you have in $DEVICE.xml ?19:32
T4<jamesisaweeb> ```<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> … <manifest> …   <project path="device/huawei/scale" …     name="Huawei-Y6/android_device_huawei_msm8909-common" …     revision="cm-14.1" /> …   <project path="kernel/huawei/scale" …     name="Huawei-Y6/android_kernel_huawei_msm8916" …     revision="cm-14.1" /> … </manifest>```19:32
T4<jamesisaweeb> wait i should proably put it in a paste now that i think of it19:33
vknechtyep :-)19:33
vknechtguess you should add a "vendor repo" entry in there19:33
T4<jamesisaweeb> aha19:35
T4<jamesisaweeb> ok here's the new one
T4<jamesisaweeb> have i done that right?19:35
vknechtseems so, does breakfast still complain after re-running repo sync ?19:37
T4<jamesisaweeb> i'll have a look19:37
T4<jamesisaweeb> yeah it does :(19:40
T4<jamesisaweeb> it's saying this
T4<jamesisaweeb> basically the same as before19:42
vknechtI guess it's related to the defconfig, maybe have to adjust a variable to point to, I guess again, lineageos_scale_defconfig19:44
T4<jamesisaweeb> where can i find the defconfig19:47
T4<jamesisaweeb> i can't see anything about ```TARGET_KERNEL_CONFIG``` in ```$ANDROID_ROOT/device/$VENDOR/*/BoardConfig*.mk```19:47
vknecht I think19:48
vknechtnow I don't know the inners of LOS build config to tell exactly what to do, but I guess this file is not found19:49
T4<jamesisaweeb> ok i've found it19:50
T4<jamesisaweeb> i'll have a look aroung19:50
T4<jamesisaweeb> [Edit] i'll have a look around19:50
vknechtdon't bother to edit your sentences, it looks bad here on IRC ;-)19:50
T4<jamesisaweeb> ah, sorry19:51
vknechtjust as a test, maybe you could copy lineageos_scale_defconfig to lineage_scale_defconfig19:53
T4<jamesisaweeb> doesn't work either :(19:54
T4<jamesisaweeb> but i did find this stackoverflow answer19:54
T4<elros34> you have ready to use local manifest here
T4<jamesisaweeb> @elros34 thanks!20:02
vknechtah, someone who knows better :-) hey @elros3420:02
T4<elros34> sometimes is good to explore github :)20:04
T4<adampigg> seriously ... this looks fine!
T4<adampigg> and if you compare it to what qt sees in the evdevtouch plugin, it too looks fine!
T4<adampigg> so. why does lipstick not respond?20:41
T4<jamesisaweeb> hi again, that manifest file ( doesn't like working. it's saying ```fatal: duplicate path device/qcom/common in /home/ben/hadk/.repo/manifest.xml```20:57
malobviously remove the qcom/common repo from your local manifest, it's already in the main manifest21:00
mal@adampigg very odd issue21:00
T4<jamesisaweeb> oh hey that works21:00
T4<jamesisaweeb> thanks21:00
T4<adampigg> mal: v frustrating!21:01
T4<adampigg> mal: what were the lipstick dconf options mentioned the otehr day?21:01
mal@adampigg maybe
mal@adampigg maybe you could also try

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