Thursday, 2019-06-06

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T4<Harsh18262> i the device is not booting with hybris boot can it be because of these warnings  ?09:01
T4<elros34> what do you mean is not booting? Do you have something in host dmesg? I though you already have telnet access earlier09:08
T4<Harsh18262> yes but that was due to another kernel not the one in hybris-boot09:15
T4<Harsh18262> with hybris-boot it keeps rebooting after asus logo09:15
T4<Harsh18262> and does not even get to telnet and with lineage os boot img it boots to lineage os but does not generate any use full logs09:16
T4<elros34> another kernel with telnet access? I don't get it. Anyway you could try to disable CONFIG__VT09:21
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T4<Harsh18262> to make hybris-boot is it neccesary to make other components like hal recovery or fs?09:25
T4<elros34> to make hybris-boot you only need to "make hybris-boot" :P09:26
T4<Harsh18262> ok09:26
T4<elros34> then flash it via fastboot09:27
T4<Harsh18262> flashed but now it is stuck on asus logo without telnet10:00
T4<elros34> Earlier it reboots right? do you have something in host dmesg?10:04
T4<Harsh18262> yes just after asus logo10:06
T4<Harsh18262> nope right now going to try orignal defconfig without any modification10:06
T4<elros34> how long it stays at asus logo now?10:11
T4<Harsh18262> with the old hybris-boot it immediately reboots and with the newer one it is stuck at the logo indefinetly until force rebooted10:25
T4<elros34> you could mount sdcard here and save there some logs. Maybe now only usb fails (nothing in host dmesg)10:31
T4<Harsh18262> where will i find this file i found init.rc but that has only 126 lines10:48
T4<elros34> it's in hybris/hybris-boot/init-script10:50
T4<elros34> this script is packed together with busybox to initramfs and executed by kernel10:51
T4<Harsh18262> how to save logs in sdcard11:07
T4<elros34> At the begining "mkdir /sd; mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /sd; touch /sd/iamalive; sync" should be enough11:11
nylCan someone send me telegram link?11:12
T4NYL91 was added by: NYL9111:13
T4<NYL91> Nvm found it11:13
T4<Harsh18262> partition would be diffrent for my device right ?11:14
T4<elros34> check in twrp. If your device has mmcblk0 assigned to internal memory then mmcblk1 should be sdcard11:20
T4<Harsh18262> what is the by-name partition for sdcard like for boot it is by-name/boot because twrp is not showig anything11:50
T4<Harsh18262> should there be a ; after sync?11:57
T4<Harsh18262> nothing happened added changes in init-script then made hybris-boot flashed it but nothing happened no folder was created12:04
T4<elros34> show diff of your modification and ls /dev/block/ from your twrp12:53
T4<Harsh18262> init-script12:59
T4<Harsh18262> ls from twrp13:11
T4<elros34> then it looks like for some reason init is not even reached13:18
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: just reminder :P13:32
T4<Harsh18262> @elros34 [then it looks like for some reason init is not …], So now what should I do?13:37
Mister_Magister@Harsh18262 don't use reply option13:38
T4<Harsh18262> Srry13:38
T4<elros34> not sure, if device stays on for a long time it quite unlikely that kernel crash. Maybe use "another kernel" which worked for you or compare defconfig13:43
vknechthello... any thought on that pre16:09
vknecht*that startupwizard bug where lang setting is not used ?
vknecht3.0.3.9 / 14.1 base16:10
Mister_Magisterwhoa my moto g2 which is based on lineage 12.1 has android9.0 available! i can rebase whole way through… but why? for what?17:52
vknechtwith same kernel, or more recent one ?17:53
Mister_Magisterprobably just 3.4.X more recent17:53
Mister_Magisterwhich is like no upgrade at al17:53
Mister_Magisterfor kernel i can just grab it and use with my base17:54
Mister_Magisterwatching through custom kernels… Lcd notify driver Removed (NO MORE START SCREEN FREEZE)17:58
Mister_Magistermaybe this can solve that 4years old bug17:58
nylmal, what you said to do before pusing the comits to git hub?18:21
nylgit rm installroot -r;git rm tmp -r;git rm documentation.list18:26
vknechtprobably, those are not needed/useful now18:28
nyl# Not currently on any branch.18:29
vknechtgit status && git remote -v18:30
nylgithubgit:// (fetch)18:30
nylgithubgit:// (push)18:30
vknechtgit status gives nothing ?18:32
nylfatal: 'nyl' does not appear to be a git repository18:32
nylon push18:32
vknechtwell, "nyl" doesn't appear in the remote list, so that's expected ;-)18:33
vknechtprobably forgot to "git remote add"18:33
nylerror: src refspec hybris-13.0 does not match any.18:39
nylerror: failed to push some refs to ''18:39
vknechttry HEAD:master instead of just master18:40
vknechtafaik this happens when you've not checked out (eg. git status doesn't return the branch but "detached")18:41
vknechtHEAD:hybris-13.0 rather18:42
nylfor example
nylgir remote add nyl
nylor git remote add nyl
* vknecht is confused18:45
* nyl is bad at GIT18:46
vknechtwhich repo are you in and which one are you trying to push to ? one line you write about droid-config, the other about kernel, then droid-hal ?18:46
nylneed to push all my commits18:47
nylit's a new pc and i checked out18:47
nylupdated everything for latest sfos18:47
vknechtI'm bad at git too, but I've learned by reading hadk carefuly and thinking hard when things went not as expected because the error is almost always between keyboard and chair :-P18:47
vknechtdo it one after the other18:48
nyland now i want to put all changes on git :D18:48
vknechtyou can't do it all in one go18:48
vknechtor, well, maybe with repo command but I don't know about that18:49
vknechtso choose one, and stick to it18:49
vknechtfollow hadk :-P18:50
vknechtdo you see installroot & stuff you're trying to delete in this droid-hal-oneplus2 directory/repo ? ;-)18:56
nyldidn't check18:57
nylmal instructed me to do this every time18:57
nylso i don't those on git to annoy others :D18:57
vknechtnow, for the ref, try HEAD:<name of branch>18:58
vknechtlike in "git push nyl HEAD:master"18:59
vknechtadd, you have to git add dhd19:00
vknechtthen git commit, then push19:01
vknecht(iirc, someone stop me if I'm wrong ;-)19:01
vknechtand as a rule, always check status before pushing :)19:01
vknechtand before commit19:02
malalso never do git add *, always specify what you add19:09
nylwell it seems i can't push any :D19:09
nylbecause of dhd folder19:12
vknecht"git status" is your friend...19:13
* vknecht leaves git behind and commits himself to tend to the barbecue19:19
T4<elros34> you need to create local branch after repo sync: git checkout -b master19:21
nyleven then i get errors19:34
nylmodified:   dhd (modified content)19:35
nyljolla-devicelock-daemon-encsfa - jolla-devicelock-plugin-encsfa20:10
nylis there any difference?20:10
nylwas checking paterns20:10
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maluse what template says20:36
nylError <creator>[06/06 23:57:09] : URLGrabber error: - e.errno: 1423:57
nylwhat? :o23:57
nyloh wait forgot something23:59

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