Sunday, 2019-06-09

deathmistI'll check the IRC logs once I wake up for possible answers, but gonna go sleep now so cya!00:05
maldeathmist: have you verified that the build generates ueventd.rc to out/ ? some builds didn't do that and it has caused all sorts of issues09:20
maldeathmist: also verify that you have some fstab file in out/09:21
deathmistaha! there is no .rc files in out/09:29
deathmistshould I rebuild hybris-hal?09:29
deathmistI ran 'make clean' because I was solving issues with the defconfig, but didn't remember to 'make hybris-hal' again, just hybris-boot and recovery09:33
deathmistI'll start with that and report in a bit if I get further with another boot image09:34
maldeathmist: hybris-hal won't help, run make modules and check the output for ueventd.rc or something like that09:41
malthen you need to manually run make some_target to build the file09:41
maldeathmist: how did you search for the file? try with: find out/ -name ueventd*09:42
deathmistI searched the same otherwise but just "*.rc", nothing with "ueventd*" either after 'make modules'09:56
deathmistalso what does 'some_target' refer to? just 'cheeseburger' in my case?09:58
malno, it's something you need to find out, that was just placeholder for the real thing that is unknown10:02
malso do you find ueventd* in device/ folder somewhere?10:02
deathmistyes, there is 'device/oneplus/msm8998-common/init/vendor/ueventd.rc'10:03
maltry copying it manually to out/target/product/$DEVICE/root/ueventd.rc10:10
maland then " -d" and rebuild image10:11
r0kk3rzmal: what is the issue with the property area thing?10:24
deathmisteven after placing the file in 2 more directories it still won't run build_packages
deathmistyou sure I don't need hybris-hal built?10:32
T4<DSstill01> guyz i noticed that sailfish camera app crashes when taking videos from front camera (can take videos from front one). I tried to take videos from android (aliendalvik) and it works, same for advanced camera, which can take videos from main camera, but it doesnt save them. So, it seems a problem of sailfishos camera. Any known way to fi10:50
T4x that or im the only one with this problem? or i dunno10:50
T4<DSstill01> [Edit] guyz i noticed that sailfish camera app crashes when taking videos from main camera (can take videos from front one). I tried to take videos from android (aliendalvik) and it works, same for advanced camera, which can take videos from main camera, but it doesnt save them. So, it seems a problem of sailfishos camera. Any known way10:50
T4 to fix that or im the only one with this problem? or i dunno10:50
malr0kk3rz: not sure10:52
maldeathmist: do you have any fstab in out/?10:53
r0kk3rzmal: hmm ok, several people have had it, and they all fixed it, but i dont know what the fix was10:53
vknecht@DSstill01: sure advancedcam doesn't save the vids ? check files in ~nemo/Videos/AdvancedCamera/ or jolla-gallery ; for now it simply doesn't show vids in its integrated gallery10:53
maldeathmist: I assumed you had hybris-hal build already, no need to rebuild it after this change10:54
T4<DSstill01> ah ok, let me check10:54
vknechtotherwise I'd say doublecheck your hw cam config file10:54
r0kk3rzor, crazy idea, get the logs and see what the error is10:54
malr0kk3rz: I'm also not sure if they used the ugly system/core hack or some other way10:54
deathmistI mentioned I ran 'make clean', so guess I10:55
deathmistam building that now then10:55
T4<DSstill01> i recently made some changes to camerawrapper. it's weird that it doesnt take videos from main camera only on 1 app10:55
maldeathmist: so the finding of ueventd was useless if you didn't even have anything built10:55
vknecht@DSstill01: you're asking for trouble with your fiddlings all around ;-)10:56
maldeathmist: why would you even run make clean?10:56
T4<DSstill01> :/10:57
deathmistidk... I'm going to let it run since it takes around an hour (doesn't for some reason work with ccache properly)10:57
T4<DSstill01> i confirm that advanced camera can take and save videos. so, why sailfishcamera crashes?10:57
vknechtdouble check etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt10:58
T4<DSstill01> is that still needed?10:59
vknechtand maybe undo your camerawrapper changes (whatever this wrapper is)10:59
T4<DSstill01> camerawrapper changes are fine10:59
vknechtit's the gstdroidcam files which aren't needed anymore, if I'm not mistaken10:59
mal@DSstill01 of course jolla-camera-hw.txt is needed, the older gst-droid camera config is not11:00
T4<DSstill01> ive removed iso and zsl stuff to fix missing to fix an error about missing symbol11:01
T4<DSstill01> @mal [@DSstill01 of course jolla-camera-hw.txt is ne …], aww ok..ill check it,then11:01
malwhat error?11:07
T4<DSstill01> _ZN7android16CameraParameters12KEY_ISO_MODEE missing symbol11:12
T4<DSstill01> it's samsung stuff. probably it didnt took its header, but i dont care11:13
vknechtdoes the Xperia X has the same problem than XA2 with downgrading from Pie to Oreo ?11:17
T4<DSstill01> i modified jolla-camera config but it still crashes. i removed the iso modes, other ideas :/?11:21
malare resolutions correct? did you try gdb or GST_DEBUG11:22
malvknecht: I haven't heard of any but cannot be sure, about the xa2 issue
T4<DSstill01> gst_debug=9 or less?11:25
T4<DSstill01> i meant 411:26
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T4<DSstill01> this is the full one11:29
vknechtthank you ; seems X doesn't use synaptic dsx ; glad it's solved or about to for XA2 :-)11:30
T4<elros34> I lose telnet connection several times and have to run ip address/route add * few times until it is stable. Any ideas how to fix it?11:37
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vknechtmaybe host problem with usb3 or ModemManager service ?12:01
T4<elros34> I use usb 2.I have only this issue with one device with kernel 512:03
Mister_Magistermal: are there any options to optimize gui smotthness? i get stuttering a lot12:26
malMister_Magister: do you have this line
Mister_Magisteri have QPA_HWC_BUFFER_COUNT=312:54
malMister_Magister: so try adding that12:56
Mister_Magisteryeah yeah i'm doing it12:58
deathmistmal: okay finally got back to a usable working tree; I have 2 ueventd.rc files to look at in out/13:12
deathmistalso 3 fstab files13:23
malok, then the issue is something else, maybe you should try the system/core hack13:28
Mister_Magistercan sfos ramdisk mount lvm partition?13:43
deathmistmal: ok how would one proceed with that?13:46
malnot sure if it's in faq, I'm not at my computer so can't help much13:51
masya_I get "tar: short read" while unpack sfos tar.bz2 to device via adb. What could be the problem?15:42
masya_Xiaomi Mi6X (wayne), LOS 15.115:43
Nebrassy[m]masya_: which twrp15:44
T4<Harsh18262> Did u try to flash after copying it to the device15:46
Nebrassy[m]try using this one!jNJjGKJI!wXDvrNMQydnaUpeXcTnTWUOznKrC5BDG9BqoMCCzh9Q15:47
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deathmistcould master branch of libhybris be the culprit of my "droid-hal-init: Failed to initialize property area" issue and /vendor not being mounted due to some authorization issues?17:32
deathmistthey do have a "android8-initial-update" branch which I could possibly try as well17:33
maldepends on what android base you are using17:34
maldeathmist: master branch is the one that should be usually used, except hybris-12.1 might be broken with that17:34
deathmistandroid base is los-15.1 (8.1)17:35
maldeathmist: android9-initial-update branch is very much obsolote and should actually be removed17:35
deathmistoh ok, glad I didn't try it then17:35
maldeathmist: as a very ugly hack for now try to comment out this line
malthen make hybris-hal and -d and new image17:42
malthe real issue is something else, not sure what17:43
deathmistok will do, I saw that somewhere else too :p17:43
malpretty it's because some files are missing from device /17:44
mal*pretty sure17:44
malwhat do you see in device /17:44
deathmistthere are 'common lineage oneplus oppo qcom' directories, also do you mean straggler files & detritus? I've not added anything to staggler since it didn't mention anything about unpackaged files17:46
malwell the issue can be something already in make hybris-hal17:58
malit might not be building something we need17:58
malthere has been issues in 15.1 with that17:58
malwe minimize build too much17:58
vknechthow come XA2 can use latest dcd submodule ? because it use more recent than ? or some build infra specific ?18:26
malvknecht: it requires some changes in other packages which will probably come with next sfos release18:33
* vknecht hopes it come soon ;-)18:34
malis there something you want from those changes?18:35
vknechtnot sure yet, I'll do some local tests for now18:38
malare you using the upgrade-3.0.3 branch as suggested in faq18:39
vknechtyep, but then had other problem ; have to check again, or perhaps just change the ssu package reference locally18:42
vknechtalso maybe I made a mistake18:43
Mister_Magistermal: is there hybris-boot repo for sfosx?18:43
malMister_Magister: ?18:52
Mister_Magisterxperias have everything in lvm and i would like to try that18:53
malMister_Magister: it might be possible to use the sfos build for xperia x instructions and adapt the repos18:58
Mister_Magisterxperias have totally different ramdisk so i assumed they have separate hybris-boot18:59
malof course19:01
malI mean different ramdisk but not different hybris-boot19:02
malas an example'19:02
malthat builds the boot image19:02
malthe final one19:02
malyou can see in some adaptation repo that it has define about custom boot image19:03
Mister_Magisternice thanks!19:17
deathmistmal: after commenting out the line droid-hal-init.service is running! though /vendor still cannot be mounted (it's the same for /persist & /cache) journalctl & systemctl where sdf6 is /vendor19:44
maldeathmist: have you checked which partition it tried to mount in the systemd mount services in /lib/systemd/system/20:18
malor log20:18
deathmistfor sure it's the right partition; it uses the mount-sd@sdf6.service mounting and fails with "Error mounting /dev/sdf6", but above also says "Error opening current controlling terminal for the process (`/dev/tty'): No such device or address"21:12
deathmistI read up on this a bit and found this: "udisks2 requires an authentication agent (and the fallback agent fails because that requires a tty)."21:13
deathmistif I'm getting this correctly /usr/bin/pkttyagent is not running and thus tty fallback agent fails21:14
T4<elros34> udisks2 shouldn't even touch your internal partitions, they are handled by systemd mount units (/lib/systemd/system/*.mount) created by dhd21:17
maldeathmist: the services I meant are the ones with filetype .mount21:23
malyou are not interested in sdcard mounting yet21:24
vknechtthis is not the droid you're looking for...21:39
deathmistI'll get back to this tomorrow, thanks for the help!22:19

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