Monday, 2019-06-24

deathmistmorning all, what am I doing wrong when my changes to droid configs aren't on the final rootfs? I remade hybris-hal, ran -c (tried full too) and the usual mic build steps including kickstart files08:24
malif you change droid-configs then you only need to rerun -c, no need to run make hybris-hal (you only need to run that if you change something in android repos like in kernel or device repos)08:49
r0kk3rzwhere are you adding things, sparse?09:56
r0kk3rzor changing patterns09:56
deathmistoh I know why now, I had symlinked the zip from the mic out dir but changed the EXTRANAME so ofc the path will be different (facepalm)10:17
deathmistthe port is coming along nicely, a lot of stuff seems to work now, next up would probably be radios: I have 2 rild processes running (/vendor/bin/hw/rild & another one with "-c 2" args) radio logcat
malwhich android base?11:51
malhave you setup the binder stuff for modem?11:54
mali.e. these and the line from here to hw patterns
deathmistnope, will do that now, thanks11:59
deathmist"Warning[06/24 12:28:31] : file /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf conflicts between attempted installs of droid-config-cheeseburger-1-1.armv7hl and ofono-configs-mer-1.21+git51-1.4.1.jolla.armv7hl" and "Error <repo>[06/24 12:28:31] : Could not run transaction."12:30
deathmistremove "ofono-configs-mer" right?12:31
malthese two lines to droid-configs spec
deathmistthank you, now my SIM showed up in the "Select internet connection" part of setup screen and mobile data seems to work!12:50
deathmistjust tested calling as well, it came through! I have no audio right now so that's what I'll work on next12:53
maldeathmist: read hadk pdf about that, do chapters 13.2 and 13.313:00
malassuming you were talking about call audio13:01
masha11mal, Hello. Is it possible to set /data in ext2 instead of ect4? In my twrp absent tkfs.ext4. fastboot gives an error "(bootloader) flash permission deniedFAILED (remote failure)" when I trying to format /data.13:14
masha11mkfs.ext4 missing13:28
birdzhangdeathmist: does your lipstick crash sometimes? when typing keyboard or taking a picture.13:28
masha11when installing zip:mount: failed to mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata at /data: Device or resource busy13:33
deathmistbirdzhang: my camera is not detected yet, but I haven't experienced a lipstick crash yet typing (guess too little usage)13:38
birdzhangdeathmist: i have that issue and no sound at all13:45
liuxHi, guys ,who have met such error : "E/qdhwcomposer( 1375): isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL" and got solution? it was printed by logcat15:17
malnot an error, just annoying15:19
malnobody has bothered to silence that15:19
liuxmy gallery crash with " E/qdmemalloc( 1787): unrecognized pixel format: 0xb27518e3" so I just think something wrong in hwcomposer15:21
malliux: have you tried the "Black gallery pictures and no browser content/browser crash" from faq?16:07
liuxmal, yes, just tried but not work16:08
malhow about this
liuxwell let me try it16:09
liuxmal, just reboot and gallery works fine with multiple pictures. no crash. thank you16:21
vknechtcool :-)
* vknecht wishes he had time to make some godot stuff again17:14
deathmistduring hadk 13.3 mk-cam-conf I get "(mk-cam-conf:9451): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: 20:09:51.615: Registering meta implementation 'NemoGstBufferOrientationMeta' without init function" "open: No such file or directory" and the file doesn't get generated17:15
deathmistcamera itself works now, just very bad quality (as expected)17:16
deathmistI'm on 15.1 base17:17
malno need to run mk-cam-conf anymore17:19
maldid you generate camera configs using droid-camres?17:20
deathmistnot yet, that should be enough now?17:22
malyes, mk-cam-conf is obsolete17:22
deathmistalright camera works fine but only crashes when entering front facing in recording mode (makes the Camera app fully unusable afterwards due to it instantly crashing when opening again)19:21
deathmistalso after adding GStreamer 1.0 YT playback from the browser crashes it (was pretty smooth before)19:21
maldeathmist: have you tried
malfor the browser youtube issue19:24
deathmistjust put that in "/etc/gst-droid/gstdroidcodec.conf" on the device, did "dconf update" and also restarted, still crashing on playback19:36
maltry changing the lines to have only use-codec-supplied-height i.e. remove the width hack19:37
deathmistdidn't change anything :/19:45
vknechtmaybe it rather has to do with dont-use-droid-convert quirk, like in
deathmistthat indeed does work in both YT and Gallery for recorded video!19:49
vknechtcool :-) iirc only problem remaining is with live FB (maybe other too) vids, but it's been a while and didn't check since then19:50
deathmistit buffers for quite a bit tho (about 4-6 seconds when starting playback)19:50
vknechtdunno any details about buffering settings...19:53
vknechtbetter wait than crash, that's for sure ;-)19:53
piggzmal: so.....19:57
piggzi have touch events in qt ok......19:57
piggzMay 07 12:21:18 Sailfish lipstick[4855]: [D] unknown:0 - QWindowSystemInterface::handleTouchEvent19:58
piggzMay 07 12:21:18 Sailfish lipstick[4855]: [D] unknown:0 - QWindowSystemInterfacePrivate::handleWindowSystemEvent19:58
piggzMay 07 12:21:18 Sailfish lipstick[4855]: [D] unknown:0 - QGuiApplicationPrivate::processWindowSystemEvent19:58
piggzMay 07 12:21:18 Sailfish lipstick[4855]: [D] unknown:0 - QGuiApplicationPrivate::processTouchEvent19:58
piggzand in lipstickcompositorwindow, like19:58
piggzMay 07 01:27:00 Sailfish lipstick[3579]: [D] unknown:0 - LipstickCompositorWindow::touchEvent: (TouchPoint(9 (206,1358 8x8) TouchPointReleased press 0 vel QVector2D(0, 0) start (210,1362) last (210,1362) delta (0,0))19:58
piggzMay 07 01:27:00 Sailfish lipstick[3579]: [D] unknown:0 - LipstickCompositorWindow::handleTouchEvent: (TouchPoint(9 (206,1358 8x8) TouchPointReleased press 0 vel QVector2D(0, 0) start (210,1362) last (210,1362) delta (0,0))19:58
piggzbut, when the lockscreen comes on, the lipstick ones stop!!19:58
vknechtmce <-> lipstick « consensus » broken ? just reminds me about
piggzvknecht: i can set semo mode, but the lockscreen stays20:08
* vknecht should try this demo mode, no idea what it looks like20:10
malvknecht: like that link says it used to be like that but then it was mostly moved to lipstick20:10
piggzits so strange...i can interact with the top menu fine20:11
piggzjust the flipping main screen20:11
malpiggz: and it doesn't matter in which part of the display you do the side swipe?20:12
piggzi can also swipe up the camera20:12
piggzmal: yup, nothing reported20:12
vknechtwondering, is it horizontal swipe not working ? because about that time I had that issue as well, and using testing (eg. fixed release repo) seemed to solve that20:14
vknechtlike if something had changed in devel...20:14
piggzwell, no touchevetns are reportted at all from the compositorwindow20:16
piggzi think the top swipe works becuase it is an edge item?20:16
malpiggz: isn't the other also from edge?20:19
deathmistfor sure vknecht :)   I get no audio at all still and hadk is quite empty, where should I start? some details
malhow about logs20:42
Mr_DogeHello everyone,  could anyone invite optimusBOT to the channel,  it will be our new telegram bridge20:44
Mr_DogePing mal sledges20:44
piggzmal: no, the lock screen can be wiped away from the middle20:45
malMr_Doge: first of all, maybe a bit shorter name would be nice for the bot?20:45
piggzdeathmist: search the logs here :)
Mr_DogeMal good point,  but it should not matter anyway, name is also self explanatory :P20:48
Mr_DogeMehhh I am killing the bridge server...  Any volunteers to host the bot may refer here for the bot config  , ping me on so that I can invite the bot to telegram group21:20
piggzive askde the kde sysadmins to host the bridge for us, its a win if they will as they have the infr to do it all21:46
malMr_Doge: you can't expect anyone react that fast22:15
malMr_Doge: considering it's late and probably nobody with ops are around22:16
r0kk3rzyeah t4 wasnt the only telegram bot in use22:24
r0kk3rzthe halium guys have one22:24

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