Saturday, 2019-07-06

T42<elros34> oh I thought I was losing my mind but found this line in updater-script: run_program("/sbin/sh", "-c", "busybox cp -R /system/xt897/* /system/"));00:15
liuxcannot fetch since one day before. it's my network issue or jolla server issue?04:09
mccrearyFYI, from my recovery: "# getprop ro.product.device05:29
mccrearyHistorically 'asanti_c' was the CDMA build, but the separate builds were killed after cm-1005:30
mccreary( is not set)05:32
mccrearyAlso, META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script from doesn't have that extra run_program() call05:36
mccrearyThat is the installer ZIP linked from via
mccrearyNM, I see the line in updater-script from the cm-11 installer ZIP05:44
mccrearyifelse(is_substring("sprint", getprop("ro.boot.carrier")), run_program("/sbin/sh", "-c", "busybox cp -R /system/xt897/* /system/"));05:44
mccrearyro.boot.carrier is set to sprint in my recovery05:45
mccrearyliux: I get a 404 error when trying to fetch (after it redirects to
vknechtmccreary, seems to work if you insert a version number or "latest" between "//"06:56
Mister_Magisterliux: u just got wrong url08:03
liuxMister_Magister, do you know how to make it redirects to correct url? it occurs when i execute "sudo mic create fs" to create image. and had no this error before yesterday.08:15
vknechtliux, probably you forgot the "RELEASE=" line before mic (or whatever version)08:17
liuxvknecht, yes you are right. I made a stupid mistake. just re-entered sdk after exited it, and did not re set RELEASE env08:21
liuxvknecht, thank you very much08:22
vknechtyou're welcome, it's an easy mistake to do... would be nice if mic warned/stopped when it's missing...08:24
liuxmay i have another question? I've built  droid-config-$DEVICE-ssu-kickstarts-*.rpm on obs. how to use it to make image? should I unpack it and get the .ks for building?08:42
vknechtliux, yes08:44
liuxvknecht, ok let me try. thx08:52
vknechthmm, looks like all my sparse stuff don't end up in the rootfs archive, but can see them in target (comparing with other device, it shouldn't be the case it seems)09:02
liuxthe built droid-config-$DEVICE-ssu-kickstarts-*.rpm contains repo url of but not my home repo09:11
vknechtyou can correct those by hand I guess09:26
liuxyes, i can correct it by hand. perhaps it'ok after i applied the nemo repo for my device09:27
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piggzjusa, mal: is pulseaudio-modules-droid known to work on android 9?13:21
malpiggz: yes13:36
malpiggz: what error do you have?13:37
malpiggz: do you have /dsp symlink?13:42
malpiggz: also check /etc/acdbdata symlink validity13:43
piggzmal: lets check.....13:52
piggzmal: what should /dsp link to?13:53
malprobably /vendor/dsp13:53
maldo you have anything like that on the device13:54
piggzmal: i have a partition called dsp13:54
malpiggz: is it mounted? or even in fstab?13:55
piggzmal: no, but i also have a /vendor/dsp13:56
malpiggz: is it in fstab?13:56
malpiggz: how about that acdbdata symlink, maybe grab logcat13:56
lilmayofuksuhi guys. i just ported sailfishos to my device but when i try to flash it gives "realloc: Out of memory" and "tar: out of memory" errors13:57
piggzmal: and /etc/acdbdata doesnt link to anything...nothing like that in /system/etc13:57
malpiggz: how about in vendor?13:57
mallilmayofuksu: that is a known issue on many devices, do you have older twrp for the device?13:58
mallilmayofuksu: new twrp has too strict memory management13:58
lilmayofuksui have a lg-g2 so it should have a older twrp13:58
piggzmal: yes.....13:59
lilmayofuksuwhat version i should look for13:59
mallilmayofuksu: not sure really, I haven't had that problem myself13:59
mallilmayofuksu: just try maybe a year old for example or something, probably just trial and error13:59
malpiggz: try fixing the symlink, also logcat :)14:00
piggzmal: aye im on it!14:00
lilmayofuksui hope it doesn't randomly crash cuz this phone literally has no screen14:01
mallilmayofuksu: no screen?14:01
vknechtlilmayofuksu, what worked for me is to find busybox in out/ and copy it on device/sdcard, then use /sdcard1/busybox tar --numeric-owner ... like described in HADK 11.114:01
vknecht(then also flash/dd hybris-boot.img to boot partition manually)14:01
mallilmayofuksu: try what vknecht said first14:01
piggzmal: might have something in logcat...gimme 514:04
piggzmal: ok, im got messages in logcat an journal at the same time with obvious error, let me post....14:07
T42<DSstill01> i fixed audio on fm radio, esketit14:07
lilmayofuksubusybox from out/ worked14:08
lilmayofuksunow time for see if i bricked this or not14:08
vknechttwo good news :-)14:08
piggzmal: see 15:03:4814:08
vknechtcongrats @DSstill0114:08
malpiggz: is that lib there?14:09
T42<DSstill01> :O14:09
piggzfile exists14:09
piggzsh-3.2# file /vendor/lib/hw/audio.primary.msm8998.so14:09
piggz/vendor/lib/hw/ ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, BuildID[md5/uuid]=63c74db064744d879790c2cd7252443b, stripped14:09
piggzmal: yes, ofc id check that first :D14:09
malpiggz: just making sure :)14:09
lilmayofuksui think i bricked it lol nothing on lsusb and no led14:10
T42<DSstill01> is it suggested to modularize iris driver for fm instead of having it
T42<DSstill01> like many users did14:11
mal@DSstill01 depends on whether it works as builtin, on many devices it won't14:11
T42<DSstill01> ok, then i wont even try it14:12
malpiggz: which linker fix are you using?14:14
piggzmal: overlay14:14
piggzso, i effectivley have no changes to linker14:15
piggzit just finds stuff in /system, and loads from /usr/libexec....14:15
piggzmal: so, you think its the namespace error?14:16
malpiggz: probably not, but maybe try the x10 way
maljust in case14:17
liuxI'm facing with boot loop problem wit obs built rpms. it's ok for local build. I've compared the .packages of both, the versions of packages are same. it's strange.14:33
liuxand i can not debug it with telnet because it reboots after seconds of telnet diconnecting14:34
malgive link to the project14:36
malliux: are the zip sizes the same for both?14:42
liuxmal, not exactly for some packages, little size like 4kb larger for obs packages14:44
malcan you show the .ks file you use for OBS build14:46
liuxmal, pasted here:
malMister_Magister: piggz
malliux: are you sure the config and droid-hal repos don't have anything missing?15:05
malyou might have some local changes you forgot to commit?15:05
malliux: your config repo is a mess15:07
malyou should not modify submodule like that15:08
liuxmal, I have no idea what's the correct package configuration so I just follows xiaomi15:08
liuxfollows xiaomi:vince's configuration15:08
liuxI 've modified submodule for my local build15:09
malyou could have just used older commit and not use latest revision of submodule15:09
liuxmal, do you think it's ok if i push a commit to make the submodule points to original revision?15:10
liuxor i should re-create it on github?15:11
malusually the adaptation repos use master branch, not something like cm-11.0, at least in the past there were issues if submodule had different branch, not sure if that is a problem anymore15:11
malliux: no need to recreate, I would just change to submodule to point to mer-hybris and use commit 5758d400b50a4d391af268376d716f2456c1690d15:13
malthen also change the branch of the droid-config-aries to use master branch, simply by doing git branch master, git checkout master and git push origin master or something like that15:14
liuxmal, got it. thank you. i'll try to modify it on github15:14
malthat assumes you don't already have a master branch, if so then just merge or reset master branch to cm-11.015:14
malliux: also some idea for future, tag the repo when you do new "releases" of config repo, that makes package version nicer15:16
malliux: like I have done
malliux: also if you tag then you can setup webhooks and the package build will be automatically trigger when you push a new tag to github15:17
malliux: btw, nice commit history, the [] at the beginning will end up in OBS changelog which is nice15:19
mallike here
malthat is generated from git log if there is [something] at the beginning of the commit message like you already have15:20
liuxmal, that's good idea. I never worked on obs before porting so it could be good experience for me. thank you mal15:21
T42<DSstill01> how to test nfc?15:45
malfind some simple text tag15:48
T42<DSstill01> can't i test it without those?15:50
malit only supports some simple tags15:53
T42<DSstill01> Hmm, i tried test_nfc but it fails with a stupid error. If thats the only way to test nfc, then rip16:01
malnot sure if that even works16:11
malyou should build and install the sfos stuff for nfc16:12
liuxmal: I've reset submodule to mer-hybris but met with unresolvable issue "nothing provides ssu-kickstart-configuration" on obs. could you help tell me what's the correct way to resolve it?16:14
malliux: so you didn't reset it to the commit I said16:16
malgo to the submodule folder and run git reset --hard 5758d400b50a4d391af268376d716f2456c1690d16:17
T42<DSstill01> Mal: i only have installed nfcd and the plugin. What do i have to build?16:22
liuxmal: then commit in droid-config-$DEVICE then push to github? sorry i'm not familiar with submodule and not sure what's the correct operation for submodule16:23
malliux: yes, just run that command I gave in submodule folder, then in the main folder of the config repo run git commit -a16:32
liuxmal: it seems fine on github after pushed it on. thx16:37
mallooks ok now16:39
deathmisthey! making droidmedia fails on latest master with AudioPolicyPatch applied like this make build log
deathmistI'm on 15.1 oreo branch16:43
piggzmal: thx for project16:46
T42<DSstill01> Can nfc in sf be tested with another phone instead of a tag?16:46
malafaik only simple text or url tags are supported16:47
liuxdeathmist, perhaps you need to find where defined AudioPolicyService in android. in my case i cannot use AudioPolicyPatch directly either. I'm using cm11.0 and the AudioPolicyService defined in different location against AudioPolicyPatch. perhaps it's similar for your newer version of android.16:47
mal@DSstill01 try the nfc logger app16:47
T42<DSstill01> Mal: with text you mean a physical thing?16:47
T42<DSstill01> Will try that16:48
malyes, UI should support url or text tags16:48
T42<DSstill01> I could buy a tag, but it would take ages to arrive16:49
T42<DSstill01> What is nfc logger? I can't find it on store. Is it some -devel app?16:51
malhmm, can't seem to find it now16:57
malthis one mentions nfc
T42<DSstill01> I found this , however on google i find only the ofono one which i have already installed :p16:58
T42<DSstill01> Lol16:58
maltry building that16:59
T42<DSstill01> Ok ^^17:00
T42<DSstill01> If i build the spec it just creates a sources rpm17:10
piggzmal: i appear to be having great trouble with the linker fix.....17:36
piggzaccording to systemctl, it ran the command17:36
piggz  Process: 5544 ExecStartPre=/bin/sh /usr/bin/droid/ (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)17:36
piggzbut it hasnt...17:36
piggzsh-3.2# cat /system/etc/ld.config.28.txt | grep libexec17:36
piggzbut if i run it myself, it does17:37
piggzsh-3.2# /usr/bin/droid/droid-hal-early-init.sh17:37
piggzsh-3.2# cat /system/etc/ld.config.28.txt | grep libexec17:37
piggznamespace.default.permitted.paths += /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/${LIB}17:37
piggznamespace.default.permitted.paths += /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/${LIB}17:37
malpiggz: hmm17:39
malpiggz: just to be sure, are the permission of that .sh file correct17:41
Mister_Magistermal: piggz: that script works for me17:57
vknecht@DSstill01: try over your wallet, or some clothes18:04
vknechtwould be surprised if you don't have tagged stuff anywhere18:06
vknechtid badge, etc.18:06
piggzsh-3.2# ls -lh /usr/bin/droid/droid-hal-early-init.sh18:07
piggz-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 110 Jul  6 19:48 /usr/bin/droid/droid-hal-early-init.sh18:07
malpiggz: strange18:17
T42<DSstill01> I dont have tagged stuff, i don't even care of nfc as i said a cpuple of days ago. It's just that it was so easy to fix in lineage-14.1 that now i want to port it to sf18:27
T42<DSstill01> And as i said i would like buy it but it would take so much to arrive that it's better to take those logs18:28
T42<DSstill01> Oh wait, i have a thing that generates pins to confirm payments, but i dunno if it works with nfc18:29
T42<DSstill01> Or i can ask my sf users if they have one of those things, if i have some lol18:31
T42<meierrom> Oneplus X? Can somebody tell me more about its sfos porter, a certain onyx?18:35
T42<DSstill01> Isnt onyx the codename? Lol18:42
T42<DSstill01> And the porter has the same name of the device?18:43
malrinigus and kimmoli are porting oneplus x18:44
T42<DSstill01> Ah18:44
T42<meierrom> mal: Thanks! :)18:46
piggzmal: worked aroubd by using another service...18:48
piggzproblem persists18:48
T42<meierrom> mal: @DSstill01: yeah, onyx is the device name, my bad. :)18:57
MDTech-us_MANHi all, I'm trying to port sailfish to Moto Z2 (nash). I successfully built the image but when I try to flash it, I encounter an interesting situation. TWRP says "Updater process ended with ERROR 7". After opening up the updater script manually and try to run some of the commands manually it seems that the problem is that the tar command that extracts the image gets killed. What might cause this and what might solve18:58
MDTech-us_MANafter looking in dmesg I found "Out of memory: Kill process 1180 (tar) score 1554 or sacrifice child"18:59
MDTech-us_MANso this is definitely the issue18:59
MDTech-us_MANbut what can I do about it?18:59
T42<meierrom> kimmoli: rinigus: ping18:59
KALUbEMDTech-us_MAN: I solved this problem by downloading a newer version of busybox and replacing the default one in twrp19:00
MDTech-us_MANmal: it references "what worked for me is to find busybox in out/" what "out"? where would I find a newer busybox version?19:02
KALUbEMDTech-us_MAN: Download busybox for your architecture from
malMDTech-us_MAN: out in $ANDROID_ROOT of your build environment19:02
MDTech-us_MANany reason why its not automatically included in the zip, if this is a known issue?19:04
MDTech-us_MANsince its built anyway19:05
kimmoli@meierrom pong19:06
rinigusmeierrom: please ask, don't just ping.19:08
T42<meierrom> kimmoli: Got myself a oneplus X. How is the current sfos port? Major issues?19:09
kimmoliall known issues listed here
T42<meierrom> kimmoli: daily driver for you?19:11
kimmolithere has been some problems with new oneplus bootloader and old twrp needed for sfos flashing19:11
kimmoliyes, i have one still at, and one on the latest19:11
kimmolilook at the XDA thread for the mentioned issues, iirc there is solution for it19:13
T42<meierrom> kimmoli: so there may be challenged flashing it but it can be done?19:14
T42<meierrom> rinigus: oneplus X: still using it with sfos?19:15
piggzmal: different subject from PA now....any thoughts on:19:16
piggz07-06 20:15:45.392  4281  4435 W ServiceManagement: Waited one second for android.frameworks.sensorservice@1.0::ISensorManager/default19:16
kimmolii personally didn't have any flashing issues, my devices are rather old and been on sfos for ages19:17
kimmoliabout stability, some issues are picking up at 150 days uptime, but i think those are more sfos than device specific19:19
T42<meierrom> kimmoli: I checked the link you gave me: wifi not working?19:19
kimmolion first boot after flashing with twrp it gets wrong mac address.19:20
kimmoliso just dont connect to any network when it asks during first start. after you get pass the sailfish introduction, reboot19:21
T42<meierrom> kimmoli: so later wifi is just fine, right?19:21
kimmoliand it will be fine19:21
T42<meierrom> kimmoli: seems like a good port to me. Anything else I should know?19:24
kimmolithe battery charge percentage display sometimes stuck at ~100%19:24
rinigusmeierrom: yes, I do. daily driver, no major issues for me19:26
T42<meierrom> kimmoli: rinigus: thanks guys! I'm good to go then :)19:26
ghosalmartinHello :)19:27
MDTech-us_MANSo, I managed to successfully flash the sailfish image, but when I start it up, I'm looking at a lineage os startup screen (is this normal?)19:47
maloften first boot fails, check host dmesg for usb messages19:48
MDTech-us_MANI mean, is it supposed to be a lineage startup screen?19:48
maland try telnet to either port 23 or 232319:49
malMDTech-us_MAN: hmm, did you flash sailfish kernel?19:49
MDTech-us_MANthis is a tricky device though19:49
MDTech-us_MANit has 2 system slots19:49
MDTech-us_MANso I wiped both, set to slot A, installed lineage, then twrp, then sailfish, and rebooted to system19:50
MDTech-us_MANshould I try wiping and setting to slot B?19:51
malusually sfos is installed to slot a19:52
MDTech-us_MANwhat about lineage?19:52
malit doesn't really matter as long as you set the partitions correctly in fixup-mountpoints19:52
MDTech-us_MANshould it be in the same one?19:52
malyou use same slot for both19:52
MDTech-us_MANin fixup mountpoints I have both a and b for all the partitions19:54
MDTech-us_MANbut nothign for /system19:54
MDTech-us_MANshould there be?19:54
malshow what you added there19:55
MDTech-us_MANas the guide said, I went into my lineage os install and just used everythign I could find there19:56
malMDTech-us_MAN: those should match what fstab has19:58
malso you only add the ones for slot a but without _a in the name19:59
malMDTech-us_MAN: the script parses fstab and generates mount services of those and uses fixup to replace the devices in fstab with the real devices so the first part in fixup needs to match fstab20:00
MDTech-us_MANok, not I get it20:01
malMDTech-us_MAN: interesting, that fstab doesn't have boot partition20:01
MDTech-us_MANhow far back do I need to rebuild?20:01
maljust rerun make hybris-hal after that and the -d and the rebuild image, I assume you use hybris-15.1 base?20:02
malif so check the faq linked in topic for 15.1 porting specific notes20:02
MDTech-us_MANlooks like I need to rebuild hal20:05
MDTech-us_MANthanks for the suggestion. I didn't see those notes before20:05
malit will only rebuild it partially since you only changed very small part of it20:05
vknechtnearing the root cause of the issue... mic just doesn't pull droid-config-$DEVICE-1.1 rpm (missing in /var/tmp/mic/cache/packages/adaptation-community-$DEVICE- so that's why the image misses almost all stuff in sparse/ ... any idea ?20:06
vknechtmic doesn't depend on git tags, does it ?20:07
piggzmal: sensorservice? is it supposed to be provded by droidmedia?20:07
malpiggz: yes20:08
piggzhmm, why isnt it being picked up then20:08
vknechtMister_Magister, can you elaborate on this please ?
ghosalmartinmal: any idea of a sane droidmedia version?20:13
malghosalmartin: for what?20:13
Mister_Magistervknecht: i copied ks file from other device and changed name20:13
Mister_Magisterthis isn't really bad i don't even regenerate them20:13
malghosalmartin: ?20:13
ghosalmartinmy git repo has all metadata stripped to save space20:13
Mister_Magisterghosalmartin: if you have only one commit and one branch getting droidmedia version won't work20:14
ghosalmartinso the command "DROIDMEDIA_VERSION=$(git --git-dir external/droidmedia/.git describe --tags | sed \20:14
ghosalmartin-r "s/\-/\+/g")" breaks20:14
Mister_Magisterremove folder20:14
Mister_Magisterand sync with whole history20:14
Mister_Magisteronly the folder20:14
ghosalmartinmal: ta20:14
vknechtso it didn't pick the right repo ?20:14
Mister_Magisterit didn't pick the version20:14
Mister_Magistervknecht:  or u talking about copying ks20:14
vknechtthing is I get the effect you spoke about eg. I update/rebuild droid-configs, but mic simply doesn't pick it, ignoring the droid-config-$DEVICE.rpm, and caches/uses only droid-config-$DEVICE-flashing/policy/preinit-plugin/pulseaudio-setting20:17
mccrearypiggz: I cleaned up my TWRP trees, and put them at and
Mister_Magistervknecht: i didn't have that20:17
piggzmccreary: cool, ill take a look ... did you have any joy with bootctl?20:17
piggzwhat is the kernel based on?20:18
Mister_Magisterah wait u linked only last message now i see20:18
vknecht(the -sailfish and -bluez5 ones I have to comment in pattern cause "not installable provider)20:18
MDTech-us_MANuhhh... I have a slightly less related issue: when I attempt to run sfossdk, I get "su: failed to execute /bin/bash: Resource temporarily unavailable" any hint as to what might cause it?20:18
Mister_Magisteri copied ks file from other device and in ks there is file to local repo. i had old local repo pointing to different directory20:18
vknechtok, don't think that's it in my case, I use the HA_REPO sed command20:19
mccrearypiggz, bootctl is still broken with those TWRP trees20:21
Mister_Magistervknecht: did you regenerate patterns?20:22
Mister_Magistercan u explain with more detail?20:22
mccrearypiggz, the kernel is a fork of tdm's, which is CAF msm-4.4 tag LA.UM.7.4.r1-05000-8x98.0 with the F(x)Tec changes merged on top20:23
ghosalmartinmal: is wifi still done through the module or is there some glib binder way now?20:23
mccrearyFYI, the lineage-16.0 branch is the same as tdm's20:24
malghosalmartin: wifi is native, no need to go binder20:27
deathmistI got further in build_packages by downgrading ofono-ril-binder-plugin to 1.0.7, now dvd build fails and I remember making this change what should I do as this is a fully clean build from scratch again?20:28
maldeathmist: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install zypper rm ofono-configs-mer20:31
vknechtcan't really explain differently, but now I see droid-config-$DEVICE-patterns has files it shouldn't have ; must be something wrong with my delete_pattern_$DEVICE.list or not taken in account...20:33
* vknecht goes reading droid-configs-device/, again...20:34
deathmistmal: solution 3 is the only one that does anything, is it safe and I'll just run build_packages again after?20:35
maldeathmist: sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -msdk-install zypper in droid-config-cheeseburger20:36
malthe ones in previous command were not sade20:37
* vknecht renames delete_patterns_$DEVICE.list to delete_pattern_$DEVICE.list ...20:37
deathmistmal: yep that worked, thanks! I also possibly found out why my call audio never worked: I ran the make droidmedia command before with argument "armv7hlarm64" without a space; seems it never got copied from hadk pdf20:53
* vknecht also adds droid-config-* to jolla-hw-adaptation ...20:53
deathmistor audioflingerglue even*20:54
maldeathmist: ok21:10
maldeathmist: I didn't quite understand the mistake21:11
ghosalmartinmal: any idea why would occur on startup?21:12
ghosalmartinfeels like bad selinux files but dunno21:12
ghosalmartincrashes pulseaudio as well21:12
ghosalmartinand then I lose telnet access21:12
malghosalmartin: which android base21:12
deathmistmal: in hadk 13.2 it has a part "$PORT_ARCH $(gettargetarch)", but if you copy the line it doesn't copy the space thus "armv7hl arm64" args becomes "armv7hlarm64"21:13
ghosalmartinhmm wonder if its due to "droid-hal-init: starting service 'surfaceflinger'..."21:13
malghosalmartin: surfaceflinger shouldn't be used anymore on 15.121:14
malhwc2 ftw21:14
ghosalmartinyeah got that installed trying to get to UI now21:14
ghosalmartinfinally managed to get a fresh build of everything, was running like 9 month old HAL packages :P21:14
malghosalmartin: in vase tou might need apply this patch to $ANDROID_ROOT/external/selinux_stubs and then rebuild hybris-hal and of course repackage it with " -d"21:18
ghosalmartinmal: does that negate the need for the selinux files being present?21:19
malno, different issue21:19
malghosalmartin: also have you added the files as said in faq21:19
malthe .rc files21:19
ghosalmartini did a while back21:19
ghosalmartinbut it seems my droid-config-bullhead didnt rebuild on obs21:21
rinigusmeierrom: with onyx, would be wise to get sdcard and do twrp backup on it before flashing. that way you can easily return. sometimes, camera doesn't start (black viewfinder). reboot then and try again. if it works, it will keep working until you have to shutdown. then there is a small chance again to fail. other than that, I haven't seen much. good luck!21:24
ghosalmartinmal: is a symptom of needing that selinux patch above lipstick memory corruption?21:43
malghosalmartin: not sure21:44
ghosalmartinokays ill whack it in and find out21:44
malghosalmartin: if you have android side services failing then it might be needed21:44
maldepends on the erro21:44
ghosalmartinnah they seem fine21:44
malghosalmartin: show full logcat21:45
ghosalmartinits interesting that I get some UI21:47
ghosalmartinbut lots of crashes and i cant swipe from the sides21:47
ghosalmartinah I already have that patch21:49
ghosalmartinmal: should test_hwc2 work? since test_hwcomposer works22:05
malghosalmartin: do you get and tombstones in /data/tombstones22:05
ghosalmartin49 of them :P22:06
malany of those from related processes22:06
ghosalmartinlemme clear it and reboot22:06
ghosalmartinits annoying because I did have this working with the surfaceflinger plugin, but cant remember particular fixes. i do this everytime, i forget a fix, dont write it down and spend weeks trying to replicate it22:07
ghosalmartinsomething is breaking mem
T42<DSstill01> (Photo, 720x1280) After getting a lot of build errors i managed to build nfc logger. However there's not much info in that. Is thar enough to say if it works or not?22:09
ghosalmartinmemfd_create to be precise22:09
malghosalmartin: memfd is not a problem22:13
malI can give a fix to that tomorrow22:13
ghosalmartinit seems to be affecting everything, or is it just a distraction22:14
malit should be only from pulseaudio afaik22:14
mal@DSstill01 not sure what that tells22:15
ghosalmartinnow its happening from a lot of sfos like ngfd and QQmlThread and the maliit-server22:15
ghosalmartinwhats odd is that when i built my packages, it missed out the selinux files22:15
T42<DSstill01> mal: almost nothing lol22:15
ghosalmartinwhich were required to boot otherwise droid-hal-init threw a hissy fit22:16
malghosalmartin: yes, hybris-hal build sometimes doesn't copy all needed files to out22:16
ghosalmartinnow they were copied to there correctly22:16
ghosalmartinbut not included by build_package -d22:16
ghosalmartinwoah it decided to ask me for security code22:17
ghosalmartinwtf its booted22:17
Mister_Magisteri love this kind of moments ghosalmartin22:18
Mister_Magisterwhen you don't expect something to happen22:18
ghosalmartinbut my pcs grapgics card is committing suicide i think22:18
Mister_Magisterbut it happens even if it shoudln't22:18
ghosalmartinlets hope a reboot works22:19
ghosalmartinwell my monitor has decided to die22:23
ghosalmartingood thing i was planning on running the box as a headless machine anywyas22:23
ghosalmartinhmm opening any sfos app causes the crash and reset22:26
ghosalmartinam going to bed anyways22:26
ghosalmartincheers for the help mal22:26

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