Tuesday, 2019-07-09

T42<Hound77> @adampigg [<reply to media>], Nokia ?05:02
T42<adampigg> Gm05:51
T42<adampigg> Mal, if youre busy, i could implement activity manager in droidmedia....its only 6 methods06:04
masha11When starting lipstick i get the message: "ServiceManager: service 'display.qservice' died".How to fix it? lipstick+logcat: https://pastebin.com/fe8eRDh2 , strace lipstick: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ctvy6bDJH3/07:28
masha11After running test_hwcomposer, the device (griffin) reboots and after running minimer, doing nothing. This is normal?est_hwcomposer+logcat: https://pastebin.com/fLpu4riD , strace test_hwcomposer: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sV5zwBXTZJ/07:33
masha11dmesg: https://pastebin.com/dA6DGNvEjournalctl: https://pastebin.com/5X9v56NDsystemctl: https://pastebin.com/rNbwrfTz07:33
malmasha11: do you have all needed symlinks so firmware files are found, including the ones mentioned in faq07:39
malbased on logcat most things are broken in your android side07:40
masha11mal, I think yes. How to check it?07:41
malthere is no exact rule what is needed, it depends on the device and android base07:46
malfirst check the faq for 14.1 porting notes07:47
masha11mal, my symlinks for services and firmware files: https://pastebin.com/cgFPAHmC07:49
malmasha11: have you checked the android-config.h header in droid-hal rpm, what does it contain?08:08
maldoes it have QCOM_BSP in it08:08
masha11mal, %define android_config \    #define MALI_QUIRKS 1\. I'll add QCOM_BSP now.08:19
malmasha11: is that device using mali gpu?08:22
malmasha11: based on lineage info page that is a qcom device08:23
malmasha11: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_motorola_griffin/blob/lineage-16.0/BoardConfig.mk#L3808:23
malmasha11: how did you think that needs mali quirks?08:23
malmasha11: you don't add it directly to that file, please answer my questions first08:24
masha11mal, sorry, I mixed it up. My core does not use Mali.08:26
malmasha11: so read faq lines 888->08:26
masha11mal, ok, thanks!08:26
malmasha11: remove any mention of mali quirks from that spec if you added something there08:27
masha11mal, ok, deleted.08:27
malmasha11: before running build_packages.sh remove some sources08:28
malmasha11: to be sure it rebuilds everything08:28
malfrom hybris/mw folder delete the folders qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin and libhybris08:29
malat least those, it doesn't hurt to remove the whole hybris/mw folder either08:30
malsometimes it doesn't rebuild things properly if only some define has changed08:31
T42<adampigg> Mal, u listen to cppcast? Current episode on cmake is relatively interesting09:05
malI have never even heard of such a thing09:13
mal@adampigg if you want to implement that then do :)09:22
T42<adampigg> Mal, ill give it a go.....09:23
T42<adampigg> Cppcast is a podcast for c++09:23
liuxmal, May I apply permission for uploading sfos roms to http://images.devaamo.fi/sfa ?14:23
malliux: it seems the person giving permission is not here anymore, the nick is tbr, seems to be on #nemomobile at least14:32
liuxmal, ok. just ping him there. thank you14:38
malliux: I think you understood that you should not have vendor blobs in the images you share there, you can check that in the droid-hal rpms, the ones build from open source are ok but not ones that might come from vendor repo, usually those do not end up in image but there have been some cases that blobs are copied and in such case build needs to be fixed15:24
malfor example I had to edit some scripts to make sure the blobs do not end up to image in fairphone 2 build15:25
liuxmal, ok. i'll check droid-hal rpms15:29
liuxmal, Just go through all rpms in droid-hal-aries but seems no vendor blobs there. could you help show your scripts?15:40
malliux: fairphone 2 has a special vendorsetup.sh in vendor/ repo15:46
malso I just hacked it to only copy needed headers and stuff15:47
malliux: I checked your droid-hal rpm, looks fine15:48
liuxmal, sounds good. thank you. just a little confuse. I have no qcom vendor blobs in my hadk source but there are vendor blobs built in cm rom (i've built cm-11.0 myself). do you think it's all right for sfos?15:53
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malliux: some devices need vendor repo to be present when building, some don't16:01
kimmoliyou need to find another way to distribute that cm-11.0 base (if it needs to be installed prior sfos)16:23
malliux: ^16:31
KALUBEmal: I fixed wifi on j3xnlte, there was a binary in /system/bin that needed to be executed, adding the .rc to sparse fixed it. I see there isn't much documentation (or any?) on Spreadtrum devices, would it be helpful to add a section to the FAQ?16:54
KALUBEI will get other stuff working first I think...16:54
liuxkimmoli, some developers distribute cm roms on servers provided by android community. do you think it's right way?16:54
malKALUBE: nice16:54
malliux: that is the proper way16:54
malliux: for the cm rom you build16:55
malKALUBE: you can add things to faq, it's good to have all there so others can benefit from it16:55
liuxmal, glad to hear that.16:56
malliux: why do you need custom cm build?16:56
malliux: or are the original builds gone already?16:56
malKALUBE: not sure if you need to add a .rc file, maybe you can just add call to the binary to the same wifi systemd service you use to modprobe it, assuming you modprobe it like that16:57
malbut either way probably works16:58
liuxmal, gone already, and i also need patch in frameworks to make camera work just as abranson said. https://github.com/liuxdev/android_frameworks_av/commit/e14ced03854f72aad2e3b3d17ddd0f2875862d7a16:59
liuxmal, it can be patched in hadk but so many .so need to reconfigure during build and need a script to replace original .so. before first boot17:01
malliux: that can be handled in sfos side also like I have done it for fp217:01
malno need to replace .so files, it loads those from /usr/libexec if done in a certain way17:02
malliux: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_system_core/commit/3456e019173b426927baf606d7b817d6ffdb7fdd17:03
malthat patch can be used to make sure the patched frameworks/av is used17:05
malwithout the need to use patched android system.img17:05
liuxliux, yes, but another question is original builds gone already.  so I built it myself....17:05
KALUBEmal: I figured it was easier as it can be added to sparse files or ideally included in the script that creates all the .rc symlinks from the FAQ. It has to be called at least 10 seconds before insmod-ing the wifi module otherwise it will fail... Spreadtrum drivers are rough17:07
liuxmal, thank you for your patch it make easier for my porting work next time17:07
malKALUBE: ok, that could all be done in systemd service as those can contain multiple commands in one service, but rc file works also, I personally prefer systemd service but it's a matter of opinion17:12
KALUBEmal: I suppose it's good to avoid using android methods where possible. And you're right it is simpler to implement. I'll check that it works that way and probably use that for future builds17:16
piggzmal: ping20:54
malpiggz: pong20:56
piggzmal: my activity manager isnt working, looking for suggestions.....20:57
piggzit doesnt print the "Starting..." message in logcat20:58
piggzit definitelt compiles that line as i added a #warning inside the #if20:59
malpiggz: hmm, maybe try ALOGW?20:59
malpiggz: also have you added any debug logging to the fake service to see if any of those get called?21:00
malALOGW is better since at least then it should always be printed21:02
piggzmal: nope, nothing in logcat....i killed minimediaservice to allow it to be restarted21:13
piggzmal: binary is def new...21:15
piggzsh-3.2# strings /system/bin/minimediaservice | grep activity21:15
piggzStarting fake activity manager21:15
piggzGetting fake activity manager name21:15
malpiggz: I think that should be before cameraservice, not after21:25
malpiggz: if it's cameraservice that hangs?21:25
piggzah maybe21:26
malalso before mediaplayerservice just in case21:26
piggzi have,,,21:27
piggzit also wasnt printing the message later on in the code, so i did think it must be stuck somewhere, or logging was horribly broken!21:27
malpiggz: also explains the issue you had with sensormanager?21:28
piggzmal: ha, it works too!21:32
piggzmal: in the logcat, it only calls registerUidObserver21:34
piggzi will tidy up the patch and PR it tomorrow evening21:34
piggzbut, feel free to try it out21:34
malpiggz: sometimes the mistake is quite small and difficult to see21:38
vknechtneed more eyeballs :-)21:39
malpiggz: the onTransact is not needed at all then?21:40
malI mean does it get called often?21:40
T42<adampigg> mal, only twice in the log21:45
T42<adampigg> gnight21:45

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